The Enemy Within

The Enemy Within Earthlings Beware Do you know who your enemies are Your neighbor Your boss Your butcher Your wife Only the Voltarians know for sure They ve successfully infiltrated our little world and it may never b

Earthlings Beware Do you know who your enemies are Your neighbor Your boss Your butcher Your wife Only the Voltarians know for sure They ve successfully infiltrated our little world and it may never be the same They walk among us They work among us And they re making themselves right at home, prepping the planet for a power play unlike any you ve ever seen beforearthlings Beware Do you know who your enemies are Your neighbor Your boss Your butcher Your wife Only the Voltarians know for sure They ve successfully infiltrated our little world and it may never be the same They walk among us They work among us And they re making themselves right at home, prepping the planet for a power play unlike any you ve ever seen before.In this web of espionage, intrigue and betrayal, even Voltarian Royal Combat Engineer Jettero Heller doesn t know who he can trust He s hard at work creating a gasoline substitute to fuel his 68 Caddy in a Long Island automobile race a development that could have dramatic consequences for the entire human race As such, he poses a grave threat to the powers that be.Now, his treacherous fellow Voltarian, Soltan Gris, has formed a secret alliance with a cabal that includes a dirty DC politician, a ruthless billionaire industrialist and a mysterious media madman Their mission terminate Jettero Heller.Beset by double crossing body doubles and backstabbing identity shifters, Heller discovers that the most dangerous battle of all is about to begin against THE ENEMY WITHIN A must buy AMERICAN LIBRARY ASSOCIATION

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The Enemy Within

  1. With 19 New York Times bestsellers and than 350 million copies of his works in circulation, L Ron Hubbard is among the most acclaimed and widely read authors of our time As a leading light of American Pulp Fiction through the 1930s and 40s, he is further among the most influential authors of the modern age Indeed, from Ray Bradbury to Stephen King, there is scarcely a master of imaginative tales who has not paid tribute to L Ron Hubbard In 1950, he wrote one of the bestselling books of all time, Dianetics The Modern Science Mental Health His researches into the mind and spirit continued with the publication of additional titles on Dianetics and Scientology.In celebration of his fiftieth anniversary as an author, he again returned to the forefront of popular literature with his monumental epics Battlefield Earth and the ten volume Mission Earth series Together, these titles dominated international bestseller lists for than 200 weeks, and still remain among the all time classic works of modern speculative fiction.Known Pseudonyms Frederick EngelhardtKurt von RachenRene LaFayete Rene La Fayette Ren LafayetteFrankie RohneWinchester Remington ColtLt Jonathan DalyCapt Charles GordonCapt L Ron HubbardBernard HubbelMichael KeithLegionnaire 148Legionnaire 14830Ken MartinScott MorganLt Scott MorganBarry RandolphCapt Humbert Reynolds

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  1. Great read Although the title suggests an unnerving, almost sinister plot, the author s pragmatic use of detail and effortless blend of post modern colloquialism brings a rather homey, sympathetic view of alien domination to the reader.

  2. Take all ten of these books and boil em down all night no, leave it on the burner for a whole week Reduce it too a thick dense sticky sauce And still, this will have very little flavour.There was the seed of a decent parody in there within the first two books then the joke was over The joke became, let s make it ten books, just so we could call it a dekalogy.

  3. Hubbard has a big problem with psychiatrists31 March 2012 When we are dealing with a series of ten novels, particularly a series that was read so long ago, the entire series seems to morph into a single book that I can vaguely remember Some people seemed to have liked these books but most of the readers that have commented on them have indicated otherwise I have never really been a big fan of such long running series, though the only other one I read was The Wheel of Time, which I gave up on onc [...]

  4. The Mission Earth series is a big, bloated, fun and funny dekalogy of pulp and satire and non stop action It s not a serious work, nor was it intended to be I believe Hubbard wrote it simply out of fondness for the field, the way it was when he was beginning his career He surely didn t need the money It lampoons everything from economics to law enforcement to crime to space opera to science and all stops in between It s not a particularly well written work of literature, but is engaging and inte [...]

  5. Our savior comes from VoltarSplit in ten volumes for editorial and practical reasons, the Mission Earth series can be seen as a continuous narrative whose chapters are identified by the different books This space opera ish saga not a lot of space travels, but alien technological gizmos are everywhere will follow the comically clumsy actions of corrupted voltarian agent Soltan Gris as he narrates his attempts to sabotage and destroy the brave Jettero Heller, another native from planet Voltar, ben [...]

  6. Good but not the best one I ve read yetthis is the third book in the mission earth series so I can t comment on the ins and outs of all the story but this book in particular was pretty slow but there are seven books after it so I figured I was bound to run into a couple slow ones I didn t like this one as much as the first but I did however like it better than the second and although people are complaining about the drawn out utanc character I actually enjoyed these parts because obviously there [...]

  7. I read this series several years ago with a friend It was a daunting task at 10 books but we were determined It s not the usual sort of series I read but I had heard a lot about it and had some highschool friends who loved it It s tough to review just one book in the series because the full story is told in all 10 books You have to read all 10 to find out what happens Certainly some of the books were better than others, exciting and adventurous, but its rare that a 10 book series doesn t have s [...]

  8. Absolute drivel I am wondering if I can be bothered to go write this on all the books of the series that I actually managed to slog through, and I might Been reading sci fi since I remember myself and almost never have I dropped a book halfway through I really tried with this epic series, really did On book 4 now and have decided that there is no way I am devoting another precious minute of my life to this.The story has something in it, but there are so many unnecessary twists and turns, totally [...]

  9. While not as totally horrible as the Battlefield Earth book these aren t that great There are some good plots themes and a sorta pulpish feel to the characters, but overall it seems to fall short of what it could be The story seems to ramble and could have been cut by 1 3 and still got the point across The random sex and sadistic events just seem to be placed in there not for storyline but for shock value Not recommended

  10. My first Mission Earth Galaxy Press published book Just like the previous two, I didn t really enjoyed reading it but I still wanted to know how the story will go The hero in the story was becoming and cooler and he still needs to encounter a bunch of hardships while the story goes There are still lots of boring scenarios just for the sake of making the flow of the story long.

  11. I read this entire series when I was 12 Even then I knew it was sexist and uncomfortably white though I could not articulate the source of my unease I was going to give it the benefit of a doubt and reread it as a 44 year old adult however, I just finished trying to read Battlefield Earth, and I think I m just going to trust my original judgement.

  12. Not to knock L Ron because I absolutely loved but this one was definitely not my cup of tea I didn t find it funny in the least and I think that was what it was trying to be It failed and I quit the series.

  13. I bought this series of books because I wanted to read something longer, not just a single book The sci fi genre, and the book description got my attention, so there I was, taking all the books in the series home, and quite frankly not liking it too much It was okay, but this was one of the rare purchases that I regretted.

  14. I wanted to read this book so badly I checked it out of the library I laughed several times throughout this book while my wife was watching a DVD A very good story and extremely funny I enjoyed this book a lot.

  15. one of the few books I have never finished I not only didn t finish it I threw it away Into the trash dumpster I ve never done that before or since

  16. I read these in high school and found them compelling, but as I reflect on them, I recall them being rather stupid, oversexed, and pointless.

  17. A crazy pulp novel, clearly written just to tell a story and get paid by the word though not as crazy or pulpish as Scientology.

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