The Gift of the Magi

The Gift of the Magi One dollar and eight seven cents is all the money Della has in the world to buy her beloved husband a Christmas present She has nothing to sell except her only treasure her long beautiful brown hair

One dollar and eight seven cents is all the money Della has in the world to buy her beloved husband a Christmas present She has nothing to sell except her only treasure her long, beautiful brown hair Set in New York at the turn of the twentieth century, this classic piece of American literature tells the story of a young couple and the sacrifices each must make to buyOne dollar and eight seven cents is all the money Della has in the world to buy her beloved husband a Christmas present She has nothing to sell except her only treasure her long, beautiful brown hair Set in New York at the turn of the twentieth century, this classic piece of American literature tells the story of a young couple and the sacrifices each must make to buy the other a gift Beautiful, delicate watercolors by award winning illustrator Lisbeth Zwerger add new poignancy and charm to this simple tale about the rewards of unselfish love.

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The Gift of the Magi

  1. William Sydney Porter lends the pen name O Henry to surprise endings signed officially as Sydney Porter His biography shows where he found inspiration for his characters Their voices and his language were products of his era.He was born 1862 Greensboro, North Carolina When he was three years old, his mother died from tuberculosis He left school at fifteen, worked five years in his uncle s drugstore, then for two years at a Texas sheep ranch In 1884 he went to Austin where he worked in a real estate office, a church choir, and spent four years as a draftsman in the General Land Office His wife and firstborn died, but daughter Margaret survived him After he failed to establish a small humorous weekly, he worked in poorly run bank When its accounts did not balance, he was blamed for it, and fired In Houston, he worked for a few years until ordered to stand trial for embezzlement he fled to New Orleans and thence, to Honduras Two years later, he returned on account of his wife s illness Apprehended, Porter served a few months than three years in a Penitentiary in Columbus, Ohio During his incarceration, he composed ten short stories, including A Blackjack Bargainer, The Enchanted Kiss, and The Duplicity of Hargraves In 1899, McClure s published Whistling Dick s Christmas Story and Georgia s Ruling While in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, he sent manuscripts to New York editors In the spring of 1902, Ainslee s Magazine offered him a regular income if he moved to New York In less than eight years, he became a bestselling author of collections of short stories Cabbages and Kings came first, in 1904 followed by The Four Million The Trimmed Lamp and Heart of the West in 1907 The Voice of the City in 1908 Roads of Destiny and Options in 1909, Strictly Business and Whirligigs in 1910 Posthumously published collections include The Gentle Grafter about the swindler, Jeff Peters Rolling Stones and Waifs and Strays and in 1936, unsigned stories Others were rewarded financially A Retrieved Reformation, about the safe cracker Jimmy Valentine, got 250 six years later, 500 for dramatic rights, which gave over 100,000 royalties for playwright Paul Armstrong Many stories have been made into films.

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  1. In this classic 1905 Christmas story, one of O Henry s best and most famous free online at and many other websites , we meet Della and Jim, a young married couple who are as poor as church mice.All Della wants is to buy her beloved Jim a wonderful Christmas present but even after saving every penny for months, all she has is 1.87 A way to get enough money to buy him a present suddenly occurs to her It will be a sacrifice, but she doesn t waver.I don t know how many times I ve read or heard this [...]

  2. O Henry s The Gift of the Magi, illustrated by Lizabeth Zwerger was among my gifts to my wife our first Christmas together It is one of our annual traditions that I read it to her each Christmas Yes, I m hopelessly romantic I imagine we ll finally hit a year when I hear a gentle snore when she nods off as I m reading ONE dollar and eighty seven cents That was all And sixty cents of it was in pennies Pennies saved one and two at a time by bulldozing the grocer and the vegetable man and the butche [...]

  3. The Gift of the Magi gives you an interesting question to think about is it worth it to sacrifice one thing you love for another Sort of like a bird in the hand is worth than two in the bush While the twist ending cleverly ties the story into a nice Christmas bow, and the prose is enjoyable the whole way through, the the moral doesn t really resonate for me It s like an analogy that doesn t work.Regardless, it s probably one of the best things to read on Christmas.

  4. 5 I love this old O Henry story, first published in 1905, and I like to re read it every now and then Seemed like a good finish for 2016 One dollar and eighty seven cents That was all And sixty cents of it was in pennies Pennies saved one and two at a time by bulldozing the grocer and the vegetable man and the butcher until one s cheeks burned with the silent imputation of parsimony that such close dealing implied three times Della counted it One dollar and eighty seven cents And the next day wo [...]

  5. First published in 1905, this delightful little story with a twist depicts the true meaning of love and giving during the Christmas season.A first time read for me.

  6. Hahaha.Sorry I shouldn t have laughed but I couldn t control Well ending was kind of funny but also kind of emotional for me This story is a part of my English Textbook in College So definitely had to read it My English Professor gave the intro of this story today and I read it while coming to home from college.OVERVIEWThis story is about love Della and Jim husband and wife have great love for each other Both want to give each other a gift on Christmas But they can t afford So they sell their pr [...]

  7. What a wonderful little book for the Christmas season I really enjoyed this little story set on Christmas Eve which tells the story of the true meaning of gift giving.I listened to this version and what a treat it was and I loved the little twist.Thank you to my Good Read Friends Diane and Carol for bringing this little book to my attention as I had never heard of it before.I hope to source a couple of copies of this for Christmas gifts as I think this little book would make a perfect present fo [...]

  8. This is a timeless classic, and should be read by everyone at least once In just a few short pages, O Henry manages to convey one of life s heaviest lessons love is the greatest gift of all it is truly invaluable, unlike any material item one can buy.

  9. The Gift of the Magi, O Henry The Gift of the Magi is a short story, written by O Henry a pen name for William Sydney Porter , about a young married couple and how they deal with the challenge of buying secret Christmas gifts for each other with very little money As a sentimental story with a moral lesson about gift giving, it has been a popular one for adaptation, especially for presentation at Christmas time The plot and its twist ending are well known, and the ending is generally considered a [...]

  10. What a wonderful little heartwarming story One that represents what I think is the true spirit of Christmas Sacrifice, giving and love.

  11. I read The Gift of the Magi in my high school Many short stories will come but this story won t leave my mind This couple s gift receiving and giving ideas are so different and fantastic, it can t be put into words.

  12. Known as a Christmas story but it plays well at any time O Henry uses irony to tell a classic story of selfless love, sacrifice, and the power of giving I can t imagine anyone not liking this story.

  13. I remember this story being part of my college curriculum An engineering college, no less So they did teach us literature, I guess This was also the story that sparked a difference of opinion with my English teacher, the details of which I will skip, and as a result, I wasn t allowed to sit in my English classes for the entire semester Cool, eh Yep, I was that kinda kid Still am Kraken doesn t lash out at books alone Anyway, I picked it up as a Christmassy sort of a read, having completed my GR [...]

  14. I have read this story first when I was in 6th or 7th Standard I was too young to comprehend the meaning of this story back then But since then I have read it few times and somehow I made this perception that Della and Jim weren t perfect for each other I know it s a very unpopular opinion but I had my logic I think almost everybody know their story so you see, they loved and cared for each other so much that they ended up hurting each other Extreme of anything is harmful, even if it s love and [...]

  15. 4 stars Of all who give and receive gifts, such as they are wisest They are the magi A lovely short story about the true meaning of Christmas While caught up in the rush and chaos of the holiday season, I am thankful to be reminded of what is truly important love, sacrifice and the giving of one s own self to another Do yourself a favor and take a moment to read this timeless classic

  16. Cute I remember watching a film of this as a child.I only read this as it was free and to fulfill a bingo challenge Little did I know it would come with a free gift nostalgia

  17. I find that I love this story just as much now as I ever did It is about unconditional love that puts the beloved first The world could use a little of thata willingness to part with what we most value in order to please another.

  18. The number of great stories you can sneak read between lectures is surprising pIt s equally surprising when short stories manage to melt your heart when sometimes 1000 pages fail to do so Generally those stories are written my masters like O Henry, Leo Tolstoy, and Guy De Maupassant etc The Gift of magi is one such story and it is also connected with some amazing memories 5 stars all the way

  19. I am overwhelmed by a feeling I cannot define Should I be laughing Should I be having second thoughts about how I view gifts Should I be sad This is a story of a couple whose unconditional love for each other made them sacrifice the most important things they owned to buy each other a Christmas gift See the twist in the end was definitely smart and gave me a heart warming feeling with a sad sensationI should thank my uncle for suggesting O.Henry to me

  20. Wonderful holiday short story classic Makes you think about the insignificance of materials things and the happiness sacrificing for your loved ones brings.4 out of 5 stars.

  21. The Gift of the Magi is one of my favorite Christmas stories It shows a poor young couple sacrificing to give each other something special for Christmas Although they are materially poor, they are emotionally rich in their love and devotion to each other The story has a beautiful message and a twist at the end.

  22. I just read the description for this story and laughed my ass off O Henry s classic tale of Della and Jim, the struggling newlyweds so anxious to give each other a Christmas gift that each sells the one thing the other holds most dear, receives an oddly lifeless treatment here Heyer s meticulously detailed illustrations are pretty but stilted the characters look like mannequins The rueful Jim fares better than the poor prematurely middle aged Della, who at times looks like his mother than his w [...]

  23. December read with my favorite Pantaloonless Group.Read a book set at Christmas.God I wish I liked this My two stars is a reflection of the quality of the story itself and not what it was trying to say Though the whole thing was so sweet it was like I fell into a lake of chocolate or something.This story primarily centers on Christmas and the act of giving, and how love is stronger than material possessions blabiltty blah It was sweet, but that wasn t my main problem with it The problem was it [...]

  24. I always make references to this story It s simple and heartbreaking and wonderful The ending gives me chills The magi, as you know, were wise men wonderfully wise men who brought gifts to the Babe in the manger They invented the art of giving Christmas presents Being wise, their gifts were no doubt wise ones, possibly bearing the privilege of exchange in case of duplication And here I have lamely related to you the uneventful chronicle of two foolish children in a flat who most unwisely sacrifi [...]

  25. When I was a young boy and I ran out of books to read I became addicted to comics Two stories stayed with me all these years, one of them this one by O Henry The story was plagiarized I didn t know it was originally by O Henry until lately.The other story went something like this two guys attempted to commit suicide but failed They landed in a hospital and their beds adjoined each other in a room One guy was rich once, with millions and millions, but because of his vices he unwisely squandered t [...]

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