The Alphabet Book

The Alphabet Book From American ants to zebras with zithers kids will love exploring the alphabet in this classically creative P D Eastman alphabet book

From American ants to zebras with zithers, kids will love exploring the alphabet in this classically creative P D Eastman alphabet book.

P Is for Pterodactyl The Worst Alphabet Book Ever Haldar This whimsical, funky book from Raj Haldar aka rapper Lushlife turns the traditional idea of an alphabet book on its head, poking fun at the most mischievous words in the English language and demonstrating how to pronounce them Fun and informative for word nerds of all ages Previous page Reading age Best Sellers Best Children s Alphabet Books Big Skills for Little Hands Trace Letters Workbook Alphabet, Letters, Sounds, Handwriting Practice, Tracing Activity Book for Preschool Kindergarten pgs Brighter Child . out of stars , Alphabet for Humanity Children s Book for Raising Loving A New Alphabet for Humanity BOOK GIFT PACK SAVE % . USD . USD A New Alphabet for Humanity BOOK GIFT PACK SAVE % . USD . USD Book and Conversation Cards Mega Bundle SAVE % . USD . USD. Printable Alphabet Book A to Z Teacher Stuff Printable Alphabet Books This is part of the Learning About the Alphabet Pack with printable alphabet pages in all All the resources consistently use the same illustration and word for each letter of the alphabet.All letters, from A to Z, are covered Small Alphabet Book half page size Large Alphabet Book full page size of the Absolute Best Alphabet Books for Children of All Aug , An Alphabet Caper by Mike Twohy is a very simple one word for each letter alphabet book that manages to tell a funny story of what happens to a mouse when a cat comes upon him The book is illustrated by Mike Twohy, who is a New Yorker illustrator, which add to the cartoon element of the book. Alphabet book An alphabet book is a book primarily designed for young children.It presents letters of the alphabet with corresponding words and or images Some alphabet books feature capitals and lower case letter forms, keywords beginning with specific letters, or illustrations of keywords Alphabet books may consist of sentences, paragraphs, or entire pages highlighting letters and corresponding keywords The Gashlycrumb Tinies A Very Gorey Alphabet Book Brain Jan , It s no secret I have a massive soft spot for alphabet books.In , prolific illustrator and author Edward Gorey February , April , published an alphabet book so grimly antithetical to the very premise of the genre making children feel comfortable and inspiring them to learn that it took the macabre humor genre to a new level. Alphabet Book Definition of Alphabet Book by Merriam Webster Alphabet book definition is a book for teaching the alphabet. Free Printable Alphabet Book Alphabet Worksheets for Pre Printable Alphabet Book This set of alphabet worksheets has one letter per page You can bind all of the pages together to make a alphabet learning book Educators or parents can also use these printable pages individually as worksheets for each letter of the alphabet. Alphabet Books, Chants, Flashcards, Worksheets and Friezes English Alphabet Learning to recognize the uppercase and lowercase letters of the alphabet is one of the most important first steps in learning how to read Reading A Z English Alphabet Books and their accompanying resources help students learn to identify, name, and write the letters of the alphabet.

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The Alphabet Book

  1. Philip Dey Phil Eastman was an American screenwriter, children s author, and illustrator As an author, he is known primarily as P D Eastman A prot g of Theodor Geisel Dr Seuss , Eastman wrote many books for children, in his own distinct style under the Dr Seuss brand of Random House, many of which were in the Beginner Books series From 1936 to 1941, Eastman worked at the story department of Walt Disney Productions From 1941 to 1943 he worked at the story department of Warner Bros Cartoons From 1945 to 1952 he worked in the story department of United Productions of America He contributed to the Private Snafu World War II training films, wrote for the animation Mr Magoo, and the Gerald McBoing Boing series for UPA.

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  1. Awards the book has received if any NoneAppropriate grade level s Pre K through Kindergarten Original 3 line summary This particular alphabet book went through the letters by naming an animal for each one Additionally, the animals were all doing something or had an object that began with the same letter This book is made for repetition and children can certainly become familiar with animals and letters by reading this book Original 3 line review This alphabet book is a great aid for a classroom [...]

  2. Awards n aAppropriate grade level s preschoolSummary This book has one letter for each page For each letter, there is an animal that starts with that letter with an object that begins with that letter Each page has a picture that shows what the short, usually 3 word, sentence is saying.Review I think this book is great for introduction to letters and sounds Not only does it give two word examples, but it has a picture that goes along with it so children can easily remember the sounds of that spe [...]

  3. similar to ABCers by carole schaefer but dated i would have given 3 stars if not for the use of the word zither but seriously, that s an SAT word for preschoolers.

  4. Loved this book and think that toddlers can enjoy the pictures in the book, if not the content Infinitly better than the Alphabet books that depict U for ultrasound machine.

  5. This book is about a fun and silly run though of the alphabet When going through each letter, the beginning word and the ending word both start with the present letter, such as bird on bike , and fox with fish This book can help teach not only the order of the alphabet, but what the actual letters are as well This book can also help children learn and identify different animals and objects This book has really simple words, which is ideal for children just learning how to read I would recommend [...]

  6. The author and illustrator of The Alphabet Book, P.D Eastman, does a fantastic job portraying the alphabet in a fun, enjoyable way The artistic style of cartoons easily keeps the reader engaged because they are so fun to look at This book goes above and beyond a simple A is for Apple style alphabet book and adds fun ABC descriptions as well For example, the page for T displays a cute Turtle at Typewriter This book is labeled as an Early Reader book for an important reason, and that s because it [...]

  7. Genre Children s book AlphabetThis book is filled with fun pictures and phrases of the alphabet A Area for comment is relationship between illustration and wordsB Most likely this type of book wil be for Pre K and Kindergarten so the less detail going on than the better it is for their understanding I think the phrase for each letter match the picture precisely which helps the child to easily connect words with pictures C For example, on page 5 for the letter E there is a picture of an elephant [...]

  8. Easy read book Great for teaching the Alphabet to younger children I liked the visuals in the book Very colorful I think that is key for keeping the attention of younger children.

  9. The Alphabet Book goes through every letter of the alphabet coupled with an illustration to highlight words that begin with each particular letter of the alphabet The illustrations are both captivating and interesting that it will keep both preschooler and parent engaged throughout the book Images such as Juggler with Jack o lanterns pictures a dog tossing pumpkins into the air, a mesh of two images one does not usually generate on one s own And a Zebra with a Zinther will teach both adults and [...]

  10. Every letter is portrayed by an animal that also has an item beginning with the letter The book has a good format with clear illustrations outlined in black There is a little cheating with I for infant, and the lion holding the lamb and winking was a little spooky But then it was nine in their nests for N, queen for Q and umpire for U So the theme was blown before they even got to X a xylophone for Xmas oh no.

  11. I remember enjoying this book when I was learning the alphabet and I loved that it was illustrated and written similarly to Dr Seuss books It is a pretty standard books with the letter presented and then a few words that start with the letter It is an alphabet book, obviously, and appropriate for ages 3 and up I know some don t enjoy that Xmas is used to represent the letter X but I find it creative and it works for me It s certainly not a deal breaker.

  12. I liked it for the most part it is appealing because of the silly incongruous pairings for so many of the letters I didn t like the choice of Xmas for the letter X, because it is not how most folks refer to Christmas, and I think it could confusing for a 2yo who is just learning letters words Frankly it was also a little off putting to me from a linguistic standpoint it s important to first learn the language before learning the shortcuts and slang, in my opinion.

  13. This book presents the alphabet, along with some animals and items that start with each letter For example, A is for American ants, and B is for a bird on a bike It is a fun and silly way to introduce the ABCs to children in terms that will easily stick with them I would use this as a warm up in a preschool classroom As a class at the beginning of every day, the students can practice their letters, sounds, and words that start with each letter.

  14. This is one of my daughter s books and I have it memorized because she always picks it up and makes a little noise and hands it to me, which means, read this to me It isn t too long as to lose her attention, and it also has pictures of animals She likes animals so we can talk about the different animals pictured as well Comes in a board book which I recommend.

  15. 1 This book has not won any awards 2 This book is appropriate for early learners in preschool.3 This book explores all of the letters of the alphabet uniquely The book is captivating for young readers as they learn.4 I really like the silly sentences that the story uses for each letter.5 I would use this to help reinforce the alphabet as we learn in preschool.

  16. Cute illustrations make this outdated and a bit politically incorrect book a fun read After all, when learning the letter Q, what s memorable than a queen with a quarter Concepts may be hard for some of the little ones to grasp read, but the alphabet guide on each page is a nice touch.

  17. I m sure I read this as a kid, but I don t remember it though I do remember the cover I read this with one of my students yesterday and we had fun reading it and then asking silly questions about the animals doing rather silly things.

  18. Read this to my son and realize the whole thing is painfully dated, some of the items are simply not well drawn and it s a pretty terrible alphabet book Nostalgia aside, this just doesn t do it for me any longer

  19. Each letter gives us at least two words like umpire under umbrella.And introduces some nifty vocabulary like umpire, zither, and wig.The illustrations are fun C cow in car cow does not look too happy

  20. This is the classic Dr Seuss type book that P.D Eastman wrote introducing the alphabet and alliteration This is good for your beginning readers and ESL readers of all ages I would recommend it for PK 2nd grade.

  21. Fun book for a young child learning the alphabet Some of it is a bit dated Our two year old really enjoys it The words included are quite easy Lots of animals pictures of animals are included and keep a young child s attention.

  22. A fun, silly way to discover the alphabet The pictures correlate with the sentences for each letter, great for beginners to read Using this in the class can spark imagination for coming up with words for the alphabet.

  23. PB 29 The Alphabet Book I really enjoyed the fact that each page contained two words that started with the particular letter as well as having a picture of both words Great way to show children words that go with the letters of the alphabet.

  24. Nice learning book I would totally recommend this to parents for their kids In my opinion, you can never start reading too young, it certainly opens up a world of possibilities.

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