Crusader From epic fantasy author Sara Douglass comes Crusader The sixth book in The Wayfarer Redemption seriesFor countless millennia the Star Dance and the TimeKeeper Demons have battled their way across th

From epic fantasy author Sara Douglass comes Crusader, The sixth book in The Wayfarer Redemption seriesFor countless millennia the Star Dance and the TimeKeeper Demons have battled their way across the universe, destroying innumerable planets, laying waste to civilizations across the cosmos.Choosing the land of Tencendor as their last battleground, the demons break throughFrom epic fantasy author Sara Douglass comes Crusader, The sixth book in The Wayfarer Redemption seriesFor countless millennia the Star Dance and the TimeKeeper Demons have battled their way across the universe, destroying innumerable planets, laying waste to civilizations across the cosmos.Choosing the land of Tencendor as their last battleground, the demons break through the Star Gate The Gate destroyed, all magic in the world is gone and the three races of Tencendor are plunged into a vortex of chaos, madness, and death.Caelum SunSoar, son of the near immortal Starman Axis and beloved ruler of all the land s peoples, is dead Leaderless, those not killed outright or driven mad flee to the one place left to them, Sanctuary, a magical place created ages past to shield all who are good from the wrath of the demons.There is for some one hope left DragonStar, Axis s other son Many believe he is the true StarSon, the only being that can save their world Others are just as convinced that he is in league with the demons and will be their doom Only DragonStar knows the truth and as he and his companions go forth to do battle he prays that he may convince all that his motives are pure.What he does not know is that there is a traitor who plans to hand Sanctuary over to the Demons A betrayer whose actions could force DragonStar to make a sacrifice so bloody and horrific that it could mean the destruction of ever

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  1. Douglass was born in Penola, South Australia She attended Annesley College, in Wayville, a suburb of Adelaide She studied for her BA while working as a Registered Nurse, and later completed her PhD in early modern English History She became a lecturer in medieval history at La Trobe University, Bendigo While there she completed her first novel, BattleAxe, which launched her as a popular fantasy author in Australia, and later as an international success.Until the mid 2000s, Douglass hosted a bulletin board on her website, with the aim of encouraging creative thinking and constructive criticism of others work She maintained an online blog about the restoration project of her house and garden entitled Notes from Nonsuch in Tasmania.In 2008, Douglass was diagnosed with ovarian cancer She underwent treatment, but in late 2010 the cancer returned She died on 27 September 2011, aged 54.She also wrote under her real name Sara Warneke.

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  1. This last installment in the Wayfarer s Redemption series was very weak The character seemed to be poorly written in comparison to past books To me, they lost their dynamic natures and became two dimensional characters that you would expect out of the villains or side characters, not the main protagonists For example, Dragonstar comes back to Sanctuary and in the course of a single chapter he, Azure, and Axis are all friends on good terms, despite 40 years of brewing hatred between them It was [...]

  2. Meh.I started reading this series several years ago because my then fiancee adored the original trilogy I wished I had read all of the books before marrying her, I would have known earlier to run away.This is a series about incest, rape, and people with a martyr complex The underlying theme is that people can spontaneously change personality at different points in a story for the sake of the plot, and as a reader you re not supposed to question the changes I m just glad that I never personally s [...]

  3. Blech I read it so I d know what happened, but it was hardly worth it Over and over I felt like the author created magic that could just happen to do whatever the plot needed I d give some examples, but she usually pulled these devices out to resolve some big crisis and to tell you would mean a whole review of spoilers.It just didn t work for me.

  4. A frustrating way to end an excellent series The paperback version was thrown from one end of the room to the other in disgust.

  5. I was a tad irritated that I had to rush to finish this book in one day since it s due back at the library tomorrow overall great book I have loved this series and loved watching the characters develop I have to say that the original characters though have gotten quite annoying in these latter books The one character who got on my last nerve is Faraday She always seems to be whining and so indecisive In a way can t blame her considering her past It was nice to see Dragonstar drago finally become [...]

  6. The book gets high marks for finishing the 6 book saga It started so strong and then fizzled in the end Books 4 and 5 took me forever to read almost swearing me off of reading all together, and finally this book ended it I won t let that happen again, no long boring fantasy trash Sorry to the fans, this was just way to over the top.

  7. I liked these, but not a lot The ending of the series was just meh and I could do without trying to tie in real world Christianity stuff Definitely a cool universe with some interesting characters But that said, I would probably never re read these.

  8. Reading this book, somehow my mood worsened by each chapter I ve read Then the unecessary, super silly Roxiah thing really killed my patience for good For some times I felt like Douglass didn t really know where to bring around so many characters with their own tangled fate Their character just become and undecided, instead of stronger True, the ending was meant to be grand, but instead felt like petty and weak The last fate of the demons, for example.Will stop reading this author for a while [...]

  9. After originally starting this series Battle Axe back in high school than 10 years ago , I can say I was extremely caught off guard with the progression of the second trilogy, especially with the ending of this book Almost has a Lost esque type ending I m curious if the ending will be explained in the stand alone novels and third trilogy Just have to wait and see Still love this series, my fave fantasy series of all time.

  10. I don t like how the author ended her series You can feel that the author just doesn t care about half of the characters any I want to think that it was me losing touch with the fantasy but no The characters are just thrown here and there and the illusion of our greatest hero was thrown in the mud and we were faced with poor choices and a greed that didn t make sense It also ended with a hint at story to be told.

  11. What a pile of crap.Ridiculous, unbearable and utterly boring The only reason I didn t throw it in the trash halfway through was my hope that it would redeem itself by getting better towards the end It didn t.

  12. I enjoyed re reading this series so, SO much, and I m sad that it has to come to an end I d forgotten how easy it was to be consumed by this world It s so unique and complex Sara Douglass has truly created a world like no other, and perhaps that s why this series stuck with me after 10 long years I know it will stick with me for years to come, as well Holy crap, there s so much death in this book I know it leads to rebirthbut STILL It was really hard to watch all of the characters I love suffer [...]

  13. And so closes the story of Tencendor, begun in BattleAxe Trilogy and continuing into the Wayfarer Redemption, Sara Douglass managed to fill six books with an epic, twisting tale that introduced and made me care about many different characters and their intertwining lives, all pummeling toward an inevitable show down and an even inevitable conclusion I always knew how this story would end I had the unfortunate privilage of having read the Darkglass Mountain books before these , but I still enjoy [...]

  14. This series was long and at times extremely painful Many of the characters are completely unlikable, the magic inconsistently powerful and at times just downright silly nonsensical On the whole though, some parts of the series were really good and it all ties together mostly at the end The ending is weird It s not the happy ending you expect, but it is a happy ending.I don t think I d recommend this series to anyone It s just long and frustrating and when you get to the end it kind of redeems it [...]

  15. All the loose ends were tied up, but I felt that this series had a lot potential in the first three books than the last three, especially this one There were way too many powers at work in this book to my liking Then, there was the inclusion of an over power in Tencendor and not on the other continent of that planet that left me wondering if there is a whole different spread of higher powers over there This was just so strange to me There also was a lot of throwing in of strange magics in this [...]

  16. While I will continue to recommend the first trilogy, in good faith to the buyer I will not be able to do this for the second What starts as a well grounded fantasy that has unique points to offer itself to the reader in the first three books decays into a mixture of SF F elements that goes beyond reasonably challenging the reader s ability to suspend disbelief The SF elements never truly feel justified in their inclusion, the use of Earth was never really necessary, and the idea that you can ta [...]

  17. Like so many other people, I feel like this was a weak ending It was pretty strange, it felt unfinished, and some things didn t even make sense I will say it kept me on the edge of my seat, and I flew threw it, but now that it s over I m not sure what to think On the whole I enjoyed this series, but there were some pretty major flaws as well throughout The characters bothered me in all of the books a lot of the time they seemed really static, and with a f ed up sense of morality and ethics Also, [...]

  18. The final battle between Qeteb and DragonStar is approaching but first several tasks remain StarLaughter dreams of being reunited with WolfStar in love and marriage despite her previous thoughts of revenge with the Hawkchildren She has a plan to make WolfStar love her again WolfStar seeks to use Zenith against DragonStar StarDrifter only wants to love Zenith but she cannot move past StarDrifter being her grandfather inspite of loving him so Axis feels useless in a world bereft of the StarDance F [...]

  19. Ok, I m not really sure what to make of this one Douglass series has certainly been interesting, but the ending is just plain BIZARRE The revelation that the Demons formerly destroyed our earth complete with a prologue set in New York City is a bit out of left field, too There s also a lot of disappointing character arcs, such as what ends up happening to Zenith After a lot of set up, she just sort ofdies In an unfairly gruesome way WolfStar was also badly wasted, going from that sort of death c [...]

  20. So what do I do what do I do here Umm I prefered the first set of three with this series I was a bit disappointed with these last three, so should I drop the first three to 4 stars and then drop these to 3 stars When I began with Wayfarer Redemption, I fell in love with this author and couldn t wait to read all of her books After the final 3 books with this series, I just don t know what went wrong I don t know if the characters were too inconsistent for me or what, but I am not as eager to read [...]

  21. Ein Feuerwerk phantastischer Einf lle und dramatischer F gungen erwartet die Leser in der Saga von Faraday, Aschure und Axis T dliche Gefahr droht ihnen durch Gorgrael und seine Henkersknechte Faraday gar wird entf hrt und grausam mi handelt Rettung kann nur das Regenbogenzepter bringen Doch wann erscheint es, um den Zerst rer zu stellen und in seinem Eispalast zu zermalmen Wann erl sen die alten G tter die drei Auserw hlten und f hren wieder wie einst ein weises Regiment Mit dem dramatischen Ab [...]

  22. What the duece happened to Sara Douglass when she was writing this book Compared to the previous 2 books and the Axis trilogy this was weak It seems as though Douglass had no idea how to get out of the complicated plot that she had created and so she decided to put an end to everything using the power of love So very dissapointing Also not beleivable were the numerous grudges set aside by the characters and the rampant stupidity displayed by some Not worth reading and very very dissapointing.

  23. Not a great finale While the previous two books were almost good, this didn t even live up to that weak standard.Everything was so obviously done there wasn t one genuine surprise or twist in the plot Not only that, but the characters are still wholly unlikable and flat In fact, Faraday went from being one of my favorites in book 1 to being one of my least favorites Suck it up, girl Also, does anyone else find the romance pairings in this series to be slightly creepy

  24. This series is very good, but intense and dark If you start it be ready to read a lot of material that can become very depressing But, the writing is so good the reader falls in love with this alternate world with is different races, religions, and magics I loved it, but I had to space out reading each book so I did go into a bad place in my head due to the graphic violence to women sorry for the spoiler.

  25. I can no say I have finally finished the second trilogy of the Wayfarer Redemption By now those of you reading this have already entered the trap that is the second trilogy Nothing like the first, it takes you one step beyond I should have stopped at book 3, happy endings, a good round story, etc Chris

  26. The last book was awful, I knew from the beginning that these books might be a bad idea due to the horribly written prophecy on the first page of the first book, but I kept reading, and I got curious It was sort of like a train wreck really Don t bother You ll only be frustrated in the end.

  27. She wrapped the story up nicely, but I feel like her resolution was something of a cop out and at least one of the things that happens at the end makes no sense at all It s like a very concrete story suddenly enters a mythological symbolic space that is disorienting and slightly unsatisfying I wouldn t have ended it that way.

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