Gone to Texas

Gone to Texas Josey Wales is out for blood The Union Army slaughtered his family and lured his friends into a death trap under the guise of a white flag The war may be over but he refuses to surrender No matter ho

Josey Wales is out for blood The Union Army slaughtered his family and lured his friends into a death trap under the guise of a white flag The war may be over, but he refuses to surrender No matter how far he has to ride, no matter how high the price on his head, no matter how much he hurts or hungers he will get his vengeance.

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Gone to Texas

  1. Bedford Forrest Carter Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Gone to Texas book, this is one of the most wanted Bedford Forrest Carter author readers around the world.

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  1. I ve been meaning to get back to some sort of review on this one, especially since it seems the same titled Eastwood movie is now showing all the time on various cable channels I think it s now considered a classic Western It s a pretty good movie, and I seem to like it better now than when it first came out The book, The Outlaw Josey Wales is not a movie tie in novel The original effort was actually titled The Rebel Outlaw Josey Wales, and Gone to Texas which I think also contains the one seque [...]

  2. A very good read I would have given it 4 stars except there was a little too much pistol fanning, tied down holsters other such Hollywood ideas It was somewhat different than the movie, but both were a lot of fun Eastwood did a great job both directing starring in the movie version.The book does contain a lot of good accurate historical information It really gives a good perspective of what things were like for those who lost or were just collateral damage in the Civil War Very gritty realistic [...]

  3. I hardly ever read western novels, which is really strange because I love western movies, particularly those of Clint Eastwood I could talk about the Dollars trilogy all day and have done so, much to the chagrin of those around me But Eastwood s range extends far beyond his early spaghetti westerns, and I believe The Outlaw Josey Wales to be one of his better films To paraphrase Orson Welles oft quoted opinion of Josey Wales, that if it had been directed by anyone else but Clint Eastwood, it wou [...]

  4. This isn t the edition of the book I found, but since I can t find the ISBN or any detailsI ve left the picture there It s the same book.Most western fans have probably seen the movie, The Outlaw Josey Wales, and it s a good movie This is one of those cases and they are few where while there are significant differences in the book and the movie, they are both good and worth the reading and viewing.Unfortunately this book has had some trouble living down it s author who was apparently a racist an [...]

  5. A powerful,exciting story with good,real characters I enjoyed how gritty but also down to earth Josey Wales himself was written.

  6. Normally I like books better than movies, but not in this case This is the book that The Outlaw Josey Wales was based on, starring Clint Eastwood The movie is infinitely better than the book Forrest Carter has a real irritating writing style that never let me really get into the book.I read the book first under the title, Gone To Texas, which it was also published as The cover of my version is not like this one.Apparently, the book was first self published under the title The Rebel Outlaw Josey [...]

  7. Saw this in a used bookshop Needed something easy to read to wind down at the end of some long days Had seen the movie years ago and enjoyed it The book was okay Pretty simple Typical western Enjoyed it but it s not something you need to seek out or remember.

  8. Great story that takes place after the civil war Josey Wales is cast as an outlaw, but there is to meet the eye as readers follow this adventure that shows the effects of war and how people try to cope when they no longer have an enemy to fightor maybe they still do.

  9. Watched the movie based on this book probably a year or two ago I have it on DVD, but I ve only watched it the once But I liked it I really got a thing for Eastwood s Westerns, to me he is that archetype of the tough, stoic, gunslinger man, good at fightin , good at surviving, good at taking care of people they feel need to be taken care of I knew I was going to like this book a whole lot And I did, from the first chapter I was there with Josey through it all The writing was that sparse style th [...]

  10. It s funny how you can read a book and see it as one thing, but then find out something about the author that competently changes the message of something they wrote I certainly have that trouble with both of Carter s Josey Wales books, Gone to Texas and The Vengeance Trail of Josey Wales.See when I first read these books in the late 1970 s I had no idea that Forest Carter was actually Asa Carter, former Ku Klux Klan leader, committed segregationist and one time speech writer for Alabama governo [...]

  11. I loved this the film is one of my favourite Westerns of all time so I was a bit unsure going into this about how much I would enjoy it but it s pretty much spot on The writing style is fluid and easy, if a little pulpy at times, with an ocassional hard boiled edge that sits perfectly with the narrative The Josey Wales is very different in some ways to the character I know so well from the film but they both work well for the medium they are written for There is one major deviation from the film [...]

  12. The book that became the film The Outlaw Josey Wales Josey Wales, aka the Baddest Man Alive, refuses to make peace with the north in the aftermath of the Civil War, resulting in him becoming a fugitive About 60 70 percent of the movie is taken from the book However, the movie is a revisionist western the book is what I like to call western classic I m not a big fan of western classic but this is western classic done very well.Almost all the elements of western classic are here Men were men and t [...]

  13. I went looking for this book after seeing the Clint Eastwood movie version named The Outlaw Josey Wales Josey Wales is an ex Confederate guerilla turned fugitive He joined the Confederacy after his family were murdered in cold blood by Union troops When the war ended Josey refused to surrender and goes on the run in an attempt to escape to Texas, a haven for outlaws A trail of carnage follows in his wake as desperate men confront him to gain reward money.The book doesn t seek to challenge stereo [...]

  14. Originally called GONE TO TEXAS, the name changed when Clint Eastwood turned it into a movie A veteran of the Kansas and Missouri border wars that predated the Civil War, confederate Josey Wales has no where to go when the war is finished He refuses the amnesty offered by the side that killed his wife and son and chooses a life of crime in the mold of Jesse James As the heat becomes too much he flees the law for Texas via Indian country with the law on his trail In most ways the film mirrors the [...]

  15. The Civil War had just ended and along the border states of Kansas and Missouri the federal troops searched for the Confederate guerillas that had caused so much turmoil In comes Josey Wales a fictitious farmer turned pistoleer dragged into a life of a outlaw by the ferocious border wars Fighting with the Missouri guerillas Josey is hardened by the vengeance of his loss and brutality of the enemy After the wars ends his torment cannot be snuffed out so easy Riding with a price on his head Josey [...]

  16. The movie The Outlaw Josey Wales is probably my favorite Western film, and one of my favorite all around movies I ve been watching it for years and years without reading the source material, so I was a little nervous about taking on the novel that inspired the film.No need, though.The novel was every bit as exciting as the film and is one of the better fast Western novels I ve ever read fast opposed to the sprawling epics like Lonesome Dove The film is pretty faithful to the book, though the mov [...]

  17. Gone to Texas by Bedford Forrest Carter Delacorte Press 1973 Fiction Western Originally published under the name The Rebel Outlaw Josey Wales , this was the original Josey Wales story It s a good cowboy tale which can be summed up as Josie takes vengeance Here s an interesting note about the author Bedford Forrest Carter later became famous as the author of the memoir of a Cherokee orphan entitled The Education of Little Tree BF Carter was actually Asa Earl Carter, former Klansman Klan organizer [...]

  18. One of the better examples of the revenge leading someone down the wrong path, only for them to find redemption through the intervention of a member of the opposite sex genres.Historically accurate, as far as I can see, although Wales wartime gurrella leader, Anderson, did not earn the sobriquet Bloody Bill for his knitting prowess It doesn t actually appear in the book, but the film coined one of the best quotes I ve come across JAMIE Ain t we gonna bury those pilgrims, Josey JOSEY Spits tobacc [...]

  19. Yeah, didn t much care for this, and will have to disagree with Mr Eastwood that these are real characters who come right off the page I m probably a little prejudiced after recently reading Blood Meridian again, along with True Grit, which I thought were infinitely superior Also, Forrest Carter was evidently not a Native American, but instead former KKK sympathiser Asa Carter, who when confronted denied they were the same person and embarrassed Oprah for her selection of his pseudo biography no [...]

  20. GENRE ALERT I am going to warn you this book is a western BUT it is a fast paced book and short which is nice GONE TO TEXAS is the name You may have seen the movie called THE OUTLAW JOSEY WALES starring Clint Eastwood Both are classics It is a great action tale and the reason the movie also shines is it follows the book almost exactly except for the dumbing down of Eastwood s sidekick If you read the book you can see what I mean.I think if you give it two chapters of your time you will enjoy a g [...]

  21. Well written and grittier than the standard western paperback Asa Forrest Carter is the most intriguing literary hoaxer of the 20th Century A former Klansman and author of George Wallace s most racist speeches who pretended to be an Indian rancher in Texas when he turned to writing westerns He fooled the media long enough to also be praised for The Education of Little Tree Carter s abhorrent beliefs are not evident in the novel, but the Clint Eastwood movie improves on the concept quite a bit St [...]

  22. Read this knowing the author was a white supremacist, segregationist, and former Wallace speech writer His hero , Josey Wales yes, of movie fame starring Clint Eastwood goes on a vengeance ride against the entire Union army that he holds responsible for the deaths of his family Racist overtones aside, his writing style doesn t suck you in A pretty poor effort that was made into a pretty good movie, and I don t usually like the movie better than the source material.

  23. I didn t realize this was a novel before it was a film and was even surprised to find out it came out only three years before the movie Really enjoyed it, in terms of the story and the characters It didn t change the way I feel about the movie, it was just a great Western that was much than the usual stereotypical good guys versus bad guys story or the romantic view of the old West Well recommended for lovers of Westerns as well as fans of the film.

  24. I thoroughly enjoyed this story about the post American civil war out west I remember seeing the Clint Eastwood film based upon this book and it seems that Eastwood stuck close to the book since he d read it and liked it Carter s description of the characters and settings put me in those places, seeing those people and liking them I can t say than that except the story line was engaging and very telling of the hard times and hard people.

  25. The movie The Outlaw Josey Wales is a faithful adaptation of this novel Set at the end of America s Civil War, Wales is a bitter Confederate soldier who refuses to surrender to Union Troops He s a man that lives by the feud and he has nothing to lose his family having been killed by Union supporters.

  26. This is the book one of my favorite westerns, The Outlaw Josey Wales, is based upon It started slow, as if the author were finding his way, but soon became a tale in the style of a Louis L Amour story about a gunslinger finding his way to peace I was surprised at how many scenes and bits of dialogue were faithfully carried over to the film It was an entertaining read.

  27. This is a novel I ve been interested in reading for some time now, as I am a Clint Eastwood fan and love the movie The movie changed the novel to make it climatic and satisfying in some ways, but I still enjoyed the book I especially liked the fact that I learned a lot about Ten Bears in the book.Now I m looking forward to rewatching the movie

  28. This isn t high literature, but it is oh so satisfying to read I have loved the movie based on this book since the first time I saw it in the 1980s,and the book did not disappoint Frontier values like loyalty to family and friends, and a rebellious attitude towards corrupt authority make this a morality tale as much as a fast paced western It s a quick read, too.

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