Vanity Fierce

Vanity Fierce Stephen Spear is blond blue eyed and blessed with countless talents In matters of the heart he assumed it would be no different It is quite a shock when he falls in love for the first time to find

Stephen Spear is blond, blue eyed and blessed with countless talents In matters of the heart, he assumed it would be no different It is quite a shock when he falls in love for the first time, to find his desire is unrequited But he will have his way even if he has to cheat, lie and plot.

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Vanity Fierce

  1. Graeme Aitken Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Vanity Fierce book, this is one of the most wanted Graeme Aitken author readers around the world.

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  1. CAUTION Long ReviewIf you have read 3 5 romances, then you have read at least one where one of the obstacles, if not the obstacle, is a friend of the couple who has an unrequited love for one of the couple That friend is often meddlesome, selfish, and rude, serving as a contrived proof that the couple belongs together Stephen Spear is that friend, and he s worse.This isn t really a mm romance the tag is for my benefit I only tagged it as such because the book focused entirely on Stephen and his [...]

  2. This book was a read to review for Net Galley, and I really tried to finish it I really did The problem is, I hated it I hated it so much I DNF at 40% The premise of the book is as follows Stephen Spear is a golden boy Everything comes easily for him, and he is universally adored by everyone at his high school He is athletic, good looking, and son of a famous actress When he moves out on his own and becomes infatuated with his neighbor, Anthony, he is shocked and dismayed to find out that Anthon [...]

  3. The odd genre listing is because while Vanity Fierce was a contemporary when it was new 1998 , it s definitely a look at a very specific time, and simply isn t transportable into current day Which is fine we need periodic reminders of what went before, because it affects our world now.Our protag, Stephen, introduces himself to us while he s in the Australian equivalent of high school and brings us along for the next few years of his life in Sydney, while he s exploring his sexuality and trying t [...]

  4. Stephen fancied himself in love or perhaps it was the idea that Ant was a conquest someone who held him at arm s length when he had always been the golden boy With an actress for a mother and a distant father whom he suspected was a closeted homosexual Stephen was able to drift through his life, never really having to take responsibility for himself or his actions.He was a careless, young, handsome boy who left a string of one night stands in his wake until he crossed paths with the somewhat mys [...]

  5. This was a nice break away from my typical reads, and it was great to see Sydney shine through the text Getting a glimpse into a life far different from my own, shedding a humorous eye over the darker side of the Kings Cross and Darlinghurst gay scene in the nineties a truly surprising novel There were times when it started to drag especially in excerpts from the novel featured within the story, but on the whole thoroughly entertaining I applaud the usage of this to take a peek into a different [...]

  6. With the title literary reference, I was expecting for Vanity Fierce to be a metaphor on how beauty is not all in life but indeed I have the feeling that Stephen, the golden boy whose life is the center of the novel, didn t catch the moral theme of his story, and I m pretty sure he is still convinced that being the beautiful of the batch is the ultimate solution The fact is that, he is so sure of his persuasion that the reader admittedly has to agree with him, and while he is probably the most [...]

  7. This book is of its time, a snapshot of an almost golden era of Sydney life in the 1990s I really enjoyed reading this novel and a big part of what drew me in was the gossip like storylines and personalities This novel is in some ways like an encyclopaedia of gay life Stephen Spear as a character can be quite unlikeable and it is unusual for me to read novels where an unlikeable character is telling the story There were insights dropped throughout this novel that made me stop reading every so of [...]

  8. Possibly one of my favourite books and I am still kicking myself for turning down a job to worth with the author in his bookshop in Sydney , Vanity Fierce deals with some dark themes but still remains upbeat and funny throughout Despite doing some awful things to achieve his ends or get his end away with the man of his dreams, as the case may be the main character is still so well written that you can t help but like him and understand why he does the things he does There are times when I cringe [...]

  9. Hilarious, enjoyable and very funny A rare book which had me needing to read it each day I read most books on the train to work and put them away when I get home, but this one I could not put down Stephen s antics in his love quest with the too hot for words Ant were something I m sure we have all done sometime in our early youth.So far I ve read it twice, but that was 15 years ago I finally found a copy on online with the Australian cover sleeve at Hares Hyenas hares hyenas The international sl [...]

  10. I was very disappointed with this story which follows Stephen, the golden boy at school whom everyone fawns over, but when he moves on and meets the boy of his dreams suddenly finds himself ignored It is well written and held out promise yet failed to deliver Put simply I found it repetitive and heartless a book I could finish only by leap frogging pages at a time.

  11. Finally finished This book was ok, but was very long winded.The main character I really couldn t stand.He calls himself the Golden Boy though spoilt, selfish brat springs to mind.

  12. Now this was a funny book I was slightly wary when I first purchased it many years ago, but I was laughing throughout Can recommend it to anyone.

  13. This is a fantastic book I ve written a paper on it and will pop it in here just as soon as I get a moment to do so sigh The paper I wrote about this book is too large to add.

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