Man in White

Man in White Johnny Cash The Apostle Paul Passionate Controversial Fiery Destructive Redeemed Two legendary men Two thousand years apart yet remarkably similar Both struggled with a thorn in the flesh And both had

Johnny Cash The Apostle Paul Passionate Controversial Fiery Destructive Redeemed.Two legendary men Two thousand years apart yet remarkably similar.Both struggled with a thorn in the flesh And both had powerful visions from God.Paul s encounter with the Man in White knocked him to the ground and struck him blind It also turned him into one of the most influentialJohnny Cash The Apostle Paul Passionate Controversial Fiery Destructive Redeemed.Two legendary men Two thousand years apart yet remarkably similar.Both struggled with a thorn in the flesh And both had powerful visions from God.Paul s encounter with the Man in White knocked him to the ground and struck him blind It also turned him into one of the most influential men in history.Johnny Cash s vision was of another man entirely his recently deceased father a vision that helped spark his imagination to write this historical novel about the amazing life of the intriguing figure with whom Cash identified so deeply the Apostle Paul.See Paul as you ve never seen him before through the creative imagination of one of the greatest singer songwriters America has ever known Subsequently see Johnny Cash, the man in Black, as you ve never seen him before as a passionist novelist consumed with the Man In White.

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Man in White

  1. Johnny Cash, born J R Cash, also known as The Man in Black , was a multiple Grammy Award winning American country singer songwriter Cash is widely considered to be one of the most influential American musicians of the 20th century.Cash was known for his deep, distinctive voice, his trademark dark clothing which earned him his nickname, the boom chick a boom or freight train sound of his Tennessee Three backing band, and his demeanor He rarely if ever wavered from introducing himself before performing, with the greeting, Hello, I m Johnny Cash Much of Cash s music, especially that of his later career, echoed themes of sorrow, moral tribulation, and redemption His signature songs include I Walk the Line , Folsom Prison Blues , Ring of Fire , That Old Wheel a duet with Hank Williams Jr , Cocaine Blues , and Man in Black He also recorded several humorous songs, such as One Piece at a Time , The One on the Right Is on the Left , Dirty Old Egg Sucking Dog a duet with June Carter, Jackson, and A Boy Named Sue rock and roll numbers such as Get Rhythm and various railroad songs, such as Rock Island Line and Orange Blossom Special.He sold over 90 million albums in his nearly fifty year career and came to occupy a commanding position in music history.

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  1. When most people write their thoughts on something that came from the mind of Johnny Cash it is usually about his music I love Johnny Cash s music, he is by far one of my favorite all time musicians.However this is not the case with this blog I just finished reading Johnny Cash s novel The Man In White which is about the conversion of the Apostle Paul I was not sure if a country musician writing a novel about Paul would intrigue me or be accurate to history I was so wrong.This novel is fiction, [...]

  2. If you ve not heard of this book, the proper response should be, Wait, Johnny Cash that Johnny Cash wrote a novel about the apostle Paul But that s not the surprising thing the surprising thing is that it is actually really good Naturally a songwriter like John R Cash has a way with words, and he brings that skill to full effect here But as is obvious from the foreword, he also did a ton of research into first century Palestine He also knows his Bible through and through You can also tell from t [...]

  3. As I said in my review of Cain, I love it when an author dives into what isn t told in the Bible Unlike Cain we are here at least in the realm of history and Johnny Cash certainly did his due diligence in terms of research before he wrote this novel Having read his autobiography a couple times, I was well aware of how much he put into this novel, and I m quite happy with myself that I finally got around to reading it.One criticism might be that I think Cash doesn t spend enough time on Paul vs t [...]

  4. This book is one of my all time favorites I can t believe I own an original copy my friend found one and bought it for me I read it from a library years earlier and wished I had a copy Mr Cash really gives a fresh vantage point to the Apostle Paul, he brings out a man to admire not just a scholar and writer, but a man with a testimony A man with a 180 life change that inspires us to this day, and this story of what it may have been like is not just a story, but thoroughly researched and painstak [...]

  5. This was a neat little book Johnny Cash does bible fiction It s not amazing writing, but the content is quite good Cash is well acquainted with both the New Testament and 1st cent Jewish history He adds a bit of extra stuff fictional characters and conversations but he sticks to the account of Paul s life given to us in Acts and a bit from Galatians AD 70 looms large as well, and so again, Cash has done his homework I also appreciated the introduction, where Cash explains why he wanted to write [...]

  6. If God has a voice, I fully expect it to sound like Johnny Cash Every word he sang resonates passion and fairness and truth So when he talks about faith, it s impossible not to feel a little spark of the divine, no matter how cynical and backslidden a Christian one may be Anyone preaching behind a pulpit usually just ends up making me angry, but thirty seconds of a Cash gospel song still melts me into a puddle.I wanted to feel the same thing reading this novel, but it just didn t happen The pass [...]

  7. This book was an engaging and quick read Cash surely knew his history and scripture before he wrote it It doesn t really betray his Baptist loyalties either, and I think this book is a good read for any Christian interested in an admittedly fictional retelling of St Paul s conversion Some of the dialogue was a bit awkward and unnatural, and the narrative could have benefited from a break from Saul s thought process But the book does give you a good feel for the first century world.

  8. What better person to be called into Christ s service Saul Paul was the most qualified to deliver the gospel of Christ, having been immersed in The Laws of the Old Testament Knowing and obeying Scripture was his passion He was a Pharisee above all Pharisees, making sure that everyone else knew and obeyed Scripture, as well His conversion to New Testament Christianity gave him a new level of understanding of the message of the Old Testament that points to Christ.Saul s encounter with Christ on th [...]

  9. This book is a work of genius and I am so thankful to have discovered it thanks to Stephen Nichols of Tabletalk magazine and his Last Things column in the August, 2017 issue.While classified as a work of fiction, this book is so much than that It was a labor of love for Cash and he dedicates it to his father Ray Cash In the Introduction, Cash writes Perhaps a few of the things I have written, I humbly suggest, resulted from a tiny flicker from God s great storehouse of brilliance I dedicate thi [...]

  10. Johnny Cash writes a novel about Saul of Tarsus He researched the context culture times that Saul was in Cash portrays Saul as a man wholly devoted to God, even before meeting the Man in White on the road to Damascus The disagreements between the apostles through their letters is portrayed through a conversation between Paul, James, Peter, and Barnabus There are a number of dreams and visions that Saul had, mostly artistic license, though they did fit within the story very well.

  11. A really interesting and inspiring fictionalized novel about the Apostle Paul Multiple times it brought tears to my eyes The story of his vision of Jesus and the immediate aftermath was powerful It dragged a little toward the end, but still with the read.

  12. Interesting read, well done but my favorite part was the preface Very real and personable The book itself is a semi fictionalized life of Paul It is a far manageable size than something like Great Lion of God.

  13. Johnny Cash wrote a book about the Apostle Paul Yes And here s the rundown on The Man in White.Johnny Cash was actually a capable writer He clearly put a lot of research and time into his exploration of the pre conversion life of Saul of Tarsus, and felt a strong personal connection to the apostle He has great description of Paul s mystical experiences, and most of the characters in the book are well drawn.On the other hand, I m not very convinced of Cash s interpretation of Saul s character bef [...]

  14. I would give this 4.5 stars if I could I was completely surprised by this book My wife got it for me for Christmas about 3 years ago, and I never read it I didn t have high hopes for Johnny Cash writing biblical fiction I finally picked it up last week and, I really am enjoying it.Cash does an amazing job making the story feel like the Bible and that time He obviously did extensive Biblical and historical research, and it shows This fictional account of the Apostle Paul is WELL worth picking up [...]

  15. Excellent read Well researched Johnny Cash is an excellent story teller in song, so it only figures that he can do the same in print This story or the life of Saul Paul really helped me to feel what it was like to walk in the actual time period and culture, without having to take little side bars to explain it Not that this is bad, but I just really like the way that Mr Cash did it Also a great companion book to the Jesus book that I am reading that takes the same approach I wish someone would d [...]

  16. Johnny Cash was and is one of the most prominent public faces of the Christian faith I applaud him for writing this story of Paul s life, conversion and ministry Cash pays careful attention to the historic circumstances he is writing in, particularly the geography, religious atmosphere and social relations at the time of Paul s life I also like how the dialogue of certain figures e.g James foreshadows what they write in their later letters to the Church However, often the writing seems amateuris [...]

  17. Johnny Cash wrote this non fictional fictional novel over the course of his career Fascinated with the Damascus Road experience in Paul s the persecutor formerly known as Saul life, Cash attempted to put some meat on the bones of the biblical narrative surrounding Paul in Acts The forethought and insight Cash puts into the character of Paul, as well as the use of Scripture Paul himself wrote, made the man come to life for me I read the whole thing on a 6 hour plane ride and would recommend it to [...]

  18. This best thing about this book is the introduction, which is told honestly and chronicles Cash s many attempts to write this novel Sadly, the novel can t live up to the beauty of the introduction Cash wasn t capable of making Saul Paul a believable character after his conversion, and a skilled author would have just as much difficulty making a holy man into a real person I think Cash would have fared better if he ended his book on the road to Damascus.

  19. When I first saw this book I thought what a clever title but it seemed contrived title as well The book couldn t be any good Actually Johnny Cash did a great job weaving the story of Apostle Paul into a readable story using the Scriptures as the guide He obviously did a lot of historical research but he also spent time trying to figure out what personal thoughts Paul must of had in his life Very good job Sometimes it was hard to weave the Scriptures into the story as Cash understandably didn t w [...]

  20. i read this purely as a fan of johnny cash, but it s really a book for jesus freaks is well written, and it s interesting in parts as saul goes from the persecutor and, a bit of an asshole, i thought to his illumination and becoming a preacher, but would definitely be a lot interesting to a believer that being said, if you love it and find faith in it, peace to you it s just not my cup of tea

  21. Who knew Johnny Cash wrote a novel Simply stated, it is fictional treatment of St Paul, and it is pretty good While not perhaps of high literary value, it is nonetheless, a heart felt expression of faith, and therein lies its strength.

  22. I gave this book five stars not because the writing was amazing but because Cash really brought the story of Paul and his conversion to life It was a good read, and it was evident that it s a story that was close to Cash s heart.

  23. This was a good book on the life of the apostle Paul Johnny goes and traces his life and fills in possible ways he would have thought and how his conversion and life came about It it nice to see how much of a devout Christian he really was.

  24. Towards the end, I was disappointed a great deal because the author included certain things that I myself would never have imagined concerning St Paul like a previous girl friend Overall, three stars just a man s take on history.

  25. It was a good fiction, but he implied a lot of extra canonical stories, which really didn t bother me other than the fact that I felt it wasn t necessary On the whole, okay book, but his music was way better.

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