Family Blessings

Family Blessings Out of the deepest grief comes the greatest love Lee Reston a widow in her mid forties had a full and rewarding life with her three incredible children and a thriving florist business And like most

Out of the deepest grief comes the greatest love Lee Reston, a widow in her mid forties, had a full and rewarding life with her three incredible children and a thriving florist business And like most of us, Lee never imagined how she would cope if that which was most precious was taken from her Then came the shattering news that turned her life upside down Lee s oOut of the deepest grief comes the greatest love Lee Reston, a widow in her mid forties, had a full and rewarding life with her three incredible children and a thriving florist business And like most of us, Lee never imagined how she would cope if that which was most precious was taken from her Then came the shattering news that turned her life upside down Lee s oldest son, Greg, is killed in a motorcycle accident In her anguish and grief, she turns to police officer Christopher Lallek, Greg s best friend together they grieve for Greg and begin to heal their pain As their friendship blossoms, Chris becomes part of the family, helping with odd jobs around the house and joining in family dinners and backyard barbecues Soon, Lee realizes she s experiencing feelings she never thought she d feel again she s falling in love with this serious, gentle young man and wonders what the world will think of their unexpected love affair She finds her answer close to home, for Lee s daughter has feelings of her own for Chris Now the family that was once the core of her existence becomes a mixed blessing, as Lee must confront her own children to understand where family ties end and a woman s need for love begins A widow is torn between her family and a new, young love A moving tale Publishers Weekly

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Family Blessings

  1. LaVyrle Spencer is an American best selling author of contemporary and historical romance novels She has successfully published a number of books, with several of them made into movies Twelve of her books have been New York Times bestsellers, and Spencer was inducted into the Romance Writers of America Hall of Fame in 1988 Spencer is known for creating realistic characters and stories that focus on families rather than only the relationship between a man and woman These ordinary men and women are warm and vulnerable and are always portrayed sympathetically 1 Her heroines tend to be a mix of fire and warmth, strength, savvy and soft heartedness who must overcome some sort of adversity, such as pregnancy, divorce, a lengthy separation, the loss of a loved one, and then undergo a catharsis The stories center on themes of abiding love, family ties and strength in difficult times.In the 1980s and 1990s Spencer wrote 12 New York Times Bestsellers Her books have been sold to book clubs worldwide, and have been published around the world Condensed versions of many of her novels have appeared in Reader s Digest and Good Housekeeping.She retired from writing in 1997.

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  1. Overall rating 5 stars Triggers Cheating view spoiler No hide spoiler Love triangle view spoiler No hide spoiler Sex with om ow view spoiler No, but there is a kissing scene that I was explain later hide spoiler Intimate pasts view spoiler Chris hasn t had sex in over two years He is a relationship type of guy He has never loved before in his life He is not a ladies man per his own words and refers to himself as a loner Lee hasn t had sex in 9 years since her husband died of a brain aneurysm She [...]

  2. How refreshing this book was, but what else would I expect from LaVyrle Spencer She just has a way of weaving a truly memorable story with such relatable characters It was an honest story about grief and finding love in the unexpected I loved both Lee and Christopher so much They were very genuine and the build up was gradual and believeable It was sweet without being cheesy Just the right amount of everything.

  3. WOW This story was so emotionally draining through the first part that I had to put it down and do something physical to recharge As this story opens, the heroine is a widow who loses her oldest child in a motorcycle accident, and we soon learn that two decades earlier she lost a baby to SIDS This sounds like a bad soap opera, but in this author s hands, it becomes an uplifting story of dealing with loss.Unfortunately, IMO, this is marketed as a romance, and the focus in readers minds is on the [...]

  4. A wonderful relationship much than lust A full story, a good story.This is romance with a womens fiction feel There is a lot of grief in the first third of the book A mother Lee loses her 25 year old son Greg in a motorcycle accident Chris is Greg s roommate and coworker Chris mourns the loss with Lee and her family I don t want to read books about grief and depressing topics But this was less troubling than I expected The author wasn t focused on making me cry or feel bad Instead the funeral a [...]

  5. Preciosa historia, con su toque agridulce.Muy romantica, con protagonistas inmejorables.Recomendable sin ninguna duda.

  6. Family Blessings was an awesome book and what I would consider a true older woman, younger man scenario Lee is a 45 year old woman whose son, Greg, is killed in an accident She ends up relying on Greg s 30 year old friend, roommate and coworker Christopher, for help and guidance They start out as acquaintances who are in mourning, slowing become friends and eventually fall in love The pace of this story was perfect nothing felt insta and it was completely believable There were quite a few times [...]

  7. I read this book years ago, and decided to search for it for Kindle It was expensive than the books I usually buy for my Kindle, and filled with typos, but I don t regret my choice for a second This book was even better than I remembered it being, and is one of my favorites by this author The characters are vividly drawn, and the changing of the POV between characters is done very well Lee and Christopher are thrown together when Lee s son, and Christopher s roommate, dies suddenly As they lean [...]

  8. 3.5 STARS Widowed at an early age, 44 year old Lee Reston has overcome many obstacles to raise three children and build a successful business When her eldest son is killed in a motorcycle accident, Lee turns to his 30 year old best friend for comfort and falls in love with him From I enjoyed this contemporary family fiction.

  9. As usual, Spencer is able to take a sensitive subject and handle it with grace I really liked this book till the end when I thought the main character became selfish, immature and overly mushy and it kind of ruined the whole premise of the story for me Otherwise, it was easy to read, down to earth and relatable.

  10. What a great story It started off with tears and ended in tears There was a similar story in my family so I truly loved this.

  11. Lee Reston adalah seorang janda berusia 45 tahun dengan 3 orang anak Selain kehilangan suami di usia 36 tahun, dia juga pernah kehilangan putranya yang baru berusia 3 bulan Dia adalah seorang single mother yang mendedikasikan dirinya untuk anak anaknya Lalu putra sulungnya, Greg yang berprofesi sebagai polisi tiba tiba tewas dalam kecelakaan Dunia Lee pun runtuh Dia tidak bisa menanggung lagi kehilangan keluarga Untungnya datang Christopher Teman sekamar Greg yang juga berprofesi sebagai polisi [...]

  12. Great descriptive writing,This is the 2nd book I ve read by this author and have enjoyed them both Though she is billed as a romance author, she is really a relationship author, because her character definitely develop relationships This author does a great job with character development, and with descriptions of people and places I did feel the book dragged at one point, shortly after the relationship became physical I guess the point was to let us know how passionate they were for each other, [...]

  13. Absolutely Best Book Read In YearsThis was the first LaVyrle Spencer book that I have ever read and now I am a fan for life I ve been really getting bored with writers like Nora Roberts who change the names of their characters and release the same stories over and over and there s never anything that causes the reader to remember the book when it s finished The same can never be said about Family Blessings From the first paragraph to the last sentence, it s very hard to put down It s a sweet and [...]

  14. I guess you would consider this a chic lit book, but it was pretty good and a fast read It is about a woman whos son is killed in a motorcycle accident The first part of the book deals with the grief she endures I thought it was pretty hard to read because it dredged up some painful memories for me about my brother The second part of the book is about her falling in love with one of her son s friends and the struggle to find some happiness in her life again Even though the second half was pretty [...]

  15. Mala som chu na romantiku Z police som vytiahla knihu, ktorej leskl obal ma od detstva pri ahoval tala som ju pred rokmi, ale ve a som si z nej nepam tala asto som mala pocit, e ju tam poprv kr t Ve mi sa mi p ila, prekvapivo emot vny pr beh no mo no ani nie, ke si uvedom m, e ho p sala teta LaVyrle tanie som si u ila, postavy zamilovala, fandila som im a s citila s nimi Pekn pr beh Odpor am, ak m te n ladu na nie o pr jemne romantick s potenci lom na vyronenie p r s z.

  16. Family Blessings was really quite intriguing It starts with a young policeman dying and prodeeds through the ensuing days with Christopher, his best cop friend, and Lee, his mother The two move from grief sharing to so much , leading to Lee s conflicts within herself and with her family Good story.

  17. Okay this book is a little bit weird, but that is just because of the age difference between the main couple Always a little weird when the woman is like twenty years older then the man Altogether it was a good book, though Very bittersweet Her son is dead, but she gets a whole new chapter to her life A pretty sweet read.

  18. 3.5 stars for me actually Gosh, it took me longer than usual to read a book It started off really slow and there were some details that should have been better left unwritten, but overall it was a refreshing, unconventional read.

  19. Great story that talks about a love that is sometimes though not so often any consider taboo An older woman with a much younger man This book is well written and will be enjoyed by all who read it.

  20. I love LaVyrle Spencer s books but was disappointed in this one I just did not like the characters very much and it did not hold my attention However, that is just my opinion Other LaVyrle Spencer fans may love it.

  21. A great tearjerker of a story, grabbed hold and made me cry through the whole thing A story of death and an unexpected romance.

  22. This is one of a few of my favorite LaVyrle Spencer books I ve read it so many times I get in the mood to0 read it I ve always loved the older woman younger man theme.

  23. HB B 1993, 11 98 A widow with 3 children loses her oldest son in a motorcycle accident, and falls in love with his best friend Good.

  24. One of my all time favorite books I have read it again and again over the years I hate that Mrs Spencer stopped writing.

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