Red River

Red River From the New York Times bestselling author of Cane River comes the dramatic intertwining story of two families and their struggles during the tumultuous years that followed the Civil War

From the New York Times bestselling author of Cane River comes the dramatic, intertwining story of two families and their struggles during the tumultuous years that followed the Civil War.

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Red River

  1. LALITA TADEMY left the corporate world to immerse herself in tracing her family s history and writing her first historical novel, CANE RIVER Her debut was selected by Oprah Winfrey as her summer book group pick in 2001.Lalita Tademy s second historical novel, RED RIVER is set during Reconstruction era Louisiana a time period and subject matter often summarily skimmed in our history books The story of Red River begins in 1873, and follows the ramifications of an incident on Easter Sunday of that year on successive generations of two families involved.In her latest work, Citizens Creek, Tademy brings us the evocative story of a once enslaved man who buys his freedom after serving as a translator during the American Indian Wars, and his granddaughter, who sustains his legacy of courage Citizens Creekwill be released in November 2014.Photograph courtesy of the author.

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  1. This is a fictional account of the Colfax Massacre backed up with a lot of history and real historical documents I was already familiar with the Colfax Massacre, but it wasn t called that by a character until 200 pages in A really good example of how white people twist history until the truth almost disappears I thank Tademy for taking on this subject and shedding truth on a very dark day in Louisiana history.

  2. Necessary but not sure about the score.I guess I ll give this book a 3 I m really on the fence about what I feel about this book The author Lalita Tademy has painstakingly researched her family history on both sides, maternal and paternal Even though one can find a lot of records, historical items and learn through stories passed down, some parts of the genealogy puzzle due to the passing of time are doomed to forever be a mystery Lalita is brilliant with the idea of taking those true pieces and [...]

  3. I d have to say that Red River along with Lalita Tademy s first book Cane River is historical fiction at it s finest Tademy interweaves her own family history with fiction and well researched facts in order to tell the story of what is commonly known in the post Civil War Reconstruction history as the Colfax Riot of 1873 But, to some people in Colfax, Louisiana, on Easter Sunday April 13, 1873, it was known as the Colfax Massacre of 1873 Over 100 black men died that day, either shot, mutilated, [...]

  4. Well, this book stopped my reading I tried and tried to get into it and then I just stopped reading with the constant idea that I d get back to it, but instead it just lays on my nightstand looking at me I always hate giving up on a book, but since I m avoiding it, I m not reading anything, so I m avoiding all of my other books, too, which I hate So, I m putting it back in my stack to see if I can try it again someday I really hate quitting books, but this book was not a Cane River for me the au [...]

  5. This is a fantastic novel about the so called Colfax Riot in Colfax, Louisiana, in 1873, and its aftermath and legacy Tademy writes so well of African Americans doomed mission to uphold the offices of duly elected officials during Reconstruction, showing just exactly how and why Reconstruction failed and how the Ku Klux Klan rose to such power The first half of the book, which depicts the siege of the Colfax courthouse, is indelibly fixed in my mind I enjoyed Tademy s first novel, Cane River, ve [...]

  6. This is Lalita Tademy s second novel, based on her father s side of her family tree This gut wrenching novel focuses on what has been referred to as the Colfax Riot of 1873 but which was really a massacre of 150 black freedmen, during the period of Reconstruction in Louisiana The attack followed a period of intense conflict between Democrats and Republicans for the Louisiana Governor s office, in which both candidates claimed victory Prepare yourself for the horrific violence that met the black [...]

  7. Since it is now a widely accepted fact that history is written by the winners, I wasn t surprised to learn that an incident named The Colfax Riot could actually have been accurately termed a massacre The few facts I managed to retain from the incredibly long winded description of events shows quite clearly that the event was a bloody and shameful example of racial sentiments in the Deep South immediately after the Civil War.So I m a little sorry I couldn t bring myself to care much When the act [...]

  8. This is a beautiful book telling the story of a family whose ancestors participated in a social stand for the right for African Americans to vote, during reconstruction It is rich in the telling and in the descriptive prose The Tademy family sprang to life, generation after generation and proudly recounted the story of their lineage from Egypt to Louisiana Along the way I met the other friends of that family and learned of the necessary tight bonding of this group who lived, worked and died in T [...]

  9. A riot in a small Louisiana town has forever intertwined two southern families, struggling to subsist and prosper in a country wrought by Civil War Reconstruction has been won for the newly freed black, but the whites in Colfax are not going to make it easy for them to take their proper place in society Red River follows through three generations of African Americans and their struggle in the aftermath of the terrible wreckage, yet through adversity we often find our strength as families find ou [...]

  10. Bestselling author, Lalita Tademy, returns to a familiar subject in her family history and sheds light on a dark incident during the Reconstruction period in the antebellum South Her latest novel, Red River, focuses on the atrocities that occurred April 13, 1873 in Colfax, Louisiana Many of those affected were ex slaves who were the overwhelming majority in an area nestled among former plantations and rich farmland After a lifetime of servitude, these newly freed men exercised their right to vot [...]

  11. This book was a bit of a disappointment I seriously considered ditching it around page 100 The first half of the 400 page book describes a horrible massacre in the town of Colfax, Louisiana In 1873, blacks are allowed to vote for the first time and they vote in the Republican party who, I gather from the text my AP American History Class too distant in the past to be of much help are sympathetic to the newly free black population The incumbent government refuses to shift power, and when blacks p [...]

  12. The only thing worse than an epic an epic that keeps skipping forward, and skipping how everything happened I really liked the first half of the book, because it focused on one really interesting historical event a battle in which former slaves were trying to protect their newly earned rights, including the right to vote which apparently they had right after slavery and then it was repealed again, very good info and to have their party in office they were cruely massacred by white supremacists , [...]

  13. I haven t yet read Cane River which many reviewers here seem to like better than Red River , but I found Red River extremely engrossing and I love that it was based on a real incident of which I had never heard Also that the author tried to tell the Colfax Massacre and family story as accurately as possible is really important to me When dealing with historical events, I get pretty annoyed at author s that do much tinkering with facts that are pretty much known.The story was compelling and the w [...]

  14. Whenever I see a sparsely worded historical marker, I wonder what really happened on that spot How can so few words adequately portray what took place Tademy takes us into the heart and horror of the Colfax Riot of April 1873, relating through Sam Tademy and Israel Smith the details of that day details to which no Louisiana courthouse lawn marker could ever do justice This retelling of the courage, love and lasting legacy of these families held me captive beginning with the 100 year old Polly s [...]

  15. I almost didn t finish this BOOKd that would have been a first because I love to read.The Colfax Massacre made me really sad_which encompassed the first half of this book.It was so violent and vicious what African American Men,Women children endured from the White citizens of Colfax that it was unimaginable_although based on actual events.I am proud the folks that survived were able to carry on afterwards_building families and traditions that still exist today through Lalita Tademy story.The sec [...]

  16. I really wanted to like this book I had read her previous book Cane River and loved it Both are based loosely on her family history in Louisiana But this book was somewhat uneven and dragged in spots because of detail which got in the way of the story The story picks up with part of her family in the Red River area of Louisiana during the reconstruction era after the Civil War when blacks colored folks had the vote in the South for a short period of time and had begun to buy land and develop bus [...]

  17. FROM JACKET April 13, 1873 What happened that day in the small Southern town of Colfax, Louisiana, was called the Colfax Riot But it was something far devastatingWeaving together history and the story of her own family, Lalita Tademy, author of the acclaimed New York Times bestseller Cane River , has written an epic work of fiction the dramatic, intertwining story of two families struggling to survive and thrive in an America deeply divided after the Civil War.For the newly freed black resident [...]

  18. I am glad I read Red River It was hard to read and yet very compelling and important to read about what happened so many years ago in 1873 in Colfax LA This story is the result of Lalita Tademy s continued personal genealogy research, now on her Father s side She had to dig deep to research the real story of the Colfax riot from the hidden perspective of the than one hundred fifty African American people killed in the massacre In the process she was able to learn about some of her elusive rela [...]

  19. This was an awesome book on several levels 1st it was interesting to read as a historical novel of life in the south during reconstruction time I have always thought history lessons were too barren about the details of life during this time period after the civil war.2nd what a treasure for family history I learned to care about each of the Tademy and Smith ancestors3rd This book was the new Roots of Americana I hope it is made into a movie someday I ll be on the front row Of course, I also love [...]

  20. Enjoyed the book, but not as much as Cane River Have also read Chiaverini s Mrs Lincoln s Dressmaker and am now reading Julia Grant and Madame Jule by the same author Both are historical fiction based on Civil War events.

  21. I m in the same boat as a lot of other reviewer s I had read cane River and loved it I thought it would love this one too It was interesting in that I learned a lot about the Colfax massacre I didn t know anything about it And I always think it s interesting when people go back and research their ancestors However, the story did not really grab me there seem to not be any thing to it except a list of daily events That is, after the massacre scene I read some reviews that said that the massacre p [...]

  22. It s bee a long time since I read Tademy s first family inspired novel, CANE RIVER I seem to recall that one being an incredibly moving story of brave people triumphing over the horrors of slavery Very powerful stuff Tademy tries again for a tour de force with RED RIVER, but about halfway through, the story loses its oomph The Colfax Massacre is, of course, a horrible event, sickening in the retelling, but after the initial punch of that has worn off, Tademy loses the reader in a family tree wit [...]

  23. This historical novel was just as gripping as the first novel by Lalita Tademy showing both the cruelty and humanity of a small community of Colfax, Louisiana I am upset to learn how corrupt the civil war reconstruction really was and how very deep seated the racial divide remained long after the war was over White supremacy and Klu Klux Klan terrorized anyone they felt like, for very little provocation It makes me very sad.

  24. A powerful but painful journey through a family s history and struggles in the deep south This powerful books is a reminder of how far we have come and how far we still need to go in regards to discrimination and acceptance of people I enjoyed the various voices within the book I found the characters to realistic because both their strengths and weakness were evident I think the author did a beautiful job of retelling her family history in a meaningful way This is worth the read.

  25. This may be the best book I have ever read plain and simple It does make me think what a white, open minded, progressive thinking person would have been like back in the 1880 1930s in the Louisiana swamps Many props to this book and these characters They are still much stronger than I will ever be.

  26. This book touches upon a tragic and woefully overlooked time in US history It does so with a brilliant voice and unflinching eye Ms Tademy has a real gift for description and nuanced characterization I like the first half better than the second, but taken as a whole it remains a moving and important work.

  27. Historical fiction and one family s recall of the Colfax, LA racial incident Just as Reconstruction begins, Republicans win the vote in Colfax and attempt to take their places in the community CANNOT understand the hate, prejudice and ignorance in the racial fight that continues to exist.

  28. I thoroughly enjoy reading this book and following the family The characters were so engaging and although it is fiction I think the author did an excellent job of trying to recreate incidents which happened to her family.

  29. I liked this book and found it especially interesting that it is biographical fiction I enjoyed seeing the intertwining of the four families Mrs Tademy is a good writer who is able to tell a good story I m sure others have family stories that need to be recorded for posterity.

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