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  1. Levin graduated from the Horace Mann School and New York University, where he majored in philosophy and English.After college, he wrote training films and scripts for television.Levin s first produced play was No Time for Sergeants adapted from Mac Hyman s novel , a comedy about a hillbilly drafted into the United States Air Force that launched the career of Andy Griffith The play was turned into a movie in 1958, and co starred Don Knotts, Griffith s long time co star and friend No Time for Sergeants is generally considered the precursor to Gomer Pyle, USMC Levin s first novel, A Kiss Before Dying, was well received, earning him the 1954 Edgar Award for Best First Novel A Kiss Before Dying was turned into a movie twice, first in 1956, and again in 1991.Levin s best known play is Deathtrap, which holds the record as the longest running comedy thriller on Broadway and brought Levin his second Edgar Award In 1982, it was made into a film starring Christopher Reeve and Michael Caine.Levin s best known novel is Rosemary s Baby, a horror story of modern day satanism and the occult, set in Manhattan s Upper West Side It was made into a film starring Mia Farrow and John Cassavetes Ruth Gordon won an Oscar for Best Actress in a Supporting Role for her performance Roman Polanski, who wrote and directed the film, was nominated for Best Writing, Screenplay Based on Material from Another Medium.Other Levin novels were turned into movies, including The Boys from Brazil in 1978 The Stepford Wives in 1975 and again in 2004 and Sliver in 1993 Stephen King has described Ira Levin as the Swiss watchmaker of suspense novels, he makes what the rest of us do look like cheap watchmakers in drugstores Chuck Palahniuk, in , calls Levin s writing a smart, updated version of the kind of folksy legends that cultures have always used Ira Levin died from a heart attack at his home in Manhattan, on 12 November 2007.

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  1. Ha What a set up If you like plays and want to read an ingenious and suspenseful multi layered murder mystery play about a murder mystery play x 3 or was it 4 with just a touch of humor, you ll find it here in DEATHTRAP SLICK

  2. This was an entertaining play with a good amount of suspense I was completely ignorant of this play previously, so the various twists and turns were quite surprising I enjoyed the bit of humor sprinkled throughout as well A play within a play, Deathtrap kept me guessing which parts were real , which characters were actually the good guys and which were the bad The psychic next door was a nice addition to the plot and added a bit of interest as well I wasn t thrilled with the last scene and belie [...]

  3. I have now read about half of Levin s works and not one have been a disappointment This time, he writes about a murder mystery thriller inside a murder mystery thriller, packed with creepy moments, humor, and of course, twists that you were not expecting even though Levin is notorious for his unexpected twists even though you were expecting a twist yet were still surprised by it Are you confused by this statement Trust me, read Deathtrap and you ll know exactly what I m talking about.

  4. A whole lot of fun, an equal amount of creepy, and a pinch of wtf is going on here.I ve never enjoyed reading a play, after having already seen it, as much as I enjoyed this one, and that s saying something because I don t usually read plays.But this one is highly recommended for people who like metafiction and mind games as this is a story within a story pretending to be an imitation of a play for the purpose of carrying out the perfect murder You ll never guess who dies, who really dies, who s [...]

  5. Kind of brilliant Tongue in cheek murder mystery actually, it s funny Justin and I were watching American Horror Story several weeks ago, and they showed a murderer s lair for the first time on the show I said, Hey, it looks just like the set of that murder movie and then couldn t think of the name of the movie at all Or any details about it, except I was pretty sure it had Michael Caine Then this morning my colleague walks into my office with the script of Deathtrap, which is being considered [...]

  6. I love this generic cover supplied by Dramatist Play Service for all their plays Or, is there some play I don t know about called Acting Edition.It s easy to see why Deathtrap is the longest running thriller in Broadway history It s a masterwork

  7. I give Deathtrap a solid A Read it Read it and tell me it isn t the most tightly wound thriller Not a word wasted Also, Ira has a great sense of humor and likes to fake the audience into a feeling that everything s going to be OK, but of course, he s just setting us up.

  8. This is the best play in the world so many reversals some gay peeps yadayada LOL amazing so many reversals SO GOOD deserves than 5 stars

  9. The devil is in the details and that s what I love about this script The female characters are horrific however I ve spent the last two months playing Myra for a community theater, and I truly can t wait to shed her skin Talk about a lack of agency She does nothing but cower and cry The only other female in the play is a Dutch psychic who is nothing but a cheap joke.Meh

  10. These thrillers are quick and exciting Easily a one sitting read, but it keeps you guessing and I enjoyed the humor as well Perfect for this Halloween season.

  11. As a play, this has all the makings of a late 70 s early 80 s era hit, with its elaborate blocking and witty dialogue Overall, I think it s quite entertaining as a piece, and would imagine that it would be quite a spectacle to see performed live However, the I read of Ira Levin, two points of extreme irritation continuously come up that hamper my enjoyment of his work The first is his obvious hatred of women they are always portrayed as buffoons, shrews, helplessly stupid, or some combination o [...]

  12. If you re a fan of the classic Dial M for Murder or the remake A Perfect Murder, then this nail biter may be just the thriller for you.Five characters Two acts.Murder.Twists.And some humor.The plot features a play within a play Veteran play write Sidney Bruhl receives a draft of a play from his former student Clifford Anderson The play is the perfect thriller When Bruhl s wife asks how good the play is, he responds, It can t miss A gifted director couldn t even hurt it While there are other jabs [...]

  13. A quick, tricky thriller You might foresee the first plot twist coming but probably not the ones that follow It s a plot composed solely of twists Not to mention the play within a play aspect, and requisite comic relief It manages to maintain a rich aura of suspense and impending doom not at all unlike his novel Rosemary s Baby And though I ve not seen the movie adapted from this, I couldn t help seeing Michael Caine and Christopher Reeves as the two playwrights I won t give any away but it s a [...]

  14. A finely written mystery thriller play, with lots of neat twists I place this in the top four of the genre SLEUTH being 1 with DEATHTRAP, WAIT UNTIL DARK and DIAL M FOR MURDER battling it out for 2.A mystery author with writer s block decides to see if he can get away with murder in real life Add to the mix a psychic who lives next door who seems to know what is about to happen before it happens, and there s just enough comedy to keep the suspense in balance A good read and if you have the good [...]

  15. I loved readingDeathtrap It was funny, suspenseful, and full of twists The characters were interesting and the dialogue was just perfect I ve never watched the play, but the script was written well enough that I could see the story play out in my head while I was reading If you like thrillers and humor, I d recommendDeathtrap If you don t like thrillers and humor, I d recommendDeathtrapanyways That s just how good it was.

  16. I am a big Levin fan and got the opportunity to see this play at my local theater I d had the script on my bookshelf for a couple of years but hadn t gotten around to reading it I finally picked it up to see what changes had been made for the performance Not many They stayed pretty true to Levin s darkly funny, very meta script It s a lot of fun and I highly recommend it for fans of either the theatre or the thrillers of Ira Levin.

  17. I m sure the ending is meant to be funny, but it came across as stupid is my response generational not of the time in which the play was written I think the racial pantomime of the European psychic is annoying as well, an anachronism of racist days gone by The rest of the play, however, is very good.

  18. Ira Levin can create a whole world with his words In this comedy thriller, he does that so well that one can interact with the characters The main characters of Sidney, Myra and Clifford are three of the five characters in the play They live and breathe this wonderful play Read this and then see it if it is ever performed in your neighborhood.

  19. A murder mystery about a murder mystery involving characters who write and even predict murder mysteries All in two acts, 5 characters, one set, and presented to us in a nice little book What could you want

  20. This play has potential, but I have seen it twice and never have enjoyed it I have not watched the movie, but I think it would require a stunning cast and superb acting and stunts in order to be successful Otherwise, it s not my style.

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