The High King's Tomb

The High King s Tomb For Karigan G ladheon the call of magic in her blood is too strong to resist Karigan returns to the Green Riders the magical messengers of the king to find she s badly needed Rider magic has become

For Karigan G ladheon, the call of magic in her blood is too strong to resist Karigan returns to the Green Riders, the magical messengers of the king, to find she s badly needed Rider magic has become unstable, many Riders have been lost, and the Rider corps is seriously threatened The timing couldn t be worse An ancient evil, long dormant, has reawakened, and the worlFor Karigan G ladheon, the call of magic in her blood is too strong to resist Karigan returns to the Green Riders, the magical messengers of the king, to find she s badly needed Rider magic has become unstable, many Riders have been lost, and the Rider corps is seriously threatened The timing couldn t be worse An ancient evil, long dormant, has reawakened, and the world is in peril Karigan must face deadly danger and complex magic to save the kingdom from certain doom.

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The High King's Tomb

  1. Kristen Britain grew up in the Finger Lakes region of New York State, where she started her first novel an undersea fantasy featuring herself and her friends at the age of nine She published her first book, a cartoon collection called Horses and Horsepeople, at the age of thirteen After completing her degree in film production at Ithaca College in 1987 she made the logical leap from cinema to the National Park Service Her many years as a park ranger enabled her to work in a variety of natural and historical settings, from 300 feet below the surface of the Earth to 13,000 feet above sea level on the Continental Divide and from the textile mills of the American Industrial Revolution to the homes of Americans who changed the course of history Currently she lives in a log cabin in Maine where she writes full time and pursues interests reading, guitar playing, and cartoon illustration, supervised by a cat and a dog She enjoys exploring the magical places around her and can often be found paddling a canoe in stillwater, ambling through the woods to mountain summits, or sitting along the rocky shore listening, watching, and daydreaming This is her fantasy, at least.

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  1. Finally a comprehensive review on this book Spoiler I loved this book, the best of the series just yet And I am afraid and excited to start Blackveil because it has a great book to live up to First and foremost, the book was set up by book 2 A call to the new Green Riders was made right before the end of the book and Kerigan had her heart broken into a million pieces The series has a strong Tolkien influence but this book in particular reminded me of the Lord of the Ring, a vivid reminder, inclu [...]

  2. An Opinionated Look At Kristen Britain s The High King s TombBy Eric AllenThis book is a little hard to rate, because the first half is boring and largely irrelevant to the story, where the second half is excellent and exciting So I guess I m going with a nice, neutral 3 stars Not great Not horrible Just kind of there.Before I start, I want to make something clear There are a few very big things wrong with this book, and they are not the author s fault The writing itself is excellent, and shows [...]

  3. I feel like I need to point out up front that this is actually a positive review of this book and series It s just that there are some relatively minor things that bug me.So, my local public library finally picked up the paperback of this third of four volumes and put it on the NEW shelf Well, at least that means I found it.I ve been patiently following this series since Green Rider was published way back in checks author s website 1998 Patience has been required, because the sequel First Rider [...]

  4. Even though some scenes were really great, this book felt too long I probably won t read the entire series, even though I have enjoyed it so far Beyond the length, pacing needs work Characterization and plot development, too Although not essential to the plot, I personally enjoyed the relaxing scenes at the Frost Farm, with Damian, Lady, Fergal, etc Interesting stuff However, the whole system for breeding, selecting, and training messenger horses is much credible in the medieval series by Flana [...]

  5. With great sorrow I must say that this, the third novel in the Green Rider series is not quiteat s not quite as good as the first 2 I give it 4 stars which is the same rating as the others because I don t want to drop it to 3 stars as that s in my rating system moving to good but not outstanding This book is still outstandingbut long, oh so very long for the story it tells.From what I ve read publishers are now asking that fantasy science fiction novels be about 90,000 words I ve seen evidence t [...]

  6. A fun read, and I enjoyed seeing what happened next to all the characters The interaction with Amberhill near the end was great, too Like other readers, I was also disappointed to be left hanging for a couple years to find out how it all ends Oh, well.I was surprised by how much I like Estora now, and I think she ll make a good queenunlike Karigan I think Karigan is great, but she s simply not queen material the etiquette, the clothes, the court politics, the lack of adventure and magic, the wh [...]

  7. It has taken me 56 days to finish this book BUT IT IS FINALLY DONE Thank God for the existence of holidays I first intended to finish this book during the Tome Topple Readathon as you can see, this did not happen, but the readathon motivated me to continue reading this book, so I am grateful to have been able to participate.The amount of pages in this series is intimidating, especially as the books grow exponentially larger by 50 pages every book That being said, it allows for a large amount o [...]

  8. In The High King s Tomb, Karigan has to save the day again, as not only does the threat of Blackveil increase when the wall shows signs of breaking, but the king s intended gets kidnapped.Thankfully, this volume in the series is much better than the previous, which was a bit of a disappointment I still like it best when the story takes place in the real world, and this takes a couple of trips outside too, but not enough for me to lose interest, thankfully The thing is, Britain does her main worl [...]

  9. In this book Karigan is struggling with the King s wedding to Lady Estora and, when the Captain Mapstone askes her to go on a seemingly boring mission, Karigan is thrilled to leave the castle The only downer is that she has to bring along a new Green Rider Fergal and train him in on the mission The D Yer wall continues to crumble and Alton struggles to find a way to repair it Of course all is not what it seems to be and Karigan s simple mission goes awry.The beginning of this book was slow and m [...]

  10. This book is definitely not as good as the first two.I really felt that this book was slow and uninteresting for the beginning, and parts of the middle as well Karigan is stuck doing trivial things with a boring companion And I felt like I was being preached at for parts of the book for example, the dissertation on whorehouses and love, the random mention of same sex couples, arranged marriages, etc It just felt like the author just had to put her view of societal issues in the book and then put [...]

  11. I certainly loved reading the parts that concerned Kari while hating the parts that didn t I couldn t skip through the other POVs so I found myself speed reading through it Sigh I know I shouldn t but I just want to know what s happening with Kari There is definitely a lack of development in Kari s romance department, but on her duties and uniqueness, a lot has happened I want of Kari and less of everyone else unless it has something to do with Kari Hahaha view spoiler I m quite annoyed with Re [...]

  12. AH What happened to this series I was heartbroken The book did nothing to advance the plot of the story, didn t reveal anything new or interesting about the main character or her love interest and was, in my opinion, a flop I mean, what s up with character the knacker s son Who cares I hope she concludes the series in the next one.

  13. If I could live in any fictional world, as any fictional character, it would either be Karigan G ladheon of the Green Rider series, or Maxwell of The Chronicles of St Mary s both of whom are badass heroines who aren t blonde and stunning Mary Sue assassins cough too many YA books.

  14. PlotWe deal with three main plotlines 1 The refugees of the Second Empire who have fled King Zachary s crackdown In particular, we focus on Grandmother, who view spoiler appears to only manipulate magic, but at the climax is referred to as a necromancer hide spoiler.2 Alton, at the wall and his attempts to mend it I m not particularly sure what this has to do with the main plot line, and I felt his efforts could be almost entirely cut All we need is a side mention that he s failing to mend the w [...]

  15. I love this series So many of the characters are strong women The storyline and the characters keep me wanting .

  16. An amazing story, but still not as good as the first in the series While it had all the wonderful characters of the first two and the addition of a few the plot line was hard to follow and somewhat confusing.As a recap and possible spoiler of the first two books, Karigan has been kicked out of school and on her way back to her father s city she encounters a Green Rider who is mortally injured The Green Rider s are the King s personal messengers and as part of this service, they obtain small mag [...]

  17. I gave this book 5 stars because the author writes in such detail I feel like she paints the whole picture through her words If only I could tell stories in a similar way Positives Great Detail, More horse involvement,surprises,humor, short chapters and the wall speaks.Negatives leaves you hanging for the next book, not many of the new problems are fixed and even the old problems are still there, the annoyance of Alton not being allowed into the Wall, and the size of the book might scare people [...]

  18. The High King s Tomb was a great book that picked up right where The First Rider s Call left off In it you meet the powerful but creepy Grandmother She does evil magic and tortures people by tying knots in yarn, it s weird She is the leader of Second Empire, they are the descendents of Mornhavon s army and want to reconquer Sacoridia and await Mornhavon s return Kerrigan starts her part by going on a a simple message arrand with a new rider named Fergal He is energetic, obstinate, and unpredicta [...]

  19. 4.5 Another superbly crafted tale in the Green Rider series I continue to be amazed at how moved I am by all the wonderful characters, and their adventures, in this series Karigan, Zachary, Laren Mapstone, Mara, Estora The High Kings Tomb introduces many new and wonderful characters to add to this list Damian and Lady, Fergal, Lord Umberhill Incredible cast Karigan G ladheon s growth throughout the series is very impressive With each new escapade she becomes involved in, it seems she and her val [...]

  20. I liked this book better than First Rider s Call, but the books in this series are starting to get a little long winded If it was slimmed down a bit, preferably in the first half, I would have enjoyed it a lot It took a while to get into, but it was still pretty good I liked the addition of the new villain who is quite literally an evil grandmother She is nothing if not complex I also LOVED the fact that the Berry sisters were included in this book I missed them in the last Also I really liked [...]

  21. The High king s Tomb was another great addition to the series that I had a hard time putting down The new character Amberhill was interesting and I m wondering how he will factor into the story later on I also loved revisiting Miss Bunch and Miss Bay They make me giggle I also found Damian Frost and his wife Lady fun and interesting characters My only complaints were that I really wanted to read things from King Zachary s point of view I was dying to know what he was thinking through some of it [...]

  22. This is one of those books where you don t care that it s really really long Because you don t want it to be over I love the heroine, Karigan She has real concerns and real weaknesses and doesn t seem to realize how awesome she is The book is too long to really sum up here, but when I think of The High King s Tomb, I think of the climax where Karigan faces down the King s sneaky, rebellious, and surprisingly powerful enemies in the royal tombs with the help of some supernatural coolness It s pre [...]

  23. I did finish this book, but it took a while I was in the sort of reading mood where I just wanted to read a couple of chapters a day, and this probably suited the pacing of this book, because it was rather slow moving all the way until the last few chapters Too many POVs meant I never really connected with the characters The main character, Karigan, came across as a bit Mary Sue ish and I don t think she was charismatic enough to carry the book much a plot driven than character driven book, IMO [...]

  24. Would have been a solid 5 stars if not for the annoying romance I liked Zachary initially but increasingly he s become and irritating He is betrothed to Estora who is very likable but at the same time he continues to give signals to Karigan that can t possibly be realised She is a commoner and he is the King It is one thing for him to pine for her in silence, but he continues to draw her out Also considering that Estora is to be his wife, he should be paying her attention and giving her a cha [...]

  25. This is the best written book in the series, and ironically my LEAST favorite Britain s writing has really picked up a notch, but the plot BLAH The heroine s life isn t in danger until page 400 and something The heroes are so boring that I ve actually starting cheering on the villains Yay, Bad Guys It s all about buying horses, training new riders, delivering messages, going to fancy parties, trying to decide on a suitor If that did it for me, I d just pay 2.00 for People Magazine Now, the last [...]

  26. This book was a real disappointment I love book one Green Rider and felt as though book two First Rider s Call Green Rider Book 2 was losing ground, but I held out hope that perhaps book three would get better Alas, it was not to be so The book has major pacing problems, and feels like there were a lot of subplots that were unnecessary At the conclusion it felt like I had wasted time for the two revelations that come in the book If they had cut about 150 pages then perhaps this would have been b [...]

  27. I should justify my 1 star review so I will but just quickly I love the first book Love, love, loved it The second one was alright This one just sucked It took too long, the ending was annoying and I mean really I like reading series all at once When I know they re a series that really helps So I ve read Green Rider s First call 3 times and I still like it However this one still has another book after it And I will not reread this book And I hate when authors don t tell you they have another boo [...]

  28. In some ways, this was my favorite book in the series, while in others I feel that the first two are superior.On the one hand, Kristen Britain s writing has improved a lot since the series began, and she handled the increasingly complex storyline well She juggles about half a dozen subplots inThe High King s Tomb, and she keeps them all in the air But on the other hand, the story dragged in places, especially near the beginning Some details felt unnecessary, while others were obviously included [...]

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