Temple Four centuries ago a precious idol was hidden in the jungles of Peru To the Incan people it is still the ultimate symbol of their spirit To William Race an American linguist enlisted by the U S Arm

Four centuries ago, a precious idol was hidden in the jungles of Peru To the Incan people, it is still the ultimate symbol of their spirit To William Race, an American linguist enlisted by the U.S Army to decipher the clues to its location, it s the ultimate symbol of the apocalypseCarved from a rare stone not found on Earth, the idol possesses elements destructFour centuries ago, a precious idol was hidden in the jungles of Peru To the Incan people, it is still the ultimate symbol of their spirit To William Race, an American linguist enlisted by the U.S Army to decipher the clues to its location, it s the ultimate symbol of the apocalypseCarved from a rare stone not found on Earth, the idol possesses elements destructive than any nuclear bomb a virtual planet killer In the wrong hands it could mean the end of mankind And whoever possesses the idol, possesses the unfathomable and cataclysmic power of the godsNow, in the foothills of the Andes, Race s team has arrived but they re not alone And soon they ll discover that to penetrate the temple of the idol is to break the first rule of survival.Because some treasures are meant to stay buried.d forces are ready to kill to keep it that way

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  1. Matthew Reilly is a New York Times best selling author of eight novels that have been published in eighteen languages in twenty countries He has sold than 3.5 million copies worldwidecmillan author matthe

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  1. Timid Professor William Race, of New York University, an expert in ancient Latin, is late for work as usual, it will be his last dull moment, for many days Colonel Nash, head of an army unit, greets Mr Race, at the office, and has a little job for him, a simple translation of a 500 year old manuscript A copy from the original, taken from a French monastery, in the Pyrenees, by Germans, brutal criminals, Nazis, the famous Alberto Santiago one a Spanish Monk The problem, he can only read the writi [...]

  2. I ve been having problems working on my review of this one I had in mind to write one of those reviews where I explain what actually goes down in this book without saying fuck shit OMG and WTF and not talking about the weird shit that happened around me while I was trying to read this book but instead I was going to talk about the non stopping action, plot twist that left me completely surprised I was planning on talking about the Nazis I mean Nazis You have any idea of how hard it is not to say [...]

  3. I wouldn t normally have picked up a book like Temple on my own, but it was recommended to me by a student and he even lent me his own copy of the book The result I am considering pressing charges against the student for submitting me to cruel and unusual punishment Let me point out that I am not beyond dumb thrillers If it is handled well enough, I can t get enough of them But I do have a problem with thrillers that make me laugh not intentionally , then wince, then groan, and then finally lock [...]

  4. This book hurt At that exact same moment I lost count of the number of times I would have thrown a physical book away It is a mess The bad guys are worse than cardboard Their motivations are either non existent or just plain ludicrous The central premise of the Thyrium and the Super Nova were handled so badly, it was clear Reilly doesn t know much about nuclear physics Although from the action scenes he is well versed in Hollywood Physics.There were some interesting scenes The falling tank would [...]

  5. I really respect Matthew Reilly from what I know about him through his books He seems a likeable, intelligent person I ve also quite enjoyed his action novels For thriller novels they re not your standard run of the mill novel They focus around one interesting and unique idea I ll admit that the characters are often not overly free of clich , but that said if you ever want to read something fast, fun and that reads like the explosive action of a blockbuster film then Reilly s your Australian.In [...]

  6. I suppose I should begin by acknowledging that I completely understand why Reilly s books are so popular I had a really high expectation because of it The non stop action and almost cinematic experience would appeal to many people including myself.BUT and there is a huge but There were several things about this book which completely ruined it for me, and as exciting as the events were, they just weren t enoughRST COMPLAINT I could not get over the extraordinary use of italics and exclamation mar [...]

  7. From page one, I found the urge to keep reading impossible to resist Reilly has a very in your face style when it comes to violence, so a reader should be prepared And good men do die in this book One that characters I was so crushing on died and my heart was broken The way he did was so abrupt and not pretty But the sheer adrenaline kick of reading this book will keep you going I liked William Race as a hero He s almost the opposite of Shane Schofield He s physically awkward, of a mental giant [...]

  8. It is hard to call this science fiction, even though Reilly is really big on technology The only problem is his technology has far too much magic in it, and really pushes his stories all four of those I ve read into a really weird fantasy genre where pseudo technology fills the role of magic.In order to avoid spoilers and thus losing the chance to warn folks about how they might be disappointed by this book it will have to be sufficient to say that Reilly relies at numerous points on technology [...]

  9. Action Adventure Mystery Amazing couldn t put it down Superb in its telling, an thrilling adventure With unforgettable heroes and rip roaring action.

  10. Part 3 in a four book review of Matthew Reilly s novelsContest Ice Station Temple Seven Ancient Wonders Ice Station couldn t believe it This, I believe, is Matthew s third novel, and by now he had devolved almost to the level he attained in the only other of his books that I read.But for now, let s stay with this one True to his chosen trademark, Matthew creates a plot which is so far removed from reality that it cannot seriously be considered any as a thriller Fiction does not have to be reali [...]

  11. Quite amazing story An IDOL, which is carved from a meteorite and which can be used to create a Planet Killer Super Nova a nuclear bomb.Several factions of Bad Guys who is there to retrieve the IDOL and our hero Professor William Race, a linguist who believed that he working for the good Guys, Being part of team to translate an ancient menu script written by an old monk which tells an old story and thus, leads to the location of the hidden Idol.Betrayal, Mythical Creatures, Action, and Suspense [...]

  12. SERIOUSLY Okay I love what I call adventure novels I expect some crazy absurdities when it comes to what the characters can do rope swinging, narrowly missing sword slashes, crazy animal wrestling, and the like This book was so over the top most of the time I just rolled my eyes because it was so absurd Standing on the nose of an airplane a college professor mind you , reaching to another military plane, pushes a button on the outside of said plane and opens to the hatchen jumps into said hatch [...]

  13. A re read for about the forth time because I was out of new fiction and wanted something fun and fast after finishing The Casual Vacancy.It is a better book than The Casual Vacancy No.Is it of a fun read Hell, yes As I ve noted before, Reilly s forte is airport style action novels If Stephen King is the literary equivalent of a Big Mac and Fries, Matthew Reilly is the literary equivalent of a Michael Bay Jerry Bruckheimer movie He provides heroic characters fighting impossible odds, blowing ton [...]

  14. First half of the book gone by so quickly, non stop action Loads of maneater cats and god eater spaniards And in some part, star wars weapons G 11 The tricky part of it and i dunno how I can visualize Race got away with taking out the helicopter by a rope swing well dare to understand thats how MR write his stuff and I must say is still something we learn to take from an author of this kind of action story pages I will dig in on the 2nd half of the book More blood in this one thoughwait up Race, [...]

  15. The young monk sobbed uncontrollably as the cold barrel of the gun was placed firmly against his temple From cover to cover author Matt Reilly keeps the action cranked up in his overly long novel Temple The focus of the book is a frenzied search for an Incan idol that was fashioned long ago from an asteriod Of course this is no ordinary Incan idol due to its composition, it can be used as a radioactive substitute, but without some critical side effects William Race, a professor with expertise in [...]

  16. I LOVE Matt Reilly This is his second book that I ve read and once again, I just couldn t put it down What an action packed book, that just keeps you turning the pages I also love the way I become so attached to the main character, I felt as if we ve been friends for ages and I can t help caring about what happens to him He s just such a great guy And yes, I ll admit, sometimes the action sequences are a little long, maybe even a little over the top, but I still love em I will definitely be read [...]

  17. People hate on Matthew Reilly something fierce Yes, he isn t the best writer in the world, but he doesn t have to be to do what he does he writes fast paced, actiony schlock, and it is brilliant if you expect realism or sensible plots, I think you ve wildly missed the point.Temple is possibly the most absurd and campy novel that he s written, and I still inhaled the fucking thing and loved every minute of it Lighten up or go back to your Tolkien.Read for Aussie Readers October 2013 Exotic Locati [...]

  18. This is my favourte Reilly book so far It s a big fat blockbuster of a book but I ploughed through it in a couple of days It s very edge of your seat stuff, written in a cinematic style so it feels like watching a fast paced action movie than reading a book.The story has two timelines, one set in the time of the Spanish conquest of the Incas and the other in Peru of 1999 The unlikely hero is William Race, a mild mannered, likable linguisitcs expert who, during this story, finds himself on a mis [...]

  19. Good grief, I think I m in love Matthew Reilly has done it again His books get my blood pumping and rooting for the good guys, yes, aloud Course, many may say the action in his novels are pretty far fetched but I don t care It s fiction after all and as long as I can visualize it in my mind while reading it, it s all good

  20. I usually love this kind of novels, packed with action and some history between it s pages But this book had way to manny fighting scenes and, in the end, there a lot and I mean, a lot of sides that are going after the same mysterious Idol.There are some repetive scenes in the plot, some inconsistency from what I ve read in some other comments from the readers in the whole historic background, and for some of the switching sides parts I had a little hunch from the beginning of the story.At the f [...]

  21. To preface this review, I m late to the Matthew Reilly train Temple is the first book of his I ve read I enjoyed reading Temple It s been sitting on my shelf for a while, recently been wanting to read something along the lines of Tomb Raider, Indiana Jones type adventure books that mix history with action While this did that I felt it was lacking on the temple side of the story I went into it thinking I d be reading about a team of adventurers tracking through the and negotiating the mysteries a [...]

  22. Well now it was a ride, like all MR s books this was also a crazy ride of non stop action but most of all I loved his interview at the end of the book where he wasn t even sure if he would still be read 10 years later Well MR you still rock and you will rock for years to come This book has story going on in 2 time lines and both are engaging and awesomeLoved this book, love all MR books this one was left when I finished all his books earlier This is also done now Just before this already finishe [...]

  23. What struck Race most about the carving was how alive it looked Through a combination of skilled craftsmanship and the unusual nature of the stone itself, it seemed as if the rapa had somehow been imprisoned inside the lustrous black and purple stone and was now trying manically, ferociously, rabidly to force its way out of it The stone, Race thought as he gazed at the thin veins of purple that snaked their way down the snarling rapa s face, giving it an extra level of anger and malevolence Thyr [...]

  24. Storyline Deep in the jungles of Peru, the race of the century is underway to locate a legendary Incan idol that was carved out of a strange stone which in the late 20th century could be used as the basis for a terrifying new weapon The only clue to the idol s final resting place lies in a 400 year old manuscript, and a brilliant young linguist is unwittingly recruited to translate the manuscript and to lead the US Army to a mysterious temple where the idol is hidden But it is only when they ope [...]

  25. Ok, I do enjoy action adventure stories, and I give them a lot of leeway when characters seem a little contrived or forced, for example, simply because the action is the whole real focus of books like this It s just supposed to be complete fun But Temple disappointed me For one thing, single action scenes that go on for pages and pages and pages kind of lose their excited momentum after awhile, you know And adding exclamation points to every third or fourth sentence just doesn t fan the flames i [...]

  26. How can a book define another low in thriller writing How shallow an author can go while assuming that he s actually entertaining the readers How can you create a hell lot of problems in a situation which you can not solve even in your imagination and solve it by magic I just don t know what else to say of these collection of sentences that was published as a novel Any way to get the money back As if introducing uncountable number of characters is not enough, they need to change colour and alleg [...]

  27. I have to admit that I was apprehensive about reading Matt Reilly books after I read the Scarecrow series because I didn t think it would compare and I d be dissappointt true, I loved this book ACTION ACTION ACTIONyou think its predictable and then you ll be proved wrong over and overI d say that the last line of the book sure did make you think The way Reilly writes it makes it extremely hard to find a spot to stop reading at.you really can t put the book down GREAT JOB Mr Reilly I can t to re [...]

  28. What a rush I really enjoyed this, and didn t expect to read so many pages so quickly I love the setting, and the adventure attached to mysterious lands and ancient legends The military angle is not really my thing but it s always fast action so still entertaining Everything about the temple itself and its incredible surroundings held me captivated All the insane, advanced technology seemed a bit too extreme for me at times but it was fun and I suppose not entirely far fetched with the way scien [...]

  29. This had me dreaming of an overseas holiday, because this is quintessentially an Airport Novel it has all the elements a search for lost treasure, exotic locations Peru , lots of carefully enumerated military hardware, conspiracies, Nazis, not to mention continuous, breathtaking and incredible i.e impossible to believe action Somewhat endearingly, Reilly often uses italics when describing some moment of particularly hard to believe action, as though he can hardly believe it himself Let it be sai [...]

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