Scarecrow It is the greatest bounty hunt in history The targets are the finest warriors in the world commandos spies terrorists And they must all be dead by noon today The price on their heads almost m

It is the greatest bounty hunt in history The targets are the finest warriors in the world commandos, spies, terrorists And they must all be dead by 12 noon, today The price on their heads almost 20 million each.Among the names, one stands out The enigmatic Marine, Shane Schofield, who goes by the call sign Scarecrow Schofield is plunged into a race around the worIt is the greatest bounty hunt in history The targets are the finest warriors in the world commandos, spies, terrorists And they must all be dead by 12 noon, today The price on their heads almost 20 million each.Among the names, one stands out The enigmatic Marine, Shane Schofield, who goes by the call sign Scarecrow Schofield is plunged into a race around the world, pursued by a fearsome collection of international bounty hunters The race is on and the pace is frantic as he fights for survival, in the process unveiling a vast international conspiracy and the terrible reason why he cannot, under any circumstances, be allowed to live He led his men into hell in Ice Station He protected the President against all odds in Area 7 But this time it s different, because he is the target With all of his trademark action, Matthew Reilly continues to establish himself as one of the top thriller writers of today.

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  1. Matthew Reilly is a New York Times best selling author of eight novels that have been published in eighteen languages in twenty countries He has sold than 3.5 million copies worldwidecmillan author matthe

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  1. Escapist literature gets a lot of leeway with me I mean, it s there for the sole purpose of passing someone s downtime Characters are usually walking clich s, and the plot revolves around something along the lines of we only have X amount of time to do something or Y is going to happen I m okay with this simplicity But I do have a problem when authors of escapist literature think that their readers are a bunch of morons I admit, I may not know all the technical details or the makes and models of [...]

  2. One stormy night, a lonely college junior sat in his starkly lit college dorm room, deciding how best to procrastinate on all things school He had recently read Ice Station, a novel about some badass military dude who shot bad guys, did acrobatic combat tactical , and killed Orcas like no other And he did it all while wearing sunglasses, cause he had some sort of eye thing that made him have to wear sunglasses Honestly, who remembers.That night, the lonely college junior decided to try reading o [...]

  3. Scarecrow is the third novel in Matthew Reilly s Capt Shane Scarecrow Schofield series I ve read the first one, Ice Station and it reads like a Hollywood action blockbuster Lots of blowing things up, rapid fire shoot outs, miraculous escapes from impossible situations and plenty of blood and gore I was expecting this one to be pretty much the same and it was And then some A list is compiled of 15 targets, all of whom must be dead by 12 noon New York time 26th October The list is comprised of the [...]

  4. It s been a while since I read a Matthew Reilly book I finished Scarecrow about two days ago, and my brain is still going BOOM Zoom Swoosh and thinking in italics.Like all of the other Matthew Reilly books I ve read, this one was fast paced and full of action It was a flat out gallop from beginning to end, with all of the action that Matthew Reilly is known for.It was an enjoyable read, if not a deep one, and this review is basically three and a half stars The extra half star is for the emotiona [...]

  5. 3 starsWhat I Liked.As usual, I enjoyed reading Matthew Reilly s because of the action scenes Only this time it was way interesting because it s Schofield himself is was in danger.What I Disliked.The author KILLED one of important characters Fox WHY DID HE DO THAT I am officially emotional distraught I can t review much Bye.Read on your own peril.

  6. It has taken me a long time to pick up this book in the series, partly because my local library didn t have it, partly because I can only handle so much action in a book What I mean by that is the details in Matthew Reilly s books coupled with the magnitude of technical information seems to lose me in some places But I have to say, this was the biggest and most fearful bounty hunt story I ve ever read, not to mention the creativity that went into the massive conspiracy derived globally by 12 of [...]

  7. 4.5 This was completely crazy and improbable or so I hope , but a fantastic read if if you can suspend your disbelief and read and if you don t mind some gore in your reading I often can t keep track of what s happening and why in Shane Schofield books, but I try to just go with the flow and read A quote from the Daily Telegraph on the back of my copy says The pace makes you giddy and that s very accurate There s barely any break between one catastrophe and the next what I m coming to recognise [...]

  8. A shady group of billionaires the Council publish a list of 15 people with a reward of 18.6 million per head causing a worldwide bounty hunt Primarily military men, the basis for the list is unclear, but Shane Scarecrow Schofield is on the list Starting at an abandoned facility in Siberia, killers are after him and the others in a non stop series of attacks A surprise ally assists Scarecrow, but I found there was too much action at the expense of a plot inciting global trouble.

  9. Oh my goodness What a total rush I actually feel like I am pumped with adrenalin after this one What an introduction to this Scholfield character This was a gift so not the first in the series but now I am going out and buying every book in this series I have never had a story effect me like this and take me on such a ride I actually could see an action movie playing out in my head as I was reading Way to go You are definitely now on my favourite author list.

  10. Holy Fucking Shit.Epic has a new name SCARECROW.I wasn t sure if Matthew Reilly could possibly jack up the ante for the third Scarecrow novel, but oh my lord he delivered Page after page of pulse pounding, relentless action A thriller that will keep you on the edge of your seat for the entire length.Matthew Reilly is the master of action.

  11. What a fantastic read I don t want to say too much about the story as I don t want to give anything away and spoil someone elses enjoyment Can t wait to read the next Scarecrow book.

  12. Am I a fangirl Yes I am On my fourth Matt Reilly book already and yes, whatever this man writes, I will read I ve come to the realization that the absurd, over the top action and nick of time salvations that occur a LOT in his text as well as the superhuman abilities of one Shane Scarecrow Schofield attract me in the same way that James Bond does, times ten It is fiction and adrenaline fiction at that, which he writes and no matter how absurd the near death situation is, it gets my pulse going a [...]

  13. Que Michael Bay tome nota para une pel cula Toma acci n La persona m s rica del mundo se aburre mucho, p blica una lista con una serie de grandes militares de todos los mbitos y ofreciendo cientos de millones por las cabezas de ellos Con lo cual todos los cazarecompensas m s s dicos y preparados ir n a por su tesoro.Hay un problema uno de los militares buscado es EL espantap jaros un crack, que pondr las cosas dif ciles, y m s aun cuando una misteriosa persona es pagada para que proteja a este, [...]

  14. 3 Stars WARNING Scarecrow is not recommended for pregnant readers, readers with heart trouble or high blood pressure.Matthew Reilly is well known for his non stop, shoot first ask later stories Having read the two previous in this series plus the Jack West Jr Series, I can say without a doubt this is the most action packed book of them all In addition to the most action , it is easily the BLOODIEST of the novels The story is set amid a worldwide bounty on the heads of a list of various character [...]

  15. Scarecrow brings back the namesake protagonist in an adventure full of adrenaline and pulse pounding action The third installment in the series sees our hero become the focus of an elaborate bounty hunt in which the worlds most highly regarded military personnel are targeted by a wealthy faction seeking humanities implosion for profit Combining real world facts to create a world of fiction, Reilly exposes political imbalance and highlights doomsday fears of a post western world rule where third [...]

  16. I am literally in awe at how incredibly bad this book is If I could I would give it negative stars The stuff in this book is only slightly less believable than Star Wars At least Star Wars gives the disclaimer that it happened a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away This reads like someone who has no grasp of military doctrine, equipment, or the most general knowledge of physics I m willing to suspend some belief when reading fiction but this got a little absurd Several times throughout the bo [...]

  17. Do you know when you re watching a movie and this scene with a whole bunch of badass soldiers is so awesome that it makes you shiver A scene that makes you say Hell yeah Well this book and pretty much every Scarecrow book I ve read so far will make you say that a lot Action packed from the very beginning to end, no break at all, great characters both old and new and the always awesome Scarecrow I absolutely loved it Matthew Reilly and Shane Schofield, but now i have one favorite character The K [...]

  18. First, I d like to say I loved Reilly s first two Schofield books, but Scarecrow was a huge disappointment for me The action is undoubtedly fast paced like the first two books, but it seems like Reilly was reaching a bit for this one The action, though explosive, felt a little too unrealistic Also, this being the 3rd book of the series, a lot of the scenes become repetitive and predictable ie grappling hook to the rescue I am disappointed on Reilly s decision on a specific character in the book [...]

  19. This is another over the top thriller that is action packed from start to finish Unfortunately it s one of those with too many improbable actions that lead to the heroes survival and everyone else s death I admit to rolling my eyes a few times and thinking yeah that d happen But all in all it was an exciting read with a few emotional spots that were well written.

  20. Another crazy summer blockbuster like ride with Scarecrow and team Everything is so over the top it s insane and fun all rolled together Seriously, a shark pit and a guillotine I need a breather but I will be back for my Scarecrow.

  21. OMG it over Don t go for it, if you want something soberThis is my first book of the seriesNo, I was not prepared for this exposureI was READING an action movie, literallyAll scenes I could imagine visuallyMatthew Reilly s books are so fast yet descriptiveI am still confused if I have watched or read Scarecrow , actuallyShane Schofield a.k.a Scarecrow is a US MarineWell known to destroy every enemy he has seenBut he is now on a mission against bounty huntersTo save his life and another fourteenW [...]

  22. The Third Book in the Scarecrow Series is another winner and when it is about the richest bounty hunt of all time how could it not be 15 men from around the world, with almost nothing in common, have a price on their heads so high it makes every piece of shit on earth come out to play.A new weapons system has been designed that can only be broken by those with almost impossibly fast reflexes Well that explains how he made it alive through the first two books Everyone who can disarm it is up for [...]

  23. It s entertainment, people and ain t that what we read for There s nonfiction for those who want to learn, but i do lots of study and thinking in my day job I read to relax and have a bit of fun yes, it s over the top yes, the hero is almost superman and gets as many second chances as any superhero, but it s thought out well, enough plotpoints are hidden nicely through the book to explode when needed and by the FSM it s fun anyone who doesn t like Matt Reilly is a twit, way too serious in their [...]

  24. I am quite willing to suspend my disbelief for a book, especially if it s an action thriller that requires some bending of the rules and a bit of artistic licence but the things that happen in this book are physically impossible When you start messing with the laws of physics I m afraid I can no longer suspend my disbelief and things just spiral downhill Never mind the overuse of exclamation marks the writing is fairly juvenile and one dimensional and I just couldn t root for any of the characte [...]

  25. Book 29 of 2017 is Scarecrow by Matthew Reilly.Reilly s book are my go to light, no challenge travel books that are available in airport book stores.Having enjoyed Ice Station from the Scarecrow series and Temple not in a series AFAIK for being adventurous and having aliens or magic, I was hoping Scarecrow would be in the same vein Unfortunately, this is all military fighting mercenaries all for a crazed evil genius with sharks with fricken LASER beams.It was an easy read which is good for 38 ho [...]

  26. Non stop action which was great But he killed off one of the major characters and that I definitely didn t like But I gave it 4 stars because of the action.

  27. Again lots of action and Scarecrow is a badass Marine There were 2 lines in the book that were my favorite This is standard issue, he likes to destroy things and What did you destroy today They cracked me up.On a sad note Gant had her head chopped off I teared up when Scarecrow dropped to ground and started crying Good thing Mother was there.

  28. I m kind of torn, here I really enjoyed the first two Shane Schofield books and expected this one to be an easy A of a read Yet it has taken me THREE MONTHS to get 70% through it and I finally stopped when I found myself skipping entire paragraphs and sections, because once I started skipping, I couldn t stop and just skipped right to the end of the book In the book s defense, my reading leisure time has been unfortunately cut extremely short these past few months, so for a while, I blamed it on [...]

  29. really enjoyed a couple of power scenes if youve grown attached to characters and is also plot armour the book.

  30. If you like chase scenes and things getting blown up, then this is the book for you because it s pretty much nothing but chase scenes and destruction A series of impossible feats is loosely woven around a paper thin plot someone is offering 18.6 million apiece for the heads of 15 individuals who range from military hotshots to terrorists Naturally, Reilly s favorite recurring character, US Marine Shane Schofield, call sign Scarecrow, is on the list The story begins at an abandoned Siberian milit [...]

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