Corpalism Corpalism is the compendium edition comprising Uprising The reawakening of Stephanie White and From Democracy to Dictatorship UprisingSet in a dystopian future all wealth is in the hands of the Corpo

Corpalism is the compendium edition comprising Uprising, The reawakening of Stephanie White and From Democracy to Dictatorship.UprisingSet in a dystopian future all wealth is in the hands of the Corporations owned and controlled by the secret elite, the 1%, and their political lackeys.The majority poor are being re located to sink estates North of the M4 where they ekeCorpalism is the compendium edition comprising Uprising, The reawakening of Stephanie White and From Democracy to Dictatorship.UprisingSet in a dystopian future all wealth is in the hands of the Corporations owned and controlled by the secret elite, the 1%, and their political lackeys.The majority poor are being re located to sink estates North of the M4 where they eke out a futile existence, saddled with crippling debts from birth, and tied into servitude.Terry s job is to effect these re locations and he does the job without compunction Unfortunately for Terry he is late for work once too often and is himself relocated, condemned to spend the rest of his days in a Boro sink When he arrives, he is housed in a run down apartment and assigned to sanitation duties Unwittingly he attracts the attention of the power structure within the estate and soon finds himself enmeshed in violent intrigue.But Terry is not all he seems Why is he there and who does he really work for Aftermath Extrapolated from a storyline in Corpalism and Wise Eyed Open.She was a rising star in the Independent movement a group of revolutionary entrepreneurs, business men and women, professionals and everyday workers who came together to change the political landscape forever.They are Friday night regulars down the Dog and Duck but this night, the night before an horrific terrorist attack, will be their last together.She is trapped in a wo

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  1. Corpalism made me re think about how I view the world it s not a comfortable book to read although the first volume is a semi thriller and very engaging It s a wild roller coaster ride but it will stay with me for a long while and has opened my eyes

  2. Corpalism Arun EllisImagine a world where people are no longer able to voice their opinions, speak up and express their own thoughts and allowed to live, as they want Imagine living in a repressive socially controlled environment where only a few select or elite few make the decisions where you live, work, what you eat and where you sleep for you Dystopian societies feature this type of social control repressing those who live under their domination Ideas and works in these societies explore the [...]

  3. The novel Corpalism is weighty and lengthy It actually reminded me of the novel The Stand by Stephen King To be honest, I am intimidated with reading The Stand because of its enormity I have an unabridged uncut edition of it but it has been sitting for years already on my bookshelf without me even reading a page from it Instead of reading it, I just searched the whole summary of The Stand online and read that instead Corpalism, on the other hand, sounds interesting Even though some would find it [...]

  4. Plot In the not so distant future, mankind has succumbed to its own greed After accepting yet another reduction in civil liberty due to a terrorist attack simply labelled 12 12 , one man, once a worker for the very powers that now conspire against him, finds his life shattered after falling into debt Surrounding the revelations of his life twists a myriad of stories, each adding to the tapestry woven around his plight and colouring the background of how the world found itself where it is.Corpali [...]

  5. A unique experience a page turner with a message extremely well written and flows very well from each chapter to anotherCorpalism is an extremely and fastinatingly interesting book that I can t even begin to describe This is the type of book that it won t matter what I say because Corpalism is a book that will give each reader their own perspective and their own opinions As it should, but with one main focus.Just give it ago I also delete ebooks but this one is a keeper.

  6. Corpalism is a science fiction political commentary that focuses a lot of the economic situation that we are currently dealing with and its repercussions It is told through many view points and from different points in time.First off, let me say that I like the message Ellis is trying to present He puts out a lot of ideas and makes a lot of interesting points that are worth thinking about However, the message overrides the story line It is full of too much preaching and not enough character and [...]

  7. Okay, I m going to level with you hereAs an Irish person there were times when reading that in my imagination I leapt up on a chair screamed TASTE OF YOUR OWN MEDICINE, BITCHES But really that wouldn t be in the least bit helpful I wasn t brought up that way I understand I could be setting myself up for abuse in saying that But I m just being honest Having your identity eroded is a horrible, at times frightening experience to live through It s one I wouldn t wish on anyone The feeling of loss ru [...]

  8. Very grateful for this recommendation I enjoyed every part of the book Some of them may have seemed less enticing, interesting or even unnecessary for the story as a whole but nevertheless, it was an amazing and fulfilling experience I was not concerned about the size of the book if I like a book, I only wish for pagesThe arguments and ideas were clear, and the use of current topics refreshing Put this in my Read Again collection on kindle, and it may well find its way into my Favourites, i.e b [...]

  9. This book is very good, but the size is intimidating For anyone who does not like to read long books this book is broken into parts Each part is like one book or a part or a series Part one I loved this part of the book The characters are exciting and the plot is developed in a way that was almost scary, because it seemed very realistic Pare one is almost like a wakeup call or a vision of what the future could be The author uses actual historical events to make the theories and occurrences in th [...]

  10. Corpalism is an impressive effect Whether you think it is a successful effort may depend on your socio political viewpoint, but it shouldn t Arun D, Ellis has taken events in our present such as 9 11, the Great Recession and and puts them into his version of a near future dystopia It is not a future that is hard to believe Most of the author s views he relies on the Occupy movement ideology quite heavily I agree with Some, especially the 9 11 conspiracy theories, I do not agree with His main th [...]

  11. I am unsure if I had the abridged edition or not, having downloaded the book to my kindle on an offer day by the author, so costing me nothing Frankly, if it was the abridged version I want to know because I loved this book and I want to buy the full edition This book will inspire political and social debate It is written in a very accessible manner, and took several twists that I did not see coming All of the characters are well rounded and flawed in a very relateable way The first section of t [...]

  12. Very interesting book filled with conspiracy theories about the Western world from a British angle So if you are looking for a quick understanding o the underlying British rumble about the economy, NHS, women rights, xenophobia then look no further The book will give you all the alternate popular thought streams in a neat package It s very good to read such material so at the least you will know Some of the justifications and alternate reasoning was pretty interesting, especially about the banki [...]

  13. I wanted to like this bookI really did The first two parts, while in need of some tough editing to cut some parts where it waffles out, had the premise of a good idea for a story Part three defeated me completely It was all over the place, confusing and I have no idea why it was there I gave up and stopped reading after a while Books like this are why authors need to get a good and professional proofreader and editor before they publish makes it tougher for all the other independant authors to s [...]

  14. I loved this book because it achieves two things It s a gripping story that covers something like twenty years and it s a political and economic manual It tells you how the 1% are going to take everything and what we the 99% will end up with It s also scary because it has an inescapable inevitability about it.

  15. This is a fascinating book written with some sense of fun yet burdened with the seriousness of the current course of human events, particularly the socio political condition in the United Kingdom The author believes that there is a dystopian future that is almost inevitable unless huge effort is undertaken to make changes The table of contents indicates that there are three volumes within this book there are actually five.In the first volume The New World Order, which takes up almost half of the [...]

  16. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, and whether this author wrote the book on his own opinion, or thought it would make a great story, is up to him.The majority of the book is how brainwashed society is by the government, the powers that be, and the 1% of the upper crust and rich The remaining 99% are brought up to believe they are better than their ancestors were in numerous ways, even though they have less spare money, less free time to spend with family and less of everything Instead, [...]

  17. I liked Corpalism for political discourse and I somewhat agree with his political stance but I thought it actually lacked character development It s also an interesting slightly disturbing mix of contemporary real politics with science fiction Unlike 1985 and other political science fiction books Ellis offers almost a direct assault on present day western idealism and its hypocrisy rather than eluding to it For me it uses emotive speech and fictional dystopia too often to provide discussion on t [...]

  18. this is a fantastic read, for anyone who is even the least bit suspicious of the way the world works split into three parts, you meet interesting sometimes funny, sometimes incredibly annoying, but always with a purpose characters This book will leave you with a new sense of understanding, about people, about the government, about how the world works And why we should question it all I thoroughly recommend it.

  19. Although a bit long for my liking, this overall was a really good read The book is in parts, and each part is different in style, the last bit gets a bit frustrating with all the jumping about but does get brought together in the end Worrying to think that it is all within the realms of possibility, but very thought provoking.

  20. This is the story of how we let the 1% steal all the money in the world and they didn t even need a mask or gun, damn

  21. I really enjoyed the story or stories and the political bits really made me think but not my usual read

  22. 4 stars for the message of this book I really liked what the author was getting at in this one regarding the socio political commentary and I tend to agree with a lot of what he had to say.3 stars for the book as a whole I really got into the first part I thought that section was pretty stellar writing wise, and I read through it fast However, the other parts didn t really go together too well for me, and I felt as if the message of the book was being beaten over my head repeatedly throughout th [...]

  23. I was made aware that this book was presently free on and reading the synopsis thought it might be worth a readckily it was it s a book of two parts really,the first part focuses on a future Britain where individual rights have been taken away and the mass populous lie in debtwhich isn t too far from where we are today but the book makes this point by using the second part to use current and imagined events to point the origin of the grim future s a book which anyone with any understanding of UK [...]

  24. If ever I misjudged a book by it s cover or title, this would be it Being less than 80p as a Kindle download, further raised my scepticism However, it being recommended by a friend I put aside the doubts was hooked from the first page A lengthy book hence the 4 stars , although split into sections which made the reading easier.Based in the UK in the near future, Corpalism describes the hidden agendas of a world controlled by government the wealthy At times I found it chilling, given the changes [...]

  25. Well, wow.3.5 starsIt s a LOT of information, this book It s a large number of suppositions carried to seemingly outlandish but actually completely logical conclusions, each meticulously researched.My mind is still kind of reelingwill try to thoroughly review at a later date.I will say that he could have used a punctuation expert, especially in the first part, but truly throughout the book Honestly, though, that s a bit of a nitpick It s a strong effort and truly made me think I won t say it ch [...]

  26. I would call Corpalism a fiction book with a strong non fiction theme running through it The length may be a bit off putting but for a book that spans twenty years, you can see why it is so long The majority of the book talks about the government brainwashing society, being brainwashed about how much better off they are compared to generations before them even though they have less money, less free time on their hands and bigger bills to pay A well written book, one that really makes you think a [...]

  27. Not something I would usually read but found it really interesting, makes you look at things in a different way Found it quite easy to read even though it is a long book Looks at certain conspiracy theories some true and some fiction I must admit at times I wasn t sure which were which Would certainly recommend this book to anyone who is interested in politics but also anyone that wants to read something modern that is a little different Really enjoyed reading this

  28. A book in 5 parts The last part is first and the first is last The rest is all mixed up It has a thick plot running all the way through which is easy to forget as you immerse yourself in the many story lines As for plot, it s where we are today in a corrupt corporate society and where we will be when the rich own everything Needless to say I loved it Needless to say others hate it I leave you to choose your side.

  29. A book that gives you the feeling you have gained a degree by reading it Whats it about The worst you can imagine about how society is run and its demise Karl Popper eat your heart out Dystopia, or is it a reflection of where our society is heading right now.There are several parts volumes to this book which were brilliant in themselves although I feel each would have been served better with their own story to tell as their own book I don t think they gel together very well as I got totally conf [...]

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