Rain of Gold

Rain of Gold In Rain of Gold Victor Villasenor weaves the parallel stories of two families and two countries bringing us the timeless romance between the volatile bootlegger who would become his father and the be

In Rain of Gold, Victor Villasenor weaves the parallel stories of two families and two countries bringing us the timeless romance between the volatile bootlegger who would become his father and the beautiful Lupe, his mother men and women in whose lives the real and the fantastical exist side by side and in whose hearts the spirit to survive is fueled by a family s uncondiIn Rain of Gold, Victor Villasenor weaves the parallel stories of two families and two countries bringing us the timeless romance between the volatile bootlegger who would become his father and the beautiful Lupe, his mother men and women in whose lives the real and the fantastical exist side by side and in whose hearts the spirit to survive is fueled by a family s unconditional love.

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Rain of Gold

  1. Victor Villase or is an acclaimed Mexican American writer, best known for the New York Times bestseller novel Rain of Gold Villase or s works are often taught in American schools He went on to write Thirteen Senses A Memoir 2001 , a continuation of Rain of Gold His book Burro Genius A Memoir 2004 describes his life The author has received awards and endorsements, including an appointment to serve as the founding Steinbeck Chair at Hartnell College and the National Steinbeck Center in Salinas, from February 2003 to March 2004.

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  1. This is a non fiction book of many layers It s about greed, prejudice, hate and anger, poverty and death It s also about family, love, relationships, and dreams Parallel stories are told of two children, both babies of their families, who grow up during the Mexican revolution Children of war who are driven from their homes in Mexico, hoping for a better life in America In America, however, they find that the Mexicans are treated no better than dogs It was interesting to read about prejudice agai [...]

  2. This is family history of the most immediate kind, redeemed from its excess of filial piety and lack of craft by a passion and sense of drama that usually but not always stops just short or melodrama It helps that the author s family lived in times that were entirely too interesting One side came from a remote mining village terrorized by the kind of bands of thugs left over when Villa s army disintegrated The other undertook a harrowing trek across the mountains and deserts The early part and I [...]

  3. This book was exceptional The family research the author conducted to put this family story together is amazing Reading this book gave me a whole new outlook into immigration and Mexican history The war and revolution that occured in Mexico was so bad that families had to flee in order to save their lives They didn t want to leave their homes where they had lived, farmed, ranched, etc for generations any than we wanted them to come to the U.S And then they get here and rent tents and migrate wit [...]

  4. This is a wonderful story, made that much impressive simply by the fact that it is the true story of the author s family It is impossible to not feel what the characters are feeling and, as a reader, you become emotionally invested in the story very quickly I found myself crying when the characters cried, feeling scared when they felt scared, and basically emulating all emotions reflected in the book It s a bit long and looks like a text book at first glance with black and white photos of the a [...]

  5. 5 and a I read this on a friend s recommendation and was immediately caught up in the story of Villasenor s parents and grandparents It s nonfiction, but full of old Mexican allegorical stories There were times when, as I read, I would think He s telling MY family s story After I read it in English , I bought it for my mother in Spanish.UPDATE March 2008My Hispanic book club chose this book for discussion, and I skimmed through it to refresh my memory

  6. This book is quite wonderful Although listed as a non fiction book, it reads like a novel It has feelings The reader can not read it without becoming attached to the people and events of the story Victor Villasenor has traced three generations of his Latino family s history in this book and their migration from Mexico to the U.S Through tragedies, losses, trials and successes it traces their ability to keep their faith, drive, love, and humor as a suture that binds the family This book made me h [...]

  7. Rain of Gold by Victor Villasenor turned out to be great book, and is by far on my top five The book is about mainly two characters Lupe and Juan Salvador It tells the story of both families in different places in Mexico in the time during the Mexican Revolution Both families find it hard to adjust in the life that they are surrounded by with many deaths, and find themselves traveling north to America as a refugee That s when the story of Juan and Lupe come together and take some twsit and turns [...]

  8. Already being an I love Mexico buff this wasn t a hard book to get into but it was really one of the best historical novels I ve ever read It s autobiographical in the sense that it s the family history of the author as passed down through his parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, etc but it really reads like a book of fiction because of the very mystical strain that runs through his family Anyone Mexican whose interested in their indigenous roots should read this book It starts near the beginni [...]

  9. This book was entertaining, but the writing was poor Specifically, the author used way too much foreshadowing It was annoying And the characters were pretty evil, especially the two Mexican mothers, who bugged me to no end.

  10. In the beginning of the book it starts of with Espirito a poor man that tries to sell sweet water to help his people with food and clothing.When he tries to trade in the water the man rejects his offer Espirito not only did he have the water but golden rocks that the business man was very interested in receiving Espirito let him know that they would be no digging undergrounds for these golden eggs Then this is where Lupe comes out a young six year old girl that lives in La Lluiva de Oro La Lluvi [...]

  11. A grand story, of epic proportions What a roller coaster ride a bit too detailed at times, but full of rich, powerful emotion.Overall, I felt like I was on the journey with these two families every step of the way, and that I lived their entire lifetime with them I was a bit disappointed that the author s generation was not covered in nearly as much detail, even though he would have had his own memories to draw from, instead of having to conduct interviews.What happened to Duel, Mark, the Tom Mi [...]

  12. This book was a little of what I expected and a lot of what I didn t I d heard that it was a great tale of Mexican history and traditions, and that it was hopeful and full of Chicana o pride The book was all these things and so much Most of all though, it was filled with such truths that it s almost impossible for someone to be unable to connect with this book Throughout the book, we learn of the horrors of war, the drama and dysfunction that meets many families along the way, and the incredibl [...]

  13. This book speaks to me The culture, the choices, the reality of our life is all in there There are very limited books that can bring this all together without seeming fake and everything in this book was so real I could feel it.In a time when people tend to omit the undesirable parts of family history this story tells it all I only wish there were pictures I am not even joking I would have liked to see any pictures of his great grandma and of his parents before they got married Also seeing a m [...]

  14. Rain of Gold is the quintessential Mexican American novel Villasenor weaves the lives of his father and mother into a compelling narrative that makes it a feat to stop reading.Set during the Mexican revolution, RoG depicts the hardships Mexican went through due to the turmoil and bloodshed caused by the revolution Many Mexicans especially the poor migrated to the U.S as a refuge, but found how horribly they were treated there by Americanos It s shameful how poorly Mexicans were treated, especial [...]

  15. Oh, why did this have to end I was completely lost in a good way in this story of the author s family This book demonstrates the importance of family stories, family heritage, family legacy We are a sum of all the things our families have gone through, all the struggles, all the happy times, all its accomplishments The love comes pouring out as the author tells the story of his mother and father Two families that were uprooted from the homes they loved in Mexico during the Revolution in order to [...]

  16. Just not getting all the great reviews for this book I m reading it for my book club and ugh It s plod, plod, plod, trudge, trudge, trudge voice for all the main characters, and a simplistic writing style My fourth graders wrote this way There s no depth to or challenge in the ideas While I understand it s a family history history of the Mexican Revolution migration of Mexicans into the United States, I believe the writing could have been much dynamic Phrases such as Lupe found her truelove, ma [...]

  17. Victor Villasenor is dyslexic and has written a great autobiography called Burro Genius that describes his miserable experience in school and how many rejection letters he received before ever getting a book published My midwife recommended Rain of Gold to pass the time while I was awaiting the birth of my baby I loved this book Villasenor traces the story of his family on both his mother s and his father s side, leading up to how they met and married The beautiful storytelling completely draws [...]

  18. La lluvia de Oropuede leer en espanol tambien.I read this book back during the undergrad years, and absolutely fell in love with it I hesitate to call it fiction, because it it based on the stories of the author s grandparents journey from Mexico to the U.S I saw Victor Villasenor speak, and he said that as a child, he always assumed his grandparents were making the stories up, since they were so far fetched, however after returning the Mexico and following their stories, he came to find out the [...]

  19. sigh What a great book Thanks to my sis in law Stacey s recommendation, I didn t get to live a life of having never read this book I soaked in the beautiful descriptions of Mexico and the rich culture of Lupe and Juan s families, and I fell in love with their stories as each page to me closer to their wedding When they said I do, I felt like I had suffered, rejoiced, and grown with them in their journeys It was remarkable to look back to where the tale began and how far we all had grown and chan [...]

  20. full 5 stars and a full This book is amazing It will take you through an emotional roller coaster It will let you experience poverty and misery, hunger and hatred, prejudice and all things bad done in the name of survival But it will also show you love and redemption, strong family ties and kindheartedness as well as all things good that make us humans It will make you question most of what you thought was right and wrong as well as humanity itself It is non fiction and based on real events but [...]

  21. This is a detailed history of Villase or s family, beginning in Mexico with the grandparents of each of his parents, following their stories as they left their homes there and traveled to the United States, and concluding with the marriage of Villase or s parents Lupe and Juan Salvador It is a story filled with great tragedies and great joys And in its telling, it shows us much about the mexicanos of the Northern Mexican hills and of Southern California, both their culture and the tribulations t [...]

  22. Men are concerned with three things in this life, love, money and alcohol We are always striving for love, searching for money, and addicted to alcohol To be rich is another game altogether You need business Juan Salvador knew exactly where to employ his talents He made the best whyskey in town Though illegal, most of his customers loved it They didn t care whther the authorities wanted it or not To find love you need a good wife from a good family Most of us don t want to be religious Yet we al [...]

  23. While reading a review of The Hummingbirds Daughter, a book on my want to read list, I was reminded of Rain of Gold which I read almost twenty years ago The pleasure and grief and great interest I felt while reading it have stayed with me It is a heartfelt family saga telling the stories of both sides of the family going back to the Spanish Conquistadors in Mexico and eventually ending up in California It is filled with tragedy, hope, determination, sorrow and laughter One of the reviewers of Hu [...]

  24. I remember listening to this audiobook many years ago and recently a friend of mine reminded me of the book, so I got it from the Library again It is such a beautiful story that I just had to hear it again.This is a journey through memory lane, looking into the author s family history A story of two families ravaged by war who were forced again from their homes into a new country that needs them while at the same time doesn t want them.Listening to the way life events are explained in the book, [...]

  25. Rain of follows Juan Salvador and Lupe Gomez the author s parents and their families on very different journeys through the hard times of the Mexican Revolution and into the U.S They meet new challenges and find each other as they adjust and learn to make a life in this new country.Villasenor is an impressive writer who pulls a reader into the story immediately The novel challenges the reader to experience the harsh realities of the characters hardships and triumphs Villasenor s adherence to myt [...]

  26. This book gave me a better sense of what happened during the Mexican revolution Victor Villasenor captured every moment perfectly Not only were you able to visualize what he was writing about, but you were also able to feel what his family went thru to survive It was touching to read about two families striving to survive during a war and in the end come together It truely captured the power of love and the importance of family during time of war and time of hardship.This book is based on family [...]

  27. This has been on my reading list for a while now I finally had the courage to tackle the 500 pager and was very pleasantly surprised at how the book surpassed my expectation Having tapatio blood in me I can t help but have a swell of pride after having read this book The backdrop of the story and character development was amazing The book read so smoothly, with elements of humor, faith, and one of my favorites, history I highly recommend this book to anyone who hasn t read it While I was sad to [...]

  28. This is quite possibly the best book everr It is the true story of the author s parents and how they came to the United States, meet one another, and fell in love The greatest immigrant story I have ever read It is so filled with unbelievable miracles, it is truly inspriring You really feel for all the characters, even when they do stupid things as it serves to make them very real I laughed and cried so hard in this book, I just can t say enough for it Total must read for everyone

  29. This book literally changed my life It was given to me when I was a teenager and I devoured it As a brown kid growing up in the same region as Victor Villase or it was amazing to hear someone tell a story that at that time I was sure was in some way similar to or parallel to my own This book opened my eyes to the importance of telling, recording and sharing my own stories I shared it with my younger brothers who hated to read and even they read this as young teenagers I recommend sharing it.

  30. This book was just fascinating It was both funny and sad I think Victor Villase or did a well job at describing almost every detail of his parent s life What I found fascinating was how he was able to put both his parents perspective in one book He talks about how his mother loathes drinking and gambling and his dad becoming a bootlegger trying to hide it from Lupe Victor s mother They were two different people who just fall deeply in love with each other When I finally finished the book I felt [...]

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