Pssst A child a visit to the zoo animals sounds like good simple all American fun But there s something different about this zoo These animals want things Unusual things What will they do with them Laugh

A child, a visit to the zoo, animals sounds like good, simple all American fun But there s something different about this zoo These animals want things Unusual things What will they do with them Laughs, jokes, and surprises abound in this graphic picture book about a feisty, all too helpful little girl and her role in aiding and abetting zoo animal shenanigans AdA child, a visit to the zoo, animals sounds like good, simple all American fun But there s something different about this zoo These animals want things Unusual things What will they do with them Laughs, jokes, and surprises abound in this graphic picture book about a feisty, all too helpful little girl and her role in aiding and abetting zoo animal shenanigans Adam Rex once again reveals the hilarious hidden life of creatures we thought we knew well.

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  1. Adam Rex grew up in Phoenix, Arizona, the middle of three children He was neither the smart one older brother or the cute one younger sister , but he was the one who could draw He took a lot of art classes as a kid, trying to learn to draw better, and started painting when he was 11 And later in life he was drawn down to Tucson in order to hone his skills, get a BFA from the University of Arizona, and meet his physicist wife Marie who is both the smart and cute one.Adam is nearsighted, bad at all sports, learning to play the theremin, and usually in need of a shave He can carry a tune, if you don t mind the tune getting dropped and stepped on occasionally He never remembers anyone s name until he s heard it at least three times He likes animals, spacemen, Mexican food, Ethiopian food, monsters, puppets, comic books, 19th century art, skeletons, bugs, and robots.Garlic and crosses are useless against Adam Sunlight has been shown to be at least moderately effective A silver bullet does the trick Pretty much any bullet, really.

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  1. This is the best kid s book I ve seen in a loooong time A little girl has to help a bunch of animals at a zoo with random tasks, which sounds totally lame and sanitized, but that s sort of the point Her exchanges with the animals get weirder and weirder as they go along, and the climax of the story made my girlfriend s eyes bug out of her head and she talked about it for the next half hour The main animals are painted beautifully, and the rest of the zoo is sketched out with random sight gags, s [...]

  2. 3.5 STARS This is a fun, imaginative story about a child girl I know there has been debate on the somewhat androgynous artwork I do think it s a girl, notice the barrettes in the hair who visits a very unusual zoo Or, perhaps, she is the unusual one In any case, she soon discovers that the animals can communicate with her, and they ask her to collect all sorts of odd items for seemingly individual purposes or could there be a communal effort in the works The illustrations are quite funny, altho [...]

  3. What Adam Rex can do with fonts blows my mind Anyone with any interest in graphic design should read this book immediately Also, this a really good story A girl s trip to the zoo is continually interrupted by animals asking if she ll procure items for them on the sly She agrees, to be helpful, because they all have such reasonable explanations of why they need flashlights, trash cans, bicycle helmets or do they I ve rarely seen my husband laugh so much at a kids book.

  4. Boys like noise It s a generalization, but when I hear loud tractor noises, block banging and Hot Wheels traffic jams coming from the kindergarten, it s often Billy than Sally who is conducting the orchestral din Walk by a construction site and survey who has stopped to watch the cranes and jackhammers disturbing the peaceful horn honking urban landscape Guys, I ll bet I wonder if anyone has studied horn honking Wouldn t be surprised if there is a clear gender gap So think of the word psst This [...]

  5. A young girl s trip to the zoo takes an interesting turn as each of the animals calls her over with a Psst to get her to come over so they can ask her to bring some special item that will make the animal s life better.The fonts and graphics after the first two animals might help younger readers to make some predictions about who is calling next If I were to share this book in the classroom, I would probably use a document camera to display the zoo map found in the front and back of the book.Adam [...]

  6. One day a young girl goes to the zoo and has a series of strange conversations with the animals Each of them asks the girl to bring them something, some tires, paint, trash cans, flashlights, bicycle helmets, corn It s an odd list of items, but they give the girl money coins picked from the fountains so she dutifully buys everything at the superstore across the street You ll have to read the book to find out what the animals do with their treasures Let s just say it s probably not your first gue [...]

  7. I think for me, Adam Rex is like Michel Gondry one of those people with really unique ideas who I hope always get to do their own thing and whether or not each project is entirely perfect, whatever he makes, you know it s going to be interesting, beautiful and like nothing else out there.

  8. The illustrations here are clever and fun So much to see and catch on to, visually, and with word play Very much looking forward to sharing this with one of my favorite young boy os.

  9. picture book zoos, animals, inventions preschoolers and up great for one on one reading Maybe features diverse characters The main character is somewhat tanned but very rosy cheeked, a brown eyed, dark haired child that might be interpreted as hispanic or asian or mixed heritage , but could also be seen as white detailed pictures make this less than optimal for storytime unless you ve got a small enough crowd the small panel and larger panel pictures also contain a lot of little hidden jokes sui [...]

  10. 4.5 An absolutely beautiful book filled to the brim with compelling page turns A confident and pleasantly gender neutral girl strolls the zoo as various animals make requests As we meet the animals, plenty of personality is conveyed in very few words making it a wonderful read aloud Rex deftly employs sketched line, photo montage and oil paints to create a rich world where the eye catches in all the right places It is one of those books created to entertain on 2 levels, both for children and the [...]

  11. Children s picture books with no clear message always baffle me I don t necessarily think they ALL need a lesson, but a clear meaning for the story is a good idea when reading to children.A little girl is at the zoo when various zoo animals Pssst her over to them and ask her to bring them things I chuckled at the dialogue, though.

  12. A girl goes to the zoo, several of the animals PSSST to her to ask her to bring them certain things They even provide the coins the peacock picked out of the wishing fountain so the girl can buy the items She takes the tires, flashlights, a chair, and back to them not knowing what they wanted them for Funny story great illustrations.

  13. Adam Rex s picture books make me wish my kids were tiny so we could read them over and over again together This book, about a little girl who is trying to fulfill some odd requests from zoo animals, is so funny and charming and the art is so sweet and beautiful Loved it.

  14. Very funny picture book that takes place mostly at a zoo, with funny references for adults, great pictures for kids, and a sneakily hilarious surprise ending Great for preschoolers and children in early elementary grades.

  15. Well, it s Adam Rex so of courses it s fantastic The animals all want something from the young zoo patron What they do with it is quite unexpected.

  16. Featured at An Abundance of BooksUsing a mix of colored pencils and paint can t tell the type, only that the style is awesome , Rex tells the story of a little girl off to visit the zoo Everything is going along in typical zoo fashion when she suddenly hears someone say Pssst She looks around and all she sees is the gorilla Surely not yep, it s the gorilla He s got a very simple request he broke the tire on his tire swing and would like her to pick up a new one for him Actually two, Just in case [...]

  17. While roaming the zoo, a little girl gets stopped by various animals with requests By combining graphic novel elements within a picture book format, each conversion happens quickly, while at the same time establishing a pattern With each additional animal, the girl becomes slightly annoyed at the predictability The story is far from predictable though, as their requests, which start out reasonable enough, become odder and odder, and finally culminate in an unexpected way The titular Pssst is gi [...]

  18. This is probably one of the best Kids books I ve read in a long time It is intricate and simple, filled with little funny easter eggs.What happens when a bunch of animals have been cooped up for too long Pssst You re about to find out.A little girl goes to the zoo and all of the animals become rather demanding as they ask her for items view spoiler The gorilla wants two tires, just in case.The skunk pig javelina wants trash cans.The bats want flashlights for the hippo that lives in the bat cave [...]

  19. I decided to pick up a few Adam Rex illustrated books after reading Chu s Day , which he illustrated with Neil Gaiman writing the book, and loving the illustrations Most of his books are for a slightly older child than my son, but I had fun reading it to him nonetheless Most of the reason I enjoyed this book were the quirky illustrations a lot of play on words such as Camel lot , but also a batman next to the Bat Cave and a Narwhale snowglobe , though I thought the story was only okay The book i [...]

  20. This wouldn t make a very good read aloud book, because of the comic strip style dialog balloons and the small details in the pictures It is, however, completely hilarious A young girl goes to the zoo, only to be waylaid by animals who all have perfectly reasonable requests tires for the gorilla, whose swing is broken helmets for the sloths, who keep falling out of the trees flashlights for the bats, because while they like the dark, the hippo doesn t But what do they REALLY want all this stuff [...]

  21. A little girl goes to the zoo one day and is called over to each of the animal enclosures by their inhabitants and asked to acquire certain things The gorilla wants some new tires his tire swing is broken , the bats want some flashlights for their friend the hippopotamus, who doesn t like the dark , etc etc Everyone has a mostly reasonable explanation for the thing s they want The baboon hands over a sack of coins collected by the peacock from the zoo s fountain to pay for it all, and the little [...]

  22. Will be as important to read the pictures as it was to read the text All kinds of humorous gems are hiding in the illustrations that will bring a smile or giggle to the reader huge hamster balls so zoo animals can roam the zoo, an aged batman mascot greeting those who enter the bat cave, etc The girl is enlisted by various zoo animals to bring something back that will help alleviate their boredom What they do with the items turns out to be a surprise.I thoroughly enjoyed it Peeked at the reviews [...]

  23. PSST would you love to know what things zoo animals secretly want or need Well this is the book for you This graphic picture book will take children ages 4 9 on a surprising adventure to find out what happens when a bunch of animals have been cooped up for too long Adam Rex s story is funny yet unusual as readers discover the hidden desires of animals and the little girl who is conned into helping retrieve the animals requests for silly things This would be a great book to use with younger reade [...]

  24. My kids LOVE this book They giggle and giggle and giggle when reading this book They actually started to recite it in the car the other day because we had read it so much and they enjoyed it that much As an adult, I also enjoyed this book There is humor that kids won t get but yet adults will find funny and punny The humor is mostly in the illustrations and there are very few words most are dialogue between the girl who goes to the zoo and the animals that talk to her The author illustrator incl [...]

  25. To date, this is the closest I ve seen Adam Rex come to making a children s book FOR children His other books especially the Frankenstein books are geared towards subversive adult readers than the children they re marketed to, but this book can capture both markets While it does lack the depth and out and out insane mirth of his other works, it does have charm by the bucket As an aside, why are so many people in the reviews saying they had difficulty noticing the main character was a girl Yeesh [...]

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