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The Bomb Shortly after the first atomic bombs were dropped on Japan World War II came to and and the terrible reality of the atomic age began Sixteen year old Sorry Rinamu has lived on the Bikini Atoll in t

Shortly after the first atomic bombs were dropped on Japan, World War II came to and, and the terrible reality of the atomic age began .Sixteen year old Sorry Rinamu has lived on the Bikini Atoll in the western Pacific all his life Now the United States government wants to use his home as a site for atomic weapons tests The islanders are told that they must leave theShortly after the first atomic bombs were dropped on Japan, World War II came to and, and the terrible reality of the atomic age began .Sixteen year old Sorry Rinamu has lived on the Bikini Atoll in the western Pacific all his life Now the United States government wants to use his home as a site for atomic weapons tests The islanders are told that they must leave the island in the interest of world peace but can return when the land is safe again Sorry doesn t believe the story He is sure that radioactive fallout will poison the warm blue waters and beautiful white sand beaches, and Bikini Atoll will be lost to its people forever Sorry knows that he has no choice but stop this disaster before it starts even if it means standing alone against the U.S military, and risking his own life to save his ancestral land.

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The Bomb

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  1. This is the story of the A Bomb testing on the Bikini Atoll told from the perspective of a young man who grew up on the island I have a on going interest in reading about the social side of the atomic bomb in Japan and its effect on the people of Japan and the US I was drawn to this book because of that interest and also because a friend spent 2 years in the Marshall Island Bikini is one of the Marshalls in the 1990s her husband was part of a team testing the conditions on Bikini She told us muc [...]

  2. I thought this was a good book I wanted the big doinker to go off The tiger shark needed to be a different shade

  3. I bought a used copy of this little novel from a store in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico, and within the first few pages I could hardly put it down It s a very short yet powerful, gripping and emotional read that features a beautiful island tainted by modern science as nuclear war becomes a depressing reality It takes place in Bikini Atoll, to be exact The author s writing style was dramatic, fast paced and simple yet emotional, and every character was complex and memorable.

  4. In 1945, the author was part of the U.S Naval force that went to prepare Bikini Atoll for a series of nuclear bomb tests His job was to blow the holy hell out of coral reefs with conventional explosives to prepare for the bomb Others relocated the indigenous Polynesian people from a place they were able to survive comfortably on fish and coconuts and minimal farming of taro, from their home for hundred of years Problem is you can read about this in the afterword to this book or over at , they we [...]

  5. This is not an easy book to read, although it is meant for teenagers Taylor was present at Bikini Atoll for the first atomic bomb test and he says he found it really difficult to write about even after fifty years You can see why as you follow the story of Sorry Rinamu, and his family, forced, with their whole village, off their home island, Bikini Atoll Their attempts to stop being moved and then to prevent the bomb being dropped are heart wrenching The book is simply written, no sermons or rag [...]

  6. The author does such a great job at painting a picture verbatim very dramatic I enjoyed reading this book.

  7. The 4 stars are awarded because the story was well written, contains precise details aligned with the historical context and was gripping Also, this book engages the reader into a heart wrenching plot, as it focuses on a minority people who are removed from their homes then eventually killed by the atomic bomb By allowing the reader to view the effects of the end of WWII atomic explosions through the perspective of a fourteen year old boy, The Bomb emphasizes the pain and damage caused Since the [...]

  8. The inevitability of this book is really quite something, and the heroic sadness of the main character s arc and mission are not to be missed This is a YA book in name only, though it could easily be a kid s book for the level at which it is written it s only the themes of displacement, war, the bomb of the title and the intimations of rape the Japanese taking comfort women at the beginning that keep this from being an informative book for 4th and 5th graders Well done but slowly paced.

  9. I thought the book was OK, but the names were confusing For example, one of the names is Sorry I kind of liked the book because it presented actual facts One thing I learned is that Atom Bombs are made from Nuclear Fission Overall, I would give the book a 3 star because of the action and because of the interesting facts.

  10. In the book, The Bomb, by Theodore Taylor, readers get an intimate look at the impact nuclear testing had on the natives of the Bikini Atolls In the Bikini Atolls, about 3,000 miles from Hawaii, Sorry Rinamu lives with his mother, sister, grandmother and grandfather on one of the many small islands that make up the Atoll The island of Bikini consisted of the natives and the Japanese troops that lived there since the Atoll was under Japanese control during World War II During the Japanese occupat [...]

  11. The Bomb by Theodore Taylor was set in the time period of the 1940 s during and after World War II Sorry the main character is smart, curious and determined p.135 He is curious because he always wants to know what is going on The Bomb is about this family in Bikini Atoll and the United states wants to test nuclear bombs on the island after the war ended Painted the usual U.S Navy gray, the ship sat out on the horizon, and curiosity among the islander grew by the minute p.84 The family is trying [...]

  12. This book was lent to me by a student who enjoyed it, and I really liked it as well Set during World War II, and during the years of peace directly following it, this book tells the story of a 14 year old boy, named Sorry, who lives on a small atoll in the South Pacific Bikini island is home to a small tribe of self sustaining individuals who live off of the lush coconut palms that cover the island and off of the schools of fish that are plentiful in Bikini s coastal waters.The Bikini islanders [...]

  13. I think that to me this book is very interesting because I think that this book makes me realize that most times in history the Americans were not the nicest smartest people.

  14. On a scale of zero to five stars, I gave this book a solid four out of five Overall, I really enjoyed this book and it was an intriguing read for me I was actually in Florida when I read this book, and the tropical weather and landscape of Florida, along with the great detail and observations of the book, I felt like I was on the shores of Bikini The best part of the book by far was the theme The message stand up for what you believe in and never back down rang true throughout he novel This them [...]

  15. Troy Nordbrock 3 28 08 7 1This is a great historical fiction book The Bomb is one of Theodore Taylor s greatest books If you are into history this book is for you Sorry is the main character and lives on a small island called Bikini The story tells about Sorry and his family during world war two when Japan was fighting America I would recommend reading this book at an older age because some of the words are confusing However I did like how the author wrote some words in Japanese After the war is [...]

  16. Set in 1946 on Bikini Island, this book is the story of 16 year old Sorry Rinamu, a native boy on the island which is occupied by the Japanese at the beginning of the book The U.S Navy comes to the island and drives the Japanese off the island and then decide that it is the perfect place to test the power of the atomic bomb Most of the villagers trust the Navy officers who ask the villagers to leave the island, promising that they will be able to return in two years, but Sorry learns about radio [...]

  17. This book is about a boy named Sorry who lives on and is native to Bikini Atoll in the year 1944 While he was on the Atoll the United States of America had found his Atoll to be a good place to test high yield nuclear weapons His family as well as all of the other natives of the Atoll had no say in if they could test these nuclear weapons Although near the beginning of the story the Japanese had taken over the Atoll because of the war that was going on, World War II But the Americans had came an [...]

  18. The dropping and testing of the atomic bomb is often thought of as a great leap in science and future warfare What people don t think about is all the people that had to suffer and die before the bomb could get to where it is today This is what The Bomb is about, it is about a small village of people that lived on Bikini Island The island is captured by the Japanese during world war two and later the Americans take it over A while after the Americans take the island a mysterious ship shows up an [...]

  19. The Bomb by Theodore Taylor is a fictional book written in the 1940 s and 50 s It takes place after World War Two The main character is a boy named Sorry that lives on Bikini Atoll.The Island they live on is located in the middle of the Pacific Ocean In the beginning of the book the island is ruled by the Japanese The natives on the island do not have much connection to the outside world so it is hard to tell what is going on during the war Finally the U.S takes over the island to make it safe f [...]

  20. The historical fiction novel, The Bomb , is awesome To begin with, the author did a spectacular job vividly describing Bikini Atoll, the setting of the novel This helped me picture the island easier In addition, this book contains a plethora of suspense, which allows to me keep reading Additonally, through this book, I learned about many aspects of World War II For instance, I learned how people that lived in islands off the Caost of California were treated Also, I learned a whole lot about the [...]

  21. A YA fictionalized account of a grim chapter in American history the atomic bomb I m glad someone has told this story for American young people After the atomic bomb wreaked its havoc at Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the American military conducted a series of nuclear tests around Bikini atoll in the Marshall Islands In true colonial fashion, islanders were relocated and their ancestral home was decimated, and the islanders descendants continue to experience health problems from the mass poisoning eve [...]

  22. Told from the perspective of a young Bikini native, this is the story of the atom bomb testing and destruction of the Bikini atoll and relocation of the native people It s a sad, disturbing part of our history This telling is brief and well done Definitely piques my interest to learn about what ultimately happened to these people.

  23. The BombHunter IdekerWhat will you do to save your ancestral home land The book The Bomb a realistic fiction by Theodore Taylor is based in the early to late 1940 s The main characters name is Sorry a fourteen year old Micronesian boy who was born and raised on the Bikini Atoll Sorry s lifelong dream is to visit Ailinkan or outside world The story line of The Bomb is that the Japanese have taken over the Atoll and are using it as a weather station The Japanese have been abusing their stay by tak [...]

  24. Shortly after the first atomic bombs were dropped on Japan, World War ll come to an end, and the terrible reality of the atomic bomb age began Sixteen year old Sorry Rinamu has lived on the Bikini Atoll in the western pacific all his life Now the united states government wants to use his home as a site for atomic weapons test The islanders are told they must leave the island in the interest of world peace but can return when the land is safe Sorry does not believe the story Sorry has no choice b [...]

  25. Sorry Rinamu is a 16 year old boy who lives on bikini atoll In the book sorry and the natives live through ww2 under constant fear of the Japanese soldiers occupying their island But one day, the Americans attack the Japanese and give freedom to the natives With in Americans help the natives, they want Bikini island to be a bomb site But they would have to leave their home for awhile There s a problem 3 people don t want to leave, so they have a idea to cano out where the bomb is going to be dro [...]

  26. Though natives had lived there for centuries, they came to realize that Japanese or American, their inherent rights meant nothing This book is a fiction, but reading up on Bikini Atoll i seekthe obvious parallel in the real life of the indigenous natives of Bimini the Americans were simply determined to use this site for its 5th A bomb testing and coerced the natives into relocation the care of the natives in an environment alien to them, with ancient enemies, on an island spurned as cursed by a [...]

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