Dona Flor and Her Two Husbands

Dona Flor and Her Two Husbands It surprises no one that the charming but wayward Vadinho dos Guimaraes a gambler notorious for never winning dies during Carnival His long suffering widow Dona Flor devotes herself to her cooking sch

It surprises no one that the charming but wayward Vadinho dos Guimaraes a gambler notorious for never winning dies during Carnival His long suffering widow Dona Flor devotes herself to her cooking school and her friends, who urge her to remarry She is soon drawn to a kind pharmacist who is everything Vadinho was not, and is altogether happy to marry him But after her weIt surprises no one that the charming but wayward Vadinho dos Guimaraes a gambler notorious for never winning dies during Carnival His long suffering widow Dona Flor devotes herself to her cooking school and her friends, who urge her to remarry She is soon drawn to a kind pharmacist who is everything Vadinho was not, and is altogether happy to marry him But after her wedding she finds herself dreaming about her first husband s amorous attentions and one evening Vadinho himself appears by her bed, as lusty as ever, to claim his marital rights.

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Dona Flor and Her Two Husbands

  1. Jorge Amado de Faria was a Brazilian writer of the Modernist school He was the best known of modern Brazilian writers, his extensive work having been translated into some 30 languages and popularized in film, notably Dona Flor and her Two Husbands, in Portuguese, Dona Flor e Seus Dois Maridos in 1978 His work dealt largely with the poor urban black and mulatto communities of Bahia Jorge Leal Amado de Faria Itabuna, 10 de agosto de 1912 Salvador, 6 de agosto de 2001 foi um dos mais famosos e traduzidos escritores brasileiros de todos os tempos Integrou os quadros da intelectualidade comunista brasileira desde o final da primeira metade do s culo XX ideologia presente em v rias obras, como a retrata o dos moradores do trapiche baiano em Capit es da Areia, de 1937.Jorge o autor mais adaptado do cinema, do teatro e da televis o Verdadeiros sucessos como Dona Flor e Seus Dois Maridos, Tenda dos Milagres, Tieta do Agreste, Gabriela, Cravo e Canela e Tereza Batista Cansada de Guerra foram cria es suas A obra liter ria de Jorge Amado 49 livros, ao todo tamb m j foi tema de escolas de samba por todo o Pa s Seus livros foram traduzidos em 80 pa ses, em 49 idiomas, bem como em braille e em fitas gravadas para cegos.Jorge foi superado, em n mero de vendas, apenas por Paulo Coelho Mas em seu estilo o romance ficcional , n o h paralelo no Brasil Em 1994, a sua obra foi reconhecida com o Pr mio Cam es.

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  1. The strange and moving account of the experiences of Dona Flor, professor emeritus of the culinary art, and her two husbands, the first known as Vadinho the second, Dr Teodoro Madureira by name, pharmacist by professionorThe Fearsome Battle between Spirit and MatterNarrated by Jorge Amado,public scrivener located in the Rio Vermelho quarterof the city of Salvador da Bahia de Todos os Santos, in the neighborhood of Largo de Sant Ana, where Yemanja, Our Lady of the Waters, dwells.This will probabl [...]

  2. Jorge Amado found with this novel a fun kneading dough between her expert hands His writing comical, funny, spiritual and incomparable emotional intelligence, enabling it to exploit parallel universes and controversial topics.And addresses topics with such masterly playing with the history, customs of an era and beliefs of a society undergoing political and cultural effervescence.Tolerance as a way of life, good humor as a solution to daily hassles, nonchalance as an escape from serious problem [...]

  3. How many stories can you tell in thirteen pages Jorge Amado can we be friends May I call you Jorge put five stories in thirteen pages, four of them untold But even it these four stories were untold, the reader would know what these stories were It is a demonstration of how to tell a story by not telling it.The main story is that about Maria Batista, or Maria of the Veil, narrated by Porciuncula, a mulatto And despite the limited space, with the words crowding each other in thirteen pages, Maria [...]

  4. Rating five enchanted stars of fiveSo, as I ve explained on my profile over at LibraryThing, I ve been in a book circle in RL for 17 years, and I posted our group reading list with my one line assessments of the books Most of those books I read long long long before I knew about LT or GoodReads, and so I ve either never reviewed them or reviewed them for the long vanished book blog.Whatthehell, I figured, I should go back and glance over the list, maybe write some reviews of those oldsters.So th [...]

  5. This book Wow where to begin It took me a couple minutes to realize how amazing this was At first when it ended I was a little unsure if I liked it but as it started sink in I realized it has to be one of the finest book I have ever read This enlighten me in the interworking minds of many people I know I feel refreshed and enlighten and ready to continue in my life with a new improved perspective.

  6. Jorge Amado happens to be one of my favourite authors, but I do have a confession to make, I have such a deep affection for Latin American authors, Spanish as well as Portuguese Amado is humorous in a ribald sort of way but what is most important about him, is that he is completely non judgemental.I read Dona Flor e seus dois Maridos as an English translation and found it beautiful The original Portuguese, however, is pretty much different, it deals with many aspects of Brazilian Culture that t [...]

  7. Se ci fosse un aggettivo per descrivere questo libro, direi vitale La vitalit il leit motiv intorno al quale ruota tutta la vicenda che Amado racconta La vitalit , di cui parlavo poc anzi, si incarna nei vari personaggi, a cominciare da Dona Flor, passionale, temeraria, vitale, appunto, a Vadinho, che trascina Dona Flor nel suo mondo dedito alle donne, all alcool, al gioco, nel suo mondo di passioni e di sensualit , fino a Teodoro, il secondo marito di Dona Flor subito dopo la vedovanza, che l a [...]

  8. Dona Flor and Her Two Husbands is a novel about a cooking teacher whose first husband is a charming lowlife, who is always disappearing in search of wine, women, song and roulette, and her second marriage to an upright, responsible, devoted pharmacist who, for all his good qualities, is duller and reserved Especially in bed.Having read the long and mildly tedious Island Boy, I picked it up in the hope it would be a bit fun It s fiction, it s Brazilian, all the blurbs on the cover go on about i [...]

  9. Un romanzo splendido, che mette voglia di esserci, di fare l a, di pensare che la vita sia davvero meravigliosa Non lo , naturalmente La vita, intendo Ma, dopo averlo letto, per un po lo pensi Scrittura ricca, esuberante, avvolgente, come la natura e la cucina di Bahia E Vadinho lo odi e lo ami E Flor la compatisci e la invidi E Teodoro lo prendi in giro e lo rispetti E, alla fine, dici grazie ad Amado per averti regalato dei bei momenti una buona storia scritta benissimo, un ottimismo immotivat [...]

  10. This is Middlemarch, written in modern times, that happens to be gloriously in Brazil and in some ways is even better Add to that his censorship issues and exile, and its a compelling work of art To contrast this with Middlemarch, I got out of this because the social conventions and issues are not as dated, the conclusions are still scandalous and it feels like this could still happen now, while Middlemarch is stuck in its age One of my new, top favorites It s the same level of quality as 100 Y [...]

  11. A book with everything sly wit, erotic passion, voodoo, a ghost, rapturous meanderings over food, even a recipe or two What do you serve at a funeral wake Dona Flor can tell you Dona Flor is in love with her husband but he is a womanizer, a gambler and a drunk and manages to die of a heart attack in the first chapter Dona Flor is devastated but her friends thinks she should be lucky to be rid of such a loser But he did have a certain something Dona Flor finds a new husband and he is a faithful a [...]

  12. I must admit that this is great literature, and would deserve 5 stars But it just wasn t my cup of tea Too slow, too much detail, too much rambling.

  13. This is a beautifully and imaginatively written story about an everyday woman who has to come to terms with different facets of her own personality and what that means about the men she falls in love with and how she loves them in return She has trouble reconciling her emotions, which seem so contrary to her her passionate, steamy, violent, up and down young romance with her first husband, who dies an untimely death, and her sedate, kind, gentle, secure, and structured but still caring and tende [...]

  14. m t cu n s ch r t tinh qu i, ng p tr n m u s c, h ng v v r n r ng ti ng nh c Jorge Amago l m t nh v n c bi t h i h c, c ch ng k chuy n r t sinh ng, h p d n v tr n y b t ng.

  15. Yo soy el Maestro del Absurdo says one of the priests putting the spell on Vadinho, Dona Flor s first husband, to return him back to the land of the dead The Master of the Absurd could be said about Jorge Amado as well This book is very funny and even absurd at times but importantly, well worth the read.I vaguely remember liking the movie, made in 1976 with Sonia Braga or maybe I just remember Sonia Braga but this book was a complete enjoyable read From the start when her gambling, womanizing h [...]

  16. This is one of my all time favorite books It is so latin in the sense that it supposes that passion and stability cannot co exist except in an utterly unexpected way I can t believe I am old enough to say I read it over twenty something years ago It was one my first forays into latin american literature and I must say it did not disappoint A must read if you like passion and ghosts.

  17. Early on in the novel Amado throws out a phrase which might as well encapsulate the whole novel, callipygian exuberance this is a hilariously raunchy Brazilian novel largely featuring the lower classes who live with such ferocity that we are forced to ask if Carnival ever ends in Latin America.

  18. Undoubtedly one of the best novels I have ever read about the duality of the human spirit This novel reached into my heart and mind and drew me into its mystical, magical, superstitious Brazilian tale Jorge Amado starts by tickling the reader s fancy with a romance between a good girl, Flor, and a lovable, sensual gambler, Vadinho He is the classic villain we hate to love That is the skeleton of the story Amado proceeds to people the Bahian city with fantastic and fantastical characters The read [...]

  19. The truth about human nature and human happiness is the message of this story The middle class inhabitants of a small neighborhood of Salvador, Bahia, have their traditional ideas about everyday life, behavior distinct from the practices of disreputable, immoral lowlifes, artists, and street corner musicians elsewhere in the town Their insularity is occasionally challenged by progressive types among themselves, namely Dona Flor or Dona Norma Do the deities influence them as well does anyone inf [...]

  20. I ve been reading the last few chapters with a Queen s song Bohemian Rhapsody and now I think that line So you think you can love me and leave me to die is a perfect quote as description to this amazing book I had no idea about this book and its author when I decided to read it And now I m genuinely surprised with the plot and ethic aesthetics which author has not only mentioned, but naturally written in the lives of characters.The last part of the book reminded me of the book One Hundred Years [...]

  21. I started out thinking I liked this book but it lost me about halfway through Essentially, after her first husband moves out of the plot it stagnates he comes back, naturally, but even then, being dead, he s not such a plot driver Dona Flor is unfortunately just a boring woman She s obsessed with a few status and social norm issues that overwhelm all of the potential issues in the story that are complex and transferable This might have been tolerable in half as many words, but the author repeat [...]

  22. Me gustan las diferentes personalidades que intervienen en la novela En ese sentido, es un texto muy rico.Por otro lado, refleja costumbres, palabras y vivencias de ese peque o lugar en Brasil Esto me permiti conocer un poco de las tradiciones, cualidades y h bitos de algunas personas bahianas.

  23. Grande romanzo sull animo umano e sull anima del popolo brasiliano, divertente, intrigante, appassionante.Non c un personaggio che non venga analizzato e tratteggiato, un po verista e un po fantastico per la parte magica Donna Flor, combattuta fra la passione del suo primo marito, Vadinho, e la tranquilla felicit del secondo,Teodoro, il perno attorno a cui gira tutto l intreccio.

  24. E al tempo stesso la dona Flor vigilante e intrepida di fronte al pericolo, onorata, austera e intransigente e la dona Flor piena di fretta di darsi, prima che sia troppo tardi Quale delle due la vera dona Flor Dona Flor ha un gran da fare con una marea di grattacapi in duplice copia, e i mariti sono solo uno dei tanti E messa al bivio tra tradizione e innovazione, e vede passare di tutto di fronte a lei la cultura, la morale, la societ , le proprie pulsioni sessuali Tutti indecisi se andare a d [...]

  25. Una novela divertida, gil y muy descriptiva de la vida en Bah a, Brasil La empec a leer con motivo de un viaje a esa ciudad y cumpli mis objetivos describir los lugares, olores y climas del destino elegido.Y adem s, me reencontr con la literatura latinoamericana, con ese realismo m gico que tanto me enamor hace unos a os Resalto especialmente que es divertida porque hubo momentos en que estall de risa.

  26. This review first appeared on the Magic Realism Blog magic realism booksIf I told you that Dona Flor s first husband Vadinho dies on page 3 and doesn t turn up as a ghost until 425, you wouldn t be surprised to hear that the description does not really cover what this book is about It is a long book my version amounted to 550 pages and offers the reader a rich tapestry, filled with the colour, tastes Dona Flor teaches Bahian cookery , smells and sounds of the Brazilian city of Bahia In particula [...]

  27. 4.5 5Questo romanzo non raggiunge la bellezza di Gabriella, garofano e cannella , eppure mi meraviglia come Amado sia riuscito a penetrare cos bene l animo femminile L animo di tutte le donne e di ogni tipo di donna.Perch le troviamo pi o meno tutte o quasi le donne in Dona Flor e i suoi due mariti e ognuna di loro solo un lato che si pu trovare in tutte le donne.Queste donne con tutte le loro assurdit , le loro irrazionalit , i loro sogni e i loro segreti, le loro gelosie e le loro manie sono s [...]

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