Love Of all his books Love was Stendhal s favorite Written at a critical time in his life when his own love had been rejected the book is a thinly disguised picture of the author s innermost feelings Tho

Of all his books, Love was Stendhal s favorite Written at a critical time in his life when his own love had been rejected, the book is a thinly disguised picture of the author s innermost feelings Though it ranges over a wide variety of topics from courtly love to the emancipation of women, central to the book is Stendhal s account of love an intense, romantic and geneOf all his books, Love was Stendhal s favorite Written at a critical time in his life when his own love had been rejected, the book is a thinly disguised picture of the author s innermost feelings Though it ranges over a wide variety of topics from courtly love to the emancipation of women, central to the book is Stendhal s account of love an intense, romantic and generally unrequited love.

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    Henri Marie Beyle, better known by his pen name Stendhal , was a 19th century French writer Known for his acute analysis of his characters psychology, he is considered one of the earliest and foremost practitioners of realism in his two novels Le Rouge et le Noir The Red and the Black, 1830 and La Chartreuse de Parme The Charterhouse of Parma, 1839.

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  1. At first I really loved Stendhal s essays on Love His theory is that the pains of love are necessary in order to crystallize the object of one s love, which basically is a process of transcendence from the real to the ideal, a state which is necessary in real, passionate love Further, Stendhal dissects love into a number of classifications which range the gambit from passionate romantic love to egotistic physical love to mannered love, etc It is these meandering discussions of love, what it is a [...]

  2. Stendhal exorcised his unrequited love for a Milanesebeauty w this philosophical buffet chaud Does he grumpor whine He s too civilized He offers no practical lessonsbut rather extravagant literary exercises With his awarenessof life s absurdities and human imperfections including his own , he presents most seriously worldly ideas on intimacy, jealousy, pride and national differences Americans They are just, they are rational but they are not at all happy Is the Bible or rather the absurd conclus [...]

  3. I thought this was brilliant The author uses the effect of crystallization to descibe the bejewelling word effect of love on the person you love He gives some really startling examples of how people can get fascinated with the feeling that loves gives them and find it difficult to dichotomize that from the person they are supposed to be loving This is the type of book you should read at 18 because it makes you realise a hundred things you probably acknowledge when you turn 30 Although he goes on [...]

  4. 1.5 5 DNF I don t know on what page, but it was so so boring Also the perspective was only from one side I think that men and women feel differently about love.

  5. If your fires of classical romance need fanning, turn to this gem This is one of those books that can convince you of humanity s pervading spirit the timelessness of emotions and experiences that in the moment seem so seethingly personal, yet to discover that they are shared, almost exactly, by others who lived hundreds of years before you I am only giving it 4 stars to prove that I can review something without giving it 5 stars but this book probably deserves all of them because it can be so ri [...]

  6. This very proper and apparently dry book on love is actually pouring with warmth and feeling It explains everything If you think you are not interested in love, you should pick this up Don t skip the prefaces.As a writer, Stendhal is like those conductors e.g Mravinsky who refrain from sentimentality in most of the notes, so that the notes that are allowed to break free come in to a sharper contrast i.e tear your heart out But he s never cold or detached or detached in appearance only If you ar [...]

  7. A scientific research, called On Love by Stendhal is presenting love in all forms, such as Passion, Desire, Jealousy, Courtesy, Platonic, Savage and Pure He crystallized all stages through his own experience, tormented by a going astray love affair It s a bible of love

  8. LOVE 1822 Stendhal Marie Henri Beyle a.k.a Stendhal was born in Grenoble in 1783 and died in 1842 after suffering a stroke Most of his life was spent as a political correspondent, but he managed to fit in quite a bit of writing on his own behalf mostly lives of musicians and travel books This book was called his first novel, although it is certainly not a novel It reminds me of Burton s Anatomy of Melancholy than of any novel I can think of offhand Stendhal always considered this his principal [...]

  9. This is a work belongs with Stendhal s works of social and cultural criticism, rather than his brilliant noves Regardless, all of the qualities he brings to his fiction are present here irony, psychological acuity, poetry, satire, radical politics, etc On Love is not a roses and candlelight affair, nor is it a 19th century version of How to Pick Up Girls Stendhal is interested in the psychology of love, especially the question of what makes someone focus their passion on a particular man or woma [...]

  10. Not a book you have to read all at once Neither do I feel there is a need to read it in a chronological fashion Stendhal does a good job analysing the very difficult subject that is love Particularly amusing is concerning the love life of nations Here France, Italy, Spain, England and Germany are some of his examples Maybe a bit stereotypical, but definitely some truths in his observations There is a section called various fragments that consist of quotes, anecdotes which is very interesting and [...]

  11. Havia no tempo de Stendhal minas de sal em Salzburgo Qualquer corpo estranho, como um ramo seco, que viesse a cair na salina, acabava por perder a forma inicial e cristalizava Ficava irreconhec vel Assim S associa o amor, em seus efeitos no nosso psiquismo, uma esp cie de cristaliza o Para al m de seu xtase origin rio, desconfian a, ci me, inseguran a, mesmo decep es o impressionante cap tulo Da diferen a do amor nos dois sexos , fazem parte da matura o desse sentimento o caso da mulher de vinte [...]

  12. I think this is essential reading in the topic of love, or passionate love precisely No matter how much you think you know already, the insights in this book will still fascinate you.

  13. Del amor o De l amour en franc s es una obra muy particular de Stendhal, seg n algunos una de sus obras favoritas Lo le debido a que le tengo en muy alto gracias a sus novelas Rojo y Negro y La cartuja de Parma que son mis favoritas y las he rele do varias veces Pero Del amor, a pesar de su t tulo que pudiera parecer novelesco es m s bien un ENSAYO del autor muy personal pero al fin y al cabo hecho para probar algunas de sus afirmaciones sobre todo lo relacionado a las relaciones sentimentales y [...]

  14. aha finally, finished yet, this is one of those books that are meant to be studied rather than hastily devoured, thus I will retract any penalty upon myself in fact, I will probably re read this one again, which doesn t happen very often in my world think that someone was so dismantled by rejection in love that he set out to travel the continent and write an entire two books about the ins and outs of love and this is what Love by Stendhal is although dated duh , whatever angle in romantic endeav [...]

  15. This is not a novel, but of a dissertation of Stendhal s poignant, intense and sometimes hopeless view of passionate love A lot of his ideas resonated with me, particularly the crystallisation and I underlined passages furiously throughout The anecdotes are very tender and romantic, and make me want to live in the 19th century forever The second part of the book, the Fragments I found a bit disjointed I think my understanding of some of the themes would have been enhanced by a thorough underst [...]

  16. I still don t have a girlfriend, but then it was never marketed as a self help book I am consoled by knowing that as of 1822 this could already be said of the United States love there has become impossible.

  17. That you should be made a fool of by a young woman, why, it is many an honest man s case The Pirate, vol III, page 77

  18. A witty book with lots to chew on.Marie Henri Beyle, known through his writings as Stendhal, was born in Grenoble in 1793 He followed Napoleon s campaigns in Italy, Germany, Russia and Austria In between wars, he spent his time in Paris drawing rooms and theaters.After the fall of Napoleon, he retired to Italy, adopted his pseudonym and started to write books on Italian painting, Haydn and Mozart, and travels in Italy He left Italy in 1821 due to the political situation, and returned to Paris, w [...]

  19. An interesting analysis, not only of love as Stendhal tries to explain it but of a historic perspective towards it A little chaotic, but full of information One can see how sceptical he was about this subject.

  20. All my favorite French authors gush about Stendhal, so I gave him another chance.I still may be a bit underwhelmed by this plotless hodgepodge of ideas This doesn t mean I m not charmed by Stendhal Maybe even a little seduced Stendhal s belief in equality and justice doesn t come from dry politics, but from an impulse toward pleasure and joy He wants everyone to enjoy leisure and education because then you can be in raptures together over Shakespeare and cumulonimbus clouds Outlaw the education [...]

  21. I consider this book a history of love, because Stendhal draws his conclusions on one hand form the multiple ideas that were expressed in different ages of the past and on the other from his own experiences This, I think, is the only way you can explain love you experience it, you create your own explanations and when you get to a point where you don t understand what is happening, you go back in time to see how others saw it Everybody knows how hard it is to express feelings and how hard it is [...]

  22. There is no Italian word for small talk You speak when you have something to say in the cause of a passion, and only rarely for the sake of making random conversation Love is completely riddled with amazing statements like that I won t pretend to have loved this than I really did I found it difficult to stay engaged at times, and felt like I missed than I would have liked simply due to untranslated phrases or references.Still, what I did comprehend, I enjoyed immensely The satirical voice used [...]

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