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The President s Lady In this acclaimed biographical novel Irving Stone brings to life the tender and poignant love story of Rachel and Andrew Jackson Beyond any doubt one of the great romances of all time The Saturday Re

In this acclaimed biographical novel, Irving Stone brings to life the tender and poignant love story of Rachel and Andrew Jackson Beyond any doubt one of the great romances of all time The Saturday Review of Literature

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The President's Lady

  1. In 1923, Stone received his bachelor s degree from the University of California, Berkeley In the 1960s, Stone received an honorary Doctorate of Letters from the University of Southern California, where he had previously earned a Masters Degree from the College of Letters, Arts, and Sciences.When at home, Stone relied upon the research facilities and expertise made available to him by Esther Euler, head research librarian of the University of California at Los Angeles, to whom he dedicated and thanked, in addition to many others, in several of his works.Stone enjoyed a long marriage to his wife and editor on many of his works, Jean Stone The Stones lived primarily in Los Angeles, California During their lifetime, Stone and his wife funded a foundation to support charitable causes they believed in.Stone s main source for Lust for Life, as noted in the afterword, were Van Gogh s letters to his brother Theo It seems probable that Vincent s letters to and from his own brother Theo provided a foundation for Adversary in the House Stone additionally did much of his research in the field For example, he spent many years living in Italy while working on The Agony and the Ecstasy The Italian government lauded Stone with several honorary awards during this period for his cultural achievements highlighting Italian history From

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  1. Irving Stone wrote books under the genre Biographical Fiction which is wholly based on real characters without made up characters to move the plot along I did find the history of the new community of Nashville, TN from its beginning very informative and interesting since I m a native of Tennessee Rachel Donelson s parents were the first settlers to the Nashville area and were well respected by the community.Rachel is soon smitten with the handsome and charming Lewis Robards and they are quickly [...]

  2. I would love to learn about Andrew Jackson When I was in 4th grade, I hung out with a couple girls who swore a lot, and I wanted to be cool and fit in Not only did I swear too everywhere except in front of my mother , but I told them once that I had a boyfriend who lived in California next to my grandma Age before I actually had a boyfriend 19 So anyways, sweary girl 1 said What s his name And I thought oh crap crap crap I never made up a name for him except, obviously I was saying a word worse [...]

  3. Stone wrote this as a biographical novel which he informs us is a story told with only actual people, rather than a historical novel which may introduce fictional characters into the story even though it is written of a real person This is the love story between Andrew Jackson and his wife, Rachel, beginning when they are in their early 20s and she is the young wife of another man and ending when he is a new president serving in Washington City and he has recently buried his most beloved wife In [...]

  4. I can t rate this because I generally don t like romances, nor have I read enough of them to rate it compared to others view spoiler The book The President s Lady is a romance based through the late 18th century to the early 19th century, giving its readers an insight into the southern frontier while it was still in the process of being developed The author, Irving Stone, is a well known author who writes historical fiction, and in this book, he wrote about the struggles that Andrew and Rachel J [...]

  5. Even though this was historical fiction, it helped me to put into context the facts that I ve read about both Rachel and Andrew Jackson s lives I was able to picture what it was like for Rachel to raise two children that weren t her own It was also heartbreaking to see the damage that false gossip can do to people s lives.

  6. I know that Andrew Jackson is not always the most beloved president he is responsible for the Cherokee Trail of Tears , but this historical novel about his youth and marriage really sheds light on his character and the things that he struggled with The love of his life was Rachel, he never married again, and she died just as he was elected to the presidency A sweet, gentle, intelligent woman, she actually nearly cost him the presidency, and many of his famous brawls and duels came about because [...]

  7. I loved this book Irving Stone continues to be one of my most favorite authors I love his books because they are called historical novels, not historical fiction All the characters in his books are real and his bibliography for this book is over 100 sources used in compiling the story I have so much respect for Rachel Jackson, and my heart breaks for her The opinions of the public are so fickle and violent I learned so much about the history and culture of the nation during the early 1800 s Amaz [...]

  8. The President s Lady is the second novel in my library by Irving Stone The first is Clarence Darrow for the Defence I bought it and read it because I had a wonderful experience with tge first one I think that the present book is also well written President Andrew Jackson lived during the reign of John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, and James Madison He married Rachel Jackson in Clumberland There marriage was celebrated in isolation without most of his family members and friends present There relations [...]

  9. 3.5 The story of Rachel and Andrew Jackson s marriage Very interesting to read of the history of the US in the early 1800 s Her family helped found Nashville and settle Tennessee She married a man who abused her and was terribly jealous In order to be divorced it had to be degreed by the legislature Throughout their lives the Jackson s had to fight his enemies claiming Rachel to be a whore Jackson took on the world head on sometimes failing mightily and other times with great victory Rachel was [...]

  10. I don t read a lot of biographical novels, so this was an interesting read for me I learned a lot and had a good time as wellRachel Jackson had an astonishing life I have to admit that I haven t decided whether I ended up loving Andrew Jackson for his personal sacrifices for our country or hating him for what those sacrifices cost his wife It s definitely a fascinating story.

  11. Really a 2.5 stars I really liked the first half, but not so much the second half It dragged on, because it s impossible to cover 40 years of marriage without getting a little too long I feel like he should have just covered their courtship and first few years of marriage, because that s where all the interesting stuff was.

  12. Stone isn t my favorite, but he sure is amazing at bringing history to life I learned so much about Jackson and his wife, Rachel It s a quite a sad story but good.

  13. Irving Stone is always one of my favorite authors I especially enjoyed learning about Rachel and Andrew Jackson and their tumultuous life together against the background of a time when history was being made It was especially eye opening to see how difficult life was for women who were facing abusive situations It was also interesting to see how many failures Andrew Jackson had in his lifetime before he was elected to the presidency It was not an easy time for anyone Irving Stone has given us e [...]

  14. I really liked the first half of the book But then it veered to everything about General Jackson and his exploits in the War of 1812 and thereafter It got pretty dry at the second half of the book, which is disappointing because I really enjoyed the first half of the book There were no mention of the numerous foster kids that they mentored, other than the one they adopted It is disappointing in that regards.I am glad that I read this though.

  15. Biographical novel, love historical fiction, don t know if I have ever read a biographical history before Enjoyed it very much, not really very informed about Andrew Jackson and I always enjoy reading about the women who make the men who they become The political arena was not a great deal different than what goes on today Haven t read novels by Erving Stone either, must try another.

  16. Interesting especially learning about the early settling of Tennessee My biggest issue is, basically, me being a basic feminist witch and asking why couldn t the book title have her name in it Rachel Donelson Jackson instead of making her the possession of a man Wah wah I m just going to hop on my broom and swoop on out.

  17. A fascinating read I didn t know much at all about Rachel and Andrew Jackson, so really enjoyed reading this and learned a lot of American history at the same time.

  18. Andrew Jackson was a newly certified attorney when he met Rachel Donelson Robards in 1788 at her mother s residence in Tennessee He was traveling through from Salisbury, North Carolina and had stopped there on the advice of friends At the time, Rachel was married but separated from her first husband, Lewis Robards The couple had tried to reconcile several times, however, when Rachel was falsely accused by Lewis of having an affair with Andrew Jackson, the marriage was officially over in her mind [...]

  19. Everyone ought to read history or at least well researched historical fiction it really does put current events into perspective There truly is nothing new under the sun I started reading this the day after President Trump was inaugurated, without knowing that Andrew Jackson is the President who he respects the most After finishing it, I understand why Before I started googling the information I was reading, I thought, Gosh, I don t know that I would have liked or elected Jackson Although he de [...]

  20. I read Irving Stone years ago, but don t think I had ever read this one I thoroughly enjoyed getting to about Andrew Jackson and his wife in such an engaging way I always love what Stone does with characters, making history seem real.

  21. I had not read Irving Stone heretofore, and now I m sort of glad.On the positive side his self stated deep research of the time and of course the Jacksons, is borne out by the bibliography and is laudable His delving into the frontier life in Tennessee as well as incidents of the time s national politics are fascinating and highly informative.So why the three star rating For starters, it should be a two and a half A pervasive mawkishness envelops the book from start to finish, making one wonder [...]

  22. I really enjoyed this historical fiction it was a good look at the cultural and political history at the time of Andrew Jackson up until the time of his election I had no idea of Rachel s struggles and I felt badly that she didn t get to actually see her husband in the White House Irving Stone does his homework

  23. The President s Lady is a novel written by Irving stone The book is historical fiction and it is about the lives of Rachel and Andrew Jackson The story has romance, tragedy, and suspense.The author, Irving Stone, tells of their lives before each other, how they met, and one of their unfortunate downfalls Throughout the book they are judged, due to the fact that Rachel was married previously to a man named Lewis Robards The novel is a beautiful story filled with elements that make other novels li [...]

  24. Originally written in 1951 then published in 1968, The President s Lady tells the love story of an odd couple in American History in Rachel Andrew Jackson Stone picks up the story where Rachel Andrew meet in 1789 follows the story from there Granted this is not your typical love story but it proves details of a romance that perhaps shouldn t have been in the first place gives us a nice glimpse into a the wife of our 7th chief executive Throughout the story we witness the rise fall of this relati [...]

  25. This book taught me so much about President Andrew Jackson and his amazing wife Rachel She was such a strong woman who accomplished much and who gained the respect of many common people As Andrew ran for the presidency it was sad to see how the newspapers slandered Rachel s name and how much it hurt her This is a story of true love Andrew was gone on business so much Rachel was lonely a lot of the time since she was not able to have children She was against him running for President, but she lov [...]

  26. 2.8 5 starsI was extremely disappointed with this masterpiece To me, the writing style was tedious and the plot too melodramatic While Rachel did live a generally miserable life I m not unsympathetic , I thought that her character could ve had so much potential than Stone gave her Also, I get that women weren t supposed to be as defensive as we are now However, I still cringed while reading her thoughts and actions, especially in the scene near the end of the novel where the 2 unidentified ladi [...]

  27. A friend recommended this book to me Previously not knowing much about Andrew Jackson he s on the 20 bill isn t he , I thought I would give it a try While there are many boring sections with details about politics, or travels, or various people, I still was intrigued with the overall story If this biography is correct, I am impressed with not only Jackson s tenacity, leadership, and strategic abilities, but also the tender love he had for his wife, Rachel They lived a hard life but they continue [...]

  28. I first read this book years ago and it stuck with me all these years as a book I loved Reading this book the second time I was a little critical of it I think this is a because I read now then I did when I first read it Reading Lies My Teacher Told Me has also tarnished my reading of history a bit, although reading through Irving Stone s bibliography, his research seems accurate and sound With that disclaimer, I really did enjoy rereading this It was great to read it in July, since it was ins [...]

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