Nobody's Boy (Sans Famille)

Nobody s Boy Sans Famille A compelling story in which orphaned Remi gets hired out to a traveling street entertainer when his foster parents fall on hard times Going from village to village with its act nobody s boy has numer

A compelling story in which orphaned Remi gets hired out to a traveling street entertainer when his foster parents fall on hard times Going from village to village with its act, nobody s boy has numerous adventures until his boss also falls on hard times and perishes, homeless and destitute Remi s life includes a number of surprising twists and turns, leading to a climA compelling story in which orphaned Remi gets hired out to a traveling street entertainer when his foster parents fall on hard times Going from village to village with its act, nobody s boy has numerous adventures until his boss also falls on hard times and perishes, homeless and destitute Remi s life includes a number of surprising twists and turns, leading to a climax and a very happy conclusion when he is reunited with his family.

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Nobody's Boy (Sans Famille)

  1. Hector Malot was a French writer born in La Bouille, Seine Maritime He studied law in Rouen and Paris, but eventually literature became his passion He worked as a dramatic critic for Lloyd Francais and as a literary critic for L Opinion Nationale.His first book, published in 1859, was Les Amants In total Malot wrote over 70 books By far his most famous book is Sans Famille Nobody s Boy, 1878 , which deals with the travels of the young orphan Remi, who is sold to the streetmusician Vitalis at age 10 Sans Famille gained fame as a children s book, though it was not originally intended as such.He announced his retirement as an author of fiction in 1895, but in 1896 he returned with the novel L amour Dominateur as well as the account of his literary life Le Roman de mes Romans The Novel of my Novels.

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  2. Indiscutabil, Singur pe lume r m ne romanul reper al copil riei mele de secol XXI adic a copil riei mele f r de copil rie Pentru mine, romanul lui Hector Malot reprezint o evadare imaginar din lumea fumurie care tinde s capete contururi negre n care tr im M g ndesc la faptul c un copil n ar ti s aprecieze adev rata valoare a acestui roman i de aceea consider c , pentru a l crima printre paginile sale, ai nevoie de o anumit v rst , ai nevoie de sentimentul acela al copil riei evaporate, al timpul [...]

  3. I think I read this when I was about 9 It was my very first novel I remember telling my mum I was sick so I could stay home from school and finish it Because it s the novel that made me fall in love with reading, it gets 5 stars from me

  4. This is a coming of age story of Remi Barbarin a 6 y o Italian boy who is adopted by a poor couple when they find him abandoned in front of government building where Mr Barbarin works However, Mr Barbarin s motive of adopting him is with the hope that someday the infant baby in silk clothes hint that the baby s parents are rich , will be asked back by his parents in exchange of a huge money Years passed and when Mr Barbarin feels that it will no longer happen, he sells the boy to a performing ar [...]

  5. 4,5 saoM t cu c h nh tr nh d i.M u truy n n i th t l m nh h i th t v ng, m nguy n nh n ch y u v n l vi c n kh ng gi ng v i k v ng ban u c a m nh tr c khi c s ch C i n y c ng ch l l do ch quan v m nh c ng th ng xuy n m c ph i ch kh ng ph i do truy n kh ng hay.R mi l m t c u b ngoan, t nh n nay em ch bi t c m m th i, th r i n m l n 8 tu i, nhi u chuy n kh ng vui t ng t p n em Ng i cha m em kh ng bi t m nh c mong i kh ng t ng t xu t hi n, kh ng ch tr th nh n i m nh c a em m c n h l s th t r ng h kh [...]

  6. My mother read this series to us when we were very young We didn t have a television so our nightly reading sessions were like the best possible TV series I remember begging and crying for her not to stop She developed character voices and accents It was as real as anything.I think little Remi, orphaned to the circus with his monkey friend really influenced my gypsy lifestyle when I grew older Reading out loud, try it sometime It s a very different experience.These books were antiques when she r [...]

  7. This is the wonderfully moving story of an orphan who hopes to one day find his true family There are many interesting subplots as well about the general condition of orphan children throughout 19th France, very much like Dickens revealed similar mistreatment of youth through his highly critical and scrutinizing enlightenment.This story is bound to have you shed a few tears If you ever the opportunity, watch the tv mini series of the same title.If a great tale for children, it remains an equally [...]

  8. Tadinya saya pikir ini buku sedih, semacam Ratapan Anak Tiri gitu, makanya nunda nunda terus bacanya, karena lagi malas sedih sedihTapi ternyata, dengan segala hormat kepada penulisnya, dan kepada Tony Maureen Wheeler yang punya the Lonely Planet, kalau buku ini dikasih sub judul, maka tulisannya adalah Traveling Across Europe on A Shoestring Bener lho, waktu baca gw merasa ini semacam buku perjalanan yang sekarang lagi ngetrend banget Prancis, Inggris, Swiss, dijajal Remi hanya dengan modal men [...]

  9. Hector Malot wrote Nobody s Boy back in the 1870s It s a very slow, dreamy story, completely lacking in the speed and cliff hanging and spectacle that define modern writing I suppose a lot of readers would find his story boring or somewhat maudlin, but I found myself entranced by the combination of word precision and a sensation of something akin to gliding slowly down a river A river in the French countryside, of course, apropos to the story, gleaming with lazy summer sunlight.Malot s use of wo [...]

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  13. Before the age of 10, this was my favorite book of all times I read it about twenty times between the ages of 9 and 12, or something like that, and I cried every single damned time at it It s impossible how much feeling I got from that book Remi was and I think he still is the perfect child character in a book And Vitalis was such a good man view spoiler When he died, I thought I was going to die So Not Fair hide spoiler I wanted to go around the world and have three dogs and a monkey with me, t [...]

  14. Een prachtige, fijne nieuwe uitgave van deze overbekende klassieker De illustraties van Dematons zijn geweldig, zijn schitterende schilderijtjes eigenlijk Vooral het Franse landschap klaprozen, besneeuwde bossen, griezelige nachten, de overstroomde mijn, de steden ook, rg mooi Het wereldberoemde verhaal is al oud maar komt helemaal niet ouderwets of oubollig over Ik heb niet precies een beeld van de mate waarin de taal gemoderniseerd is maar het is heel toegankelijk En ongeloofwaardig, ja dat is [...]

  15. Touchy feely I read it as a kid and loved it I would have rated it 5 stars if I d been here on GRs at that time.I d say this book is perfect for children, until they grow up and realize there s something wrong with the ending Malot made a point in Remi s sudden wealth at the end, after all the struggles and tears The way Remi uses his unexpected, ladylike, generous mother s money to fix things made me feel as if he cannot bring happiness to others if he s not rich.

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  17. This is my favorite book in all the world In fourth grade my teacher read this aloud to the class every day after lunch, and it opened my eyes to a whole new type of literature I have read it to my children, and it is one of their favorites as well.

  18. This is actually my favorite book I read it for the first time years ago when I was in elementary school I m now 22 and ever since I ve re read it quite a few times I totally recommend it to EVERYONE, not because it s MY fav book, but because the story is wonderful, it never stops being up to date and it ALWAYS manages to make you feel the same things I can go read it right now, and I will STILL experience the same sadness, happiness, anger, surprise, hearbreak I will STILL burst into tears at s [...]

  19. I first saw this as a cartoon when I was 8 years old it broke my heart.I read it 15 years later It broke it all over again.I had to stop at several points to take a breather and dry my eyes.Even as I write this review I find it difficult to keep my tears at pay.Remi is a sweet little child who ll capture your heart from his very first moment From the very first line I was hooked I knew I would be since I dearly loved the cartoon, but to read is it, it s a whole another experience I was a foundli [...]

  20. This book, though not originally written as a children s classic, has been considered one This is only one of the traits it shares with Dickens Oliver Twist Both novels chronicle the tragic wanderings of foundlings whose only desire is to belong somewhere In both cases, the boys are pursued by those who wish them ill and in both cases, they are nearly sucked into a life of crime Remi, though as unlucky as Oliver, receives kindness and assistance, generally speaking, than his English counterpart [...]

  21. I read this book countless times when I was younger, and little Remi went straight to my heart You really feel for him and want him to be happy It s still a book I pick up every now and then, and one of those stories I will never forget.

  22. M nh t ng 5 sao cho cu n s ch n y M nh c li n t c trong 1 tu n v kh ng th n o d t ra c, qu hay v nh n v n c ng c i t i c a t c gi khi n ta nh c ng s ng c ng phi u l u v i ch b R mi v y M nh r i n c m t 2 l n, l c c Vitalis nh n v t m m nh c c k n t ng m t, v l c ng k s c g ng c u nh ng ng i th m l c l t s p h m, c i c ch ng kh ng t b hy v ng khi m nh ng ng i kh c bu ng xu i th c s l m m nh c m ng B n c nh c n c ch b Mattia nh n v t m nh th ch nh t, c u l m t ng i b n qu t t, c u t i hoa v c u r [...]

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