Collected Poems, 1909-1962

Collected Poems There is no authoritative collection of the poetry that Eliot himself wished to preserve than this volume published two years before his death in Poet dramatist critic and editor T S Eliot w

There is no authoritative collection of the poetry that Eliot himself wished to preserve than this volume, published two years before his death in 1965.Poet, dramatist, critic, and editor, T S Eliot was one of the defining figures of twentieth century poetry This edition of Collected Poems 1909 1962 includes his verse from Prufrock and Other Observations 1917 toThere is no authoritative collection of the poetry that Eliot himself wished to preserve than this volume, published two years before his death in 1965.Poet, dramatist, critic, and editor, T S Eliot was one of the defining figures of twentieth century poetry This edition of Collected Poems 1909 1962 includes his verse from Prufrock and Other Observations 1917 to Four Quartets 1943 , and includes such literary landmarks as The Waste Land and Old Possum s Book of Practical Cats.

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Collected Poems, 1909-1962

  1. Thomas Stearns Eliot was a poet, dramatist and literary critic He received the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1948 for his outstanding, pioneer contribution to present day poetry He wrote the poems The Love Song of J Alfred Prufrock, The Waste Land, The Hollow Men, Ash Wednesday, and Four Quartets the plays Murder in the Cathedral and The Cocktail Party and the essay Tradition and the Individual Talent Eliot was born an American, moved to the United Kingdom in 1914 at the age of 25 , and became a British subject in 1927 at the age of 39.See also enpedia wiki T.S._Eliot

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  1. That s all the facts, when you come to brass tacks Birth, and copulation, and death.I ve been born and once is enough.You don t remember, but I remember,Once is enough.Well here again that don t applyBut I ve gotta use words when I talk to youWhen you re alone like he was aloneYou re either or neitherI tell you again it don t applyDeath or life or life or deathDeath is life and life is deathI gotta use words when I talk to youBut if you understand or if you don tThat s nothing to me and nothing [...]

  2. It s weird I m pretty sure I dislike reading T.S Eliot s poetry I was trying to find some words to explain this, and here s what I came up with They remind me of the monuments in good old Washington DC The first time you see them, there they are, all towering stone and wrought figures, some very human, some quite abstract representational polygons, full of whatever amount of symbolic subtext Mighty Intimidating White Symmetrical Immovable Seemingly there from the outset of time, meaning all of t [...]

  3. Critics of Eliot damn his work for its difficulties and one cannot deny that its complicated diversions into technical and structural experimentation, mythical reference and multilingual commentary do initially intimidate The beauty of Eliot s poetry is that it grows with you Eliot doesn t always succeed, and many of his poems seem trite and pretentious, but when he succeeds he hits dead on with poetry perfect in form, balance, and sound There is the man here, the poet as reflected in his own wo [...]

  4. While I love some of the poems, others I didn t care for at all So it is hard to rate the book as a whole These poems were selected by Eliot himself just a few years before he died as the best of his work and it certainly contains all of his most famous work EXCEPT for the fact it doesn t even have one poem from Old Possum s Book of Practical Cats With that in mind, I cannot whole heartedly recommend it as a single sole volume of Eliot s poetry I am not much of a modernist, so it is perhaps not [...]

  5. This is the best poem collection I ve ever read After I was done reading it I was telling my mother, It kills me It kills me T.S Eliot paints a picture so vivid you can t help but see it, it forms on its own, it penetrates your soul, it speaks to your mind, it fills your eyes Eliot is what a poet ought to be, the complete embodiment He reaches deep into you and pulls on your heart strings He shows you what poetry can be, what it can do, how high it can reach.I just loved every, really every, bit [...]

  6. I appreciate T.S Eliot as a influential and significant writer of classic literature However, I find it difficult to understand the truest meaning of his words Truthfully that is a fault of mine, but poetry has never been something I am drawn to In saying that, I m willing to look deeper into his poetry to better understand it.

  7. A breathtakingly rich collection of classic poems, with masterpieces such as The Hollow Men and the classical Waste Land resounding triumphantly through the pages Eliot s fragmentary texts are beautiful lush in a brilliant, burning way, with lines such as Ash on an old man s sleeve Is all the ash the burnt roses leave proving his lyrical gift for making music with words It s as Eliot himself describes in part V of Little Gidding And every phrase And sentence that is right where every word is at [...]

  8. What the hell does this mean Anybody SWEENEY AMONG THE NIGHTINGALESApeneck Sweeney spreads his knees Letting his arms hang down to laugh, The zebra stripes along his jaw Swelling to maculate giraffe The circles of the stormy moon Slide westward toward the River Plate, Death and the Raven drift above And Sweeney guards the horn d gate Gloomy Orion and the Dog Are veiled and hushed the shrunken seas The person in the Spanish cape Tries to sit on Sweeney s knees Slips and pulls the table cloth Over [...]

  9. I ve spent my life reading Eliot When I was a high school junior I had a teacher who turned me on to poetry She showed me the truth in Sandburg, but I soon discovered Eliot on my own A story I still love to tell is how I spent the summer of my 17th year walking around with a library copy of Eliot s poems under my arm A cousin asked me, You re not reading that stuff, are you Well, I was and still am.My copy of Collected Poems was the second hardcover book I ever bought, after Sandburg s Collected [...]

  10. Way too much here for a real review, but I had to write something about the volume that s been my tattered, marked up, much loved companion for twelve years now I feel Eliot s ache for transcendence, his paralyzing frustration at the limitations of language to communicate the depths of our souls And yet he did it better than anyone ever has It s intellectual, yes, but it s from an intellectual perpetually pushing across into the visceral, never quite unifying it all fully, and knowing that the a [...]

  11. Eliot was the first poet that I was drawn to as I began my intellectual and artistic maturation My high school English teacher showed us The Hollow Men , and Preludes I fell in love with them on first reading, and there is something about Eliot s style that is so affecting he places words in an order that, from a objective point of view is quite odd, but create such a vivid mood or atmosphere that you can t help but be moved This is especially true of his later work, like the infamous The Waste [...]

  12. Don t really know I have a mixed feeling about Eliot s poems I found his Prufrock impenetrable, The Wasteland annoying, frustrating, and mostly incomprehensible, Ash Wednesday somewhat interesting in parts but too heavily religious His The Hollow Men, however, resonated with me in all its haunting and chilling overtones Ariel Poems, Minor Poems, Unfinished Poems were all meh and can anyone explain to me what the hell s going on in his eerily Beckett esque Sweeney s Agonistes Four Quartets was qu [...]

  13. Good theology can be iconic And being iconic it is poetic It is an icon put in words It is like faithful hermeneutics The Patristics were accused of Platonizing and allegorizing Not so Despite all their excesses, they saw better than the academic professor today that the Bible yearns to break through with new meaning and simple, surface level interpretations are not enough Not to diminish literal interpretation, but not to exalt it either T.S Eliot is probably the supreme example of a theo poet [...]

  14. leiturasdelaura.bMais um livro de poesia da leva que terminei no in cio de outubro O h bito de ler poesia todos os dias de manh tem esses efeitos al m de outros muito agrad veis, como come ar o dia bem.T.S.Eliot um autor americano que morou boa parte de sua vida fora dos Estados Unidos, e que ganhou o pr mio Nobel de literatura em 1948 Infelizmente essa colet nea n o possui toda a sua obra, e eu fiquei babando por causa disso mas ao mesmo tempo ela mostra o crescimento do autor, o que muito lega [...]

  15. edited 02 02 14In general, if there s some sort of sliding scale of poetic appreciation, I m somewhere near The first forewarning of a couplet makes me cringe, and other than the subject matter, I can t really distinguish Longfellow from a limerick One of my few very few exceptions is T.S Eliot He embeds incredibly evocative phrases within a bewildering twisting medley of free verse His poems use assonance and alliteration to twine disparate commonplaces with sudden poignant truths so that the [...]

  16. I rather enjoyed everything from Eliot s conversion to Anglicanism onwards Choruses from the Rock and Four Quartets in particular.But I found Prufrock and the Wasteland frustrating and needlessly esoteric Perhaps I was getting used to Eliot s style as I was reading his poems chronologically or perhaps I just didn t use enough effort but it felt like James Joyce at his most pretentious deliberately obscuring rather than revealing Mr Apollinax was utter crap.I may not agree with Christianity, but [...]

  17. Since these poems were written over the course of half a century, one rating cannot apply to the whole collection Some of it was fully deserving of five stars, and some of it barely deserving of one I ve knocked of a couple of stars because his religious poems were pious nonsense of very little, if any, value, painful and tedious to read But on the whole, the collection is fantastic Sadly, I can only speak and read English, so some portions of the book were unintelligible to me Like Huxley, Elio [...]

  18. I found this to be okay I know, it s a classic, but one that left me sometimes wondering what the hell I just read At other times, I found the poetry peaceful and satisfying and well worth reading Some of the references went right over my head, which may have diminished my enjoyment of the book I think this would be the perfect poetry collection for studying and I ll probably approach it again that way one day when I reread it.

  19. Since studying this collection in my Year 12 literature class, Eliot has become one of my favourite poets This collection takes the reader on a journey through time, change, growth, love, human interaction, hatred, religion, war and much My favourite is Burnt Norton I can t properly explain just how much Eliot s prose can effect you His poems are intellectual, complex and emotional.

  20. The Love Song of J Alfred Prufrock is one of my all time favorite poems and of course The Waste Land, the poem that changed the history of poetry in the 20th century The only poems I wasnt familiar with in the collection was the Choruses from The Rock It was really interestign to witness the mature Eliot and his religious preoccupation later on in his life.

  21. I love Eliot, and always seem to forget just how modern and even contemporary he still is How fresh he still is This is poetry of the highest order.

  22. Collected poems 1909 1962, T.S Eliot, New York Harcourt Brace and Company , 1991, 221 Pages, Isbn 0151189781

  23. During the 20th century there was a very important man named T S Thomas Sterns Eliot He wrote poetry after a fashion , though he mostly worked as a banker Today, for a variety of reasons, his verse carries little weight He seems to the 20th century as Longfellow was to the 19th century, someone apparently suited to his own time, but destined to serve for future generations as a record of the limitations of a given era In his spare time from the bank Eliot also wrote a great many essays in an app [...]

  24. TS ELIOT AND WALLACE STEVENS A CONTRAST BETWEEN TWO OBLIVIOUS POETS There are basically two kinds of poets, those who want you to understand and those who don t care The difference between the poetry they make is simple The accessible poet writes foremost to communicate, to put himself out there for you the reader to learn from, to like or to dislike He has a story to tell and uses verse to tell it Even when he employs obscure terms, they are like rare ornaments or odd accessories to a central c [...]

  25. T S Eliot, my brother and I agreed yesterday, is the greatest poet in English of the 20th century, greater even than Yeats He has at times the lyrical romance of Yeats, but he has and not the least of his gifts is to be funny How many other great poets have been funny Shakespeare, of course, but not many others.Eliot s poems have been part of my life since I was a teenager, and I have read the Wasteland perhaps 10 times I ve had this book for years and often read from it, but I ve enjoyed hugel [...]

  26. A required collection for modernist study, Eliot s poetry serves as a gateway to other writers and movements imagism, British revival, and metaphysical poetry to name a few Not to say Eliot can t stand on his own literati regularly celebrate The Love Song of J Alfred Prufrock and The Waste Land to be some of the greatest writing produced in the twentieth century, tackling basic topics like loneliness, anxiety, and social pressure as well as the philosophical collapse of western culture, the inev [...]

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