Autumn in Peking

Autumn in Peking Boris Vian was a jack of all trades although unfortunately his name was Boris and Boris of all trades never took off as a turn of phrase But nevertheless Vian was a great songwriter playwright singe

Boris Vian was a jack of all trades although unfortunately his name was Boris and Boris of all trades never took off as a turn of phrase But nevertheless Vian was a great songwriter, playwright, singer, jazz critic and, of course novelist so it should have been Boris instead of Jack Vian s 1947 novel Autumn in Peking L Automne a Pekin is perhaps Vian s most slapstiBoris Vian was a jack of all trades although unfortunately his name was Boris and Boris of all trades never took off as a turn of phrase But nevertheless Vian was a great songwriter, playwright, singer, jazz critic and, of course novelist so it should have been Boris instead of Jack Vian s 1947 novel Autumn in Peking L Automne a Pekin is perhaps Vian s most slapstick work, with an added amount of despair in its exotic recipe for a violent cocktail drink The story takes place in the imaginary desert called Exopotamie where all the leading characters take part in the building of a train station with tracks that go nowhere Houses and buildings are destroyed to build this unnecessary structure and in Vian s world waste not, make not In Alistair Rolls pioneering study of Vian s novels, The Flight of the Angels, he expresses that Exopotamie is a thinly disguised version of Paris, where after the war the city started changing its previous centuries of architecture to something modern Yes, something dull to take the place of what was exciting and mysterious Vian, in a mixture of great humor and unequal amount of disgust, introduces various eccentric characters in this desert adventure, such as Anne and Angel who are best friends and Rochelle who is in love and sleeps with Anne, while Angel is madly in love with her Besides the trio there is also Doctor Mangemanche the archeologist Athanagore Porphyroginite, his aide,

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Autumn in Peking

  1. Boris Vian was a French polymath writer, poet, musician, singer, translator, critic, actor, inventor and engineer He is best remembered for novels such as L cume des jours and L Arrache c ur translated into English as Froth on the Daydream and Heartsnatcher, respectively He is also known for highly controversial criminal fiction released under the pseudonym Vernon Sullivan and some of his songs particularly the anti war Le D serteur Vian was also fascinated with jazz he served as liaison for, among others, Duke Ellington and Miles Davis in Paris, wrote for several French jazz reviews Le Jazz Hot, Paris Jazz and published numerous articles dealing with jazz both in the United States and in France.

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  1. 5 Estrelas SurrealistasIlustra o by Ievgen Kharuk Outono em Pequim um romance do escritor franc s Boris Vian 1920 1959 , publicado originalmente em 1947, com uma reedi o em 1956 A minha edi o, comprada em 1990, das Publica es Dom Quixote com tradu o da escritora Lu sa Neto Jorge Na contracapa da segunda edi o francesa de Outono em Pequim podia ler se o seguinte aviso fundamental Esta obra n o trata, naturalmente, nem do Outono, nem da China Qualquer rela o com estas coordenadas espaciais e tempo [...]

  2. Autumn in Peking Boris VianA few years ago I met a thirty something Frenchman in a youth hostel in Bariloche, Argentina and he confessed to me he had read everything by Boris Vian including many works yet to be translated into English but had read them a long time ago, during his University years, and that he hasn t revisited them since Vian represents a period author for my French friend specifically young adulthood Similar to say Kurt Vonnegut, Jack Kerouac, Ayn Rand, or Hermann Hesse for youn [...]

  3. Almost surrealist Boris Vian s narratives are subject to utter mutability and unpredictability At any moment, anything may happen, any however casual phrase has the power to spin off via a tangential nuance of meaning a totally unexpected plot thread, which will then prove integral to all that follows However, anyone can write an insane and utterly unforeseeable text see any number of mid grade automatic texts by actual surrealists Boris Vian s unique talent is for making his unpredictability ti [...]

  4. He empezado la obra como si, a la velocidad de la luz, sorteara miles de obst culos en una carrera muy divertida Ese desquicio se fren poco a poco, dando paso a una risa m s tranquila y apreciando cierta cr tica social, detr s de esas escenas tan estrafalarias No hay detalle que a Vian se le haya escapado La he encontrado perfecta, 5 estrellas.

  5. Absurd i adev rat Crimele par fire ti, to i omor m n fiecare zi, dar nu ne asum m responsabilitatea pentru ele Homosexualii sunt v zu i ca limita i, impun ndu i singuri limitarea Femeile frumoasele se consum repede Dac iube ti o femeie ar trebui s o la i nainte s o consumi de tot Beaudelaire zicea c a iubi o femeie inteligent e ca pederastia Munca e inutil , multa h r og raie i injusti ie n pl i.

  6. Non, Boris Vian n a pas crit que j irai cracher sur vos tombes Le r cit ne se passe pas P kin, mais est bien dans le style de Boris Vian loufoque, absurde, acerbe, hilarant, burlesque et enchanteur Ce livre n est pas d une lecture ais e si l on ne veut pas perdre l essentiel du fil des v nements Une de ses citations a depuis toujours retenu mon attention Les prix litt raires sont remis dans l indiff rence g n rale par des coll ges de vieux g teux qui ont rang leur r volte au vestiaire depuis bie [...]

  7. Outono em Pequim uma esp cie de manifesto criativo contra o racionalismo a defini o de surrealismo o desprezo pela l gica e pelos padr es estabelecidos irreal imagina o sem limites arte e poesia anarquia o homem e a natureza interpretados n o luz da raz o o sonho,o inconsciente e a imagina o corros oeia e vazia sobre coisas t o importantes que n o servem para nada

  8. Fant stico Hay que poseer mucha imaginaci n para crear un mundo como el descrito en esta obra.Escrito con lenguaje culto, pero con gran espontaneidad, lleva lo absurdo, m s all que cualquier predecesor.Me ha hecho gracia las citas absolutamente fuera de lugar, que encabezan los cap tulos

  9. Conocido por sus trabajos surrealistas, en El oto o en Pek n, una serie de personajes variopintos y extra os se re nen en el desierto de Exopotamia, donde ha nacido el loco proyecto de construir un ferrocarril Por supuesto, hablando de Vian y de surrealismo, ni el oto o, ni Pek n tienen que ver con todo el libro De hecho casi nada tiene que ver con nada, como bien lo anuncia la contraportada Sin embargo, aun surrealista, Vian nos habla del amor, del deseo y un poco de la explotaci n Un libro ent [...]

  10. 5 stars for the first 30 pages, but then I don t know, feels like I m in part cartoon, part American movie None of the characterizations, conflicts, banter, and absurd predicaments got to me like the A and B vignettes early on Vian has his moments of wicked irony, but it s tough to sustain given the singular, snappy tone spread across the set up and wide cast of characters on Exopotamie 3.5 stars.

  11. E il secondo Vian che leggo.Appena lette le prime pagine l atmosfera, il linguaggio, le tematiche vianesche sono emerse e mi hanno catturato ancora una volta.Sembrava che nulla fosse cambiato.Ci sono i temi cari allo scrittore l a, la morte, la forte critica sociale e religiosa, affrontati nella solita maniera surreale di Vian.Invece, procedendo nella lettura, tutto diverso rispetto a la schiuma dei giorni.L l a tra Chlo e Colin un a totalizzante e profondo che riempie la vita seppur caduco, com [...]

  12. Although I am the publisher of this masterpiece, I still feel I can write about it because I came upon it as a reader I think Vian s Autumn in Peking is one of the great novels of French literature it s hysterical for one thing, and on the other I find it moving in how Vian portrays his characters struggling to get the train tracks down For what purpose

  13. Is there a statue of Boris Vian somewhere There right proper oughter be Say I, Pook J Arbuckle III Boris Vian was a supreme polymath and renaissance man Originally an engineer and learn d man of science, he became a writer both of literature under his own name and, successfully whilst he was alive, the nom de guerre Vernon Sullivan and music Not only did he write and perform popular songs generally of an insubordinate and irreverent nature , influencing Serge Gainsbourg and countless others, he [...]

  14. Roman non termin Attir e par le titre prometteur, je suis tomb e de haut en n arrivant pas aller plus loin que la moiti du roman Le surr alisme est moins pr sent que dans l Ecume des jours, mais a ne rend pas l histoire plus int ressante ou compr hensible pour autant Je voulais le terminer pour avoir une id e de la fin, mais je ne suis pas s re que cela s arrange et je n ai pas envie de perdre mon temps.

  15. Me parece m gica la realidad que construye Vian en el libro, pero de muy dif cil lectura y comprensi n Doy esta nota porque reconozco la dificultad del artificio He le do sobre treinta o cuarenta p ginas y he saltado directamente al final lo que tambi n dice que necesitaba saber el final aunque ciertamente me he quedado un poco igual Buscar en su bibliograf a.

  16. Este libro me lo regal mi madre cuando estaba entrando en la adolescencia Me dijo si todav a no has le do nada de Boris Vian, este es el primer libro que debes leer.As lo recomiendo.

  17. Boris Vian is not a predictable author I loved Heartsnatcher, barely tolerated Foam of the Daze and I Spit on Your Graves was not intended to be a vehicle for his talents For the first sixty odd pages of Autumn in Peking a title with absolutely no bearing on the contents of the book , I was fairly convinced that I d embarked on another nonsense festival that probably holds together better when all of the supposedly brilliant wordplay of the author has not been killed or made wooden by translatio [...]

  18. Vianov svet je origin lny, fantazijn , emot vny Viem si predstavi , e v tejto knihe ka d n jde in odkaz, utkvie mu in mikropr beh Ja si zapam t m, ako l ska mu a a enu zo chala, znivo ila Ako sa udia dali budova v p ti eleznicu zrovna na mieste archeologick ch vykop vok Vy stenie si viete domyslie Preklad kni ky je v born , pekne sa hr so slov kami a vytv ra novotvary, ktor s v kontexte deja a pr behu fakt vtipn Vian sa isto nedal na jednoduch cestu s t mto dielom itate mus ma do ve kej miery ot [...]

  19. Foi com grande curiosidade que peguei numa obra de Boris Vian, um autor franc s com um estilo muito pr prio e dono de uma criatividade prodigiosa Um verdadeiro homem dos sete of cios, morreu precocemente aos 39 anos, em 1959 Mesmo assim, as suas obras foram um grande contributo para a literatura mundial Outono em Pequim uma dessas obras e, curiosamente, n o fala nem do Outono nem de Pequim E a come a a nossa rela o com este livro A obra conta nos a hist ria de um grupo de pessoas que, em circuns [...]

  20. El oto o en Pekin es una de esas novelas inclasificables Est empapada de tal cantidad de acidez y sentido del humor que lo dem s no tiene sentido O quiz s s lo tenga, alguien m s capacitado podr a encontrarlo, pero a m no me ha hecho falta buscarlo.La historia es bien absurda Un ingeniero acepta un trabajo en la construcci n del ferrocarril de Exopotamia, regi n des rtica e inh spita, que sin embargo cuenta con un modesto restaurante italiano All las condiciones no son las mejores para construir [...]

  21. ch3815h.wordpress 2013 06Aparent Toamna la Pekin se seamana cu Spuma zilelor, data fiind povestea de dragoste care intr o anume acceptiune constituie mersul acestui roman suprarealist Absurdul frizat si aici e evident atunci cand laolalta apar in naratiunea proiectata intr un imaginar desert denumit cu un puternic caracter simbolic Exopotamia caractere care te naucesc maniaci, ilari prin temperament si actiuni, un functionar calculeaza de zor, un arheolog sparge si contrar profesiei sale elimina [...]

  22. Comprei O Outono em Pequim a minha edi o n o a que est na imagem quando nunca tinha ouvido falar do autor uma das coisas que me d mais prazer comprar livros ao acaso, de autores que n o conhe o coisa que fa o cada vez menos, porque por cada descoberta magn fica, maravilhosa, deslumbrante, e outros adjectivos elogiosos, pelo menos meia d zia de volumes servem para ficar a encher as estantes de p.Comecei a l lo numa noite, nos tempos agora t o distantes da faculdade, em que insistiram para sair, e [...]

  23. Qu puede ocurrir ya suspir Atan goras en un tono fatigado y roto Ocurrir algo dijo Petitjean No se trabaja en el desierto impunemente Las cosas van por mal camino Eso se huele.Esta es una de las novelas de mayor confusi n de Vian, que nicamente brilla en algunos di logos La fatalidad es el elemento clave de toda la obra, todos sus personajes yerran, se comportan de manera equivocada y siempre son conscientes de ello, las p ginas se suceden con di logos, a veces demasiado exc ntricos, en los que [...]

  24. French version, titled l Automne P kin The fact that Boris Vian wrote this book the same year he wrote l cume de Jours probably didn t help in its promotion Which is a shame really as it is equally well written and interesting in its literary madness Beginning with its misleading title nowhere is Peking nor autumn mentioned in the book , the story continue in the spirit of l cume or is it preceding it , combining apparent naivety or simplicity of the characters with a layer of psychological insi [...]

  25. ber Monate habe ich mich durch diesen Vian gequ lt und bin nicht ein einziges Mal so richtig in das Buch reingekommen Wahrscheinlich ist es einfach nicht meins , denn die verworrene Geschichte skurriler Charaktere fand ich nicht ein einziges Mal auch nur ansatzweise witzig obwohl das Buch ja zum Teil als Slapstick angepriesen sind Ein paar Fehl bersetzungen in der deutschen Ausgabe kommen hinzu und schon habe ich eigentlich keine Lust mehr auf das Buch Trotzdem, aus irgendeinem Grund habe ich mi [...]

  26. Papa, c est encore loin l Exopotamie Tais toi et creuse Et puis, tout de meme, quelle le on de comptabilit On va construire un chemin de fer Mais il n y a pas de voyageurs, dit Athanagore Vous trouvez que a arrange les chemins de fer, vous, les voyageurs Non, dit Athanagore Evidemment non Donc il ne s usera pas, dit Amadis Ainsi, dans les calculs des frais d exploitation, on n aura jamais tenir compte de l amortissement du mat riel Vous vous rendez compte Mais ce n est qu un poste du bilan, obse [...]

  27. George Herms helped me pick this book from the TamTam Books table I m looking forward to reading it Thanks, Tosh for publishing it p 179 I m not looking to be precise, said Angel, because I truly detest trying to express something that i feel so clearly What s , I don t give a damn about being able or not being able to convey my point of view to others Somehow this book seemed dated, but not in a bad way More like Waiting for Godot or something from that time Too bad Vian will not get as much at [...]

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