The Best Short Stories of O. Henry

The Best Short Stories of O Henry The than stories written by O Henry provided an embarrassment of riches for the compilers of this volume The final selection of the thirty eight stories in this collection offers for the reader s

The than 600 stories written by O Henry provided an embarrassment of riches for the compilers of this volume.The final selection of the thirty eight stories in this collection offers for the reader s delight those tales honored almost unanimously by anthologists and those that represent, in variety and balance, the best work of America s favorite storyteller.They areThe than 600 stories written by O Henry provided an embarrassment of riches for the compilers of this volume.The final selection of the thirty eight stories in this collection offers for the reader s delight those tales honored almost unanimously by anthologists and those that represent, in variety and balance, the best work of America s favorite storyteller.They are tales in his most mellow, humorous, and ironic moods.They give the full range and flavor of the man born William Sydney Porter but known throughout the world as O Henry, one of the great masters of the short story.

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The Best Short Stories of O. Henry

  1. William Sydney Porter lends the pen name O Henry to surprise endings signed officially as Sydney Porter His biography shows where he found inspiration for his characters Their voices and his language were products of his era.He was born 1862 Greensboro, North Carolina When he was three years old, his mother died from tuberculosis He left school at fifteen, worked five years in his uncle s drugstore, then for two years at a Texas sheep ranch In 1884 he went to Austin where he worked in a real estate office, a church choir, and spent four years as a draftsman in the General Land Office His wife and firstborn died, but daughter Margaret survived him After he failed to establish a small humorous weekly, he worked in poorly run bank When its accounts did not balance, he was blamed for it, and fired In Houston, he worked for a few years until ordered to stand trial for embezzlement he fled to New Orleans and thence, to Honduras Two years later, he returned on account of his wife s illness Apprehended, Porter served a few months than three years in a Penitentiary in Columbus, Ohio During his incarceration, he composed ten short stories, including A Blackjack Bargainer, The Enchanted Kiss, and The Duplicity of Hargraves In 1899, McClure s published Whistling Dick s Christmas Story and Georgia s Ruling While in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, he sent manuscripts to New York editors In the spring of 1902, Ainslee s Magazine offered him a regular income if he moved to New York In less than eight years, he became a bestselling author of collections of short stories Cabbages and Kings came first, in 1904 followed by The Four Million The Trimmed Lamp and Heart of the West in 1907 The Voice of the City in 1908 Roads of Destiny and Options in 1909, Strictly Business and Whirligigs in 1910 Posthumously published collections include The Gentle Grafter about the swindler, Jeff Peters Rolling Stones and Waifs and Strays and in 1936, unsigned stories Others were rewarded financially A Retrieved Reformation, about the safe cracker Jimmy Valentine, got 250 six years later, 500 for dramatic rights, which gave over 100,000 royalties for playwright Paul Armstrong Many stories have been made into films.

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  1. Of course there are two sides to the question Let us look at the other The writers of short stories, the bar has been set And it s really high I ve known it since I was about eight or nine, when my mother bless the heart of the amazing literature teacher I have the privilege to be descended from slipped me a nondescript brown cover book opened to the page with the title The Gift of the Magi.I read the story, and then the rest of a hundred or so in that little brown book, and the impossible stand [...]

  2. Prior to reading this collection, my only association with O Henry was the famous Gift of the Magi which has spawned innumerable replications, homages, references, and allusions I was moved to explore the rest of his writing at the recommendation of a short story how to book It claimed O Henry was an acknowledged master of the short story, creating interesting characters with a compelling hook, and then his trademark twist at the end.Yes, there s a twist at the end of every story Every short sto [...]

  3. And you thought O Henry was just a witty name for a mediocre candy bar O no This guy s another master of the English language, and I m a sucker for a good short story Gift of the Magi and The Last Leaf are unmatched Its just a shame they couldn t have named a tasty Ben Jerry s ice cream flavor after him instead.

  4. Actually it was much better than my expectations Stories were funny, fluent and quite ironic As summary a love service, medicine and robbery, Jim s watch and Della s hairs, voluntarily to have a feud , voluntarily to had beat up , If the love elixire given the wrong person, One police convict at the train, A loft, One meeting 20 years later at the same place, social triangle, farewell of robber, able to firend with burglar

  5. O Henry s stories are hilarious, heartbreaking, and just plain wonderful I love the twists, the irony, the poetic justice It occurs to me that I should have reviewed every story as I read it, as they certainly deserve it, but it s rather too late now.Anyway, I bought this book for like two dollars, and it s so worth it Some of these stories would really stay with me for a long time, and I m really glad I read this.

  6. I discovered this book one day long ago on my parents bookshelf It s kind of a smaller book and had been stuck between a huge atlas of the universe and the wall Once I liberated it I decided to take my dad s advice If you re bored go read O Henry and now I have my own copy sitting on my bookshelf gathering dust and waiting to be discovered by someone new.

  7. Dearest Reader, It is with the greatest pleasure I bring to your attention one of the most excellent writer of the nineteen and twentieth centuries, O Henry In his time, O Henry wrote over six hundred short stories that continue to delight readers to this day His work is entirely memorable, once you have read The Ransom of Red Chief or Two Thanksgiving Day Gentlemen , you will never forget them The writing is generally humorous, with a profound awareness of social ills Some may find the stories [...]

  8. I love O Henry I ve a collection of his stories, but I m not sure if it s actually this edition or not At any rate, my favorite of his short stories is The Pride of the Cities It s probably available as an e text SOMEwhere Give it a perusal, the ending is too perfect for words There s a bit of a pun in that last comment

  9. O.Henry hikayelerinde genelde mizahi bir dil kullan yor roni hakim t m anlatt klar nda Y re indeki t m trajedileri, a rt c sonlar yla hikayele tirmi.Benim, O.Henry deyince hep akl ma, en sevdi im hikaye olan , Son Yaprak hikayesi geliyor.Herkesin bildi i bir hikaye

  10. Wonderful Bed side reading with a message Collection of some of his best work, the master of the short story

  11. I re read some of these old favorites last year, and I have to agree with Helen that O Henry is the master of the short story.

  12. O Henry is the king of English short story genre While his works tend to be formulaic, that is one damn golden formula The Gift of Magi and The Last Leaf are arguably among the best short stories ever written in any language And O Henry surprisingly manages to keep up a decent threshold of quality across his large collection of short stories I still consider going back and reading a random picking out of them a very enjoyable pastime.

  13. O Henry s short stories had become classic examples of American modernist literature The book, The Best Short Stories of O Henry, showcased 38 short stories by O Henry Every story there appeared didactic and good hud, and the household morals came from often witty culminations Classic settings from New York to Texas provided a mural of America Themes such as love and greed pervaded the potpourri of American characters, yet each short story resulted in a fresh ramification based on the demographi [...]

  14. The collection of O Henry s best short stories starts off with his most famous one , The Gift of the Magi , which I have loved for many years I really did not know what to expect from the rest of the collection, but for the most part they were similarly entertaining I guess I really like character and plot development than can be done in a short story so I often felt they were abruptly ended, but then I suppose that is the nature of the genre.Set in the late 18th and early 19th century, these s [...]

  15. O Henry wasn t what I was expecting Since the prestigious prize is named for him, I expected him to be the pinnacle of the genre of short stories I know he s been a bit neglected by modern lit critics as light reading, but I wasn t prepared for how magazine y these stories are Not that they lack literary merit I guess just that there are so many cheap, trick endings you begin to feel once you ve read one, you ve read them all Also I don t think they ve aged well O Henry loves to do dialects and [...]

  16. Some touching moments see the Leaf story , some very unusual settings, and some poignant twists At other times, however, the reader can see his trademark twist coming a mile away Maybe he s a victim of his posterity Like when you go to watch Spaceballs because it was so awesome when you saw it 20 something years ago, but the humor has been redone so many times since then the movie is innefective It s not Mel Brooks s fault Or maybe Spaceballs is just lame, and you were only 12 so the lameness wa [...]

  17. I had only previously The Gift of the Magi which I dearly love From the High School library I checked out this book It is 1600 pages, and it took me a while to read it, but it was well worth the time In our world it is hard to find books that are clean This was one of those books Many of the short stories are merely entertaining while others teach significant morals If a person would buy this book, he she could use it to teach his family principles of good living images layou was amazing

  18. I have long been familiar with The Gift of the Magi and The Last Leaf so I was excited to find O Henry gems in this book Some of the stories were clever, and some were boring, a few were wise, but overall I was disappointed with this book Usually when I like an author I wish they had written , but I guess there is such a thing as being too prolific.

  19. Tried my best to read this for book club but had a hard time and didn t finish it O Henry was a trailblazer in his day, and is considered the grandfather of the short story and the twist ending Today, I think audiences are much sophisticated and it s not hard to foresee the twist in most of his stories.

  20. I m sure these had a time and place but in the present jaded, cynical world the stories had a saccharine overload I eventually needed to bail and toss this in the trash I was never a big fan of the O Henry candy bar, either.

  21. I gave this an extra star because it was given to me at the O Henry Hotel I stayed out and I thought that was pretty cool The hotel also had the BEST bed I have ever slept in and the absolute BEST pillows ever.

  22. My favorite airplane companiont the book you bring to LOOK like you re reading something intelligentbut nice, compact stories with twists to leave you feeling satisfied, even if you re interrupted by the captain s comments a little too often.

  23. It is hard to believe Saki and O Henry were contemporaries Chekhov fine he was of different school But the detailed often ruffian characters and clever plot of O Henry with the setting in a different land miraculously complement the fluid prose and commonplace setting of Saki

  24. Had no idea about this author took it from my mom s book shelf The stories are short and really witty who knew that he wrote the Gift of the Magi And who knew it was only 5 pages long Really good read

  25. O Henry s short stories are amazing My favorites The Last Leaf, The Gift of the Magi and The Cop and the Anthem Great reading.

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