The Elusive Mrs. Pollifax

The Elusive Mrs Pollifax While waiting for a view of her night blooming cereus the mild seeming Mrs Pollifax received urgent orders for a daring mission to aid an escape Soon the unlikely looking international spy was sport

While waiting for a view of her night blooming cereus, the mild seeming Mrs Pollifax received urgent orders for a daring mission to aid an escape Soon, the unlikely looking international spy was sporting a beautiful new hat that hid eight forged passports.

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The Elusive Mrs. Pollifax

  1. Dorothy Gilman started writing when she was 9 At 11, she competed against 10 to 16 year olds in a story contest and won first place Dorothy worked as an art teacher and telephone operator before becoming an author She wrote children s stories for than ten years under the name Dorothy Gilman Butters and then began writing adult novels about Mrs Pollifax a retired grandmother who becomes a CIA agent The Mrs Pollifax series made Dorothy famous While her stories nourish people s thirst for adventure and mystery, Dorothy knew about nourishing the body as well She used to live on a farm in Nova Scotia, where she grew medicinal herbs Her knowledge of herbs comes through in many of her stories, including A Nun in the Closet, in which a nun treats a man s wounds with the herbs growing nearby Many of Dorothy s books, including Caravan, feature strong women having adventures around the world Dorothy spent much of her life in Connecticut and Maine She died at age 88 of complications of Alzheimer s disease.Series Mrs Pollifax

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  1. I was in the middle of this book when I read of Dorothy Gilman s recent death Losing one of my favorite authors makes me sad, knowing that there will be no books with that voice, wisdom, and wit Dorothy Gilman is best known for her Mrs Pollifax series, but it was actually her other novels that I preferred My late mother in law was a devoted Mrs Pollifax fan, and perhaps I stupidly relegated the series to old ladies who liked Murder She Wrote, for I resisted reading all but the first one I shoul [...]

  2. In book three of the series, the CIA s least likely courier is sent on a mission to Bulgaria She s to deliver some forgeed passports to a group of underground operatives The CIA has given her a wonderful custom made hat, in which she can hide the documents All she has to do to shake her Balkantourist keeper and order a particular garment at a local tailor shop But her CIA supervisor, Carstairs, should know better Emily Pollifax has a talent for getting involved and this trip will be no different [...]

  3. When I first saw one of the books in the Mrs Pollifax series, I assumed it was another cozy mystery I was expecting an American Miss Marple Then as I read the story, I realized that it was a fun spy novel I think of it as a Jessica Fletcher meets John le Carr kind of tale I really enjoyed the first two books in the series and I was eager to read about this entertaining character This book takes us to Communist Bulgaria and Mrs Pollifax does not fail to deliver an exciting adventure This story s [...]

  4. Kept my interest, but I m not excited enough to continue the series This would be good for mystery lovers and teens.This is book 3 in the series A lady in her 60s periodically acts as a courier for the CIA In this book she is sent to Bulgaria to deliver fake passports to the underground While there she discovers a young American put in jail to be killed She wants to help By the end of the book, some major things have happened for the good that shock and awe her boss back at the CIA I really like [...]

  5. Mrs Pollifax starts out a little slow in this spy thriller set in Bulgaria At one point, I was asking, Mrs Pollifax, what were you thinking But then she gets up to speed, and you just can t help but love her, with her flowered hat, karate chops, and willingness to improvise Bond is oh so predictable next to her.

  6. A reread, I remembered most of this one The story is not quite as logical and the side characters not quite so congenial as in the previous two Mrs Pollifax books I actually was not sure that I even liked Mrs Pollifax as well But it is still exciting and a quick captivating read.

  7. Mrs Pollifax is off to Bulgaria this time, with eight passports concealed in her hat to help some political prisoners escape the country What starts as another very straightforward mission ends up very complicated Mrs P saves the day, as always, and it s of the same good stuff high adventure, suspense, great characters, and intriguing scenery.I love the way this story starts, with a group of Mrs Pollifax s friends gathered in her apartment in New Brunswick, New Jersey, at midnight, to witness h [...]

  8. Actually the third in the series and I finished it sometime ago, read it before re reading 2, The Amazing Mrs Pollifax Catching up now.Scene Bulgaria An unforgettable character, Tsanko They sat quietly together, the sounds of the night encircling them the shrilling of cicadas, the call of a whippoorwill, a murmur of rustling leaves from the forest It was extraordinary how fond she had become of this man, thought Mrs Pollifax, and she reflected upon how few persons there were with whom she felt a [...]

  9. I don t know if I should explain with each one of these how I came to be listening to them For a long time I tracked down audio books for my late wife I would often listen to them also as I had a profession that involved spending a lot of time behind the wheeloften I preferred an audio book to recorded music or the radiometimes my attitude was any book is better than no book , so sometimes I listened to books I might not have readat s not the case here My wife and I both truly enjoyed the advent [...]

  10. Unexpected, Amazing and now, Elusive Mrs Pollifax Book 3 in this series by Dorothy Gilman has me still enchanted with this character and her adventures, incredible though they are But, after all, this is fiction and anything can happen I have the next two adventures queued up on my iPod, expecting to accompany the delightful senior lady to other corners of the world.Although these early books were written in the 1970s and the CIA and international spying activities are dated, it is still quite f [...]

  11. Another good Pollifax adventure I was sorry to have to skip 2 since it wasn t available at the moment from the library, but this one was still good I did feel I missed things in between the two books, but I could live with that.

  12. I ve now read three 3 in the series, and they re entertaining enough I still think that the first was the most entertaining, while, overall, the basic gist and the protagonist are sufficiently amusing to make the pages in the relatively short books turn pretty quickly The travelogue and naive American abroad angle is fun, just as the Cold War, East versus West, spy versus spy theme is an interesting period piece moment in time study.As for the individual installments, I thought this one dragged [...]

  13. Mrs Pollifax, fabulously hatted, heads to Bulgaria More Cold War, young people in need of direction, unexpected heroes and helpers Despite the appearance of Tsanko, I find this one less exciting than the first two.

  14. Some of the formatting is a little wonky but the story itself was well done though a bit dated Mrs Pollifax is a delight I want to be her when I grow up D

  15. I am very slowly making my way through the Mrs Pollifax series by Dorothy Gilman, and loving every book I find There s just something about Mrs Pollifax that gets me They re like cozy thrillers Is that a thing Like cozy mysteries are a thing, is there such a thing as cozy thrillers Well, if there is, the Mrs Pollifax books are it.Emily Pollifax is an elderly widow bored with her life until she remembers that, as a child, she wanted to be a spy So she goes on down to the CIA and very politely inq [...]

  16. This is my favorite book in this series so far It has a fresh, optimistic tone that I like very much It s charming and funny, yet somehow reflects a genuine concern for people too There is a depth in the book that I didn t experience with the two additional books I ve read in this series If you haven t read any of these books, they re worth checking out These mysteries were written in the 70s when the cold war was still a real threat Back then it was unlikely for a grandmother to be anything lik [...]

  17. Mrs Pollifax is certainly a unique type of amateur sleuth I am enjoying her adventures and look forward to the next installment.

  18. I loved this one I don t know why so than the second one the ending was still a smidge rushed and there is one semi loose end but oh, so good I think perhaps it was the interplay of the older, wiser, but still learning Mrs Pollifax with the young, ungrateful, but desperate to be useful Debby For one thing, authors, even female authors, seldom get the age range Debby was truly right especially when writing a lost youth as she was They tend to make them boy crazy or materialistic or just shallow [...]

  19. Another merry romp with the indefatigable Mrs Pollifax This edition contained some unnerving typos which caused some initial confusion and should have been corrected However, the book itself is marvelous Once again Mr Carstairs must call on Mrs Pollifax to do some courier duties this time in Bulgaria, behind the iron curtain But there are budget cuts and the CIA will not allow the expense of a courier just to deliver 8 passports So, despite all his protestations, Mr Carstairs must allow Mrs Poll [...]

  20. A fun romp with an unexpected spy Mrs Pollifax is a member of a garden clud, volunteers at the hospital, and is a CIA currier On this adventure she is suposed to deliver 10 passports to dissidents in Bulgaria At the airport she meets a young american who is traveling the world with friends he has met along the way and seems to be under the weather She later sees him stopped by customs and is stopped from offering help by her Bulgarian Governmental tourguide When she learns that he was arrested a [...]

  21. This series, a lighthearted Cold War spy romp, is so much fun The widowed, hat wearing Mrs Pollifax, through a series of misunderstandings, was accepted in the first volume as a CIA courier Her inexperience and big heart mean that those courier assignments always become complicated than intended She is a funny, endearing character surrounded by a strong ensemble These stories always make me smile and sometimes laugh out loud Eventually i hope to work my way through the whole series This novel i [...]

  22. I read this because my mom let me pick a book from her read books shelf every weekend This was one she and I talked about for hours because I was maybe twelve and there was a lot she had to explain To this day I believe my mom was secretly in the CIA or some covert group because she is always such a good sleuth and she knows every mystery ever written She gave me my first Nancy Drew when I was eight She often read them again as I was reading them it was great fun My mom is awesome

  23. I find these books simply delightful Like if James Bond was a sensible old lady in a ridiculous hat There s spies of all stripes, revolutionaries, love interests, communists, and geese I particularly enjoyed a little bit of the puzzle aspect as to figuring out how I d break into an impenetrable fortress given the limited tools at hand.

  24. Mrs Pollifax is back again, wearing charming hats, getting into trouble, and saving lives This is one of the best in the series, carefully plotted, and with strong action and suspense scenes, particularly at the conclusion There is a bitter sweetness in the last quarter of the book that also gives the novel some depth A wonderful read.

  25. I had not planned to read this one immediately after book 2 but the opportunity arose, so I took it and am happy that I did This is a delightful series In this episode, Mrs Pollifax seems to really be finding her own, while still keeping the spirited, unconventional traits that make her so endearing I am looking forward to reading the next book of the series.

  26. I was recommended this as comedy It isn t It s just a pretty generic mystery novel Think Agathie Christie but with blander characters and no cleverness It s not unreadable or anything, but there s nothing particularly good about it, and all the characters are idiots who need everything spelled out for them.

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