Riding Lessons

Riding Lessons As a world class equestrian and Olympic contender Annemarie Zimmer lived for the thrill of flight atop a strong graceful animal Then at eighteen a tragic accident destroyed her riding career and H

As a world class equestrian and Olympic contender, Annemarie Zimmer lived for the thrill of flight atop a strong, graceful animal Then, at eighteen, a tragic accident destroyed her riding career and Harry, the beautiful horse she cherished Now, twenty years later, Annemarie is coming home to her dying father s New Hampshire horse farm Jobless and abandoned, she is bringAs a world class equestrian and Olympic contender, Annemarie Zimmer lived for the thrill of flight atop a strong, graceful animal Then, at eighteen, a tragic accident destroyed her riding career and Harry, the beautiful horse she cherished Now, twenty years later, Annemarie is coming home to her dying father s New Hampshire horse farm Jobless and abandoned, she is bringing her troubled teenage daughter to this place of pain and memory, where ghosts of an unresolved youth still haunt the fields and stables and where hope lives in the eyes of the handsome, gentle veterinarian Annemarie loved as a girl and in the seductive allure of a trainer with a magic touch But everything will change yet again with one glimpse of a white striped gelding startlingly similar to the one Annemarie lost in another lifetime And an obsession is born that could shatter her fragile world.

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Riding Lessons

  1. Sara Gruen is the 1 New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of five novels AT THE WATER S EDGE, APE HOUSE, WATER FOR ELEPHANTS, RIDING LESSONS, and FLYING CHANGES Her works have been translated into forty three languages, and have sold than ten million copies worldwide WATER FOR ELEPHANTS was adapted into a major motion picture starring Reese Witherspoon, Rob Pattinson, and Christoph Waltz in 2011 She lives in Western North Carolina with her husband and three sons, along with their dogs, cats, horses, birds, and the world s fussiest goat.

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  1. After I loved Water for Elephants I really thought this would be another great book But, the main character was SO annoying No one person could possibly be that incompetent in every area of their lives marriage, parenting, relationship with her own parents, business, romance She was a failure at everything and she never seemed to learn from her mistakes Read Water for Elephants instead

  2. I once had a gentleman friend extremely fond of the phrase, Over the top, although he pronounced it, Overrrr de TOPP, for reasons I won t go into.In any case, that phrase recurred in my brain as I read this book Gruen is a good writer, but an editor really needed to slap her hand away from the crisis button during the review of this book I mean, the main character is getting divorced, barely on speaking terms with her parents, oh wait, her father is dying so that helps things in that scenario, s [...]

  3. So it was hard for me to like the main character, Annemarie Zimmer Even a little bit She s self centered, socially inept, and she flies off the handle at the slightest provocation She s a walking nightmare, and yet she s not a complete lost cause She does try, however miserably, and she always ends up failing, but there s something to be said for effort, right There is something to be said for the tragic character, and in many respects that s exactly what Annemarie is And if it hadn t been for S [...]

  4. Life is really too short to read books this damn dumb When I pulled this book from my shelf and read the back cover I couldn t remember why the hell I d bought this book back in 2009 I m guessing I d just finished the author s Water for Elephants and liked it enough to give another of her books a shot Also, horses are involved and I m a sucker for anything horse related Well, the horsey descriptions cannot make up for awkward writing, a moronic and odious heroine, and clunky romantic elements Sa [...]

  5. I DEVOURED this book from start to finish it took me about 3 days, and I m almost through with its sequel It s a new take on an old theme horses, illegal activities, danger, mystery, romance, and riding, riding, riding I couldn t tear my eyes away from the descriptions of the horses and the tack and the general horsey life I left behind so many years before And I have to admit, as I read Flying Changes , the sequel, I continue to have pangs of jealousy and regret at not reaching the levels of co [...]

  6. I really tried to muddle through this one but had to give up about 1 3 of the way through I ve had another Sara Gruen novel, Water for Elephants, highly recommended to me, but it ll take a lot of convincing to get me to read it after this one Not that anyone cares enough about this to try to convince me To me, it read like one big cliche Woman has horrible riding accident and loses beloved horse which has an unusual white brindle pattern that was described as striped often enough to make me pict [...]

  7. I could not stand Annemarie She was snobby, selfish, unsympathetic, narcissistic and completely useless Everything she said or did pissed me off I have no idea whatsoever what Dan saw in her On the plus side, the narrator of the audiobook did a fantastic job.

  8. I was intrigued by this book, because I ve heard such great things about the author this is the lady who wrote Water for Elephants and was curious as to her writing style I ended up finding it a bit jarring, but perhaps I m not used to the first person account though I ve never had this much of a problem with it before The story itself was interesting, though some parts seemed a bit too easily fixed What I mean by that is that the main character gets herself into soooooo much trouble and then th [...]

  9. I loved Water for Elephants, and so decided to read another book by Sara Gruen I m certainly not giving up on her, but this book was nowhere near the quality A lot of it I ended up just skimming because it was just so obvious and contrived For example, the scene where the main character decides to make dinner for the new man in her life of course, she can t cook but decides to make something incredibly complicated and gee, what a surprise, she fails miserably, but she and her man end up having a [...]

  10. Pretty close to making this a DNF.I picked it up because I loved the author s book Like Water For Elephants but this book is not bringing me that same level of enjoyment I am not certain if it is the book or the person reading it, but I dislike both the main character Annemarie and her Daughter, Eva Both seem to be in perpetual states of anger shrieky anger Some of that may be the person reading who, the actress is just driving me up a wall Everything is overdramatic.Annemarie and her daughter s [...]

  11. I was torn while reading this book because I found the main character thoroughly unlikeable Every action she took was so obviously a plot device I could see the consequences of her bad judgment coming a mile away and thought it was unbelievable and insulting to the reader that a character would act in such an obviously illogical manner That said and main character aside, the writing itself was phenomenal I sat up until 1am this morning finishing the book because I just didn t want to put it down [...]

  12. While it is obvious that Ms Gruen has done some research on horses and equestrian activities, unfortunately the book reads somewhat like a checklist of her research findings Because of this, I probably would have enjoyed the book much if I were not an equestrian myself, since for me, the holes in the equine aspects of the story made the book as a whole less enjoyable.The book opens with the terrible jumping accident that killed her beloved horse and nearly left her paralyzed, and the accident w [...]

  13. This is a book you ll either love or hate I haven t seen a reader review that was lukewarmeither the book was highly praised or villified.I really liked it I thought Annemarie Zimmer was a wonderful character She is so completely self absorbed and in dire need of a good therapist I found her absolute inability to cope with life hysterical and her inner self talk is downright funny.cially her first cooking for the new boyfriend date with Dan On the serious side, Annemarie has serious parental is [...]

  14. I read this because I d loved Water for Elephants SO MUCH that I felt an overwhelming need to read other things written by the author On the plus side, I can say that it s obvious that Gruen has grown tremendously as a writer, because Elephants

  15. re reading 10 12 oh, horses i do love them the writing stood up, which was nice to see i love the idea of harry, of eve and flicka mutti and i wish there was resolution with regards to annemarie and pappa i still didn t like how that ended i don t feel like there was peace i wanted her to bring him to the stall with his carrots i liked jean phillipe better of course, i went out and rode my horse after finishing this someday he might be balanced enough to complete even a training level dressage [...]

  16. I bought this book because I loved Water for Elephants, but I think my expectations were too high return return I was horse obsessed as a kid This is a book about a woman who loves horses, and who lost her beloved horse in a tragic accident 20 years before and is still living with the consequences It sounds like a good match However, the heroine, Annemarie, is completely unlikeable She s mean, petty and selfish, and drags everyone down with her Her husband leaves her for another woman, she is fi [...]

  17. Book 21 o 2009What can I say I was reading the book and enjoying it and then I just had to go on to see what the other reviews said and once I read those, that s all I could think about when I went back to reading it But what I did like the imagery Chapter after chapter I could picture the horses, the barns, the riding lessons, the tack room, the stalls I even imagined the trainer to look like the one I had in High School In one of the chapters, describing a riding lesson, I could totally see my [...]

  18. When I saw that Sara Gruen, author of Water for Elephants, had other works, I was excited I really enjoyed Water, and had high hopes for this book, the first of a two part series Uggh, what a disappointment .In Riding Lessons, we meet Annemarie Zimmer, a former Olympic class equestrian competitor whose tragic accident twenty years prior ruined her career She is now 38 and her life is falling apart At first you may feel pity for her as she loses her job, her teenage daughter gets expelled from sc [...]

  19. probably would ve rated less if i wasn t such a sucker for all the horse prose of which there wasn t even ask that much Annemarie s constant overwroughtness makes her a less than ideal narrator and makes it difficult for a reader to really absorb process each of the problems she s got going on kid, horse, divorce, new relationship, dying parent, failing family business, identity crisis, the whole book with the exception of her scenes with her mother feels like someone running around with their h [...]

  20. Honestly, I thought that this book was terrible I sincerely hope that Water for Elephants is nothing like this, because if it is, I have no clue how it became a bestseller The main character is what did it for me I was expecting to read about a mom who, yes, was going through difficulties with her family, daughter, etc, but who still had some backbone at least Annemarie definitely did not display anything like that, throughout the whole novel She was no better than a teenager, and honestly, I th [...]

  21. For me, the redeeming quality of this book was found in the horses Gruen s portrayal of equine characters through the eyes of the human MC was authentic and spot on.If nothing else, she did butt loads of research but I d like to step out on a limb without knowing anything about the author and venture a guess that she has at some point spent a less than healthy amount of time around the animals in the opinion of a sane individual, which I am not Having done so myself, the quality of the descripti [...]

  22. Oye I loved Water for Elephants, so thought picking up another book by Sara Gruen would be a safe bet What a disappointment The story was totally implausible, the main character was extremely and unbearably annoying, and despite the mess that the main character made of everything, POOF It was all fixed by the end of the book The main character annoyed me so much that I didn t want her problems to be fixed I had an uncomfortable feeling of almost wanting her to fail which is very unlike me as she [...]

  23. I recently lost two afternoons of potential farm work due to a fabulous gut wrencher of a horsey novel Riding Lessons, by Sara Gruen.Sara is much famous for Water for Elephants, her New York Times bestseller I never got around to reading it and all six of the local copies were checked out, so I suppose it s still quite popular.But this book oh, it is unapologetic in its horsiness She could have dumbed it down and made it a bestseller, perhaps, and I love her so much for keeping it technical You [...]

  24. I was drawn to this book because of two topics horses and romance The fact that the main character was close to my age was a bonus, and I was delighted that the author seemed to have an extensive knowledge of competitive riding due to such detailed descriptions involving the care and riding of horses For about 70% of the book, I was drawn into Annemarie s life and its many complications Yes, it seemed at times that things were unraveling, but just as she stated, sometimes life is like watching d [...]

  25. At the risk of bringing a hellstorm of fire and feminism down upon my head, Sara Gruen demonstrates a tremendous grasp of the best and worst aspects of the male and female genders I did not like Annemarie Zimmer, the main character She is not a bad person But she possesses the same personality flaws that many of the past women in my life have possessed to varying degrees She s manipulative, excessively emotional and thus illogical , vindictive, and impossibly stressful to interact with on a dail [...]

  26. Couldn t relate to most of the characters because they were such miserable peopley got halfway through before stopping.

  27. Okay, overall I really enjoyed this book I thought the plot was interesting, and the pacing was good I was constantly itching to read just one chapter However, there was something that annoyed the living the hell out of me, and it needs to be brought up The MC, Annemarie, drives me up the wall She is so selfish and foolish and immature and clueless and I just cannot, y all Absolutely cannot It s to a point where it s just unbelievable view spoiler How do you eff up the entire operations of a st [...]

  28. Goddamn, my flaky connection just ate my entire review So, to sum up Flawless, flawless writing Flawless characterizations But the main characterjust as patently unlikable and abrasive on the last page as she was in the beginning There was character development, but she s just, so unlikable The ending was really too good for what she had earned She had earned a bittersweet ending, but wound up getting everything handed to her on a platter Not satisfying at all.I would love to move on to the seco [...]

  29. Some books just bring it all back, don t they That pre pubescent horse mad phase that so many girls go through I certainly did, as did my older cousin, who actually went on to be an owner and eventer I made do with being a happy accomplice, especially after I displayed no natural aptitude for staying on a horse or pony Sara Gruen s novel Riding Lessons took me back to those years of pre teen longing for an equine companion Annemarie Zimmer was a champion eventer as a teenager she and her beloved [...]

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