Hunter x Hunter, Vol. 02

Hunter x Hunter Vol Hunters are a special breed dedicated to tracking down treasures magical beasts and even other men But such pursuits require a license and less than one in a hundred thousand can pass the grueling

Hunters are a special breed, dedicated to tracking down treasures, magical beasts, and even other men But such pursuits require a license, and less than one in a hundred thousand can pass the grueling qualification exam Those who do pass gain access to restricted areas, amazing stores of information, and the right to call themselves Hunters.A STRUGGLE IN THE MISTGon andHunters are a special breed, dedicated to tracking down treasures, magical beasts, and even other men But such pursuits require a license, and less than one in a hundred thousand can pass the grueling qualification exam Those who do pass gain access to restricted areas, amazing stores of information, and the right to call themselves Hunters.A STRUGGLE IN THE MISTGon and his friends Leorio and Kurapika have to worry about than just the Hunter Exam their fellow applicants are deadly serious Hisoka, the mad magician, nearly kills them all in a mock test and Killua reveals that appearances can be deceiving.Then there are the tests, which prove to be as varied as they are difficult The picky proctors of the second exam demand the applicants perform culinary feats of wonder, and it takes the intervention of the President of the Hunter Association Review Board to convince them to let anyone pass at all

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Hunter x Hunter, Vol. 02

  1. Yoshihiro Togashi see also is a manga artist Credited in Chinese translations as Fu Jian Yi Bo.He began drawing manga at an early age while he attended college, the publisher Shueisha recognized his talent Togashi has authored numerous manga series in different genres during the past three decades He is perhaps best known for writing and illustrating the YuYu Hakusho and Hunter Hunter series, both of which have been published in the popular Weekly Sh nen Jump magazine Togashi is married to Naoko Takeuchi, the author of Sailor Moon.

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  1. I ve tried watching the anime but I didn t enjoy it for some reason The manga is interesting than the anime but I m still not enjoying it as much as I enjoy other anime manga.I will give the anime another chance because everyone seem to be in love with it my friend is nagging me about it as well

  2. Rating Art 5 5 Story 5 5As Hisoka kills off the participants, readers realize he has blood lust hence the killing spree A large group of participants team up to attack him but he kills them single handedly, without getting a scratch on himself Hisoka confronts Leorio and Kurapika, and seems to enjoy getting ready to face off with them than he did killing the weaker contestants Gon interferes before Hisoka can kill Leorio Hisoka, in an interesting turn of events, seems to be taken by Gon Gon con [...]

  3. Mhmm, I was fast This was better than the first one, no doubt Sort of a strange place to end it though, but it doesn t really apply to me since I don t have to wait.I was really satisfied with Killua in this volume Togashi really doesn t hold back on showing you how lethal he is right away cough New anime could learn something cough view spoiler The scene just after Killua quit Netero s game, where he murdered the two guys who were passing hide spoiler It was such a beautiful scene Ahahaha, I m [...]

  4. 22 February 2013Hunter x Hunter, Vol 02 is even better than the first volume Admittedly, I have a bias towards food in manga, so I absolutely loved the second phase of the Hunter Exam I love that the action in this volume isn t mindless and not all brawn This is definitely a thinker s competition.The sheer magnitude of unique characters is amazing I really think the characterization is the strong point of this series Gon is too freakin adorable for words I absolutely adore his spirit There are t [...]

  5. Well, I broke down and started watching the show before finishing the manga I have no regrets Its awesome I love the exams and this one was great too Not a huge fan of the cooking challenge and it s drawn out here in the manga as well, but the game with Netero and the Third phase are completely wonderful to read I haven t been bored yet I m glad to have started this series for sure Also, Hisoka is the COOLEST villainhe is so mysterious and I can t wait to find out about him On to the next.

  6. This is probably the first time I ve read a manga in which the characters had no idea what sushi was Even if the series doesn t take place in Japan they know what sushi is XD Brilliant attention to detail there I absolutely loved this volume So over the top.

  7. THE GOOD Killua whew boy This kid comes from a family of assassins You know what, I can see it He kinda has a bit of a creepy killer vibe to him, which makes him doubly dangerous cause he s so adorable you d never suspect it Unless you re Gon, who seems to be quickly worming his way into the assassin s closed off heart as one of the boys closest friends Gon He is also adorable, even if he s not very bright He definitely made a few choices this volume that I personally wouldn t have made the long [...]

  8. La primera mitad de este volumen no se me hizo interesante La prueba en el pantano con Hisoka cazando a los evaluados, me pareci emocionante Hisoka es un personaje bastante interesante por sus habilidades y la manera en la que percibi a Gon y a Leorio, adem s que a estas alturas no s que est tramando y eso me hace querer seguir leyendo.La segunda prueba estuvo meh Un clich y no aport gran cosa a la trama.EL juego de medianoche aport m s detalles sobre el tipo de persona que son Killua y Gon, y h [...]

  9. Por el momento, me parece curioso que el protagonista sea Gon porque destaca muy poco pero cuando lo hace es porque hace o dice algo realmente ingenioso inteligente interesante Normalmente eso me disgustar a un poco pero con este manga lo encuentro interesante

  10. Loved this one Hisoka is a beast, so is Killua and Gon is justGon XDThe art is interesting and unique so I m going to continue this series.

  11. The Hunter exam continues Of the over 400 contestants, around 150 made it to the second exam After the second exam, the remaining applicants go by blimp to a tower where the third exam, a tower maze that is filled prisoners Gon, Leorio, Kurapika, and Killua foind themselves being partnered with view spoiler Tompa, who enjoys crushing people s dreams hide spoiler They have to navigate by majority rule when given two options yes no and left right being answers in the scenario seen in the book I lo [...]

  12. My favorite character is introduce in this volume Killua is part of a famous assassination family which foreshadows his strength He is the same age as Gon and Gon already made friends with him Killua joins Gon s party but I wonder if Killua considers Leorio and Kurapica as his friends as well Anyways, I love the Hunter exam because it s interesting and the battles go by quickly which means the story line continuously progresses There is comedy relief during the exam My favorite villian, Hisoka, [...]

  13. Just the second volume in a series of 35 and ongoing, if I m not mistaken, and the killing has already begun In case you have mistaken this series for something appropriate for children.My biggest complain would be two things so far First, Hisoka doesn t appear as threatening as he s supposed to be He s just not as intense as he should be In fact, Killua looks threatening than him.Second, there are not enough girls Yet I really dig Menchi, but all the other examiners are men and whenever one se [...]

  14. In this book volume 2 Gon is still taking a exam to become a Hunter What makes it interesting is that on his way he keep making friends THis time its about the tower There are alot of problems in this part but then all thanks to Gon they have sucessfully pass throught this part the ones that followed him.This this book people misunderstood Gon just because hes alot younger then them instead he was alot smarter and help all of them finish in time also They couldn t have belive that he was this sm [...]

  15. Series Name Hunter X HunterMangaka Togashi YoshihiroStatus On goingVolumes 25 Summary In a world filled with monsters, demons, hidden treasures, vast unexplored lands, there are people who are interested in these powers These people are called hunters Jin, Gon s father, is known as one of the greatest hunters in the world At an early age, Jin left Gon with Gon s aunt, and his father left to continue his life as a hunter Gon learns news of his father, and how he is not dead At the age of 12, Gon [...]

  16. Gon es ingenuo e inocente, pero s per astuto Me agrada como se las apa a en el examen Killua tambi n me ha empezado a gustar bastante Las pruebas se est n poniendo cada vez m s dif ciles, wow me sorprende que haya gente que sobreviva para intentarlo el a o siguiente xD Y no soporto al gordo ese, candidato No.16, yo ya lo hubiera arrojado de una patada por el abismo de la torre, por idiota _

  17. The continuation of the Hunter Exam Some creative elements here, as they really expand the concept of hunters quite a bit in this volume I like that there s a fair share of straight action, but the characters are spending far time reasoning with against each other than they are beating each other up.

  18. I love how the tests keep getting progressively harder and it pleases me to learn about the characters One of my favorite thing of Hunter x Hunter is the characters, and in this volume you begin to see why From Gon s obvious nonchalance to his friend being an assassin, to Togashi s way of presenting Killua to us for how lethal he truly is right away.

  19. Officially my all time favourite manga Even though I m majorly spoiled considering I m a big fan of the anime series which is also my favourite it feels wonderful to revive all these amazing adventures we have with our awesome heroes.

  20. I love this series It has such an interesting plot The only thing keeping this from 5 stars is the artwork, which feels like a down grade after reading other manga series, but it s not like I could draw any better, so good series

  21. This is volume two of this manga comic book thing Gon is still taking the exam and he has to do something about finding pigs Also this clown guy starts killing lot of people Again it is really short and not boring to read.

  22. Highlights Middle rounds of Hunter Exam First glimpse of Hisoka s bloodlust Killua introduces some assassin skills Netero is a wily old man Tonpa reveals his true weasel colors Majority rules

  23. Rating 3.5 Out of 5 StarsThis series is growing on me I really like where the end of this volume heads, and the idea that the tests involve intelligence and not just fighting.

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