The Woman Who Rides Like a Man

The Woman Who Rides Like a Man Let her prove herself worthy as a man Newly knighted Alanna of Trebond seeks adventure in the vast desert of Tortall Captured by fierce desert dwellers she is forced to prove herself in a duel to th

Let her prove herself worthy as a man Newly knighted, Alanna of Trebond seeks adventure in the vast desert of Tortall Captured by fierce desert dwellers, she is forced to prove herself in a duel to the death either she will be killed or she will be inducted into the tribe Although she triumphs, dire challenges lie ahead As her mythic fate would have it, Alanna so Let her prove herself worthy as a man Newly knighted, Alanna of Trebond seeks adventure in the vast desert of Tortall Captured by fierce desert dwellers, she is forced to prove herself in a duel to the death either she will be killed or she will be inducted into the tribe Although she triumphs, dire challenges lie ahead As her mythic fate would have it, Alanna soon becomes the tribe s first female shaman despite the desert dwellers grave fear of the foreign woman warrior Alanna must fight to change the ancient tribal customs of the desert tribes for their sake and for the sake of all Tortall Alanna s journey continues

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The Woman Who Rides Like a Man

  1. Hey, folks I just discovered that apparently I have given some very popular books single star ratings except I haven t How do I know I haven t Because I haven t read those books at all So before you go getting all hacked off at me for trashing your favorites, know that I ve written GoodReads to find out what s going on.I return to my regularly scheduled profile Though I would love to join groups, I m going to turn them all down I just don t have the time to take part, so please don t be offended if I don t join your group or accept an invitation I m not snooty I m just up to my eyeballs in work and appearances Also, don t be alarmed by the number of books I ve read When I get bored, I go through the different lists and rediscover books I ve read in the past It s a very evil way to use up time when I should be doing other things Obviously, I ve read a lot of books in 54 years I was born in South Connellsville, PA My mother wanted to name me Tamara but the nurse who filled out my birth certificate misspelled it as Tamora When I was 8 my family moved to California, where we lived for 6 years on both sides of the San Francisco peninsula.I started writing stories in 6th grade My interest in fantasy and science fiction began when I was introduced to The Lord of the Rings by J R R Tolkien and so I started to write the kind of books that I was reading After my parents divorced, my mother took my sisters and me back to Pennsylvania in 1969 There I went to Albert Gallatin Senior High for 2 years and Uniontown Area Senior High School for my senior year.After graduating from the University of Pennsylvania, I wrote the book that became The Song of the Lioness fantasy quartet I sold some articles and 2 short stories and wrote reviews for a martial arts movie magazine At last the first book of the quartet, Alanna The First Adventure was published by Atheneum Books in 1983.Tim Liebe, who became my Spouse Creature, and I lived in New York City with assorted cats and two parakeets from 1982 2006 In 2006 we moved to Syracuse, New York, where we live now with assorted cats, a number of squirrels, birds, raccoons, skunks, opossums, and woodchucks visiting our very small yard As of 2011, I have 27 novels in print, one short story collection, one comic book arc White Tiger A Hero s Compulsion co written with Tim, and a short story anthology co editing credit There s to come, including a companion book to the Tortall verse So stay tuned

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  1. I just want to burn this book and then make myself forget about it.This book is a synonym for horror The whole book is like one big unfinished draft ready for its editing The concentration of whiny ass characters reached its maximum in this book Alanna is the ultimate Drama Queen that can t make up her mind does she want to have passionate sex with George or Jon Of course, everything turns out great for her and she s a freaking hero while her brother becomes a fanatic lunatic One of the biggest [...]

  2. I was 12 when I discovered the Song of the Lioness quartet, and they made a massive impression on me At that point in my life it was amazing to find a series of books with such tough, relatable heroine Alana was everything I wanted to be strong willed, compassionate, driven, and dead set on living on her own terms It s been a decade since I first read these books, and they still stand up pretty well Alana still strikes me as an excellent role model for teenage girls, and she s as endearing to co [...]

  3. Based on what I ve read on , the general fan consensus seems to be that this book is the weakest of the quartet I enjoyed it just as much as the previous two books, but can see why people tend to list it as their least favorite The story takes place almost entirely in a single location, as Alanna goes to live in the desert after graduating as a knight and killing Duke Roger at the end of Book 2 The people she falls in with are the Bazhir, who we met briefly in Book One when she and Jonathon went [...]

  4. I opened this book sailing along on a certain ship a ship that I d been on since book 1 I was convinced my feelings were never going to change BUT THEN THINGS HAPPEN And these things weren t making me happy NOT AT ALL HAPPY JON And Alanna reacted just exactly how I expected she would I thought I was fine Because GeorgeAND NOW I don t even care, I ship Alanna with anyone she wants to be with As long as they respect her as a knight and allow her to go on her adventures and experience life and ever [...]

  5. The entire Song of the Lioness quartet is absolutely brilliant What a great, uplifting series for young girls it s smart, funny, brave, and terrifically exciting I read this when I was in middle school, but I still get pleasure from re reading it even today.

  6. I love this series because it features a strong female protagonist In fact, all of this author s work is centered around young women, which I appreciate after reading so much Harry Potter which I love, but which lacks balance between good male and female characters, at least in the early books Some of the other collections get repetitive, but Alanna s story stays compelling through all four books.

  7. More adventures in store for Alanna after the conclusion of the second book in the series A new phase of her education and a new phase of her growth as a human being, a woman and a knight The desert setting is nice, but Alanna turned teacher was a bit boring after a while On to the last book Highly recommended for any pre teen.

  8. 4 Stars I really enjoyed this one It may be my favorite in the series so far I m glad I m finally getting a chance to dive back into this world I also just loved learning about the Bazhir and their traditions and overall just seeing Alanna out of a court setting Also, can I just say girl power Go Alanna

  9. In book three of the Song of the Lioness series, Alanna has just received her Knight s shield and is anxious to be off on an adventure of her own making Accompanied by the steady Coram, who trained her as a young page, Alanna feels ready for any eventuality Heading southward, Alanna and Coram are attacked by murderous desert dwellers and are eventually rescued by the equally enigmatic Bazhir people who offer her two options fight one of their own warriors and join the tribe or be killed Wisely, [...]

  10. It s amazing how your opinions change as you get older I still love this book and this series as much as I did the first time around But it s definitely eye opening Jon really annoyed me in this book he has gone a bit cocky and proud because of who he is Just like Thom I honestly didn t quite remember much about Thom s role in this book, and realizing who he s become makes me so sad Jon also makes me so sad, because like Alanna said, he is a good person at heart, but he s just let all this royal [...]

  11. As an aside, I read this on the plane, too, on my must be 3 years old Nook Glowlight If I m tied into the BN ecosystem, there s really no newer ereader option, is there I heard that the black refresh doesn t appear on newer ereaders, but I ve also read a few downer articles about the future of the Barnes and Noble ebook platform, and I m a little worried Onto the book I only have two highlighted notes, so I ll mention those and then talk about my general impressions of the book.First, I did not [...]

  12. I love that the pacing of this book finally slowed down a bit You got to see some depth to some of the characters and see how they process things Alanna really starts to come into her own But I won t lie, this one has always left me extremely frustrated with most of the male characters.Video Review youtube watch v Co6Ug

  13. Oh, this series.In this installment, Alanna has become a knight and goes off to the desert where she spends some time with the Bazhir culture, and a whole lot of whiteness happens to them For those of us who were all But these are all white characters during the first couple of books, rest assured because there are some not as white people here, and there called the Bazhir Well, they show up a bit in the last book, but here we get to learn about their culture in detail Alanna is there and meets [...]

  14. Each book is better than the last, and that s saying a lot considering how much I ve enjoyed each previous book I like the decisions Alanna s made up to this point, but most especially as of the end of this book, though I think she should probably check in on that brother of hers Can t wait to start the final book, though I m already wishing it didn t have to end 0

  15. first read 3 January 2008 Alanna, knighted and revealed, heads south to begin her stint as a wandering knight, eager to forget the unrest at court over her deception and also her slaying of the King s cousin in combat In her first year as a knight, she joins and instills change upon the desert dwelling Bazhir witnesses Prince Jonathan become the Voice swaps one Royal lover for another and begins to understand herself as Alanna instead of Alan 1 Still don t like Jonathan NOT SORRY Although, I mus [...]

  16. Super into my re read now I really like how the relationships with Jon and George are developed I guess I said that before, but everything s unfolding in a way that makes sense, which also repeating myself feels rare in YA.And I like Alanna growing to accept herself and who she is.Re read January 2016Uh, I think I said everything in the comments of Kris s review.

  17. I am always proud that Alanna turned Jonathan down He s a spoiled,presumptive ass in this book, at the same time that he is brave, intelligent, and a leader But Alanna calls him on his attitude, and throws off the responses that in some way the fight is her fault And it heartens me that Pierce shows what brats hormonal, hot tempered teenagers can be before they become respected adults.

  18. Cover Blurb Yes or No I ve never been a big fan of the these covers, because they have character impersonators on them This may be my least favorite Is the character impersonator supposed to have jaundice She doesn t look well at all The horse is pretty, at least.Characters My opinion of Alanna is rather lukewarm that is, I neither like her nor dislike her She doesn t exactly have The Attitude, and at times she expresses a very strong and believable personality But other times, she turns into a [...]

  19. It has come up a lot in discussions about Young Adult books How unrealistic the romance is How it s insta love and the girl never thinks of how the relationship will affect her If she really loves about the guy, and what she doesn t love about him Oh, my The male love interested isn t REALLY perfect How being with that person will affect her life and goals Most importantly, how she wants to be treated by and because of that person.I always say I ve read books where it is considered and it made f [...]

  20. Unfortunately, I m not sure this one holds up, even against my memories.I remember not liking aspects of this when I first read it cough the romance cough , but I feel like I like even less upon reread.The good Most of the Bazhir camp Alanna finally finding a home of sorts, and a little bit of her centre, and what she wanted Sir Myles adopting Alanna That s a delightful scene I also really enjoyed the scenes in Corus towards the end, the ones from George s POV.The less than good Man is the plot [...]

  21. I just love Alanna She is a great character feisty, cranky, spirited, and yet kind and brave and vulnerable I m really enjoying this series and look forward to the final book of the quartet.Also, George Cooper awesome.Also also, I was explaining the plot of the Alanna series to my brother, about how Alanna s brother took her place at the convent in order to learn sorcery But he never pretended to be a girl Well that s good if he did, book three would be called The Man Who Rides Like a Lady A not [...]

  22. It was alright The thing that bothered me the most was the character development It seemed like everyone changed drastically for no clear reason at all I don t understand Jonathan any or why he suddenly turned into a spoiled prince even as he took on a new responsibility selflessly I didn t like how Alanna immediately went to bed with George after she heard that Jon found a new princess And she said it wasn t rebound That it s what should ve happened between us a long time ago I m sorry but that [...]

  23. This is my least favorite of the series, probably because of the fact it focuses on the development of Alanna s magic than being a knight Alanna becomes shaman of a Bazhir tribe after killing the old, evil one She then proceeds to turn the tribe on its ear about female conventions and trains 2 girls and a boy as her replacements It s a fun and interesting adventure for Alanna s first as a knight, but it doesn t live up to the knighthood ideal for me Alanna seems to be waiting for something in t [...]

  24. These are books it is impossible for me not to view through a nostalgia lens There s a lot here that might raise my eyebrows coming from a recent release, including the depiction of the pseudo Arabs and Alanna s white savior role And the pacing is odd as with all Alanna books, I find my memory filled in a lot of interstitial material that simply doesn t exist in the book s actual bare bones narrative But I love Alanna and her story too much too care.Man that cover is awful, though I always forg [...]

  25. Graded By StephanieCover Story ShamanicBFF Charm YaySwoonworthy Scale 4Talky Talk Um Bonus Factors Feminism, Criminal Intrigue, AdoptionAnti Bonus Factor Jerky BoyfriendsRelationship Status It s ComplicatedRead the full book report here.

  26. The third book of the Song of Lionness The start of Alanna s adventure as Alanna of Trebond It gives another rich view of the world of Tortall The Bazhir and their names and culture remind me greatly of Middle Easterners, making me wonder of the fascination the fantasy writers seem to have with them Unlike most fantasy books I ve read, they or those whose traits drawn from Middle East were not made as one sided or easy villains, but they were drawn fairly as people with their own values and cult [...]

  27. I first read this quite a while ago Ten years, I d say, give or take I did not particularly enjoy it, to be honest I think it was me At that time, I struggled with putting together a good mindset for young adult middle grade books I was 20 then, and I wanted complexity from my characters and stories at the time But everyone ranted and raved about the Alanna books, so I felt like I had to give them a try I slogged through the first three, and then gave up A few years later, I tried some of Tamor [...]

  28. ARGH, again with the incomplete stories This book is so obviously the first half of a story that will be concluded in Lioness Rampant, and it s frustrating to see it ended abruptly as if it were a complete novel in itself But maybe this was back when Pierce didn t have the clout she has now and couldn t get a fatter book published.My main thought about this book boils down to view spoiler SCREW YOU JONATHAN He assumes that Alanna wants to marry him without even waiting for her answer, and then w [...]

  29. This book definitely had its issues regarding race and white supremacy that were not handled very well at all, and for much of it I was cringing at the hopefully unintentional white praise I was actually kind of appalled when Jonathan was chosen as the Voice so that his white kingdom could make peace with the Bazhir if they are expected to adopt a white leader who is literally important than a king, shouldn t Jonathan s kingdom adopt a Bazhir king It just felt very uncomfortable all throughout, [...]

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