Pictures At An Exhibition

Pictures At An Exhibition Thomas returns to the dark provocative themes of his masterpiece The White Hotel with this novel set in the nightmare that was Auschwitz and in London years later A stunning and powerful achieveme

Thomas returns to the dark, provocative themes of his masterpiece The White Hotel with this novel set in the nightmare that was Auschwitz and in London 50 years later A stunning and powerful achievement in which each character s identity is in some way hidden, and the suspense of unmasking them is unmercifully sustained.

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Pictures At An Exhibition

  1. D.M Thomas was born in Cornwall in 1935 After reading English at New College, Oxford, he became a teacher and was Head of the English Department at Hereford College of Education until he became a full time writer His first novel The Flute Player won the Gollancz Pan Picador Fantasy Competition He is also known for his collections of verse and his translation from the Russian poet Anna Akhmatova.He was awarded the Los Angeles Fiction prize for his novel The White Hotel, an international bestseller, translated into 30 languages a Cholmondeley award for poetry and the Orwell Prize for his biography of Alexander Solzhenitsyn He lives in his native Cornwall, England.

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  1. I found this book to be the apogee of the modern novel It blends art, music, psychology, war, and holocaust into an elaborately woven tapestry Structurally brilliant and deeply profound, this book would be enjoyed by anyone who appreciates powerful fiction and doesn t avert their eyes from the horrors of humanity Don t read the back first, though, because it ruins the surprise of the first chapter.

  2. I honestly don t know what to make of this novel D.M Thomas had the misfortune of publishing a legitimate masterpiece early in his career although sadly one that no one of my generation has picked up , and has had to live in its shadow since, much like Sherwood Anderson, Mark Danielewski, or Thomas Wolfe Pictures at an Exhibition has moments of transcendental splendor, but I m still not sure quite how it hangs together I know I liked it But I know it will never be The White Hotel.

  3. This book was so heavy D M Thomas tells the complex story of tragedy so well Between the time warp of the writing and the deeply conflicted characters, it reminds me that there is no black and white in any situation, just gray.

  4. Never easy to read AND always worthwhile, D.M Thomas pusues his themes of violence, psychoanalysis and question of what it means to be human with verve and density as only he can.

  5. shrugs Started very compellingly, then he hadda get all experimental with the form, which I found pretty alienating I could never get straight who each person was and what their relationships to one another were I found it difficult starting to read a segment without knowing in whose voice it was until about halfway through their voices were mostly uniformly stodgy upper middle class English, and somewhat indistinguishable I read on DM Thomas website that he recently reread all his books, and fe [...]

  6. I felt a bit lost reading this book as the time sequence dipped and switched and the characters were moved from environment to environment I think the premise is a good one but I needed to read it again from the start once finished to try to sort it all out I believe I did not get to experience the full depth of the novel without sorting out the characters but I m not sure that I will pick it up again.

  7. I will still try to finish this, but have abandoned the book for the moment I wanted to like it, because it dealt with art I think that the author tried a bit too much for me It seemed that she tried to paint a picture every paragraph I did not care much for the characters I will definitely go back to it and finish it, I stopped at page 110.

  8. I loved the book very much But I got lost at the end Has got anybody any idea who Dr Becker from Damaskus is Is he Dr Lorenz, or maybe the imprisoned Dr have forgotten his surname Or somebody else Dying from curiosity and can not now reread the book and look for the connection Thanx

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