Blasted Blasted is Sarah Kane s first full length play which opened in and was the sensation of that year s theatre season making front page headlines and outraging some critics who thought her premise

Blasted is Sarah Kane s first full length play which opened in 1995 and was the sensation of that year s theatre season, making front page headlines and outraging some critics who thought her premise that there was a connection between a rape in a Leeds hotel room and the hellish devastation of civil war was simply an attempt to shock audiences The questions raised in thBlasted is Sarah Kane s first full length play which opened in 1995 and was the sensation of that year s theatre season, making front page headlines and outraging some critics who thought her premise that there was a connection between a rape in a Leeds hotel room and the hellish devastation of civil war was simply an attempt to shock audiences The questions raised in this play about violence are at the heart of Kane s writing.

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  1. Sarah Kane was an English playwright Her plays deal with themes of redemptive love, sexual desire, pain, torture both physical and psychological and death They are characterised by a poetic intensity, pared down language, exploration of theatrical form, and, in her earlier work, the use of stylized violent stage action Kane s life was brought to a premature end when she committed suicide at London s King s College Hospital Her published work consists of five plays and one short film, Skin.

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  1. I chose not to give a rating to this play because it is not something you can just simply hate or like True, I never want to see this being performed on stage because I don t think I would be able to stand it but at the same time, it is so raw that the message it imparts will have you thinking hours after you are done reading it This play will haunt you long after you have read it This is not something that I would have if I hadn t had for school but now that I have, I don t regret it I don t kn [...]

  2. Sarah Kane considerada por muitos como uma das maiores dramaturgas dos finais do s c.XX, embora isso n o lhe retire o epit fio de depressiva e esquizofrenica N o andam longe da verdade enforcou se aos 28 anos ap s v rias tentativas de suic dio falhadas e o seu desequil brio evidente nas pe as que escreveu Mas isto sou eu que digoH pouco tempo li um texto retirado duma das suas pe as que me emocionou como poucos escritos o fizeram e me levou literalmente s l grimas Curiosamente, essa pe a ainda e [...]

  3. Before reading Blasted, I had heard so much about Sarah Kane and how controversial a writer she was with subject matters that ranged from male rape to cannibalism Kane is often described as one of the most shocking, brutally honest and yet important playwrights of her generation possibly, even of all time so suffice to say, I was intrigued The story follows Ian, a middle aged, xenophobic, journalist who is obsessively in love with Cate, a shy and mentally fragile younger woman who has to resist [...]

  4. I wrote a research paper on this for class.Sarah Kane simply shocks her audience and doesn t shy away from society s norms and expectations In today s words, Sarah Kane has some major balls.In my own preference I wouldn t enjoy this as a light or fun read, it s of an eye opener that makes you gasp and wince at certain points The details are brutal and obscene It s so gory it will perplex your mind and force it to react.Just read it I have no to say.

  5. I used to work in the library of a certain prestigious drama school One of the acting students told me about this play and I picked it up during my lunch break I can still remember the paralysing horror I felt at that one particular scene my mouth literally dropped open and I had to put the book down for a spell to wrap my head around what I d just read Relentlessly brutal, ugly, and confronting it s a satire, right It s a satire, just like American Psycho Except not really, because what is war [...]

  6. I CAN SHOCK YOU That s very nice, Ms Kane Would you care to do anything meaningful with that shock I CAN SHOCK YOU No Then you re really not offering anything we couldn t find in Two Girls One Cup, are you

  7. Perhaps what s most surprising, now, in the era of Trump, in which almost no new atrocity surprises any , is how potently subversive Kane s 22 year old play is, and how it can still shock In truth, there is nothing in it that wouldn t have been at home at the Grand Guignol 120 years ago onstage rape.k eating eyeballs and other acts of cannibalism check But somehow all of this seems even at home when the looming threat of nuclear annihilation and a world gone mad are not so far off Sad.

  8. Oh man, Sarah Kane Oh man I am really sorry you are dead because you were a brilliant writer, but I m kind of glad I don t have to read than five of your plays, because Blasted just made me very nearly sick.Post apocalyptic, in a way But, unfortunately, quite fathomable as a vision of what might happen in a nation taken over by terrorists And I m not talking Al Quida or anything that we are warned about by politicians And probably nothing that could actually happen in the Western world More lik [...]

  9. Another of Sarah Kane s plays, her first full length play written In spite of enjoying it a lot, I cannot deny that there is a huge difference between this one and her later works, like Crave and 4.48 Psychosis.I this gore story, we are introduced to Ian, Cate and a hotel room Despite the civil war going on outside, the struggle inside the room is equally intense Rape, racism and violence take place in this desolated story of this controversial writer The innocence and shyness of Cate are soon c [...]

  10. It s one of those plays which you can t really love but you can t really hate It s a scary view into a could be post apocalyptic world The scary part is how realistic it sounds Of course you have to look past all the shocking and vulgar scenes, but the concepts and the symbolism behind all the weirdness is actually something that could exist in our future Definitely not something I would pick up just on a whim it takes a lot of thinking to get through this play, even though it s so incredibly sh [...]

  11. This needs to have the biggest trigger warning ever on it rape, violence, cannibalism, general verbal physical emotional violence No idea how to rate it in all honesty, but I get what Kane is going for here It s a disgusting yet compelling play about war, humanity, rape culture, and men at their absolute worst Not to mention how we can focus on the things in our own backyard and the things that seem the most possible to happen to us, while ignoring atrocities that we can write off as someone els [...]

  12. Ian masturbating.Ian cunt cunt cunt cunt cunt cunt cunt cunt cunt cunt cuntDarkness.Light.Ian strangling himself with his bare hands.Darkness.Light.Ian shitting.

  13. What a disturbing play It is so powerful though I know Kane s style is part of in yer face theatre , and now I fully understand the term.Should come with a trigger warning for rape, cannibalism and violence.

  14. Very minimalist dialogue not really my cup of tea, but it is short enough to read like a poem It touches on several themes, but I think the main theme is the connection between rape and war One aspect of this connection is revenge, both a sort og karmic revenge, and a directly related to the characters However, revenge becomes trivial and complicated at the same time in the context of war on one side misery is universal, and on the other side people have nothing if not each other and need to co [...]

  15. This play was on my post contemporary reading list at my first year at university alongside with 1984, Sexing The Cherry and V for Vendetta Honestly I had never heard of Sarah Kane nor this play Blasted, I thought nothing of it During the lecture before we began to study this postmodern masterpiece, my lecture warned us of it s dramatic and upsetting nature with a note that if we felt uncomfortable with any of the topics brought up by this play we could excuse ourselves from the lecture Of cours [...]

  16. This play should come with the biggest trigger warning ever slapped across the front page Kane is trying to make a point about the connections between individual violence emotional, physical, and sexual and violence on a larger scale war However, the play is so filled with violence itself that it is overpowering, and extremely re traumatizing Her point gets lost in the countless scenes of gruesome violence and assault This play did not motivate me as a reader to actually change the violent world [...]

  17. Despite this play being very centred on the extremes of violence and being scorned and given negative feedback , I found it beyond what some critics argued around it s publication in 1995 Disgusting Feast of Filth James Tinker, Daily Mail reviewed and yes to a certain degree I see what he means because Kane clearly intended to convey a powerful message with the use of presenting pure violence onstage in order to truly shock the audience and force them to perceive what the horrors of war were lik [...]

  18. A star rating isn t something I desire to give this play.The first of Sarah Kane s 5 plays in her short life, this is a three part challenge to theater as it was and remains a piece of art that can shock us A great discussion piece on the purpose of violence on stage, and what it means to pull and push and audience and to what end I still find it a strong response to our lack of concern for the violence right next door to us in Kane s case, the genocide and mass rape in the former Yugoslavia Tod [...]

  19. Strong, audacious writing Sarah Kane was never a writer to avoid uncomfortable topics, and Blasted is certainly no exception Racism, masturbation, sodomy, rape, and cannibalism all make appearances in the course of the play, which follows the cantankerous Ian and deeply sensitive Cate as they hide out in a hotel room as an undefined civil war rages outside.It s a divisive play, to be sure The frank and unapologetic nature of Kane s writing, especially as it relates to moments of intense violence [...]

  20. When the world is turned inside out by trauma, there rises a terrible grave for buried feelings Figures warp and one s outlook on external life is also cast by the sinister half light of an apocalyptic horror show, gleaming with the all too ready tranfusion by eager donors with vampiric intentions And as we once again close the blinds upon this play, may we never meet again what an insane rage populated into a new human a stranger burying a body in our very own gardena spectre we once trusteda s [...]

  21. Maybe Sarah Kane just isn t my cup of tea While showcasing a marvelous theatrical imagination and gruesome images juxstapositions that make one ask, What the hell is going on here in a good way , I just felt beaten over the head by the play s meesage My tastes tend to run subtle than Ms Kane s work, so when her story doesn t add up to much than a polemical end, I appreciate her passion than her storytelling Just one gal s opinion.

  22. Just a monotonous shopping list of atrocities and wannabe shocking provocations Furnished with empty vessels that can barely be called characters who are inconsistently written, unlikeable, and emotionally vapid , this play amounts to not much than 60 pages of blargh.

  23. Nowhere near ready to rate this now, or possibly ever, I don t know Read it on the bus this morning happy birthday to me, indeed and have been thinking about it all day, when I could stand it.

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