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White Lotus, by Hersey, John

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White Lotus

  1. John Richard Hersey was a Pulitzer Prize winning American writer and journalist considered one of the earliest practitioners of the so called New Journalism, in which storytelling devices of the novel are fused with non fiction reportage Hersey s account of the aftermath of the atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima, Japan, was adjudged the finest piece of journalism of the 20th century by a 36 member panel under the aegis of New York University s journalism department.

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  1. It is so long ago that I read this book that it is past the time that I should do a re read However, it is testament to the power that I remember this story so well after almost 40 years I admit that I was a very young teen when I first ate up the words contained in this story, and maybe with older and cynical eyes I may not enjoy it quite so much, but it certainly laid a deep impression of a girl with a passion for social justice in the late 60 s early 70 s.

  2. First published in 1965, John Hersey s White Lotus is an examination of race relations It came at the right time With the Civil Rights movement and revelations into white America s historic treatment of Native Americans, Hersey flips the cards.In the novel, white Americans had become enslaved by the Chinese We become the subservient race The story follows a young Arizona girl renamed White Lotus As she ages, she evolves from a bewildered, terrified slave to a conscious and intelligent revolution [...]

  3. This amazing book can be taken as a complete, if dark post WW 3 fantasy invention But it can also be taken as an incredible, and harrowing allegory in the finest detail for what it must have been like to become a slave in pre Civil War America Hersey is a masterful writer and this I think is his masterpiece, vivid and stark in descriptions, uncompromising in characterization, riveting in plot Even if you find it difficult to get into reading White Lotus it will be than worth your while to keep [...]

  4. China wins the Great War and a young California girl is taken by force to China to work as a slave.The basic premise of Hersey s novel sounds as though it comes from a recent book, as the trend towards alternate history has bloomed in the last decade The book was written in 1965, however, when playing what if games was much less popular I find it hard to classify this book as alternate history The story is one of racial injustice and social change, turned on its head in a truly unique way Herse [...]

  5. I read this book over 40 yrs agod I still get inspiration from the image of the heroine standing on one foot along with her co revolutionaires for hours at a time in protest.

  6. One of Hersey s two great masterpieces, and not far behind The Wall, which is his best novel He knew the importance of character development, and I have never encountered a novel that does it better than these two That means that the story will move too slowly for some while he takes his time to really let us get to know them, especially White Lotus, the main character At the end, you may feel as if you are being forced to say goodbye to some friends As others have noted, Hersey s own background [...]

  7. Absolutely one of my favorite book beginnings and endings Hersey is a competent writer and the plot of this book is often on my mind True, there were parts that seemed dull to me, but possibly that was the point to show the banality and hopelessness that occur within the walls of slavery I felt so much for the characters and love them for their faults as much as their triumphs I think a great lesson was taught by switching the role of the slaves to Caucasians at least that was powerful to me at [...]

  8. Read this than forty years ago, but I recall it vividly It is the story of a young girl taken as a slave to China after a war in which the US was defeated Seen from her perspective, the reader experiences her life as a slave much like what a black slave might have experienced in pre civil war times Very powerful novel with profound overtones of the civil rights movement of non violent protest.

  9. Every bit as good as For Whom the Bell Tolls , Huck Finn , The Grapes of Wrath or The Scarlet Letter A dark and defiant book.

  10. I began to see religion as a suit of clothing.ring naked barbarity p iety and cruelty were mask and face p 385 of the Alfred A Knopf 1965 first edition I just read And this is true in John Hersey s harrowing account not only of religion Piety masking cruelty is apparent in almost every aspect of the lives of these white slaves following another ill defined Great War in which China emerges as the victor and America, the loser.Prophetic In his Author s Note, Hersey says not This work is not intend [...]

  11. Hersey s brilliant allegory puts white Americans into the shoes of an enslaved people, so they can try them on for size In the aftermath of a Great War the former US has been conquered by the Chinese A young Arizona girl, renamed White Lotus is the focus of the narrative Through it, we see her develop from a bewildered slave, to become a conscious and intelligent revolutionary, whose simple and elegant non violent protest becomes a movement which ultimately bewiders and ultimately terrifies her [...]

  12. Loved this book I read it when it first came out in the 1960 s when I was a teenager I could not remember the name of it and I was searching the internet trying to find it and finally did I ll be rereading it It was a beautiful and powerful story that is still relevant today.

  13. This is one of my favorite books and worth reading again and again It s a timeless story about the awesome power of quiet resistance.

  14. I found White Lotus while weeding my library It was an old book, but its plot was was too ironic to let it go, considering the current economic and political situation between China and the United States In this book China wins a Great War with the USA and makes white people slaves in China This was not Hersey s intention, but it was my reason for reading it I was going to read it as a hipster and then chuck it but no Though this was an epic novel, a common genre of the 1960 s, White Lotus was m [...]

  15. It s hard to say that I liked this book There are scenes that stick out in mind where the main character was weak and downtrodden and others where she is strong and highminded I suppose this would be the reality of slavery Realizing this was written than 30 years ago, I can see how a book like this might bring the topic of slavery to a new group of people who only choose to read about people like themselves.

  16. Excellent story of white Americans enslaved by the Chinese after we lose a war with them They, the captive Americans, begin to meet secretly and organize to protest their capitivity They resort to nonviolent, silent protests Sound familiar It is reminiscent of the silent protest march against lynching in New York in teh 20s This was written during, or right after, the civil rights protests of the 60s Hersey does an excellent job of putting the shoe on the other foot Recommended reading.

  17. A different kind of dystopian novel The US has been conquered by the Chinese, but the Chinese who have conquered it are the Chinese of John Hersey s youth in China which makes a very interesting novel This is one of the novels that though I may never read it again will always be on my shelf It s scary, beautifully written, believable.

  18. 3 stars Part of it was just brilliant, but a couple of pages less wouldn t have hurt It was additional bad luck that the reading of it collided with fatigue stemming from a new job.Nevertheless, I am really glad that I finished the book it certainly was worth the effort.I m going to be really lazy and just refer to Michael s review.

  19. Corny, Harlequin romance masquerading as serious fiction about Chinese warlords conquering the Western world and taking white American girls to be their love slaves in old Beijing Of course the pubescent blonde maiden falls in love with her dashing Chinese master, and John Hersey divests it in all in his usual po faced, bombastic style.

  20. opression and resistance, yah, we get it but it took him an entire novel to say it poorly maybe i really missed something, who knows, but i kept reading, waiting for the point all the way to the last page.

  21. Interesting examination of the human condition under the oppression of slavery Strangely hopeful as a dreary dystopian alt future can be I completely didn t get the ending.

  22. I have a first edition copy in good condition and I truly love and I was wondering how much would a first edition cost

  23. I was gifted this book from my mom after my father s death The hardback edition actually has a 1964 copyright The reviews I ve read allude to a science fiction treatment of the topic of slavery.

  24. I thought that this was a very interesting and unique story It took a long time for me to get into the story and to keep my interest, but once it did, it was just about impossible to put down

  25. Written in 1964 it tells of the Chinese taking over America and enslaving everyone This is a great book and seems a little prophetic now.

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