Emerald Green

Emerald Green Gwen has a destiny to fulfill but no one will tell her what it is She s only recently learned that she is the Ruby the final member of the time traveling Circle of Twelve and since then nothing has

Gwen has a destiny to fulfill, but no one will tell her what it is She s only recently learned that she is the Ruby, the final member of the time traveling Circle of Twelve, and since then nothing has been going right She suspects the founder of the Circle, Count Saint German, is up to something nefarious, but nobody will believe her And she s just learned that herGwen has a destiny to fulfill, but no one will tell her what it is She s only recently learned that she is the Ruby, the final member of the time traveling Circle of Twelve, and since then nothing has been going right She suspects the founder of the Circle, Count Saint German, is up to something nefarious, but nobody will believe her And she s just learned that her charming time traveling partner, Gideon, has probably been using her all along Emerald Green is the stunning conclusion to Kerstin Gier s Ruby Red Trilogy, picking up where Sapphire Blue left off, reaching new heights of intrigue and romance as Gwen finally uncovers the secrets of the time traveling society and learns her fate.

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Emerald Green

  1. Kerstin Gier is the bestselling author of the Ruby Red trilogy, as well as several popular novels for adults uscmillan author kersti

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  1. You mean he s not afraid of me because I m a woman He ought to see Tomb Raider sometime For all he knows, I could have a nuclear bomb under my dress and a hand grenade in each cup of my bra I call it antifeminist This was the best book in the trilogy I call it an outstanding finale More excitement, thrill, fun, emotions and so many unexpected twists and turns I love this whole series so much, it has exactly what I look for in books a fantastic way to escape reality for a few hours and be abso [...]

  2. SpoilersWhat s what Time travel, vague prophecies, silly heroine, douchey hero, evul Count with nefarious plans, oh noes, can silly heroine douchey hero stop evul Count Gwen was a mopey cow, all she did was whine about Gideon, jump to conclusions about him, and get jealous whenever he was around other girls She should have been concentrating on her time travel or on finding a way to stop that evul Count guy instead of acting all melodramatic about a guy she d only met a couple of weeks ago Gwen [...]

  3. Nos over no I NEED MORE I will never get over these books SO GOOD Okay lets review this bitch Ready Ready when you are crying These books were so magical,funny,enlightening,dark,mysterious,tear making,ground breaking.dicting I love love love Gideon and Gwenorrr shall i say Gwenny starts crying again Even if their relationship was formed in only a couple of weeks,maybe a month, i really loved them together They were meant to be and they are perfect for each other Xemerious,Lesley,Caroline and Nic [...]

  4. Did you know that Gideon and I were trained in Krav Maga Charlotte took another step closer to me, and I automatically took one back No, but did you know that at this moment you look like that crazy rodent in Ice Age It was a cute ending Overall Precious Stone Trilogy was a cute and fast paced story I wish whole event took than 2 weeks because it seems unreal to fall in love this deeply and learning all the information in 2 weeks.I wasn t expecting the last turn of events at all view spoiler mr [...]

  5. 3.5 I really enjoyed this book and the series overall However, I found the story especially the end a tad too convenient Also insta love was SO present And Gwen was a drama queen and didn t really have her priorities straight.

  6. This is the story of how a potentially good premise and a relatively good and entertaining first book turned into a disappointing sequel and a friggin mess at the end.Seriously, I m utterly surprised at how quickly it all went downhill since the moment those two kids kissed at the end of first book From that on, it was all about Gwendolyn s raging hormones and how she just lost her senses around plain and bland Gideon those descriptions making him seem like a greek god don t live up to how actua [...]

  7. 4 Stars BR with Lexie We can t stop time, but it will sometimes stand still for love PEARL S BUCKEmerald Green is the final book in the story of the two in love time travelling teenagers Gideon de Villiers Gwyneth Shepherd Gideon is this gorgeous cool guy all the girls are after Gwen is the 16 yr old normal girl in HS who is thrown into the world of time travel, can also suddenly see ghosts Gideon Gwen are part of a secret group of twelve time travelers They are forced by the guardians to travel [...]

  8. Ahhh qe horror, como se le ocurre a Kerstin Gier dejar las cosas as Esa ultima frase, que DEMONIOS SIGNIFICA Dios Mio Hasta lo so So que tenia mal mi libro y que le hacia falta algo CUAL ERA SU MALDITA PRISA POR TERMINARLO QUE DEJO TANTAS COSAS INCONCLUSAS LeslieRaphael3 aaah tan lindos y tan SherlockWatson los dos juntos la Charlotte pobrecilla, 8 lenguas y nunca le toco ninguna, suerte para la pr xima, Mister Marley le queda mejor, jajaja Ya sabia que sus comentarios sobre ella y Gideon eran m [...]

  9. Ben ok sevdim bu seriyi, yazar , karakterleri ve zellike Xemerius u.Gwen de en sevdi im k z karakterlerden biri oldu ve denilenin aksine hi de onursuz, gurursuz gelmedi bana lk iki kitapta sevmi tim ama yorumlar okuyunca bu kitapta so urum san p korkmu tum biraz 16 ya nda bir k z zaten ba ka nas l davranabilirdi ki olaylar ve hissettikleri kar s nda Tepkileri gayet ger ek i ve e lenceliydi.Bir g nde okuttu valla kendini Zaman nas l ge ti anlamad m nk a k t m zamanlar n i inden ge rdlfkjdl aka ak [...]

  10. SI NO LO HAS LE DO CR EME NO QUIERES ENTRAR AQU LO DIGO ENSERIO Robert me encanta odie que saliera tan poco Xemerius TE AMO3 ame sus relatos cuando los G s estaban juntos sus ataques de nervios en los momentos preocupantes fueron lo mas jajajajaja Me compras un gato Ame cuando se puso todo celosio con Robert jaja Gideon de Villiers peque o rebelde me e n c a n t a s yo te como enterito algod n de az car 3 jaja asombroso como siempre el G Gwenny un poco lenta como siempre salio al papa 3Esa ardil [...]

  11. I really enjoyed this book, in fact, the entire trilogy has been amazing I think all the problems I had with Gwen s age or whatever, did not matter so much because this story is very, very good It s true that perhaps, this could have been better as a standalone or a bilogy, but anywayI think, my only objection is that the story takes place on a couple of weeks, maybe two in total And so, the love story felt quite rushed But, we need to see the positive side, there is no love triangles here I rep [...]

  12. How am I so behind on my reviews How deep sigh Emerald Green was disappointing I might as well get this out of the way really quickly, because while I really enjoyed reading both Ruby Red and Sapphire Blue they were funny and light hearted and extremely entertaining I was thoroughly unimpressed with this one The writing style was the same as always not particularly flowery, but it flowed nicely nonetheless but most of the things that made me excited about the first two books were gone Gwyneth, t [...]

  13. 4.5 Was f r ein sch nes Ende Nachdem mir Rubinrot und Saphirblau schon so gut gefallen haben, war ich richtig neugierig auf das Finale denn bisher habe ich auch nur die ersten beiden Filme gesehen Zur Handlung m chte ich nichts verraten, falls es tats chlich noch Leute wie mich gibt, die diese Reihe nicht bereits vor Jahren gelesen haben Insgesamt spielt die gesamte Geschichte innerhalb von wenigen Wochen und von daher ist es auch nicht berraschend, dass sich die Charaktere nicht gro weiterentw [...]

  14. And so ends the wonderful re read of this series Gwen and Gideon will always hold a special place in my heart There were a few loose ends I feel like could have tied things up a little nicely but it s fine, really I enjoyed the final epilogue with Lucy and Paul too it was nice to see everyone had their happily ever after Ready I asked with a grin Ready when you are, he replied, grinning back.

  15. Ur it zn te ten pocit, kdy na n jakou knihu a nejl pe, kdy je to z v r va obl ben s rie, ek te dlouho, p edlouho A se s bl c m se datem vyd n za n te b t, jestli se n co nepokaz a kniha nebude pln stra n Jsem ohromn r da, e v s v tomto p pad m u naprosto up mn ujistit, e nic takov ho se u Zelen jako smaragd rozhodn nestalo Je to toti v born zakon en jedn skv l s rie V bec tu nechci nijak rozeb rat d j Zelen , proto e to by v m naspoilerovalo Modrou a to by t m, kte je t ne etli ani Rudou za co b [...]

  16. I really enjoyed this series This book was a good conclusion to the series I was expecting a bit but in the end I have no complaints I read this trilogy pretty quickly because I was so entertained with plot I am currently in the process of reading the author s Silver trilogy, which is also very good

  17. Although this was by far the best book out of the three, I m still extremely relieved that it s finally over I had heard so much good about this series and was extremely disappointed I did really enjoy the time travelling aspect but the characters were two dimensional and very juvenile I just couldn t relate to them at all All three books are going into a pile to bring to my local used bookstore in exchange for books I ll hopefully enjoy

  18. Hearts can t be broken because they re made of marzipan I just love lovelovethe Precious Stone Trilogy I don t know how many times I have already re read these books, but it s always funny to read them, no matter how old I am.Emerald Green is the last installment and it s definitely as good as the previous two However, the first part was a little bit long drawned, because our poor Gwendolyn Gwyneth was whiny at the beginning Nevertheless, Gwen has Leslie Lesley and Xemerius, who helped her a lot [...]

  19. Despite being unhappy with the ending, I still really enjoyed this series as a whole I wish they wouldn t have wrapped things up so quickly and gave a bit details throughout the book It has potential to be a 5 star book, but there were just a few things that were left to vague that caused it to miss the mark I wish there was one book in this series to continue the story on The author could easily get out of this story.

  20. DIGANME QUE NO TERMIN , DIGANME QUE NO TERMIN , DIGANME QUE NO TERMIN Es quelos voy a extra arNo puedo rese ar esto ahora, no.

  21. This was such a great series I might have to add this one to my physical collection I love Gwyneth and Gideon as characters and as a romance And the story is very intriguing But I do wish it was a little better explained Like where did the chronograph come from and why did it work the way that it did and why did it create a philosopher s stone And where did the prophecies come from Someone from the future who knew all that happened must have traveled back and made them, but who and why While rea [...]

  22. Dit boek Deze serie Gideon My god.Gisteravond in bed uitgelezen The feels omdat dit nu uit is ik wil nog duizend boeken uit dit universum Een van mijn favoriete series ooit, echt.Binnenkort lekker de films kijken Ik wil hier nog geen afscheid van nemen Dat wil ik nooit Oef.Zo blij dat deze mooie serie in de boekenkast staat Heb jij m nog niet en wil je m wel ben slim en heb nog even geduld en wacht op de prachtige jubileumeditie die BlossomBooks later dit jaar gaat uitgeven

  23. I really liked all three books in this trilogy The plot is pretty simple but the books are very fun and pleasant reads The characters are nice to get to know and Lesley is possibly my favorite person I enjoyed all the books and I especially liked the quotes scattered around in the books I finished this trilogy without breaks in it and I think it s pretty fast paced I feel like most of the plot took place in this book, but that could be because I ve gathered information from the first two books O [...]

  24. When both hero and heroine survive a book series When they legit cannot die When you know they ll stay together forever Happy endings

  25. Yaaa bu seri bu kadar k sa olmamal yd ben kendimi hen z onlardan ayr lmak i in haz r hissetmiyorum ki Ger ekten harika bir seriydi ok keyif alarak okudum.Sonu biraz h zl ba lanm t ama bu yine de g zelli ine g lge d rmedi.Ama ke ke Gideon ve Gwendolyn i daha fazla okuma ans na sahip olsayd k.Ayr ca una da de inmeden ge emeyece im.Her ne kadar onlar ok fazla g remesek de ben Paul ve Lucy iftini de ok sevdim

  26. Review posted on The Eater of Books blog Emerald Green by Kerstin GierBook Three of the Ruby Red trilogyPublisher Henry Holt and Co BYR Publication Date October 8, 2013Rating 5 starsSource ARC won from a giveawaySummary from Gwen has a destiny to fulfill, but no one will tell her what it is.She s only recently learned that she is the Ruby, the final member of the time traveling Circle of Twelve, and since then nothing has been going right She suspects the founder of the Circle, Count Saint Germa [...]

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