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Abel S nchez Acaso la mas tragica de todas afirma Miguel de Unamuno al referirse a su novela Abel Sanchez publicada en En su centenar de paginas es posible encontrar casi todos los temas sobre los

Acaso la mas tragica de todas, afirma Miguel de Unamuno 1864 1936 al referirse a su novela Abel Sanchez, publicada en 1917 En su centenar de paginas es posible encontrar casi todos los temas sobre los que detuvo su reflexion a lo largo de su obra el conflicto interior, la multiplicidad de la personalidad, el yo y el otro, el conflicto religioso, la inmortalidad del almAcaso la mas tragica de todas, afirma Miguel de Unamuno 1864 1936 al referirse a su novela Abel Sanchez, publicada en 1917 En su centenar de paginas es posible encontrar casi todos los temas sobre los que detuvo su reflexion a lo largo de su obra el conflicto interior, la multiplicidad de la personalidad, el yo y el otro, el conflicto religioso, la inmortalidad del alma, la fama como perpetuacion del nombre, el arte frente a la ciencia, la mujer esposa madre, la soledad y el deseo de ser amado.

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  1. Miguel de Unamuno was born in the medieval centre of Bilbao, Basque Country, the son of F lix de Unamuno and Salom Jugo As a young man, he was interested in the Basque language, and competed for a teaching position in the Instituto de Bilbao, against Sabino Arana The contest was finally won by the Basque scholar Resurrecci n Mar a de Azcue.Unamuno worked in all major genres the essay, the novel, poetry and theatre, and, as a modernist, contributed greatly to dissolving the boundaries between genres There is some debate as to whether Unamuno was in fact a member of the Generation of 98 an ex post facto literary group of Spanish intellectuals and philosophers that was the creation of Jos Mart nez Ruiz a group that includes Antonio Machado, Azor n, P o Baroja, Ram n del Valle Incl n, Ramiro de Maeztu and ngel Ganivet, among others.In addition to his writing, Unamuno played an important role in the intellectual life of Spain He served as rector of the University of Salamanca for two periods from 1900 to 1924 and 1930 to 1936, during a time of great social and political upheaval Unamuno was removed from his post by the government in 1924, to the protest of other Spanish intellectuals He lived in exile until 1930, first banned to Fuerteventura Canary Islands , from where he escaped to France Unamuno returned after the fall of General Primo de Rivera s dictatorship and took up his rectorship again It is said in Salamanca that the day he returned to the University, Unamuno began his lecture by saying As we were saying yesterday as Fray Luis de Le n had done in the same place four centuries before, as though he had not been absent at all After the fall of Rivera s dictatorship, Spain embarked on its second Republic, a short lived attempt by the people of Spain to take democratic control of their own country He was a candidate for the small intellectual party Al Servicio de la Rep blica.The burgeoning Republic was eventually squashed when a military coup headed by General Francisco Franco caused the outbreak of the Spanish Civil War Having begun his literary career as an internationalist, Unamuno gradually became a convinced Spanish nationalist, feeling that Spain s essential qualities would be destroyed if influenced too much by outside forces Thus for a brief period he actually welcomed Franco s revolt as necessary to rescue Spain from radical influence However, the harsh tactics employed by the Francoists in the struggle against their republican opponents caused him to oppose both the Republic and Franco.As a result of his opposition to Franco, Unamuno was effectively removed for a second time from his University post Also, in 1936 Unamuno had a brief public quarrel with the Nationalist general Mill n Astray at the University in which he denounced both Astray and elements of the Francoist movement He called the battle cry of the rightist Falange movement Long live death repellent and suggested Astray wanted to see Spain crippled One historian notes that his address was a remarkable act of moral courage and that he risked being lynched on the spot Shortly afterwards, he was placed under house arrest, where he remained, broken hearted, until his death ten weeks later 1

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  1. Sobre Unamuno siempre he pensado muy diversas cosas y es posible que su car cter contradictorio, reflexivo e incluso contrario a mis ideas me haya llevado a apreciar su literatura y su figura como he llegado a hacerlo.Hace a os, cuando le por primera vez a Unamuno qued total y completamente encantada Literalmente De todas las novelas de Unamuno creo reconocer en Niebla la m s brillante, aunque tengo un especial apego a San Manuel.Abel S nchez, es probablemente, una de las novelas de Unamuno que [...]

  2. Ay, Joaqu n, ay, Joaqu n A pesar de que este personaje me desesperaba en algunas partes, me encari con l, lo compadec a lo largo de esta reflexiva historia con bastantes referencias b blicas, contada a trav s de tres voces la voz neutra del narrador, la voz tr gica de Joaqu n en sus Confesiones, y la voz c mica de los personajes sta es una historia que muestra la vileza del hombre, sus pecados pero por otra parte, est n tambi n sus virtudes, sus sacrificios por amor como se muestra con Antonia y [...]

  3. I could not find anything really captivating or enlightening about this text, and I do not suppose that the topic was engaging a hundred years ago To make the reader work hard to get at the core of the presented problem, a book has to offer than a vapid case study.Also, what I perceived as a mixture of fairy tale fable style with the biblical narrative got on my nerves quite quickly.I will allow though that I may have missed much of what made this book lacking the necessary Sprachgef hl and co [...]

  4. Per me primo, folgorante incontro con Unamuno Abel Sanchez , questo il titolo originale, condensa in meno di 200 scorrevolissime pagine in gran parte dialoghi la pi terrificante, sottile, appassionante riflessione sull invidia che mi sia mai capitato di leggere Un trattato filosofico in forma di romanzo, una narrazione incisa con il bisturi del patologo Anatomia dell invidia Il pi odioso e umiliante dei vizi capitali ci sta davanti aperto come un cadavere sul tavolo dell autopsia Un cadavere cal [...]

  5. Tre stelle e mezzo.Abel S nchez il romanzo dell invidia Non solo Sebastiano Gatto, che curato questa edizione e traduzione, a dirlo e non sono neanche solo io lo stesso Unamuno che lo mette nero su bianco nel prologo della seconda edizione di questo suo romanzo, tanto breve quanto intenso.Partendo dal mito di Caino e Abele, Unamuno ci accompagna in questa vivida e a tratti inquietante analisi del sentimento che contraddistingue, secondo l autore, i suoi connazionali parliamo dell invidia, che po [...]

  6. Otro m s, otro unamuno al zurr n Interesante novela, que no nivola de D Miguel Estudio del deporte, o vicio nacional, la envidia, llevada al extremo enfermizo de Joaquin Monegro Probablemente lo que le quite la cuarta estrella es precisamente la exageraci n con la que trata la obsesi n del personaje No creo que el autor buscase hacer una descripci n de caracteres, sino m s bien de la pasi n que significa la envidia El envidiado se nos presenta como un ser fr o, sin emociones Como le ocurre al po [...]

  7. Not as good as Unamuno s famous novel, Niebla, but still quite a fascinating study of human nature and jealousy Beautifully written and engaging A short, thoughtful read, if you re in the mood for it.

  8. 4,5 5No puedo sino admirar y recomendar este libro Quiz al tener unas expectativas poco altas me ha sorprendido gratamente o quiz es simplemente que este libro es una obra maestra lo que s puedo decir con seguridad es que hac a tiempo que no le a algo que me enganchara tanto He empatizado much simo con los personajes y he sufrido de primera mano lo que ellos sufr an El autor ha conseguido que viviera la angustia y desesperaci n que siente Joaqu n en su d a a d a e incluso cuando no ten a nada en [...]

  9. This book s protagonist is a study in mental health problems, and the book itself reminded me so much of Poe s writings, particularly the protagonist in The Telltale Heart The main character, Joaquin, is consumed by envy during his entire life Since the story is written in first person point of view, we get his view of his nemesis, Abel Sanchez, and we really don t know how Abel feels This plot is an allusion to the Biblical story of Cain and Abel The book is quite philosophical, and there is mu [...]

  10. The envy is so palpable in this I can t remember if it includes real journal entries from this guy, but it feels like it Really interesting read that gets deep into this man s head.

  11. 3.5 stars Interesting story but nothing special the good thing is that it s really easy and fast to read, the characters of Helena an Joaqu n are very interesting and complicated.

  12. Es la peque a obra en que el autor personifica el alma cainita de los espa oles Trata de la envidia, pecado capital de esta naci n A los cr ticos les gusta encontrar explicaciones que asienten bien con sus mundanos conocimientos, por ello hablan de vicio y no de pecado capital, se les llena la boca ver contraportada con frases que no entienden como desnudar las almas Esta es la historia de un enajenado y pose do lo dice el cap 9 llamado Joaqu n, y su enemigo de la infancia, Abel No es s lo la re [...]

  13. Abel Sanchez by Miguel de UnamunoI did not like this, but then I am not sure if I have the right name and book 6 out of 10, for the adaptation called The Other, based on God knows what workThis play has got me all confused.First of all, I do not find it.That is, I have the adaptation, which is called The Other, but when you Google for it, you find nothing of the kind What would be the original name If you have any suggestion or the proper information, please let me know.To add insult to injury, [...]

  14. Gegoten in romanvorm is dit eerder een filosofisch werk, een idee nroman Het centrale thema is de afgunst Het verhaal alsook de taal zijn aan deze denkoefening ondergeschikt Beschrijvingen ontbreken quasi volledig je weet niet wanneer, waar of in welke omgeving het verhaal zich afspeelt Ook de personages zijn geenszins uitgediept Bijna alles voltrekt zich in dialogen, zowel met andere personages als innerlijke De hoofdpersoon, Joaqu n Monegro, wordt, naar analogie met het bijbelverhaal van Ka n [...]

  15. Hmmm don t know what to say I read this book about 44 years ago and loved it It was in a senior seminar on Unamuno, a fantastic class, and the readings were great I didn t remember anything about the book except having read it, but suddenly decided to read it again Well, it just didn t do it for me this time The characters are just antip ticos, especially Joaqu n, the main character the Cain for this Abel , who just seems insane I guess this was just Unamuno s way of unfolding the rather brief s [...]

  16. Abel S nchez e Joaqu n Monegro n o se lembravam de desde quando se conheciam Eram conhecidos desde antes do princ pio, desde sua primeira inf ncia, pois suas duas amas de leite eram muito unidas e os uniam quando eles ainda nem sabiam falar Cada um deles aprendeu a se conhecer conhecendo o outro E assim viveram e se tornaram amigos desde que nasceram era quase como se fossem irm os de cria o Cap I, p 27 Por que fui t o invejoso, t o ruim Que fiz eu para ser assim Que leite mamei Era uma beberage [...]

  17. Had to re read it for my Spanish class I had already read it about 5 years ago, as a school assignment as well I was younger back in those days, but still, I got few new things from it the second time around I believe the idea of modernizing the classic bible story is a good one, the story is well written, the character of Joaquin is well developed, but yet, we failed to get to know Abel that well I wonder if this was on purpose, because at some point in the book, we get to feel sorry for Joaqui [...]

  18. Unamuno se salta sus propias reglas y nos ofrece una novela m s convencional, bien redactada especialmente los di logos , basada en una tesis de gran potencial narrativo y emocional y con unos personajes que representan unos arquetipos, unas din micas de relaci n social atemporales y, en el fondo, tan impersonales que como lector llegan a importarte poco, acabando la lectura con la sensaci n de haber sido testigo de una historia que ni te va ni te viene.

  19. Great little story about two best friends, one an artist and one a doctor, and the jealously and rivalry that consumes their lives I ll definitely be hunting down a copy of this to read again It s an easy read, reads like a parable meaning lots of dialogue, but there is a depth and complexity to this story that s worth revisiting at some point.

  20. A disturbing essay on one of the most genuinely human feelings, envy I remember feeling really uncomfortable at certain points of the book because of the events described In a nutshell, a short, entertaining and striking story.

  21. Es mucho m s f cil de entender que San Manuel Bueno, M rtir lo que obviamente lo hace una lectura m s ligera y r pida Aparte de esto, admito que me entretuvo m s que el libro anterior, sin embargo, no tanto como para darle 4 estrellas.

  22. Un libro que me entristeci much simo Me hizo pensar de la naturaleza humana, de todo que llevamos dentro y lo que demostramos afuera.

  23. I ve taught this book in 300 level intro to Spanish lit courses It s a very accessible text for students still acquiring their language skills.

  24. Simplemente la manera en la que comunica la b squeda constante de inmortalidad por parte del hombre, con el fin de trascender, es lo que compone a este fascinante libro.

  25. Envy is the desire, the longing for what is lacking, be missing the neurosis from which we all suffer And Joaqu n is a hyped portrait of envy exists in the OTHER

  26. Describe una caracter stica dominante en muchos aspectos de la vida en nuestra sociedad la envidia Genialmente retratada por Miguel de Unamuno.

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