Peculiar Treasures

Peculiar Treasures A fresh start Katie Weldon catches than just the bouquet at the wedding of her best friend Christy Miller She also snags a job offer that launches her into an adventure she never imagined Katie eager

A fresh start Katie Weldon catches than just the bouquet at the wedding of her best friend, Christy Miller She also snags a job offer that launches her into an adventure she never imagined.Katie eagerly accepts the job as resident assistant at Rancho Corona University, only to find herself in a community of conflict She thought this was where God wanted her, but howA fresh start Katie Weldon catches than just the bouquet at the wedding of her best friend, Christy Miller She also snags a job offer that launches her into an adventure she never imagined.Katie eagerly accepts the job as resident assistant at Rancho Corona University, only to find herself in a community of conflict She thought this was where God wanted her, but how can God use her and love her when everything is falling apart Especially when it comes to her boyfriend, Rick.Katie turns to the women in her life for solace, including Christy In the safety of their love and encouragement she finally allows herself to spill her heart about her relationship with Rick But even their advice can t postpone the decision Katie must face, a decision that will define who she is and the woman she s becoming.Peculiar Treasures is the first book in the Katie Weldon Series.

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Peculiar Treasures

  1. ROBIN JONES GUNN is the much loved author of over 90 books with than 5 million copies of her titles sold worldwide Her Father Christmas books are a Hallmark Original movie Her popular Christy Miller series now continues in Christy Todd The Married Years Robin s novels and non fiction works have received multiple awards and are a favorite with book clubs and study groups Robin and her husband have a grown son and daughter and live in Hawaii.

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  1. This book left me with a warm fuzzy feeling in my heart that I haven t felt after reading a book since I was about 13.I started reading The Christy Miller series when I was in 7th grade Christy Miller and the gang got me through my awkward tween years, and I can remember crying as I read the last few pages of I Promise, because of what was happening in the book, but also because I knew it was the end of the series At the time, Robin Jones Gunn had decided not to write any about Christy or the o [...]

  2. Okay, it wasn t the writing or even the plot that made this one so fun to read was all about the genre If you aren t Mormon, you probably won t understand the rest of this review and feel free to skip it.The title of this book caught my eye in the New Fiction shelves because of the clear Biblical reference I had no idea that Christian literature existed Naive, I know However, what was REALLY funny was how much LDS literature fits right in to Christian lit with the same style and plot lines I hav [...]

  3. I do my reviews in the form of a letter, which is why they are written like this.Dear Robin Jones Gunn, I would actually give this book a 4.5 I was somewhere between really liking and thinking it was amazing Katie is such a great character Honestly, she s interesting than Christy By interesting I mean she s unpredictable and fun to read about She is hilarious, spontaneous, and ridiculously honest I like that so much She s open about her struggles and confronts people when she is upset I admire [...]

  4. Synopsis Katie Weldon caught the bouquet at her best friend Christy Miller s wedding, which, as tradition would have it, means that she will be the next to get married Unfortunately, Katie is sans boyfriend right now though she has some feelings with her almost boyfriend Rick, both of them are unsure whether or not to take their relationship to the next level Katie also has a new job a dorm counselor at a Christian college Add in stresses over her mother, who couldn t care less about her, and Ka [...]

  5. I really am beginning to like this book First and foremost Katie has an almost boyfriend I have been in that situation before, and can totally relate there When getting into a book about a character you have met before from someone else s perspective, it is hard to get into their skin at first, but somehow I was able to relate enough, that the transition wasn t to hard Second, I still get to see all my other favorite characters from previous series namely Christy, Todd, Rick, Tracey, Doug and I [...]

  6. This book is decent enough I definitely prefer Christy over Katie, but I did enjoy this book It was really nice that Robin picked up the series as though you hadn t read the Christy Miller series if this is your first time getting to meet the crew then you won t be lost at all You might get a spoiled ending for Christy s story, but not lost or confused.Katie was pretty hilarious She s quick witted and wise cracking, and I feel like most girls would relate to her in so many ways How hard it is fo [...]

  7. Robin Jones Gunn is one of my favorite inspirational authors This series is somewhat of a continuation of the Christy Miller, Sierra Jensen, Christy Todd the college years series It s full of the fun, crazy, stressful, romantic times Katie has as a college student Robin s characters are endearing, encouraging, inspire me to think about my own walk with God in this life He has blessed me with.

  8. I was so excited to see that Robin Jones Gunn has continued the story of Christy and the gang I have to admit that I was only reading this book because I wanted of Christy and Todd, but after reading this, I have to say I m really looking forward to seeing what s going to happen in the story of Katie and Rick.

  9. I think that it totally measures up to Gunns past works The Christy Miller series captured my heart, but Katie Weldon kept it I like Katie s spunkiness

  10. Squeaky clean Christian romance I would happily recommend to a teenager, but way too drawn out and cheesy for me.

  11. The thing I like about Robin Jones Gunn s writing, is that you can read these books and feel like you are living it The description of everything is so vivid that I can picture it in my head That, and the fact that it is a Christian series which I LOVE I have read every book from the Christy Miller series, the Sierra Jensen series, and now I am starting to read the Katie Weldon series and I am absolutely loving it Peculiar Treasures, is about Katie Christy Miller s best friend and Rick Katie s a [...]

  12. Peculiar Treasures by Robin Jones Gunn is the first book in the Katie Weldon series I was ecstatic when I received these books for my birthday I started reading this book immediately It felt so good to get back to the world of Christy, Todd, Katie, and even Rick A little bit I liked reading about Katie and learning about her backstory and her life a little bit Although Katie appeared in almost every Christy book, I still felt like I wanted to learn a bit about her home situation and her life I [...]

  13. I had never read any of the Christy series of books, so all of the characters in this book were new to me I LOVED this book and have gone on to read the other Katie Weldon books after this I would highly recommend all of them The author, Robin Jones Gunn, writes so well the characters seem like real people, not works of fiction Robin s stories are well thought out At first look, it might seem these books are for teenagers or young women, but the stories are so interesting, they appeal to all age [...]

  14. Final feeling another great one by RJGThis series begins at Christy s wedding, where the Christy Miller series leaves off, now from best friend Katie Weldon s perspective Katie is just finishing her junior year at a Bible college She is overwhelmed by her busy life and the big decisions she needs to make soon, such as whether to take a resident advisor position her senior year, and what to do about her undeclared major Not the least important, she also is trying to understand her relationship wi [...]

  15. I remember finishing the Christy Miller series back in high school and deciding that nothing that Robin Jones Gunn wrote concerning these characters that I had grown to love could ever top that series, so I purposely didn t seek out any of the Sierra or Katie books.Oh, what a presumptuous mistake As I read through this, I kept on thinking back on the events of my life in the past few years, and wondering how I would have been affected and then, consequently, how my actions and thought processes [...]

  16. I ve been a fan of the Christy Miller series since my cousin, Sonia, passed on the books to me as a preteen Christy, through Robin Jones Gunn, has been a Christian role model for me that hasn t been present in my actual life I ve never experienced or encountered such devoted, modern young Christian adults, and I never figured out how to blend my faith so openly like Christy, Katie and the rest But I connected with the stories, especially Christy and Todd The College Years I only recently discove [...]

  17. I was not impressed by this book I thought Katie was kind of a self centered flake and I don t really understand why Gunn introduced one character if she wasn t going to go anywhere with it Maybe it s because this book is one of a series and this character will play a bigger role later on but it was dissapointing I usually do not read romance series about single characters and this book reminded me why I like romance books to be tied up in a single book I figured I would try something new with t [...]

  18. I adore Katie Maybe even than Christy, which is why I was happy when this book was first released but it didn t quite live up to my expectations which were high To be honest I am disappointed that Katie is with Rick I feel as though this relationship is forced and drawn out too mich many of Gunn s points about relationships could have been made much sooner, but instead of growing Katie seems to be reverting back to her high school self Her complaints are always the same making the narrative red [...]

  19. Katie Weldon athletic,competitive,spunky redhead is also good friends with Christy Miller and Sierra Jensen, both of whom are title characters in two other series although many of the stories involve all three friends Because this series begins when Katie is a senior at college and deals with complex issues, I think it s better suited to high school seniors and older At any rate, I really liked the novel and how Katie discovers that she is harboring unforgiveness and pain in her heart her spiri [...]

  20. I really like this author because of the way she write It s fun to read yet educational and spiritual because there s scriptures throughout the book I also like the part that I don t feel tense when I read her books like I do with Karen Kingsbury I had to give up the book of Karen Kingsbury because I couldn t enjoy it to much due to the tense and anxious feelings I had due to having to put the book down and return later With Gunn, I don t mind putting her book down because I know it doesn t leav [...]

  21. I loved this book It was wonderful to meet all these old friends from a few years ago This 43 year old woman loved the Christy Miller series and I know I m going to love the Katie Weldon series.Katie is an engaging character, a very believable young woman who is still learning about who she is and trying to figure out what she wants to do with her life She s also trying to figure out if Rick is the one for her, and even if she s his girlfriend.What I love most about Robin s books are how real th [...]

  22. I thoroughly enjoyed this book It had enough action to keep the pace moving swiftly and I could relate to how Katie was feeling and why she was so frustrated in her relationship There were parts that made me smile, because I could see the characters so vividly and their struggles were real There was just the right amount of spiritual content so that it was evident that Katie lead a godly life, but it didn t come across as preachy I d recommend this book Taken from my book reviews blog reviewsatm [...]

  23. LOVED IT I m so glad Linz let me borrow them I used to think that Rick was to smooth but he s very sweet to Katie though almost to mushy, for all who know me , hahaha But Eli, aka, Goatee Guy, wasn t my favorite in this book because Robin Jones Gunn didn t even talk about him that much Christy was a good encourager to Katie also Julie Nicole her RA partner was sweet Glad that Rick and Katie are boyfriend and girlfriend but I don t know how long that will last, hopefully awhile All in all, I read [...]

  24. I loved this book I was laughing hysterically through most of it I loved Rick and Katie s relationship it was so different from any of Robin Jones Gunn s other couple relationships, and so refreshing I have a new respect for her as an author I knew she was good, but I didn t realize just how well she understands people and different personalities I could also really identify with the end of college major dilemma issues Great emotional, relational and spiritual insights, too as always I definitel [...]

  25. Written for a young adult audience but some great ideas I loved the idea that if you want to truly know Christ stay hot on his heels pg 57 That s my theory you stay close to Christ Remind yourself that being one of his disciples will feel like an unscripted adventure most of the time The journey is definitely not a one size fits all But he has a plan He is fulfilling his objectives in your life.

  26. I was so happy to discover this author I feel like this will be a great author to reccommend to the teen age girls I know Katie is a Christian girl attending a Christian college and hoping to move past the almost boyfriend and girlfriend stage with Rick I love that Rick and Katie have agreed to save their kisses until they are ready to be committed to each other This was a nice happy read.

  27. With each series, I find different ways that I relate to each girl I can relate to Katie in the hurt department I have been hurt by people I care about and as much and as often as I try to let go of all the hurt, I haven t had the moment yet like Katie did, to just release it all I understand her when she talks about self defense and hiding so she doesn t get hurt again Once again, Robin Jones Gunn has made an amazing series that is so helpful and easy to relate to.

  28. This is a YA Christian book It was a really easy read A bit too pure and innocent for my taste, but I did enjoy it enough that I will probably read the other books she has written Although some heat and less goody goody theme would have been enjoyable, it fits perfectly for the fan base I m sure the author was going for.

  29. This is my first Robin Gunn book I say first, in that I d really like to read I think I d like to get my girls one of her earlier series Sierra and or Christy for an enticing summer reading experience.Refreshing and surprisingly well written Not kitchy at all, really I wish I d found these when I was a young woman myself.

  30. so excited that Robin has continued this storyline from Katie s perspective Some of the story seemed a little rushed in that it didn t go into lots of detail emotion that the others beforehand could because they were shorter and plentiful However, still really good and i m anxiously awaiting book 2 o

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