The Water Hole

The Water Hole The Water Hole is a fusion of counting book puzzle book storybook and art book Graeme Base takes the reader on a journey of discovery from the plains of Africa and the jungles of the to the woodlan

The Water Hole is a fusion of counting book, puzzle book, storybook and art book Graeme Base takes the reader on a journey of discovery, from the plains of Africa and the jungles of the to the woodlands of North America and the deserts of the Australian outback.

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The Water Hole

  1. Graeme Rowland Base is a successful Australian author and artist of picture books that have been sold internationally He is perhaps best known for his second book, Animalia published in 1986, and third book The Eleventh Hour which was released in 1989.He was born in England but moved to Australia with his family at the age of eight and has lived there ever since He attended Box Hill High School and Melbourne High School in Melbourne, and then studied a Diploma of Art Graphic Design for three years at Swinburne University of Technology at Prahran.He worked in advertising for two years and then began illustrating children s books, gradually moving to authoring them as well.Graeme resides in Melbourne with his wife Robyn and has three children.Winner of the Dromkeen Medal 1998.

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  1. For me and likely for many , the absolute star of Graeme Base s deceptively simple counting book that is to say that the text itself is straight forward and simple , are the puzzles the I spy animals hidden in the intricate and detailed illustrations It not only trains children in a fun type of game how to recognise patterns and the like, it also might just give them a chance to shine, to be better than their parents children are actually often better than many adults at these types of puzzle li [...]

  2. As 1, 2, etc up to 10 animals come to the water hole, it gets smaller and smaller, with cool cut out pages for the water hole Then, with rain, the water hole gets bigger again, and the final page shows all the animals when they return to it At the end of the book the numbers 1 through 10 are again listed with the natural location of each animal in the book by continent, country, region, or habitat Each of the book s pages shows different animals in different parts of the world.I especially liked [...]

  3. The Water Hole is a gorgeous counting book Each page shows a number of animals drinking at the water hole, starting with one rhino and ending with ten kangaroos Then oops The water hole is suddenly dry and the animals go away But rain comes soon and all the animals come back.The elaborately detailed illustrations are just beautiful There is so much detail and so much personality in these images I just loved the whole book This book is great for reinforcing numbers in a classroom, but it also giv [...]

  4. Nice way to introduce young ones to the rainy season dry season aspect of nature and also to emphasize the importance of water my husband works with water resources and this is really one of the areas of our environment that is underappreciated We are facing a major water crisis in the future if something doesn t happen to fix it Children will enjoy the little cut out watering hole on each page, getting smaller and smaller as you flip the pages The animal illustrations are realistic and interest [...]

  5. This is a wonderful picture book, as we have come to expect from Graeme Base It s a counting book with animals, but so much There are hidden animal pictures on most pages, which are fun to look for,and some are difficult to find And the variety of animals is great, they are grouped together on each page by the region of the world where they live There s even a page of extinct animals, which is a good lesson by itself Overall, a great book to read aloud with children, poring over each page caref [...]

  6. Graeme Base illustrates animals that are so real they seem to be alive on the page Love his work and this book follows suit.The Water Hole is for the most part, a counting book 1 rhino visits the water hole, then 2 tigers, and so forth until all the jungle animals from all over world have consumed all the waterbut the story doesn t end there The counting theme ends and Base focuses on the jungle s cycle of drought and flood You could easily tie this book into a science unit or lesson on seasons, [...]

  7. When I glanced through this book at the library, I was confused because various animals from different countries were drinking from the same water hole Pandas Moose Tigers But as I looked at it I realized that each illustration represents a different part of the world For example Africa, India, Himalayas, North America, Rivers and Streams, Europe, China, South America, Galapagos Island, and Australia The locations are revealed at the end of the book So very educational

  8. I could look at this book forever Hidden animals on every page, colorful, realistic illustrations, it s got it all.

  9. Booklist October 1, 2001 Vol 98, No 3 Ages 3 6 From the creator of Animalia 1986 and The Sign of the Seahorse 1992 comes another beautifully illustrated animal fantasy, this time doubling as counting exercises Down at the secret water hole the animals all come, the text begins, and on each spread, animals from an international roundup gather to take a drink one rhino, two tigers, and so on, until, by ten kangaroos, the water has run dry Luckily, the rains come, bringing everyone together There s [...]

  10. At first glance this book appears to be a counting book, and it very much is, but it is also the effects of long periods between rain and the effects to the animal habitat Granted the animals represented in this habitat, are in fact from many different habitats, but the idea behind a shrinking resource is still there, ready for further discussion An additional feature that I love is the texture the author gave the water hole, you can see and feel it getting smaller and smaller I also absolutely [...]

  11. My Review I didn t realize until I added Animalia did I realize that Graeme Base had books, so of course I had to track some down I really enjoyed this one as did Munchkin, the art was slightly different with realistic art and hidden images I really like the way the art and theme went together and conveyed an important message for young readers Definitely recommend adding this one to your shelves even if you don t have a child I have found Munchkin many times hunkered down looking at the pict [...]

  12. Picture Book Critique 15The Water HoleBy Graeme Base1 Picture Book Genre Counting Picture Book2 Brief Summary The Water Hole uses the central theme of the commonalities of animals around the world that drink from a local stream, river, pond or lakes to not only assist students in learning how to count from 1 to 10 but also highlights several science and environmental themes Graema Base does an excellent job at displaying ten very different animals from around the world beginning with one Rhino i [...]

  13. Author Illustrator Graeme BaseFirst Published 2001The Waterhole was inspired by a four week sightseeing safari through Kenya and Tanzania I had in mind a simple story about the cycle of seasons on the African plains, but the idea gradually expanded to embrace other countries and their wildlife, in the process giving the central image of the waterhole a certain metaphorical significance and, of course, providing me with the perfect excuse to draw lots of animals from other parts of the world as w [...]

  14. Citation The Water Hole, by Graeme Base Harry N Abrams, 2001 32p Counting Book.Summary Wild animals from around the globe grow in number as the water hole shrinks in size, counting up from one to ten and then jumping to zero in the dry season Counting animals at the water hole remains the focus, but clever illustration introduce the reader to a great variety of wildlife as well.Critique a The illustrations take this from a simple counting concept book to a rich experience in number concept On th [...]

  15. Assignment Picture Book ProjectCategory CountingRecommending Source p 73 in textbookReview Beginning among the plains of Africa, animals seek to quench their thirst at the water hole As they do, the numbers of animals that visit the water hole increases sequentially from 1 animal to 10 animals Meanwhile, the number of frogs lounging at the water hole diminishes and so does the water supply Time passes, and then rain begins to replenish the water hole Graeme Base created his artwork for this book [...]

  16. I read The Water Hole by Graeme Base I read this book as my counting choice and it was found in the textbook on page 73 This book is designed around the watering hole and the animals that use it It is used to learn the numbers 1 to 10 It also shows the concept of the watering hole getting small and what happens when the water is all gone in the watering hole.The illustrations in this book were beautiful They are created to look as close to realistic as possible and I believe it has been achieved [...]

  17. 1 Genre Counting2 This book talks about different animals visiting a water hole, and counts up from one to ten as the animals drink all the water Each animal represents a different geographical area By the tenth animal all the water is gone, but the rains come and replenish the water hole, allowing all the animals to return.3a Illustrations3b This book has very beautiful illustrations Each shows a landscape of the different geographical areas that match the animals at the water hole Along the bo [...]

  18. Category The Water Hole is a picture book in the counting category.Summary This picture book has beautiful illustrations depicting all the continents It illustrates the effect that draught has on animals, as their water hole continues to sink.Critique A I absolutely loved the illustrations in this book Through the illustrative style, comes the true strength of this story On each page, certain animals are depicted but the forest surrounding them has very subtle images of other animals found on th [...]

  19. Genre Counting Picture BookSummary By counting the numbers 1 10 we see animals from various continents experience a lack of drinking water due to draught.A Area of Focus Realistic Accurate IllustrationsB The author Illustrator does an excellent job of creating realistic illustrations to go along with each number The group of animals on each page is indicative of a different continent This book does a great job of exposing younger students to animals from other continents that they may not be fam [...]

  20. The Water Hole 1 Genre Counting2 This story incorporates counting while depicting various watering holes all over the world Each watering hole has its own special animals that visit 3 a This book does an excellent job of detail in its illustrations b With each turn of the page the reader is put into another distant habitat The illustrator allows the reader to travel through habitats such as Africa, India, China, Europe, etc The illustrator has such great detail each illustration that it makes th [...]

  21. 1 Genre Counting2 Summary This stylish counting book tells a tale of a water hole being used by the animals of the world and the as the animals drink the water hole begins to shrink By the end of counting to ten kangaroos the water hole is gone and the animals leave until a rainstorm brings water again.A Area of Comment ArrangementThe author uses a stylish arrangement of the animals drinking from the water hole on the right page while the text is spread out on the left page Also each page has co [...]

  22. 1 Genre Counting Picture Book2 Summary The book counts from one to ten using a variety of animals drinking at a water hole, but as the animals increase the size of the water hole decreases in part to a drought When the rain comes, all of the animals come back to the land and water 3 a Illustrations b The illustrations are very descriptive and detailed from each one of the animals on the page to the animals that are hidden in the background The illustrations are very unique and intricate There is [...]

  23. 1 This is a counting book2 This book is about animals that are experiencing a drought and they find a secret water hole As the drought continues animals come and the reader can count the different animals that come 3 a I think this a very accurate counting book It has different numbers represented in the book that the reader can learn It uses the illustrations to help teach counting to the reader b I think this is a great counting book that is very appropriate It uses a great story line with aw [...]

  24. Picture Book ProjectCategory CountingSource Textbook p 73 Grand Canyon Reader Award for Picture Book 2003 Wilderness Society s Environment Award for Children s Literature Nominee for Picture Book 2002In The Water Hole, author and illustrator Graeme Base s picture book helps the reader learn to count as various animals seeks to quench their thirst at the water hole While visiting the water hole, readers can sequentially count from one to ten as the animals drink all the water each animal represen [...]

  25. 1 This book belongs to the counting picturebook genre 2 Animals come to a water hole to drink, but soon the water supply dwindles until, finally, it is non existent 3 The area for critique is content The content of this book is rich It includes so many aspects of science, math, English, and art Throughout the book there are animals that come to a water hole to drink Counting up to ten, there are ten different areas and ecosystems represented They include 1 Africa 2 India 3 South America 4 Himala [...]

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