The Einstein Intersection

The Einstein Intersection The surface story tells of the problems a member of an alien race Lo Lobey has assimilating the mythology of earth where his kind have settled among the leftover artifacts of humanity The deeper ta

The surface story tells of the problems a member of an alien race, Lo Lobey, has assimilating the mythology of earth, where his kind have settled among the leftover artifacts of humanity The deeper tale concerns, however, the way those who are different must deal with the dominant cultural ideology The tale follows Lobey s mythic quest for his lost love, Friza In lumiThe surface story tells of the problems a member of an alien race, Lo Lobey, has assimilating the mythology of earth, where his kind have settled among the leftover artifacts of humanity The deeper tale concerns, however, the way those who are different must deal with the dominant cultural ideology The tale follows Lobey s mythic quest for his lost love, Friza In luminous and hallucinated language, it explores what new myths might emerge from the detritus of the human world as those who are different try to seize history and the day.

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The Einstein Intersection

  1. Samuel Ray Delany, also known as Chip, is an award winning American science fiction author He was born to a prominent black family on April 1, 1942, and raised in Harlem His mother, Margaret Carey Boyd Delany, was a library clerk in the New York Public Library system His father, Samuel Ray Delany, Senior, ran a successful Harlem undertaking establishment, Levy Delany Funeral Home, on 7th Avenue, between 1938 and his death in 1960 The family lived in the top two floors of the three story private house between five and six story Harlem apartment buildings Delany s aunts were Sadie and Bessie Delany Delany used some of their adventures as the basis for the adventures of his characters Elsie and Corry in the opening novella Atlantis Model 1924 in his book of largely autobiographical stories Atlantis Three Tales.Delany attended the Dalton School and the Bronx High School of Science, during which he was selected to attend Camp Rising Sun, the Louis August Jonas Foundation s international summer scholarship program Delany and poet Marilyn Hacker met in high school, and were married in 1961 Their marriage lasted nineteen years They had a daughter, Iva Hacker Delany b 1974 , who spent a decade working in theater in New York City.Delany was a published science fiction author by the age of 20 He published nine well regarded science fiction novels between 1962 and 1968, as well as several prize winning short stories collected in Driftglass 1971 and recently in Aye, and Gomorrah, and other stories 2002 His eleventh and most popular novel, Dhalgren, was published in 1975 His main literary project through the late 1970s and 1980s was the Return to Nev r on series, the overall title of the four volumes and also the title of the fourth and final book.Delany has published several autobiographical semi autobiographical accounts of his life as a black, gay, and highly dyslexic writer, including his Hugo award winning autobiography, The Motion of Light in Water.Since 1988, Delany has been a professor at several universities This includes eleven years as a professor of comparative literature at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, a year and a half as an English professor at the University at Buffalo He then moved to the English Department of Temple University in 2001, where he has been teaching since He has had several visiting guest professorships before and during these same years He has also published several books of criticism, interviews, and essays In one of his non fiction books, Times Square Red, Times Square Blue 1999 , he draws on personal experience to examine the relationship between the effort to redevelop Times Square and the public sex lives of working class men, gay and straight, in New York City.In 2007, Delany was the subject of a documentary film, The Polymath, or, The Life and Opinions of Samuel R Delany, Gentleman The film debuted on April 25 at the 2007 Tribeca Film Festival.

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  1. Samuel R Delany scifi master, queer black boundary crosser, critic and outsider, beloved cult figure, college professor, poet, genius.i had a hard time with this one at first, and gave up about a third of the way in i didn t understand what was happening and i resented the novel it confused and frustrated me but then i rallied, mainly due to a flash of shame at thinking that i needed my novels to be spoon fed to me, with traditional narratives, easy answers and easily digested themes, familiar c [...]

  2. I would be a liar if I said I could map out the plot to this novel in any kind of linear fashion One read through is definitely not enough So, is it even permissible to give the book my highest rating when I cannot, admittedly, lay the plot out in a plain diagram for you Oh, heck yes This book will play tricks with your mind, no doubt But if you enjoy strange dreams that hold their own internal logic unexplainable in the waking world, but somehow making perfect sense to your sleeping self you mi [...]

  3. I had never read any Samuel R Delany before, so I wasn t sure what to expect And I don t think I was expecting this lyrical, mythical, entrancing science fiction Delany weaves together new and old myths into a science fiction story about a race living in the ruins humans left behind, trying on their lives and living out their stories until they work through them and can finally move on to their own.Note The rest of this review has been withdrawn due to the changes in policy and enforcement You c [...]

  4. The Einstein Intersection New Wave SF with style but story lacks disciplineOriginally posted at Fantasy LiteratureIt doesn t get any New Wave SF than this very slim 1968 Nebula winning novel 157 pages , and it s hard to imagine anything like this being written today It s a mythical retelling of the Orpheus and Eurydice story in a far future Earth populated by the mutated remnants of humanity Being a Delany book, the writing is disjointed, jazzy, lyrical, playful, and tantalizing The surface eve [...]

  5. As morning branded the sea, darkness fell away at the far side of the beach I turned to follow it So ends The Einstein Intersection My own interest in Delany may be terminated as well The novel began as Orpheus and became Red River and ended as David Copperfield All that without Walter Brennan Delany lards his fiction with ideas, with theory Unfortunately he can t stop acknowledging that A future grimdark place where the humans have left Mutants remain, clinging to our myths This novel appeared [...]

  6. Dude I was about 3 chapters into this book and some guy flat out stole this book from me.Nastyguy Do you mind if I read this Me Yes, I m reading it Nastyguy Can I take a look at it at least Me Ummm, okay But I m in the middle of it, so don t leave with it Nastyguy Okay About 2 hours later, after Nastyguy leaves Me searching all over Did anybody see the book I was reading Sister I think I saw Nastyguy leaving with it He said you let him borrow it.Me Awwwh, % It must be so good it makes people ste [...]

  7. if neil stephenson wrote this book, it d be 157,000,000 pages long delany does it as a novella and somehow it contains the whole world.i wish they d let him keep the original title, though a fabulous, formless darkness was much better.

  8. This is the only book by Delany that I ve ever cared for I love it He blends SF mythology, a post apocalyptic world filled with wonders monsters Our hero journeys through this world, discovering about it, himself the human race He shows mankind s greatest failures achievements through the eyes of something else A very interesting read re read.I read it again although the words are very familiar after all these years, still they move me in different ways make me think of different things Certain [...]

  9. This is a really short book and I didn t really care for it, so I m forgoing my usual format to just include a few words.I ve never read anything by Mr Delany before, and if this is an indication of his work, I likely won t read anything else.My understanding however is that this is one of his earlier works, so maybe I ll like his later works better.This was the January 2014 pick for Sword Laser and I ve had pretty good luck with the Sci Fi picks in 2013, sadly the trend hasn t continued to kick [...]

  10. Psychedelic 60s SF version of the Orpheus and Eurydice myth, quite nicely done The Orpheus character is sympathetic and well realized, as is his demonic opponent, Kid Death Eurydice is suitably beautiful, tragic and mysterious, but doesn t have much of a personality Not a serious problem, however, since she s dead for most of the book.

  11. Interesantna postavka, veoma lepa proza na momente i sa finim ritmom price Ali na zalost meni je sve ovo bilo dosta konfuzno i priznajem da na kraju polovinu stvari najverovatnije nisam skapirao Ako sam uopste nesto skapirao PMoracu kasnije jos jednom da procitam pa mozda bude drugacija ocena.

  12. Kako dosad nisam uo za Samuela R Delanyja itao sam Sirijuse, Future, poneki roto sf roman, pa ak i Politikin Zabavnik odakle se i danas sje am dvije pri e, jedna o tome kako pakao mo e biti i previ e dobre stvari, gdje glavni lik do vjeke vjekova mora gledati svoj omiljeni film sa Jane Fondom, i druga o prljavoj masnoj krpi koja je stojala dugo iza radijatora i onda o ivjela, ta me se pri a toliko dojmila da sam odmah potom pospremio sobu.Gaiman u odli nom predgovoru ka e da je autor roman htio [...]

  13. Hyper intelligent and cryptic Some readers compare it to a Roger Zelazny novel, but it reminds me of Gene Wolfe or Viriconium Delany explicitly states throughout the novel that myth exists to tell us basic truths that are unutterable otherwise Very well, what are the unutterable truths he is expressing in this book SpoilersWHAT I THINK I JUST READLo Lobey is a descendent of aliens who took over the vacant bodies of humans Several generations prior, humans used technology based on Godel s theore [...]

  14. Lobey is a herder in a small village Although they live a simple life, they live atop the ruins of a maze of tunnels filled with abandoned computers Further, it seems that radiation and limited genetic diversity create so many mutations that the villagers hardly look human Still, it s a quiet life He and his childhood friend, Friza, are finally becoming romantic with each other when she apruptly, inexplicably, dies Unwilling to accept her death, Lobey ventures outside his village and finds that [...]

  15. Razmontirani Orfej na Delanijev na in uz primjesu Isusa, Sotone i izdajice Jude Vrlo neobi no tivo, zahtjevno do krajnjih granica Toliko kompleksno da sam nekoliko puta vra ao poglavlja i mr tio se ne bih li uhvatio niti Stra no je kako se stilski razlikuje od bilo koje SF knjige koju ste pro itali, opije vas i udavi ve nakon prvog paragrafa, ali oni strpljiviji a rekao bih i na itaniji i svakako nije za po etnike e u ivati i na kraju dobiti zaslu enu nagradu Uklapa sve poznate religiozne motive [...]

  16. I give some Samuel Delany books 4 stars where I would give someone else 5, but only to be able to distinguish the whole nother plane ones like the einstein intersection, which gets its eerie effect by literalizing the impression that one s culture and language sometimes feel as though they might be a strange dead shell left by another people in another place it uses that classic scifi trick that, in this alien world that humans colonized, the thing we refer to as a dog may turn out have spines t [...]

  17. I don t know what to say about this book It very obviously wasn t for me It was obtuse It regularly put me to sleep, even though it was only 130 pages long The best part of the book was the introduction written by Neil Gaiman, and even then.I felt like he set the book up to fail Because what he painted was not what this book was It was myth, metaphor, an attempt at telling a story but telling it in a way that was purposely confusing I dunno, I guess I m not smart enough to get it I recognized cl [...]

  18. When this was the first Sword and Laser pick of the year, I was thrilled After all, one of my 2014 reading goals was to finally read Delany I m not sure what to think of this particular book as an introduction to his work I think I need this book to be a graphic novel It is brief, just over 150 pages in my edition, but is chock full of ideas At first they seemed random but as the parts of the story filled in toward the end, they became obviously intentional I m certain Delany knows than I do, [...]

  19. shrug Maybe Jenny would understand this novella UPDATE This guy seems to understand it yellowedandcreased.wordpress.c

  20. Fall 1965 through Spring 1966 was a significant period for Samuel Delany The gripping but somewhat limited The Ballad of Beta 2 had just come out In September 1965 he finished writing Babel 17 Empire Star, which would win him his first Nebula, and first major award, when published the following year Babel 17 remains possibly his greatest achievement pre Dhalgren, but the work immediately following it were on a similar level He spent the rest of September writing two novellas, the fantastic The S [...]

  21. I m not sure what to say about this book It s one of those stories that, having read it, I know has changed me But changed me how That I do not know I am different from having read this story that s actually quite an ironic statement, you ll get, if you read it This is a very short story Just 143 very short pages It doesn t take much time at all to finish But again, I know there s far than 143 short pages of meaning lying here I might just start to understand what this book is saying and doing [...]

  22. Delany s off kilter semi poetic examination of myth and its uses, using Orpheus as the main pattern, set in a post apocalyptic view spoiler actually, as it turns out, post human too hide spoiler Earth Delany s fascination with the subject is clear, the atmosphere is unique, and some passages are beautiful, but sometimes it wavers between too slipperly allusive and too on the nose here s what this symbolizes For instance, view spoiler I liked the mutant minotaur in the underground cavern maze , b [...]

  23. 3.5 to 4.0 stars Nominee Hugo Award for Best Science Fiction Novel 1968 Winner Nebula Award for Best Science Fiction Novel 1968

  24. Almost surreal at times, this reworking of Orpheus and Theseus narratives is set on Earth after humans have moved along elsewhere dead gone no idea and some other wierdos have taken over It has the normal far future dying earth conventions chatty old cryptic computers still running, mutants everywhere, decayed urbanicity, radiation, pastiche of surviving mass culture, c.Novel is structured by Foucault s political dream of a pure community, embodied by the leper colony non functionals, idiots, mo [...]

  25. Hmmm this book reminds me of Orson Scott Card s analysis of James Joyce s Ulysses pretentious twaddle which can only be understood with the magic decoder ring which Joyce thoughtfully provided to friends, and which they passed on to the professors when we finish learning how to read and understand Ulysses, most of us realize that it s twaddle Whatever insights into the human condition James Joyce had to offer were trivial compared to the labor of receiving them Now I don t want to say that about [...]

  26. Delany wrote this brainfood with humanistic background in 1965 So, there are clumsy computers, 33 and 45 records, there are Beatles, Bob Dylan references etc But the archaic touch doesn t matter at all the concepts are important, here Probably, this isn t for one who doesn t know Orpheus and Eurydice It s fun having a nearby to search all the catchwords So, it will be a slow read and second read might bring even new dimensions of insights though I won t re read it References to Einstein s and G [...]

  27. Delany is totally fascinating His hallucinogenic style, his obsession with orgies, his anti transitions, which make you think you must have gotten knocked out for at least a few secondsfascinating But I think it s difficult to say how good he really is Yes, he expresses such deep ideas in such beautiful language, but what does this mean Do I like him because he is actually legitimately good or because his writing makes me feel all fuzzy inside, like the world finally makes sense It doesn t matte [...]

  28. Sorry, but I just don t get this book at all.It seems to have been writen during that weird 60s psychedelic period, when spouting nonsense was in fashion I haven t the foggiest why this book is so feted the plot sic goes no where, and you find yourself completely disinterested in the fate of Lobby the book s central character.I haven t quite reached the end yet, about another twenty pages to go, and to be honest the only reason I am bothering to finish it, is because it is such a short book.The [...]

  29. The Einstein Intersection is remarkably compressed and densely patterned with allusive imagery Earth has lost its humans how is never made clear and their corporeal form has been taken on by a race of Aliens who in an attempt to make coherent sense of the human artifacts among which they live take on human traditions too Avatars of Ringo Starr, Billy the Kid and Christ appear the hero a black musician who plays tunes on his murderous machete is Orpheus and Theseus The book is a tour de force tho [...]

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