The Magic Barrel

The Magic Barrel Winner of the National Book Award for FictionBernard Malamud s first book of short stories The Magic Barrel has been recognized as a classic from the time it was published in The stories are se

Winner of the National Book Award for FictionBernard Malamud s first book of short stories, The Magic Barrel, has been recognized as a classic from the time it was published in 1959 The stories are set in New York and in Italy where Malamud s alter ego, the struggling New York Jewish painter, Arthur Fidelman, roams amid the ruins of old Europe in search of his artistic pWinner of the National Book Award for FictionBernard Malamud s first book of short stories, The Magic Barrel, has been recognized as a classic from the time it was published in 1959 The stories are set in New York and in Italy where Malamud s alter ego, the struggling New York Jewish painter, Arthur Fidelman, roams amid the ruins of old Europe in search of his artistic patrimony they tell of egg candlers and shoemakers, matchmakers, and rabbis, in a voice that blends vigorous urban realism, Yiddish idiom, and a dash of artistic magic.The Magic Barrel is a book about New York and about the immigrant experience, and it is high point in the modern American short story Few books of any kind have managed to depict struggle and frustration and heartbreak with such delight, or such artistry.

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The Magic Barrel

  1. Bernard Malamud was an author of novels and short stories Along with Saul Bellow and Philip Roth, he was one of the great American Jewish authors of the 20th century His baseball novel, The Natural, was adapted into a 1984 film starring Robert Redford His 1966 novel The Fixer, about antisemitism in Tsarist Russia, won both the National Book Award and the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction.

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  1. The first seven years A shoemaker wants a better life for his daughter And he doesn t think that reading books can give her that The mourners If you don t care about the people in your life, don t be surprised people don t care much about you The girl of my dreams A self loathing, aspiring writer starts a correspondence with a mysterious lady writer Angel Levine God sends a black jewish angel to a despairing, suffering man The Book of Job in Harlem, NYC Behold the Key To behold or not to behold [...]

  2. I count myself among the blessed for I have visited New York City I stayed in a YMCA building and shared a bunk with a petite, taciturn Spanish girl whose cropped pale hair and brown skin put a spell on me that mixed itself into the city s spell of joy and sorrow, the spell that made me want to sing and burst into tears because the soul I had never believed in knew it had come home So inside and behind and underneath Malamud s stories I feel my New York, even when they travel.And inside and behi [...]

  3. Superb, beautifully crafted stories of marriage brokers, lovelorn shoemakers, angels and innocents abroad Nearest to my heart was A Summer s Reading, in which a high school dropout gets no respect til one day he tells a neighbor that he will read 100 books in one summer Suddenly, others are smiling and gazing kindly at him As the summer passes, he reads nothing, and his own self confidence begins to falter The story ends with this wonderful paragraph One evening in the fall, George ran out of hi [...]

  4. I personaggi che Bernard Malamud ci presenta nella sua prima raccolta di racconti non possono essere propriamente definiti degli eroi, eppure sono tutti in qualche modo dei combattenti, impegnati in una lotta costante con la vita C il vecchio Kessler, che si batte per non essere sfrattato Tommy, un ragazzo pieno di sogni che vorrebbe sfuggire al tedio e alla miseria del proprio quartiere Carl Schneider, che corre da una parte all altra di Roma alla ricerca di un appartamento per s e la sua famig [...]

  5. Treze hist rias sobre gente pobre e humilde na sua maioria judeus que lutam pela sobreviv ncia, ou por um pouco de felicidade Hist rias tristes de gente a quem a vida n o sorri, contadas de uma forma terna e comovente Um homem que, tal como a figura b blica de Jacob, trabalha durante anos, a troco de muito pouco, por amor filha do seu patr o Um velhinho que sofre uma ordem de despejo do seu senhorio A surpresa desagrad vel de um escritor que se enamora de uma mulher pelo que ela escreve A recomp [...]

  6. This book made me long for the warm swaddle of classroom discussion Not that there s anything manifestly difficult about Bernard Malamud s writing he writes in clear, straightforward prose about the most fundamental and universal ideas and emotions But he is the kind of writer who writes toward themes, and whose seemingly simple stories are packed with layers of meaning and symbolism This is particularly evident in the endings of his stories, which are often pointedly enigmatic, strange, abrupt, [...]

  7. I picked up a copy of this book a few years ago, on a whim, at Goodwill It was an old library copy, so old that the publisher was Farrar Straus and Cudahy Inc At the time I d never heard of Malamud before, but the cover designed by Milton Glaser was striking with its colorful and clunky illustrations of flowers yellow , chalices orange , keys green , stars again with the yellow and chairs again with the green set against a pink background And for fifty cents Why not, I said What s fifty cents no [...]

  8. I pulled this off of a list of books that Donald Barthelme recommended to his students What Barthelme learned from Malamud is clear, and I would say that it s some of Barthelme s finer qualities Every one of Malamud s stories hits the ground running In a few sentences he makes fully formed characters with desires, motives and conflicts I sympathized within a page of knowing them Many of the stories tend towards heartbreaking, but there is such an agility to the writing, and so many small surpris [...]

  9. People don t write short stories with such simplicity and clarity any Like parables from the bible, for a generation of Jewish men and women still reeling from the horrors of the holocaust and trying to make the best of immigrant life in America, or brief jaunts abroad The characters, ordinary folks who tend grocery stores, clean buildings, fix shoes, always seem to run up against a single opponent, who may also be well meaning, and serves as the guard between them and their simple dreams To sta [...]

  10. Con Il commesso non avevo potuto gustare appieno la potenza narrativa di Malamud ero stata sopraffatta dall infinita tristezza del romanzo.Qui, ne Il barile magico , ho avuto la possibilit di gustarlo appieno Undici racconti, in cui ogni parola non scritta a caso Scorci di vita, resi sublimi dall abilit di Malamud E anche se sono tristi, l alternarsi dei racconti che la smorza e fa emergere la bravura di questo scrittore.

  11. Malamud writes with perfect emotional tone in these stories I didn t care so much for The Tenant, but I loved these stories These stories just have this quiet subtlety which lets the emotion ring through in such a natural seeming way It really is marvelous, absolutely perfect Haunting, beautiful, human I could read them again and again.

  12. The Magic Barrel is a short story full of contradictions Jewish culture, tradition, myths and symbols appear first and are perhaps the most obvious elements in the story the comical elements are Jewish as well Salzman s colloquial speech is influenced by Yiddish Yet, the story can also be read as a psychological postmodern text, featuring a Salzman, who is not a biblical angel and heavenly matchmaker but the alter ego of a very troubled young man The realism that dominates most of the text is di [...]

  13. I am not particularly a fan of short stories I like novels because they go on long enough for me to sink into the story, the characters, the ideas When I read a whole book of short stories, I feel I am getting interrupted too often and become annoyed But Bernard Malamud, whose first two novels have been impressive and made me a fan, won the National Book Award for this collection in 1959, making it required reading on my list for that year Sometimes My Big Fat Reading Project feels like a colleg [...]

  14. One of the greatest collections of fiction ever written Malamud was a late bloomer these stories of longing for a better life, his constant theme, were composed in Oregon, as he looked back on his life as a New Yorker, one who d been to Italy, burned his early novels in a flaming barrel, grown up in a store that sold small goods for small profit His stories operate in a logical atmosphere created by his prose Essentially 19th century in character, men and women are easily sketched by their stati [...]

  15. I quenched my thirst for great storytelling while trapped in airports and belted in seats on two planes today No interruptions a rarity so I hunkered down and finished the first in a series of National Book Award winning collections of short stories for my book club I ve wanted to read Bernard Malamud for years and finally did it He s a brilliant writer and I learned much reading and re reading his exquisitely rendered sentences He made it look effortless Those who write know how painful and dif [...]

  16. 4.3 5.0 Intensely readable with old fashioned roots, Bernard Malamud is like the depressed Jewish grandfather I barely remember having.

  17. Antologia di racconti di Bernard Malamud, che, nonostante la forma breve, mostrano i temi principali e cari all autore.Alcuni davvero interessanti avrei voluto vederli sviluppati di pi.

  18. The Positioning of the Holocaust in Bernard Malamud s The Magic Barrel O Crime Orribile What Malamud taps into with this book a book that is intricate story by story as well as a whole is the Holocaust s subtly quiet psychological stamp on a Jew, its lingering rather than obtrusive quality, the perpetual but also hushed and distanced positioning of it in the Jewish mind, even just after the war On the surface, The Magic Barrel is most notably about Jews and their jobs Almost all Malamud stories [...]

  19. Notes on a Narrow Slice of LifeSo who could say that Bernard Malamud didn t write well Not me He writes very well indeed These 13 stories, mainly about first generation Jewish immigrants in America, but also about visitors to Italy from America, capture so much of life in a society where one is an outsider that feeling of being here but not here , or of living in a country, but not belonging The wasted ex coffee salesman, the harassed landlord, the loner rabbinical student, they all seem to puls [...]

  20. I m not entirely sure what to make of this, all because of the ending it made me question what I thought I knew about the story I tagged this magical realism because there is something not quite mundane about the story, though I m not entirely sure what it is.It is the story of Joe Finkle, who is finishing up his rabbinical studies On the advice of an acquaintance, he decides to find a wife, which would help him find a congregation to serve when his studies are over To this end, as he has been [...]

  21. Stories told in such a clear, masterful style that it almost hurts about people whose self image is disturbed and expectations deceived by an intervention of a sometimes mystical factor, a spiritual contingency, as it were, following a long ruinous chain of mundane contingencies that brought them to where they stand in the beginning of their story.Mostly set a decade or so after the war among Jewish immigrants in the US, with several forays into Italy and sometimes involving other ethnic communi [...]

  22. A book very much of its time, to its advantage and detriment While the best stories , such as the magnificent Lady of the Lake, do a great job of exploring what it is to be Jewish in the years after the Holocaust, attitudes to race and gender do not stand up well And while it s never less than a pleasure to read, abrupt endings and tricksy sentence structures can leave the reader rather baffled.

  23. Not going to get into it too deeply except to say that Malamud is a master of the short story These stories are all enmeshed in the same themes and setting but each finds new ways to move and surprise The introduction by Jhumpa Lahiri is also fantastic.

  24. An outstanding collection of short stories Malamud creates such incredible characters full of flaws and shortcomings and puts them in such desperate situations that you can t help but be totally engrossed in the story.

  25. This was an excellent collection of short stories The prose is clear, but also deep It s just a great collection all around

  26. Bernard Malamud, Jewish American writer of Russian origin and a Pulitzer Prize winner, published in 1959 his book, The Magic Barrel A collection of short stories, centering on the hard working Jewish immigrants that are living and working in New York, trying to earn a living and, with it, small quantities of satisfaction The stories range is of about 10 to 30 pages each, and each is based upon one character almost always a Jew, almost always living from hand to mouth, and always with some kind o [...]

  27. As I have said before one of the joys of this blog has been discovering great authors Malamud was unknown to me, but once I started reading it became apparent that these short stories are by a master of the form The majority are not magic realist in terms of the simplistic definition used by this blog, but all conform to the definition used by the inventor of the term Franz Roh We are offered a new style that is thoroughly of this world, that celebrates the mundane This new world of objects is s [...]

  28. andalittlewine 20Bernard Malamud s first short story collection, The Magic Barrel, won the 1959 National Book Award Does that make it a great book I am drawn to 20th and 21st century male writers, especially to Americans In part, this must reflect the sexism of the publishing industry, especially early in the century Partly, it must reflect a prejudice that I have that most boys must have, or else why would the psuedonyms JK Rowling and SE Hinton and Franklin W Dixon exist.In half jest, when I l [...]

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