The Amazing Mrs. Pollifax

The Amazing Mrs Pollifax When Emily Pollifax answers the phone that Sunday morning she quickly forgets all about her Garden Club tea that afternoon For the voice on the other end belonged to a man she had never seen a man f

When Emily Pollifax answers the phone that Sunday morning, she quickly forgets all about her Garden Club tea that afternoon For the voice on the other end belonged to a man she had never seen, a man from the CIA who asked her if she could leave immediately on a mission that would take her halfway across the world What could Mrs Pollifax say but yes

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The Amazing Mrs. Pollifax

  1. Dorothy Gilman started writing when she was 9 At 11, she competed against 10 to 16 year olds in a story contest and won first place Dorothy worked as an art teacher and telephone operator before becoming an author She wrote children s stories for than ten years under the name Dorothy Gilman Butters and then began writing adult novels about Mrs Pollifax a retired grandmother who becomes a CIA agent The Mrs Pollifax series made Dorothy famous While her stories nourish people s thirst for adventure and mystery, Dorothy knew about nourishing the body as well She used to live on a farm in Nova Scotia, where she grew medicinal herbs Her knowledge of herbs comes through in many of her stories, including A Nun in the Closet, in which a nun treats a man s wounds with the herbs growing nearby Many of Dorothy s books, including Caravan, feature strong women having adventures around the world Dorothy spent much of her life in Connecticut and Maine She died at age 88 of complications of Alzheimer s disease.Series Mrs Pollifax

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  1. I m a bit obsessive and so, when I find a series, I will bend over backwards as the saying goes to get them in orderI did that here This is another book that should strain the credulity of the reader or listener except that in the hands of Ms Gilman it takes on the character of a comedy drama adventure think I Spy with Robert Culp and Bill Cosby How many remember that TV program that I would call a page turnerexcept that I listened to the audio version Here Carstairs, Mrs Pollifax s handler, the [...]

  2. I absolutely loved this book Both suspenseful and VERY funny the author makes the absurd believable I found myself cheering on Mrs Pollifax, and laughing out loud many times There were many twists and turns, great adventure and suspense And of course, an absolutely loveable main character in Mrs Pollifax.

  3. A charming little spy thriller A retired grandmother from a small town in NJ, Emily Pollifax spends her time between her church s Garden Club, karate lessons, and an occasional assignment for CIA Imbued with common sense, she is a James Bond of pensioners Her latest CIA job took her to Istanbul, Turkey, where she saved the day despite all the misfortunes the author could heap on her The story is short 170 pages and occasionally funny, but I think there are too many obstacles on the heroine s way [...]

  4. I adore Emily Pollifax In fact I think she s my soulmate.I ve read this whole series before but am now re reading them.I can never think of how to review the books I love the most.So I will just quote As she stood transfixed the last notes of a muezzin s chant reached her ears from below, sounding phantom in the high clear air, and Mrs Pollifax thought, I must remember this moment, and then, I shall have to come back and really see this country Yet she knew that if she did come back it would be [...]

  5. A tongue in cheek James Bond, Mission Impossible spoof I remember when these books first came out, they were often in my parents Reader s Digest Condensed Book collection Reading it today I wonder what they could cut out, or needed to, with such a short novel Gilman s Turkey could be anywhere, really, but then it s just a fish out of water tale of an elderly widow turned courier A quick, light bowl of mental popcorn with no message beyond sit back and relax The ending seemed rather abrupt, the h [...]

  6. Excerpted from a review originally published at The Bookwyrm s HoardTE This is a review of the audiobook.I ve been a Mrs Pollifax fan for a long time, so when I saw that our public library had some of Dorothy Gilman s delightful mystery series in audio format, I wanted to give them a try I enjoy audiobooks when I m doing housework, knitting, or running errands Listening to a book with which I m already familiar means I don t have to worry if my attention wanders for a few moments for instance, w [...]

  7. I knew nothing of Mrs Pollifax until I chanced across a reference to her and determined to learn Discovering she is not to be found in the bookshelves of the UK I tracked her down through bookmooch and am completely enchanted This is not the first in the series but its the one I have acquired so I think it the best Here are some of Mrs Pollifax thoughts on life She thought that just when life appeared to have no discernible pattern there could arrive a co incidence so startling that one could i [...]

  8. This was even fun than the first Mrs Pollifax goes on another courier mission for the C.I.A and of course becomes royally embroiled in scandal, violence, and intrigue Along the way, she meets an Englishman without courage, a Turkish thief whose signature phrase is wotthehell, and a daring, older female spy that finally provides her someone to look up to.Along the way, Gillman is careful to paint not a touristy, typical picture of Turkey but to have her character pause and realize that she s bee [...]

  9. I am a fan of that elderly widow turned CIA spy, Mrs Pollifax We recently took a road trip and listened to this book on CD The reader is Barbara Rosenblat and she makes this book so much fun to listen to This one is the 2nd book in the series so you are still getting introduced to and suprised by Mrs Pollifax s ingenuity The story has a good mystery and characters you enjoy It is slightly predictable but so much fun you hardly notice If you are OK with mysteries that are dated this is clearly th [...]

  10. Oh my gosh I adored this I m heading on to the third volume Light reading but not fluff Mrs Pollifax gets into some serious situations I love that these cold war era books feature authentic settings and situations that at least approximate difficulties particular to cold war intrigue And yet, Mrs Pollifax makes it through but without any sappy, cheap, easy solutions I love that about these books There might be a deus ex machina or two, but it doesn t feel unearned and doesn t feel as if the auth [...]

  11. This is a great cozy mysterylove Mrs Pollifax She s a role model for kicking it at any age Dorothy Gilman really was one of the first to get that 60 something is the new 40, or whatever the new math says about the graying of the western world Her writing style is light and easy in this breezy mystery It s full of warmth and wit Mrs Pollifax is amazing

  12. twas a bit confusing when gilman referred to a helicopter as plane, but, wotthehell it seems this is the volume that i missed way back when i was reading reader s digest condensed booksthe karate part was introduced here view spoiler though it did not play a part in the espionage act yet it s exciting to see who s gonna get the first dose hide spoiler

  13. If Mrs Pollifax were not a sixty something grandmother in New Jersey who was wearing a hat with flowers in it, she still might not be James Bond She has a knack for common sense and calm and making friends in the right moments This is the tale of her second call to be an unobtrusive carrier for the country s spy department Here, she is called in at a moment s notice to go to Turkey to pass documents on to a purported defecting eastern block agent, a woman also of a certain age Within a day, that [...]

  14. Every time I indulge in a Dorothy Gilman book, it is apparent she is a legend Empathy with her heroine and excitement again spin furiously right from the opening scene What s , the creativity bursts out A typical author would drag out the mission of finding someone We locate our person immediately The adventure is made out of pairing her with Emily Pollifax I love books that follow no formula and grow from every author s imagination As brisk and consuming as her pace continues to be, The Amazing [...]

  15. Mrs Pollifax Emily , a widow with grandchildren, was living a safe but boring life in New Brunswick, New Jersey Until the CIA asked her to become a courier, that is Well, she had a wonderful adventure and is now back in New Brunswick, attending Garden Club meetings and taking karate lessons But a phone call from her CIA contact, Mr Carstairs, quickly changes her plans He has another assignment for her she is to go to Istanbul, Turkey now This is a delightfully imaginative and highly improbable c [...]

  16. In the first book one of Mrs Pollifax s main weapons was her apparent innocent naivety The problem with this, is the novelty soon wears off and you begin to want the heroine to be a bit proactive In this book we see a glimpse of her being forceful, but having seen this, it then becomes annoying when for the rest of the book her only defence seems to be waiting and hoping for the best It becomes even irritating when the book consists of her lurching from one disaster to another and only surviv [...]

  17. I usually shun spy novels, but was intrigued by this one because of the unusual protagonist the civilian and widowed Mrs Pollifax Her age isn t mentioned, but I found myself thinking of her as a little old lady until it dawned on me with some discomfort that in reality she s probably around my age At any rate, it was an enjoyable read in which every chapter brought the characters into some new and unanticipated peril reminded me of the show 24 in that way, except not nearly as violent and with a [...]

  18. Another great read Emily Pollifax has been called in again, for her amateur ness and willingness to risk life limb for her country This time she s off to Turkey to help a defecting Communist agent really a U.S double agent Things quickly don t go as planned and the last resort contact she was given turns out to be a double agent himself Suspense abounds2 problems with this one versus the first 1 There was almosttoomuch against Mrs Pollifax The reader didn t really have any time to come down from [...]

  19. This author was new to me Such a delight A little old lady joins the CIA and she is charming Her mission got much complicated and life threatening Of course she preserves with help from unlikely allies along the way The mystery was wonderful as well Looking forward to many by this author.

  20. Book 2 after an excursion through later volumes Mrs Pollifax is certainly favoured by the gods of happenchance.

  21. I am so happy to have discovered this series This was my second read from it and second of the series As with the first, I really liked Mrs Pollifax as a protagonist, and in this episode enjoyed seeing her develop a bit as a character.The supporting cast of characters was interesting and eclectic I am hoping to see one or two in future novels, but suspect others will be introduced instead.The setting in Turkey gave some beautiful descriptions of the country, which I appreciated.I am looking forw [...]

  22. Mrs Pollifax goes off on a real spy jaunt, with a half hour to pack and put her affairs in order, then an assignation where she must carry a book to be identified Of course things do not go as easily as planned, and a mistake on her part makes everything difficult Kindness and surprises of human nature as usual.

  23. Yep Mrs Pollifax has impressed the CIA and now her new assignment is just a little involved She definitely is put in positions of very real danger But the book is short so the things that line up to tie up all the loose ends in her favor are pretty much beyond belief But then this is fiction and there is a series to think of I ll read of this Pollifax stuff.

  24. This was my first Mrs Polifax book the second in the series , and I found it very enjoyable The characters were all likable in quirky ways or treacherous, as the case may be Fun, romping adventure through Turkey.The audio version with Barbara Rosenblat was quite good Entertaining with good accents, but not over the top.

  25. It s nice to have friends who are voracious readers and recommend good books With that, I m glad my friends, Shauna, Donna and Judi, recommended the Mrs Pollifax series A fun premise a widow in her 60 s becomes an unlikely CIA agent, has great international adventures and through her practical problem solving, becomes a repeat heroine.

  26. This is the second in the Mrs Pollifax series Set in Turkey in the 60s, the action takes place in a few of the cities I ve visited there, which was a nice addition The plot follows a similar pattern to the previous book Mrs Pollifax is sent somewhere for a supposedly safe and quick job for the CIA, finds intrigue and danger than expected, and shenanigans ensue Engaging and quick read.

  27. 2 in a series of 14 books, this one is filled with action and adventure and just as one became familiar with the land of Albania in the first story, one now becomes familiar with the country of Turkey Very well written can t put it down affect While this one was thrilling, I found 1 slightly humorous.

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