The Twentieth Century: A People's History

The Twentieth Century A People s History Containing just the twentieth century chapters from Howard Zinn s bestselling A People s History of the United States this revised and updated edition includes two new chapters covering Clinton s pre

Containing just the twentieth century chapters from Howard Zinn s bestselling A People s History of the United States, this revised and updated edition includes two new chapters covering Clinton s presidency, the 2000 Election, and the war on terrorism Highlighting not just the usual terms of presidential administrations and congressional activities, this book provideContaining just the twentieth century chapters from Howard Zinn s bestselling A People s History of the United States, this revised and updated edition includes two new chapters covering Clinton s presidency, the 2000 Election, and the war on terrorism Highlighting not just the usual terms of presidential administrations and congressional activities, this book provides you with a bottom to top perspective, giving voice to our nation s minorities and letting the stories of such groups as African Americans, women, Native Americans, and the laborers of all nationalities be told in their own words.

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The Twentieth Century: A People's History

  1. Howard Zinn was a historian, playwright, and social activist He was a shipyard worker and a bombardier with the U.S Army Air Force in Europe during the Second World War before he went to college under the GI Bill and received his Ph.D from Columbia University Zinn taught at Spelman College and Boston University, and was a visiting professor at the University of Paris and the University of Bologna He received the Thomas Merton Award, the Eugene V Debs Award, the Upton Sinclair Award, and the Lannan Literary Award He lived in Auburndale, Massachusetts.

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  1. Yes, I read this book because of the reference to it in Good Will Hunting And yes, it knocked me on my ass How do you like dem apples

  2. Professor Zinn and I have vastly different political beliefs but I m going to discuss his book and not his politics right up until the end This is an abridgement of Zinn s A People s History of the United States that only covers the 20th Century Apparently, according to Zinn, the 20th Century didn t begin until the 1960s and then everyone protested a lot of things Zinn makes the point of describing the people from the title by saying 1% of Americans control 45% of the wealth, the people are the [...]

  3. Again, this was another book that changed my views of the world Its the history of our bad deeds of the US and its people But understanding that going in, it ll show you the silent side of our history without making you hate our country Very dense, but still a must read.

  4. Although I don t agree with everything Professor Zinn says, this is an extremely compelling read and presents a different point of view than I imagine most kids get in American schools I attended extremely liberal schools in an extremely liberal state, so not a lot of this history was new to me However, the part of the book where Professor Zinn suggests we all destroy infrastructure and go live in utopian communes is, in my opinion, an extremely naive idea for a professor of history to have I m [...]

  5. I have read many books concerning the development of new political ideologies during the nineteenth and twentieth centuries I know that the Industrial Revolution culminated from advances in transportation, which improved trade by allowing for the quicker distribution of manufactured products and the growth of cities advances in technology, Eli Whitney s interchangeable parts and Ransom Olds s asembly line revolutionized industry discovery of new sources of energy such as coal and oil to power th [...]

  6. This is a nice treatment of all the history you don t learn in textbooks from the perspective of the minority groups that caused the change or were affected by it I knew most of the information about the Black Rights movement and Native American struggles because I ve read books about them and visited associated historic sites, but the rest was quite new to me American suffragettes, gays lesbians, war objectors, and prisoners are just some of the groups that should be covered better in school, b [...]

  7. This book was incredibly biased, without identifying itself as so The author, at one point, refers to Bill O Reilly as as popular TV personality , and implied that his statements reflected the mood of the entire country There were some interesting points, but the author ignores so many contributing factors that it s almost impossible to read When talking about prisoner s rights, for instance, he only talks about protesters that are arrested, he doesn t acknowledge the fact that a lot of the peop [...]

  8. This man is my hero, and opened up my eyes to the idea of balanced history You have to accept the bad and shameful parts of our past if you really want to say that you love this country That s something I still struggle with, but reading Zinn never fails to remind me of all the strides we ve made, and how it was the small and seemingly insignificant people that brought about those changes.

  9. I ve read bits and pieces of Zinn s book only in the last few years Why wasn t he included in my history courses

  10. an eye opening book and a prescient author encourages patriotism in the people and potential of our country if critical of its leadership.

  11. Being excerpted from a larger work necessarily means that this review is inherently not the most fair, however I believe it was ok is an accurate statement for this work It is also the case that the American political climate has changed rapidly in the past decade as it is wont to do , so this book is no longer as up to date in its projections or as accurate in its big picture analyses.While Zinn makes some progress in drawing attention to the history of people who are usually categorically igno [...]

  12. If you are going to read this particular book or it s predecessor by Professor Zinn, I highly recommend accepting these two things before you begin Understanding 1 If you believe the United States handled itself with nobility in all things and without error during the last 115 years, you will be sadly disappointed with the author s research and reporting If you are so firmly entrenched in your political and historical beliefs you cannot hear other opinions without rushing to anger, this book is [...]

  13. What complete garbage Here is a quick synopsis While the North Vietnamese and Vi t C ng were altruistic and wanted nothing but rainbows and butterflies, Americans are bad evil ogres but only if they are white, male, Christian and heterosexual who brutally kill any time they can so they can get rice and oil a little cheaper.Jimmy Carter was one of our best presidents Reagan one of the worst Wealth wickedness poverty virtue All white people are racist, all males are sexist, Christians are intolera [...]

  14. It s crappy.I did the audio version Never got into it and finally quit on it after completing 5 of the 7 discs My son wisely bailed after two CDs A neighbor started reading this book on paper and quickly quit.I like the overall idea Let s get out and look at how native americans, blacks and women were discriminated against, and how government policies were involved But it s not done in a good way It s not compelling or memorable Not enough new ground is broken, and it comes across as too slanted [...]

  15. Five stars for the first half One star for the last half I loved the first half, stories of Americans that have been forgotten or at least not widely publicized The civil right movements, the Vietnam war protests, the struggle for equal rights, etc Great stories, most of which I have never heard before, that show a whole different side of of American history that you read in school which is zinn s point Great stories, about civil disobedience, individual acts of courage under extreme societal pr [...]

  16. A great look at the 20th Century from the little guy with devout focus on civil rights activism and activism in general Kinda lame that it s just the chapters from the original people history Maaaaasive block quotes, kinda annoying It falls apart at then end where he takes everything bad he s talked about in the previous 400 pages and paints a downright offensively dystopian portrait of America He then suggest, flat out, that we not tear down, but totally abandon society and live in communes We [...]

  17. Quick Summary Useful read to see a different way of looking at the world, but I don t think the author has provided any useful way to resolve the issues.A useful book to get an alternative view on history It certainly tells the tales of the downtrodden rather the elite And that is exactly the point of the book I think everyone should be aware of these types of tails because they tend to get lost in the history you learn is school and see in the media.I lean left socially, but to the right financ [...]

  18. Enlightening, but his guiding theme dominated the book too much the struggle of the working class Not so much in the beginning, which chronicled our genocides and he did cover oppressed groups women, for instance but as the book went on, his central theme gobbled up everything else It s neglected theme, one that needs to be revealed, but not at the expense of the fuller picture I m sure that would be difficult, but it would be readable and enlightening to widen the scope of American history Bu [...]

  19. having not taken the AP US History my junior year in school, i found myself entirely jealous of all my non slacker friends that got to read the whole thing, from columbus to present day i wanted their enlightenment so bad so, i bought the 20th century to see what all my peers were up to the information is interesting, but zinn cannot help but deliver it in this arrogant didactic sort of way instead of postulating theories, he rather instructs you, this is how it is, the western world is full of [...]

  20. I listened to this as a trial run to see if I would want to read the entire People s History of the United States, and now I can safely say I do not It s not that I don t agree with the content, it s just that it s not as revolutionary and groundbreaking as I was led to believe I didn t feel like I was reading an alternate textbook, it just felt like i was reading an ordinary textbook I know about Malcom X and Cesar Chavez this supposed to be new to me Two decades ago I bet this was a big deal, [...]

  21. Another pre title I will use today s date as finished since I can t actually remember when I first read this book.Containing just the twentieth century chapters from Howard Zinn s bestselling A People s History of the United States, this revised and updated edition includes two new chapters covering Clinton s presidency, the 2000 Election, and the war on terrorism Highlighting not just the usual terms of presidential administrations and congressional activities, this book provides you with a bot [...]

  22. As with any history I felt like Zinn missed some of our most important people s movements, but in general he captures the spirit I am annoyed by his assertion that there is a deliberate and coordinated effort of the rich and powerful to subjugate and squash the poor and middle class I am not saying the poor and middle class are not being squashed by the poor but I don t think for the most part the rich and powerful are acting on anything other than human nature This does not change the fact that [...]

  23. i love howard zinn as a historian because he boldly proclaims his political bias, and i agree with it his great book the People s History of the United States skims over the twentieth century this new volume corrects that and gives a good in depth analysis of the history of the U.S from 1900 2000 for those of us who lived through it, it is well worth reading to remind us and put things in perspective for those that don t remember the 20th century so well, this is a vital book.zinn s call to acti [...]

  24. Addressing history from the perspective of the people rather than merely by looking back at results or viewing history from the perspective of the elite few is an interesting idea I was concerned, however, that this method would focus on history as a long list of criminal events The book rode that fine line for awhile, but, in my opinion, crossed the line on several opinions As I read, I noticed that in focusing on the people s history the author still engaged in focused on the stories of indivi [...]

  25. Fascinating and well written alternative narration of history from those found in schools and mainstream sources Often heartbreaking, and while it purposefully neglects the heroes of the nation as usually depicted in common history, it brings the focus back to the people and what was happening to those who are not part of the majority cultural narrative Recommended as a counterpoint to public education sources and long revered government accounts Perhaps the most interesting part of the book was [...]

  26. Not your standard history here Zinn writes about how our government s decisions affected common people, both here and abroad It is shocking to read about repeated instances of deliberate deception and many lives sacrificed by the U.S government in the name of profit and power He shines a spotlight on grassroots leaders and movements that the media either downplays or ignores altogether Caring readers won t be cheered by what they read here, but will surely be better informed and perhaps likely [...]

  27. Howard Zinn s version of history is much different from the history lessons we learned through our textbooks in high school and even college As I read this book, I realized even solidly how our history has been edited by people in power to paint a picture that fits their motives This book relates the history of the working class, minorities, and women of our country A new perspective on the complicated and somewhat shameful history of our country.

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