Obsession This is a stand alone novel that is an adult spin off of the Lux Series You do not need to read a Lux book to read Obsession and vice versa He s arrogant domineering and To Die For Hunter is a ruthl

This is a stand alone novel that is an adult spin off of the Lux Series You do not need to read a Lux book to read Obsession and vice versa.He s arrogant, domineering, and To Die For.Hunter is a ruthless killer And the Department of Defense has him firmly in their grasp, which usually doesn t chafe too badly because he gets to kill bad guys Most of the time he enjoyThis is a stand alone novel that is an adult spin off of the Lux Series You do not need to read a Lux book to read Obsession and vice versa.He s arrogant, domineering, and To Die For.Hunter is a ruthless killer And the Department of Defense has him firmly in their grasp, which usually doesn t chafe too badly because he gets to kill bad guys Most of the time he enjoys his job That is, until he s saddled with something he s never had to do before protect a human from his mortal enemy.Serena Cross didn t believe her best friend when she claimed to have seen the son of a powerful senator turn into something unnatural Who would But then she witnesses her friend s murder at the hands of what can only be an alien, thrusting her into a world that will kill to protect their secret.Hunter stirs Serena s temper and her lust despite their differences Soon he s doing the unthinkable breaking the rules he s lived by, going against the government to keep Serena safe But are the aliens and the government the biggest threats to Serena s life or is it Hunter

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  1. Hey Guys Please note I don t send out ARCs for review If you re interested in reviewing a book of mine before release date, please contact the appropriate publisher I also do NOT check my email.To email me, please use the below addy jenniferlarmentrout live 1 New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author Jennifer L Armentrout Lives in West Virginia All the rumors you heard about her state aren t true Well, mostly When she s not hard at work writing, she spends her time, reading, working out, watching zombie movies, and pretending to write.She is the author of the Covenant Series Spencer Hill Press , the Lux Series Entangled Teen , Don t Look Back Disney Hyperion and a yet untitled novel Disney Hyperion , and new YA paranormal series with Harlequin Teen Jennifer also writes New Adult and Adult romance under the pen name J Lynn The Gamble Brothers Series Tempting the Best Man Tempting the Player and Wait for You Under her pen name, she is published with Entangled Brazen and HarperCollins.

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  1. It s official I hate all the book heroines Why Because all of them have the luck either to live next to the hottest male ever or meet one of them BLOODY UNFAIR This book introduces us the world of the Arums They are different from the Luxens and they fight in order to protect the humans and their kind Yet , like in every species , some arums kill just for fun.Hunter That s an alien I m an alien We re aliens Aliens everywhere, acutally, which is why we have to leave I m sure someone called the po [...]

  2. Let s say I m at Barnes and Noble There s only one copy of this book left.And a lady, who looks old enough to have known Moses personally, is holding it and is wheelchairing it over the check out line in a way that would make NASCAR proud Now, I m not saying that I would drop kick the ol gal or anything I d probably just deposit her over the nearest and steepest ramp in the tri state area I m kidding Kind of I d probably just bribe her with one of those Get Out of Nursing Home for Free cards or [...]

  3. ATTENTION ALL DAEMON LOVERS So, is it a shadow Total darkness Or a black hole Or is it an Arum.Well, it s Tell me to shut up one time and I m going to rip out your tongue and make you eat it Got that.Hunter In the dim, almost but not quite seedy bar lights, I stared openmouthed at my best friend in what had to be the most unattractive manner Well to be truthful what else could Serena do Afterall her best friend Mel was claiming to have seen an alien.And that supposed alien was the Senator s son [...]

  4. 5 Fantastic Stars I feel like a traitor And it s all because of this guy And here s another impolite thing for you I don t give a fuck I sooooo love Daemon from the Lux series, its not even funny SO how is it possible that I love Hunter, this Arum the Lux s enemy EVEN MORE I dunno but I do Hunter has an attitude and I loved it He is also all kinds of sexy and hilarious Now to the story Serena is just a normal 23 year old girl She has a wacky best friend, Mel, who she meets one night for drinks a [...]

  5. Buddy reading with Mona DThis book was amazing I don t know any who are the bad guys Luxen or ArumIn my mind from the Lux series I thought Arum are the bad guys in the story I never thought I ll like them and fall in love with one of them Hunter is the baddest and hottest bad boy He is not your typical herohe s an ARUM one of the bad guys and he has a big ego and also he is such an arrogant But as you read the book, you can t help but fell in love with himThere is so much to him You re than a [...]

  6. 4 SWEET ALIEN BABIES EVERYWHERE StarsMove over Daemon, there s a new alien in town Hello Hunter In case you re wondering, yes, the Queen of Everything Jennifer L Armentrout has done it again.Hunter is definitely the baddest hot male character JLA has ever written EVER But damn, he was insanely hot for an alien 1 Hotness incarnated 2 Has an ego the size of the planet Not to burst your preconceived notions of me, but do I look like I care Yes, Hunter, we know But I had to say my part, right 3 Arro [...]

  7. On Jennifer L Armentrout s blog What can I tell you about Obsession An Arum Yes You read that right.Obsession does take place in the same world that Katy and Daemon inhabit, Obsession is mature, definitely targeted toward the older crowd It s an adult romance, so you know what that means Obsession will change what you think you know about the Luxens and Arums There will be some crossover with certain characters from the Lux Series.Obsession takes place in between Opal and the 4th Lux novel, whi [...]

  8. I am so sorry I am SO sorry I am sooooo sorry.It s not often when I write a review and worry about having a difference of opinion from my friends because if I had to worry, I d have to do it for every single book review with the varied group of friends I have Thankfully, I have awesome friends who don t mind me most of the time Howeveris time, I might be a little bit worried Just a little Because my opinion is probably going to be extremely unpopular I honestly think Armentrout doesn t translate [...]

  9. Good vs EvilLight vs DarknessLuxen vs ArumWell, I thought I had it all figured out Boy was I wrong Jennifer L Armentrout is a genius She took what fans of the Lux Series know to be the truth from the view point of Daemon Black and his siblings and blew it to smithereens When you said the word Arum to me before reading this book, I would immediately associate it with images and words like evil, darkness, self serving and of course THE ENEMY We ve always been seen as a weapon That s what we are Af [...]

  10. 4 Delicious Aliens, Team Arums and Keep Calm Love Hunter Stars What what are you My gaze dropped to the other thing What is that There was a pause, and then he nodded at the prone form on the floor That s an alien I m an alien We re aliens Aliens everywhere, actually, which is why we have to leave I m sure someone has called the police by now I stared at him Aliens Hunter nodded Aliens Serena Cross quiet existence is shattered when her best friend is killed in front of her eyes All the clues are [...]

  11. Some SpoilersPredictable, cheesy and rather offensive The story, the characters and the romance were pretty much exactly the same as all other PNR books except with aliens I have to admit that I did find it somewhat entertaining up until the hero got all rapey The main reason it got one star instead of zero was because the heroine wasn t a virgin I had been worried that JLA like most female YA UF PNR authors had some sort of weird thing for young virgin heroines and manslut heroes But thankfully [...]

  12. Ok, this book officially proved that the Arum can be just as gorgeous, awesome, and selfless as the Luxen I m still in a state of shock after this book, wow Even though I thought this book was really short, it still went into details about the Luxen and Arum that I didn t even read about in the Lux series, which I found super cool After this book Daemon and Dawson are not the only two aliens I have major crushes on, now Hunter is definitely added to that list3 Awesome stand alone Arum story, hig [...]

  13. Final rating 4 5 stars That s an alien I m an alien We re aliens Aliens everywhere, acutally, which is why we have to leave I m sure someone called the police by now If i remember correctly, my brain and heart and body belonged to Luxen race But not any I am officially switching sides Overall,I freaking loved it D Despite it s faults, i still loved it I had so muchfun reading it and i was socaptivated by itthat i couldn t wait to see how the story ends spoiler free review First things first i su [...]

  14. UPDATE Have you seen this gorgeous cover God Now I m obsessed I m so stalking this hot Arum OMG I m so excited May 2013 Nooooo I can t wait that long Need this sooner Pleeease Pleeease Pleeease

  15. i have only one word to say and that is BLOODY F CKING AMAZING I would also like to say that if you are reading LUX series I would advise you not to read it if you haven t read OPAL.I know it says it can be read as a stand alone and it can, but if you are deep in LUX and decided not to read OPAL because of the cliff well do not read it because you are not idiots and you will put 22 together about one small situation that reveals something view spoiler cliff in OPAL hide spoiler maybe I am wrong [...]

  16. No one could move that fast No one human He s not human If I hadn t shown up when I had, the Luxen would ve easily killed her.Humans were so fragile It felt right Like not taking the shit back kind of right Weird I knew I needed to stay away from her, but I didn t want to.I also knew I wouldn t One Arum.One Human.A deadly secretd a deadly attraction.The world is on the verge of destruction, alien and human forces colliding like never before And Hunter and Serena are caught in the middle.How far [...]

  17. Initially I didn t want to read this book because, let s be real The main male is an Arum After being completely in love with the Lux Series, it felt like I was betraying Daemon Black Well, now I m glad I got over it, as this is a really good book So, this book takes place in the world of the Lux Series, where aliens are very real and very sexy Serena sees her best friend getting killed, because she saw too much she saw Luxens in their true form and talking about something that no one should kno [...]

  18. So going into this book I wasn t quite sure how I would feel because I wasn t crazy about the Arum s from the Luxen series to begin with but I thought, why not give it a try My reaction wasI m in love with an ArumWTFI seriously like them just as much as the Luxen now How did this occur I ll tell you how.One word and one word only made this happenat word is Hunter Holy hotness Jeans hung low on narrow hips Hunter s stomach was perfection each taut muscle tight and totally lickable Not that I d ev [...]

  19. 5 Hunter Gave Me A Serious Lady Boner Stars Before I started reading Obsession, I didn t think there was any way I was going to end up liking an Arum The Lux books teach us that the Arums are basically the exact opposite of the Luxen Arums are dark, evil, and devoid of emotion where the Luxen are light, good, and than capable of caring for each other and the human population This book takes all of your preconceived notions and throws them out the window Serena Cross s life explodes when she wit [...]

  20. LOVED IT 5 EXTRATERRESTRIAL STARS Another alien masterpiece by Jennifer Armentrout Now before you start this book, it would be very helpful if you read her Luxen series first This book is a take off on that series, showing us readers the other side of the coin, from the eyes of the enemy And what a delicious glimpse it is into the mind and the life of the Arum image error The book starts out with a bang and a murder Serena Cross best friend Mel, a wild and crazy fun loving girl has a wild night [...]

  21. Buddy Read with my darling Pavlina 5 WELL DESERVED STARS Please excuse the language added in my review and I tried to make as spoiler free as I can Its hard when you read a book that s so AWESOME, MIND BLOWING, FANTASTIC, OUT OF THIS WORLD literally and then try to explain how good it is in a review.This book has pretty much left me speechless and not knowing where to start Its was so FUCKING good, in every way The characters are to die for, the plot really draws you in from start to finish, and [...]

  22. I know my review would never do this book justice but hey at least I tried, right In case you re wondering, yes, the Queen of Everything Jennifer L Armentrout has done it again OBSESSION was everything I hoped for and I was dying for this book ever since she gave us some teasers last May and NOW I actually can t believe I ve finally read it Hunter is definitely the baddest hot male character Jen has ever written EVER He s also my favourite which says a LOT Sorry Daemon and Cam but Hunter is def [...]

  23. 1 very slow star Yawn The story line was so predictable,I saw the ending coming light years away.Its great that Hunter found his Serena and Serena found her HunterBut could some one please help ME find the story line in all this Cause all I read was both of them going at it like bunnies.By the time we reached the book s climax and the heroine decides to view spoiler avenge her best friend s murderwho I don t knowJust HAPPENS TO BE AN ALIEN FREAKIN SENATOR of the state when she has NO MONEY,NO RE [...]

  24. WHAT March 2013 Inhales ExhalesOkay Its only few months left Just be patient, Nadd The COVER HASN T OUT YET I wonder how the looks likes.The models MUST BE HOT 2nd May 2013WHAT MAY HowH H owuld you May 11 2013 Is that the real cover HOLY HOT

  25. I really enjoyed this one and it was great getting to see a different side to the Arum than we get to see in the Lux novels.ere are obviously good and bad Arum along with good and bad Luxen I almost felt a disconnect throughout this book with Hunters hate for the Luxen considering how LOVE Daemon Lux series but I still like him He was hot and alpha protective over Serena Took him a while to come around and I enjoyed their back and forth bantering I wouldnt say I enjoyed this one as much as I enj [...]

  26. 08 2013Divorato in meno di meno di 24 ore, ma d altronde cosa mi potevo aspettare da un libro della Armentrout Questa donna sa come scrivere e l ha gi dimostrato parecchie volte Tutto questo per non bastato per convincermi a dare ad Obsession 4 stelle piene La prima parte del libro cos come l ultima parte, le ho letteralmente adorate anche se per ragioni diverse Se la prima parte, l incontro tra Serena e Hunter, le loro discussioni e il continuo modo di fare dell Arum sono state fonte di diverti [...]

  27. BR with Jo and Sammy 7 16 13 7 20 13 This was a re read for me My Original review from 6 7 13 5 STARSLet me start by saying that if you haven t read Opal from the Lux series, I d suggest NOT reading this book until you do At about 83% into the book, even though names are not mentioned Daemon makes an appearance and the cliffhanger in Opal is referenced.I absolutely LOVED Hunter in this book, but you will NEVER hear me say anything remotely positive about any Arum when I m reading a book in any L [...]

  28. OBSESSION is a spin off of the Lux series about the Arum Release date May 31st, 2013 SQUEEE ABOUT THE NOVEL this is a companion novel to the Lux series, but it is an ADULT romance that takes place between Opal and the 5th Lux book Origin It can be read as a stand alone though Oh, and the hero is apparently ALPHA The author says it will change what you think about the Luxen and the Arum.BLURB He s arrogant, domineering, and To Die For.Hunter is a ruthless killer And the Department of Defense has [...]

  29. Well, there are lots of fabulous reviews on this one already, so I ll make this short and sweet It is just as good as everyone has been saying Totally lived up to the hype.I ADORED Hunter He was an awesome mix of sexy arrogance that I just found too damn appealing to resist Serena was great too She was feisty, and didn t let Hunter walk all over her Their banter was great sexy and fun I loved it My interested was peaked by some of the new characters the kid Luc, who seems to be something new ent [...]

  30. Holy Alien Hotness what an amazing book Jennifer Armentrout always delivers, but she really outdid herself with this one I devoured this book and, when it was over, I wanted to read it again I bow down to you, Jennifer Armentrout, for writing awesome stories that rock my world into oblivion This is a spin off book from the Lux series, but it can read as a stand alone We learn in Obsession there are two sides to the Luxen and Arum alien species The Arum, in the Lux series, are known as ruthless a [...]

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