East Wind: West Wind

East Wind West Wind East Wind West Wind is told from the eyes of a traditional Chinese girl Kwei lan married to a Chinese medical doctor educated abroad The story follows Kwei lan as she begins to accept different poi

East Wind West Wind is told from the eyes of a traditional Chinese girl, Kwei lan, married to a Chinese medical doctor, educated abroad The story follows Kwei lan as she begins to accept different points of view from the western world, and re discovers her sense of self through this coming of age narrative.

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East Wind: West Wind

  1. Pearl Sydenstricker Buck was a bestselling and Nobel Prize winning author Her classic novel The Good Earth 1931 was awarded a Pulitzer Prize and William Dean Howells Medal Born in Hillsboro, West Virginia, Buck was the daughter of missionaries and spent much of the first half of her life in China, where many of her books are set In 1934, civil unrest in China forced Buck back to the United States Throughout her life she worked in support of civil and women s rights, and established Welcome House, the first international, interracial adoption agency In addition to her highly acclaimed novels, Buck wrote two memoirs and biographies of both of her parents For her body of work, Buck was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1938, the first American woman to have done so She died in Vermont.

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  1. Me ha gustado bastante este libro Es mi primer acercamiento a la autora, y considero que nos acerca, de forma muy sencilla, a las tradiciones y cultura chinas En este libro en concreto, se centra en el choque entre las tradiciones cl sicas del pa s con la cultura occidental Todo desde el punto de vista de la protagonista, educada por su madre para ser la mujer perfecta, pero que se encuentra con un marido con ideas totalmente nuevas.Muy f cil de leer Con ganas de seguir con la escritora

  2. Me he iniciado con Buck con nota Ha sido un viaje interesant simo sobre el choque se culturas El mensaje del libro nos habla de hermanarnos todos, sin importar nuestras diferencias, abandonando las tradiciones anticuadas que siempre separan, nunca unen Un gran viaje.

  3. Cuando los vientos del este se mezclan con los vientos del oeste se produce un hurac n y as sucede en la vida de una joven china, criada en un entorno tradicional y ancestral, cuando se casa con un joven educado en EEUU Todo lo que la han ense ado ya no sirve de nada su mente se abre a nuevas formas de pensar, a nuevas costumbres, los tiempos han cambiado , pero inevitablemente queda un resquicio de ese viento oriental que siempre ha soplado en su vida El choque de dos civilizaciones, la forma e [...]

  4. East Wind, West Wind originally titled Winds of Heaven was Pearl S Buck s first novel published in the United States in 1930 Though it had gone through many earlier rejections, the acceptance to publish eventually came down to one final vote by Richard Walsh, the president of the publishing company and who would become Pearl s second husband He later revealed that he decided to publish it, not because he liked it, but because he thought her capable of something better The story is told from the [...]

  5. Divan roman nobelovke Pearl Buck koji se bavi ivotom i obi ajima u Kini Roman prati tradicionalno odgojenu Kineskinju i Kineza kolovanog na zapadu i njihov neobi an brak On po inje sa Ove stvari mogu da pri am samo tebi, Sestro Moja Ovako ne bih mogla da govorim ak ni nekoj osobi iz mog sopstvenog naroda Naratorka nam se sve vrijeme obra a za Sestro Moja i povjerava nam detalje iz svog ivota nakon udaje, pa roman zbog toga pomalo podsje a na dnevnik To mi se veoma dopalo jer osje am da smo se Kv [...]

  6. En primer lugar, quiero dar las gracias a la Biblioteca de Lisbeth por hablar de este libro en su canal,porque estoy segura que sino no habr a le do este libro Es un libro que lo sientes y te sumerges en l desde la p gina uno, conoces tradiciones chinas, y como influyen en las mujeres y en los hombres, el papel de la mujer china Adem s, nos refleja el contraste de la tradici n con la modernidad, como afecta a los implicados en esa situaci n, como cada personaje va evolucionando seg n sus decisio [...]

  7. A few years ago my brother and I took a road trip to Hillsboro, West Virginia to see Pearl S Buck s childhood home I had read A Good Earth and had loved it, and I thoroughly enjoy going to author s homes When we got back home there was a message from my boss at the time on my answering machine asking why I wasn t at work that day Somehow I had read the schedule wrong and my brother and I took our trip on a day I was actually scheduled to work For the first and only time to date I received a writ [...]

  8. Es un libro f cil de leer aunque su literatura no es com n, pero se entiende muy bien En cuanto al tema he de decir que se aprende mucho de la cultura china.

  9. Wow, I really liked this book It was about a very traditional Chinese family in the forties I think who faces for the first time the effects of their sons going off to America to become educated and coming back quite changed This effects each member of their complicated families differently I was so moved at times I was reaching for the tissues all night and all this morning It s a very simple prose that even a Jr High level reader could read, but I suspect different generations would have very [...]

  10. C est toujours difficile de donner un avis clair sur un coup de coeur Et l vraiment, c en est un sans l ombre d un doute En 2018, l heure o tout est la mondialisation et o les cultures ont tendance se fondre les unes dans les autres, on ne s imagine pas qu il y a un si cle, la rencontre avec l Orient et l Occident a pu tre extr mement violente C est ce que ce livre raconte, le choc entre la vieille Chine p trie de traditions et de superstitions et la jeune et frivole Am rique Dans cette Chine du [...]

  11. C mo me ha gustado este libro Es la segunda obra que leo de la autora y, la verdad, es que me siento muy unida a ella Me est fascinando su forma de hacerse existir sobre el papel Escribo en presente porque los hacedores de historias no son fragmentos de un per odo de tiempo.

  12. Inilah novel pertama yang dibuat oleh Pearl S Buck ketika ia berumur duapuluhtahun Bercerita tentang seorang wanita Cina yang bernama Kwei Lan Kweilan menceritakan kisah hidupnya kepada seseorang yang disebut dalam buku ini saudari Tidak diketahui siapa nama saudarinya itu sesungguhnya, namun dapat diduga bahwa saudari yang dimaksud adalah seseorang yang juga tinggal di Cina.Kwei Lan hidup dalam adat istiadat Cina Kuno Ibunya mengajarinya bagaimana nantinya harus melayani suami dan mertua, terma [...]

  13. Recently, a retired professor I know gave me a ton of her old books that she had Among the books were probably at least five by Pearl S Buck Because I had never read anything by Buck before, I decided to pick out the shortest one of the books of I received Honestly, after reading James Bradley s The China Mirage, which singles out Buck and her novels as creating a delusional, pro Western image of China and the Chinese, I didn t have high expectations for Buck Judging from this one book, Bradley [...]

  14. katanya ini novel pertamanya Pearl S.Buck, tipis banget sebel , ceritanya tentang Kwei Lan gadis china yang masih memegang teguh tradisi, trus dinikahkan dengan tunangannya sejak kecil, laki laki lulusan sekolah amerika dokter.jadilah banyak beda pandangan, seperti Kwei Lan nganggap kakinya yang diikat itu bagus, sementara suaminya nganggap kaki seperti itu jelek dan ga bagus buat kesehatan Shocklah Kwei Lan udah mulai bisa menyesuaikan diri dengan suaminya, ada lagi masalah, kakak laki lakinya [...]

  15. East Wind West Wind is a charming story of a woman who learns to appreciate the good from each of two very different cultures Kwei lan was raised to be a traditional Chinese woman Feet bound and head bowed, she is prepared to submit to her new husband in all things Then he tells her that she is his equal, that he wants her to educate herself and to unbind her feet She begins to incorporate his Western philosophy into her Eastern traditions, and blends for herself a unique way of life Though she [...]

  16. I have the desire to read all Pearl S Buck s books All the conflicts between modern world and traditional China must have written by her, or at least, touched by her Filial duty, superstitious believes, and so on This book was written in 1930s in Nanjing, a far away time for us now Cannot imagine the world then But what we have now are still or less the same I felt hope for what she proposed in the book, the hope of the great union between two races, with such an difference could two people lov [...]

  17. I read this book when I was in secondary school and love the simple story told first hand through the eyes of the female lead it is as if I was indeed her little sister as she tells the reader how she copes with her husband s western ways and eventually how it led to a loving marriage a wonderful book that can be read upteen times its time to reread again when the holidays come.

  18. Que dif cil debi ser para la generaci n de la madre de la protagonista ver como sus costumbres r pidamente se desvanec an, que sus hijos al estudiar en el extranjero y modernizarse ya no cre an y llamaban supersticiones a lo que ellos conoc an como sus verdades S , muchas de esas tradiciones ahora nos suenan tan absurdas y alocadas pero era lo que ellos conoc an por generaciones, est bien que esas tradiciones inhumanas como la de atar los pies de las mujeres desaparecieran algo horroroso que me [...]

  19. Debo decir que me llev una grata sorpresa con este libro puesto que me atrap a n cuando cre que tal vez no lo har a Me parece interesante la postura asumida por Buck, puesto que no siempre se puede dar a conocer la realidad desde una perspectiva distinta a la propia y el conflicto no solo generacional sino racial descrito por la autora, genera un cuestionamiento con respecto a todo aquello que nos hace diferentes o similares al otro Siento bastante curiosidad por leer mucho m s de esta perla lit [...]

  20. De forma narrativamente simple pero efectiva, Pearl S Buck ofrece una visi n desde dentro de no solo un conflicto cultural oriente occidente, sino tambi n del conflicto generacional extrapolable a cualquier sociedad La novela combina momentos con todo tipo de emoci n, pero en general deja un buen sabor de boca, precisamente por lo que quiz s es lo m s discutible de esta obra que la felicidad pasa por adoptar lo nuevo, que en el caso de la novela corresponde con una occidentalizaci n que, en el f [...]

  21. Sublime de douceur et de po sie On en apprend beaucoup sur les coutumes chinoises Vraiment passionnant

  22. Kwei lan has been raised rigidly within the centuries old customs of the Middle Kingdom the separation of the male and female worlds, marriages arranged at birth, the rigid etiquette, the bound feet, concubinage etc.The man who is about to become her husband, a doctor, has been educated abroad and been thoroughly Westernised by the experience All of Kwei lan s ideas about the role of a wife are about to be challenged, for better or worse.This is a plainly written novel with a narrative which is [...]

  23. Beautiful one Dan setelah ini semoga saya berjodoh dengan buku Pearl S Buck lainnya Yang menarik ketika saya membaca novel ini adalah saya lupa bawah penulisnya adalah bukan orang Cina asli Cara berceritanya, bagaimana Kwei Lan karakter tokoh utamanya berbicara, sungguh membuat saya larut merasakan bahwa dia adalah perempuan yang dibasarkan dalam adat istiadat kuno Yah, tidak heran juga sih, mengingat penulisnya memang besar di Cina Sungguh menarik sebetulnya tentang bagaimana perempuan perempua [...]

  24. Pearl S Buck pas los primeros cuarenta a os de su vida en China Sus profundos conocimientos de la cultura oriental, que plasm en numerosos escritos, abrieron los ojos a cientos de miles de occidentales que permanec an dormidos a la luz que emite la sabidur a china En teor a, al menos En la pr ctica, yo tengo mis dudas.Mi dilema no es sobre la experiencia de Pearl S Buck en el pa s asi tico No dudo de su veracidad Su relato es cre ble Lo que me inquieta es que yo no he percibido un nico tono en l [...]

  25. A beautiful short little novel by Pearl Buck This is a great one to start with, and would be a fantastic book for young adults too The themes of east vs west are a little overt in this novel, but it is still so compellingly written, so much so that I read it in one sitting I kept thinking that I would wish it to be longer, but when I got to the end, it felt like the perfect length Unlike her other novels, this one deals with just a small part of one family s life, instead of generations and thei [...]

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