Firesong Firesong is what publishers like to call an event book Launched with huge razzmatazz this weighty at plus pages yet highly readable novel is a fitting conclusion to the story of the Manth people

Firesong is what publishers like to call an event book Launched with huge razzmatazz, this weighty at 340 plus pages yet highly readable novel is a fitting conclusion to the story of the Manth people, and their long, dangerous and imaginative journey, Moses like in scale, to a new and promised land Highly anticipated final books in big fantasy trilogies don t com Firesong is what publishers like to call an event book Launched with huge razzmatazz, this weighty at 340 plus pages yet highly readable novel is a fitting conclusion to the story of the Manth people, and their long, dangerous and imaginative journey, Moses like in scale, to a new and promised land Highly anticipated final books in big fantasy trilogies don t come much bigger than this and, reassuringly, William Nicholson s concluding instalment of his Wind on Fire sequence lives up to the immense expectation established by its excellent and award winning predecessors The Wind Singer and Slaves of the Mastery.The story picks up with the flight of the Hath family, and their crew of other willing Manth families and friends, away from the ruined Mastery After the defeat of the Master, alone and displaced, they seek a new homeland but have no real destination and very little food Ira Hath leads the way, prophesising their eventual success but also her own, sad demise Bowman and Kestrel Hath, brother and sister, carry burdens of their own Bowman, in particular, is anxious He awaits a summons from the Sirene, and must make a great sacrifice for his people The journey is long, and his preparation is tough especially in the unforgiving hands of an unexpected teacher As with the previous two volumes, there are some wonderfully exciting moments of action, as well as vivid landscapes and colourful characters Last time it

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  1. Librarian Note There is than one author in the GoodReads database with this name See this thread for information William Nicholson was born in 1948, and grew up in Sussex and Gloucestershire His plays for television include Shadowlands and Life Story , both of which won the BAFTA Best Television Drama award in their year other award winners were Sweet As You Are and The March In 1988 he received the Royal Television Society s Writer s Award His first play, an adaptation of Shadowlands for the stage, was Evening Standard Best Play of 1990, and went on to a Tony Award winning run on Broadway He was nominated for an Oscar for the screenplay of the film version, which was directed by Richard Attenborough and starred Anthony Hopkins and Debra Winger.Since then he has written films Sarafina, Nell, First Knight, Grey Owl , and Gladiator as co writer , for which he received a second Oscar nomination He has written and directed his own film, Firelight and three further stage plays, Map of the Heart , Katherine Howard and The Retreat from Moscow , which ran for five months on Broadway and received three Tony Award nominations.His novel for older children, The Wind Singer, won the Smarties Prize Gold Award on publication in 2000, and the Blue Peter Book of the Year Award in 2001 Its sequel, Slaves of the Mastery , was published in May 2001, and the final volume in the trilogy, Firesong , in May 2002 The trilogy has been sold in every major foreign market, from the US to China.He is now at work on a new sequence of novels for older children, called The Noble Warriors The first book, Seeker , was published in the UK in September 2005.The second book, Jango, in 2006 and the third book NOMAN, will be published in September 2007.His novels for adults are The Society of Others April 2004 and The Trial of True Love April 2005.He lives in Sussex with his wife Virginia and their three childrenom williamnicholson

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  1. Mehch as I liked the first two, this one definitely wasn t up to scratch Despite being pivotal to the world s salvation, Bowman and Kestrel s journey to the homeland was incredibly uneventful no battles, no real world scale drama Not to mention Sisi seems to have had a complete character transplant from one book to another, losing a lot of much needed humour Character development is all well and good, but she was unrecognisable as the Princess from Slaves of the Mastery Her relationship with Bow [...]

  2. There is something about this series that got under my skin like nothing else I was absolutely transported by it It s so fantastical, but so unlike any other fantasy It doesn t fit the usual conventions of any kind of fantasy epic story as far as I can tell The first book starts out as a very cool story about a distopian society, which we ve all seen before, but the series quickly becomes a much philosophical and at times downright trippy exploration of well, pretty much every aspect of humanit [...]

  3. This is the first book I ve ever cried upon It s the first time, in which my blasphemous tears disgraced a hallow shrine A perfect ending to a perfect trilogy and oh, the memories Yet, the ending is a little puzzling I may have inerpretated it in a wrong way But for me, even though there are diffrent apprehensions that I ve read in the internet to the end of the book, it fits to say that I consider what i believe on what happened to Bowman and Kestrel is the ideal and most beautiful ending for a [...]

  4. 2,5 ama 3 de il.K sa olmasayd ikinci kitab n zerine hemen ba lamazd m b y k ihtimalle Neyse ki ikinci kitapla kar la t r ld nda biraz daha iyiydi.

  5. How can I write this review without breaking down into tears Let s see um Firesong is the third and last sniff book of the Wind on Fire Trilogy The Manth people have already escaped from the Mastery and are heading to the promised land The land where the Manth people can live the end of their days in happiness Bowman knows he will never reach the promised land, as it was prophesied that the child of the prophet will give themselves up for the good of the people It doesn t help that he is growing [...]

  6. I know the ending was supposed to be sweet and sentimental, but as an only child and an introvert, I found it than a little creepy The series did end, though it achieved finality with a neat little bow a neat little creepy bow.

  7. A little about the author William Nicholson was born in 1948, and grew up in Sussex and Gloucestershire The Wind Singer, won the Smarties Prize Gold Award on publication in 2000, and the Blue Peter Book of the Year Award in 2001 He lives in Sussex with his wife, the social historian Virginia Nicholson, and their three children.Authors website williamnicholson Plot summery reviewed I hate school I hate ratings I won t reach higher I won t strive harder I won t make tomorrow better than today The [...]

  8. I don t want to do any of those things you said I want I want to make things right Then so you shall Is it so easy Not easy Not easy at all Think how much is wanting to make things wrong All the fear in the world, and the violence that comes from the fear, and the hatred that comes from the violence, and the loneliness that comes with the hatred All the unhappiness, all the cruelty, it gathers like clouds in the air, and grows cold and dark and heavy, and falls like grey snow in thick layers ove [...]

  9. She felt young and strong and full of hope And now, with a sudden intensity, she wanted to be alone Why should it ever end Why shouldn t we love each other forever We do, came her brother s answer, We will Hand in hand, they left the bright glade together, and returned through the trees to their people They said nothing about what had changed, for what could be said that they did not already know Firesong was a heart wrenching ending to the Wind on Fire series, but with the proliferation of char [...]

  10. The only thing I could think the entire time I was making my way through this book was why was this even written The Wind Singer was such a great contained book, and it told such a solid story that I had trouble overlooking the flaws in this one because I wasn t sure entirely why I reading it in the first place While I liked the additions of Sisi and Mist, and I enjoyed the growth and change in Creoth, at the same time the main plot simple never grabbed my attention WHY were they seeking the hom [...]

  11. I found I missed the political critique that the other two had I wanted political allegory This book felt less clever and less earnest than the previous two A fitting end to the trilogy, maybe, but as a stand alone, less of a good book Also, kind of racist I mean, woman stealing bandits who wear scarves wrapped around their heads Seriously, Nicholson

  12. This was simply a beautiful end to a wonderful story I truly loved every bit of it The last full chapter was stunningly written, and the epilogue was sweet and fitting I am so happy I found this series on a chance.

  13. Suuuuch a dissapointment The trilogy is still a childhood favourite of mine but the best one by far was Slaves of the Mastery, with The Wind Singer a close second and Firesong a distant third I feel like Nicholson wrote this just because he felt the need to make it a trilogy I mean, i love trilogies as much as the next person but not at the expense of a well written story.The overall plot barely held my attention, it was just so boring The only reason i pushed through was because i cant not fini [...]

  14. WHAT A FLIPPIN PLOT TWIST I am so glad I read all three boos and didn t stop at the first one.These books are like crazy good.I don t now oka, I was just hypnotized, cause I didn t stop reading.Please, I was reading this in the flipping bathtub.That was too much information wasn t it, anyway, this trilogy is amazing, definitely would recommend, the plot twist was crazy.Like seriously Child of the Prophet The epilogue was like truly the best bit, well for me it is always cause I know what s going [...]

  15. I could have excused that morbid ending if it were not for Pinto The kid was the most annoying thing on earth Kestrel,Sisi,Bowman and Mumpo were as fabulous as always but oh my god I hate Pinto.I gotta say the part where view spoiler the women were captured by bandits and you saw Rupert hide spoiler was pretty damn exciting and violent but of course Pinto just had the ruin the atmosphere.Stars 3 a bit of a disappointing ending to a great series.Ages 14 very violent.

  16. Predictable ending is predictable.Relationships between young girls and older men are seriously uncomfortable, especially when one of them is seven, wtf.Mist the cat remains utter perfection and is the only part of the book that is worth reading Would read a book entirely about Mist s adventures, the rest of the story is unnecessary.

  17. A brilliant end to an epic adventure Dark and prophetic throughout this book definitely tips the series over into YA Adult fiction as the whole book is basically about death and re birth it s pretty heavy going but beautifully written and incredibly poignant I am intrigued to hunt out William Nicholson titles since this blast from the past re read

  18. The conclusion to The Wind on Fire trilogy is a decent read but ends up somewhat anticlimactic after a lot of build up from the prior two books.The adventure and mystery is still ever present in Firesong with a flying cat, the mystical singer people and prophecies to be fulfilled.

  19. These books are practically part of my mind, and many of the scenes in the trilogy are still with me even though I read these books years ago This was a touching end to their tale, and examined all the old themes of twins, friends, journeys, morals and so forth That aside, its just an amazing storyline.

  20. In retrospect, Firesong isn t the best book of the trilogy, but its ending made it as good as the first two.My first critique for Firesong, Bowman s character diminished It began in Slaves of the Mastery, where his arrogance and pride began unfolding Yes, it was inevitable as he was united with the Morah, but for me, it happened too soon and too abrupt.Secondly, Bowman and Sisi happened too fast Nicholson seemed to have rushed that fraction of the book.Third, and the most frustrating critique of [...]

  21. This book is like 2.5 stars to be honest, but I ve rounded it up to three out of fondness for the first two Unfortunately, this book fell short of the mark for me All the things that I disliked about the previous books too little attention to detail, muddled political ideas, etc seemed magnified with the Manth people s struggles to reach their homeland Simply put, I didn t give two shits about the band and their constant troubles The people s complaints the entire trip were understandable, but [...]

  22. I thought I d have a better feeling of my opinion about this series by the time I got to the end of it, but I kind of still don t There are a lot of specific things I did like characters, general atmosphere, etc but I don t think I have a good handle on what exactly this whole shindig is about It s about a group of people going on a long and difficult journey to find their homeland, but what s the message Is it religious a lot of the lil journey bits do kind of read like parables I m not sure Ed [...]

  23. First off, I just want to say how disturbing Mumpo Pinpin is I do not approve of it A seven year old s hero worship of a fifteen year old boy ends in them being married eight years later No siree I don t like it one bit Too weird Not that I ve said that, let s delve a bit deeper into why I found this book a disappointment The plot didn t run as smoothly The characters didn t seem like themselves In both the second and third books, the characters seemed a bit off Mumpo especially He went from a s [...]

  24. Min en oikein pid kirjoista, jotka ovat kovin surullisia Siksi t m k n kirja ei suosikkeihini lukeudu, koska sen tunnelma on koko ajan niin surullinen Hathien perheen iti Ira Hath on johtamassa kansaansa uuteen kotimaahan, mutta koko ajan jaksetaan muistuttaa, ett h n tulee kuolemaan ennen sinne p sy Eik siin kaikki vaan toinen kaksosista Bowman Hath tiet , ett h nkin joutuu j tt m n perheens ja kansansa lopullisesti pian Siisp t m kirja oli aivan liian surullinen minun makuuni Toki joukkoon mah [...]

  25. Okay, but not nearly as good as the first two books in the series Words of wisdom from my thirteen year old student Kerryn, who was absolutely right The pace of the previous book in the series didn t entirely deter me in this book, it was the characterisation that was the issue At times it seemed so diffuse that various individuals seemed interchangeable at times I couldn t remember who was who But, by and large, that didn t seem to matter The story was far too reliant for full impact on the pre [...]

  26. I can tell that quite a lot of trouble went into creating this book, and I probably should have read the first two to really get into things It took me a while to get into the book and even then I felt the story did not engage me, and neither did the characters The relationships and emotions of the characters, even the most prominent ones felt wooden and strangely enough, they often did not stick to their moulds doing things out of character that really flattened the story The story felt the who [...]

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