The Shadow Thief

The Shadow Thief Millipop Klompet and Ernest Perriclof live in the uneventful town of Drabville where the cautious Ernest spends his time enlarging his rock collection and Milli dreams of adventure When the pair are

Millipop Klompet and Ernest Perriclof live in the uneventful town of Drabville, where the cautious Ernest spends his time enlarging his rock collection and Milli dreams of adventure When the pair are kidnapped from their homes and brought to live in the gothic mansion known as Hog House, they are adopted by the madcap Mr and Mrs Mayor and a series of bizarre encounters foMillipop Klompet and Ernest Perriclof live in the uneventful town of Drabville, where the cautious Ernest spends his time enlarging his rock collection and Milli dreams of adventure When the pair are kidnapped from their homes and brought to live in the gothic mansion known as Hog House, they are adopted by the madcap Mr and Mrs Mayor and a series of bizarre encounters follows Things do not add up and the children find that sinister plans are beginning to emerge Why has the notorious Lord Aldor stolen the shadows of all of the town s residents and where are they being held Assisted by a band of prisoners, the children must venture into the Taboo Territories, and battle the perils dished out by the Lurid Lagoon, in order to outwit Lord Aldor and prevent him from executing his secret master plan.Praise for The Shadow Thief Clearly Adornetto is already an Australian literary phenomenon to read The Shadow Thief is to be thrust into a fast moving plot full of menace and thrills, amply seeded with a magnificently precocious vocabulary The Courier Mail an impressive debut a wonderful fantasy story, full of adventure and scary, dark shadows The Australian Women s Weekly a comic fantasy full of magic The Sydney Morning Herald

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The Shadow Thief

  1. Alexandra Emily Adornetto was born on the 18th of April 1992 in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia She is the only child of an English Teacher and a Drama Teacher and attended, in her own words, many schools including MacRobertson Girls High School, Ruyton Girls School and Eltham College She has loved stories for as long as she can remember In 2006, she won the State Legacy Public Speaking competition She began writing a Children s novel when she was only 13, inspired by J.M Barrie s Peter Pan At 14, she sold it to HarperCollins Publishers, that also bought the two next novels of The Strangest Adventures series The Halo series is her first YA fantasy romance and marks her international debut She relocated to Oxford, Mississippi, where she divided her time between the USA and Australia, while she studied and wrote Now she lives in Hollywood, where she hopes to combine novel writing and acting as Alexandra Grace Her passions include old school country music, theology, singing and performing.

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  1. 2 stars DNF p.189.I tried I really really tried First off I ll explain why I wanted to read this book in the first place the author Alexandra Adornetto is sort of like a role model for me I aspire to be like her and get MY book published at a young age She was born in the same country as me and I like to think that I have a chance at publication, despite my age 14 She did grow up in a family of English teachers though That s probably where she got her vocabulary from.Adornetto has a very extensi [...]

  2. It s written by a 15yr old, not very original Not very compelling, not necessary for me to even want to read the sequels Formula, I could probably do the same if I purchased a writing for dummies book or whatever.

  3. Firstly, I admire the fact that Alexandra Adornetto was at such a young age when she first had this book published She shows a vast vocabulary, which assisted in painting an image of the scenes found in the book and bringing to life the characters.However, I was not taken in by the storyline I felt that, even though the plot was interesting, the story unfolded in a way that I could either see what was coming or didn t really care about what was going to happen As a primary school teacher I have [...]

  4. This isn t a me type of book however the description and imagination of the author is brilliant To think she wrote this when she was thirteen, wow And I struggled to get my 11 12 year old students to write a paragraph

  5. The Shadow Thief is one of the few children s books that effectively combines creativity and sophistication The story takes place in the town of Drabville, the home of 11 year old Millipop Klompet Milli is vibrant and impulsive, and struggles to fit in with the monotonous lifestyle that most of Drabville s population adopts Together with her best friend, Ernest Perriclof, she desperately searches for any kind of adventure However before long, adventure finds her, in the form of a bright red door [...]

  6. The writing bothers me it tries to be quirky and insightful, but it misses the mark.While conceptually sounded interesting, the story line is weak and the logic of the book s setting is rather lame.Maybe this is really pedantic, but if you re going to create a whole new realm of made up stuff don t put in our stuff in it seriously, Nancy Drew Why It wasn t even that good of an insult taunt to begin with.Ugh Anyways, I still want to finish the book just maybe not when I m not so annoyed 03 02 12 [...]

  7. I just read the first chapter of this book Wow.The unfettered imagination is clear from the first sentence and Adornetto s vocabulary is INSANE Did this same girl write Halo I don t think this same girl wrote Halo I think the real Alexandra Adornetto was kidnapped by aliens and replaced with a pod person who writes shit Adornetto s potential, wasted for the sake of two money grabbing Twilight lampoons, almost makes me cry I m going to read the rest of this book, and I m going to cry harder.

  8. Although this is a childs book, I liked it and I found it even enchanting because it was written by a girl younger then myself, only 15 I think Very well written, buy this one for any age who enjoys a bit of a mystery Reminded me somewhat of A Series of Unfortunate Events.

  9. i picked this one up because i liked the cover blurb, but i couldn t be doing with the breathless style would probably be fine with its actual intended demographic though.

  10. I picked this series up at the Library because they had all 3 I like to listen to books on cd while I drive Never heard of the author or the book but in the beginning it was stated that the author was reading That can t be I thought She sounds about 12 When I got home I googled the author and what do you know She is 12 Okay, not quite but 15 Impressive She has a lovely voice reads quite well The story begins with Millipop I refuse to call her Milli because why would you give a character such a q [...]

  11. The Shadow Thief was a really complex book and I enjoyed it immensely, except for some of the hard to understand language I did grow tired of the book at some points, but by the time I had finished the Shadow Thief I was glad By coming across this book in my local library I was intrigued by the cover and the plot While older readers can understand the language used, I found this book in the Junior Fiction section of the library, but couldn t decide if it belonged in the YA section because of the [...]

  12. Why did I pick up read this book It was not because of the cover design, though that is intriguing enough It was not even the title which is very intriguing indeed in this age of bank robbers and gold heists It was the name of the two protagonists that clinched the deal With a heroine called Millipop Klompet and a hero called Ernest Perriclof, it was simply impossible to pass over the book.Millipop and Ernest live in Drabville, which than manages to live up to its name There is no poverty, crim [...]

  13. This book goes on my Awesome shelf not because of literary merit alone, but because it was written by a 13 year old That seems to me to be just a wee bit of high achievement I still can t quite see the link between this and Peter Pan the blurb says it was inspired by Peter Pan , but I can see very many links with Alice in Wonderland However that doesn t matter I confess I am unable to give a reasonable assessment of the book, due to my preoccupation with the extreme youth of the author I m like [...]

  14. The Shadow Thief by Alexandra Adornetto First off, lets start with the plot.The Shadow Thief is a Book following the adventures of Milli and her friend Ernest, who let me tell you are quite the opposites yet their friendship is visibly strong throughout the book With Milli s keenness for adventures and Ernest s brains we soon find ourselves developed into the plot in a town called Drabville Drabville, is a town which is rather dull and boring that lacks individuality and creativity and disowns a [...]

  15. BEFORE YOU BUY IT Be sure that you are aware that this is a children s book and NOT a YA or teenage appropriate book I was so excited to read this book because I absolutely LOVED Halo, and Bethany and Xavier s story I really enjoyed that series, and felt that it was well written and intriguing, giving me high hopes for A.A.However, I am extremely seriously, monumentally disappointed If I had purchased the book in hard copy format, I would most definitely be returning it to my local Chapters Unfo [...]

  16. I agree with Marta in the comments of this book, but I think I would have really liked this book when I was young and we can be as critical as we want about how this book rips off a million other stories, which it does, but the fact is this is a CHILDRENS book and if I were mean enough to actually have children I would probably enjoy reading this to them Her over use of giant words I don t myself know bothered me some It was kind of try hard in that sense, but I give it three stars I liked it be [...]

  17. Well this book was interesting I don t want to put anyone off to it, but maybe it just wasn t my cup of tea I think it had something to do with the way the characters and setting were talked about and the adventures they experienced It was all very young for me.I m talking things like DrabvilleThe Great GuzzleThe Shadow KeepersIt all had the feeling of The Phantom Tollbooth or Alice in Wonderland that I just couldn t get into I think it was all fun and games but I guess I was looking for MORE I [...]

  18. No tienen la menor idea de cuanto tanto batalle para terminar este libro Tengo que admitir que el libro fue bueno, no fue ni malo ni fue extraordinario, simplemente fue bueno Me gusto mucho la historia que creo Alexandra, la admiro, pero no se, si era por mi o por la lectura que se me resultaba pesada, Y TIENE 273 PAGINAS Y LETRA GRANDE, no entend a por que me quedaba dormido por cada capitulo Anteriormente en las actualizaciones dec a que el libro me parec a un libro como para leer cuando uno s [...]

  19. I loved this book when I was 11 Though she she showed great promise and, ultimately, inspired me to take up the pen, I became so let down to walk into a library a few years later and see her name on an unoriginal, uninspiring and completely pedestrian YA romance novel about angels or some complete garbage I had this book in gorgeous hardcover and took it everywhere with me, but after rereading it, it s just so transparent Big vocabulary whoop de doo I own a thesaurus too but I know how to use it [...]

  20. I think actually listening to this in Audiobook form made it less painful The super slow moving story was elevated by Alexandra Adornetto reading her own story in her rather posh but exuberant voice It s hard not to be impressed that she was so young when The Shadow Thief was published but it did feel like a show pony performance of how well she can use a thesaurus correctly than anything else I understand she was probably going for that Lemony Snickett, Alice in Wonderland type over the top pro [...]

  21. Just missed out on the 3 stars Exceptional start, though sadly slowed in pace Good plot, though i thought it seemed a bit here and there, been there done that I am now over kids saving the day And it could have ben better written too.But Alexandra Adornetto will be a great author in the future Published when she was just 13, that is remarkable The book has room for improvement, as does the author One to watch.

  22. Looking for a creative, eccentric, funny and entertaining read with characters that you will fall in love with imediately What bookworm isn t Anyway, if you are then I strongly suggest this one The skill this author has is incredible, she not only weaves a mysterious and fun tale but she also really gets you inside the character s heads Their joy is your joy, their pain is your pain The incredibly intelligent language used is also a welcome change from most older children s novels.

  23. The first thing that encouraged me to pick up the book was hearing the author speak I admire the dedication and patience Alexandra Adornetto has to write a book while she s still in school Although this is written very well, it didn t actually appeal to me, because it s of a children s book than YA Enid Blyton lovers will love her style, which is very similar, although it retains an atmosphere of its own.

  24. The unfortunately named Millipop Klompet lives in a strict and colourless town, where rule breaking leads to disaster Adventure strikes Milli and her friend Ernest when they set out to investigate a mysterious house in the woods What follows is a thrilling tale of kidnap, mystery, and great daring, featuring a flamingo, a shadow thief and some dastardly mermaids This is a fun adventure story suitable for readers of all ages.

  25. this was the most wonderful book I have EVERRRRRRRRRRRRR read It was so gripping, from the first three chapters I couldn t put the book down It was glued to me I recommend this book to everyone out there who hasn t read and to all the people out there who have read it to read it AGAINNNNNNNNN Mia

  26. I am currently reading a book called Shadow Thief You have probably not heard of it before because I got it in Australia But it is very good and is about two kids who are adopted and in counter maxing bizarre events Even though I am not very far in this book I can tell its going to be full of adventure and mystery

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