Glass, Irony and God

Glass Irony and God Known as a remarkable classicist Anne Carson weaves contemporary and ancient poetic strands with stunning style in Glass Irony and God This collection includes The Glass Essay a powerful poem about

Known as a remarkable classicist, Anne Carson weaves contemporary and ancient poetic strands with stunning style in Glass, Irony and God This collection includes The Glass Essay, a powerful poem about the end of a love affair, told in the context of Carson s reading of the Bront sisters Book of Isaiah, a poem evoking the deeply primitive feel of ancient Judaism anKnown as a remarkable classicist, Anne Carson weaves contemporary and ancient poetic strands with stunning style in Glass, Irony and God This collection includes The Glass Essay, a powerful poem about the end of a love affair, told in the context of Carson s reading of the Bront sisters Book of Isaiah, a poem evoking the deeply primitive feel of ancient Judaism and The Fall of Rome, about her trip to find Rome and her struggle to overcome feelings of a terrible alienation there.

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Glass, Irony and God

  1. Anne Carson is a Canadian poet, essayist, translator and professor of Classics Carson lived in Montreal for several years and taught at McGill University, the University of Michigan, and at Princeton University from 1980 1987 She was a 1998 Guggenheim Fellow and in 2000 she was awarded a MacArthur Fellowship She has also won a Lannan Literary Award.Carson with background in classical languages, comparative literature, anthropology, history, and commercial art blends ideas and themes from many fields in her writing She frequently references, modernizes, and translates Ancient Greek literature She has published eighteen books as of 2013, all of which blend the forms of poetry, essay, prose, criticism, translation, dramatic dialogue, fiction, and non fiction She is an internationally acclaimed writer Her books include Antigonick, Nox, Decreation, The Beauty of the Husband A Fictional Essay in 29 Tangos, winner of the T.S Eliot Prize for Poetry Economy of the Unlost Autobiography of Red, shortlisted for the National Book Critics Circle Award and the T.S Eliot Prize, Plainwater Essays and Poetry, and Glass, Irony and God, shortlisted for the Forward Prize Carson is also a classics scholar, the translator of If Not, Winter Fragments of Sappho, and the author of Eros the Bittersweet Her awards and honors include the Lannan Award, the Pushcart Prize, the Griffin Trust Award for Excellence in Poetry, a Guggenheim fellowship, and a MacArthur Fellowship Her latest book, Red Doc, was shortlisted for the 2013 T.S Elliot Prize.

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  1. She whached the bars of time, which broke.She whached the poor core of the world, wide open The Glass Essay Flesh in after glow math, reading without the lights Her mother puts their things in the kitchen with the groceries They parallel lapping, buzzing and caged birds the talk I don t know I see the mother in flickering tv from before Father husband in hospital and doesn t know who he is The daughter time travels because an affair is over Anger wakes up mornings Emily Bronte, the whacher Emily [...]

  2. Sometimes a book find you at exactly the right moment I was in college and had a very limited knowledge of comtemporary still living and writing writers I was chalk full of PLath and Sexton and Lowell and Whitman and then through a small series of events this book entered my life and I don t think anything I have ever written has been the same since.There aren t a lot of words I can write that will do the book justice, but I will say on the record that I have yet to find than a tiny handful of [...]

  3. All talk about God generally bores the hell out of me It s like listening to bros talk about sports I don t get it I don t get the importance I don t understand the bonding and meaning that sports God provides So all the God stuff in this book didn t do much for me and that includes Carson s frequent mention of soul etc even if it s predicated with a certain amount of skepticism, it reminds me of my current arty male friends who are secret sports fans they preface sports talk with an ironic dist [...]

  4. greaty permanently appreciate the way carson discusses womanhood from the perspective of someone who is both stymied by and disidentifies with it

  5. Rivals my dedication, even, to Autobiography of Red Now I m kicking myself for not having read it sooner I was wary that the book would not be able to keep up its running start from A Glass Essay, but I was intrigued by TV Men, and so entranced by The Fall of Rome that I started it over again when I read the last installment, before going on to the rest of the book The essay at the end, The Gender of Sound provides clues for you to unravel when reading Plainwater, which would be a smart next ste [...]

  6. Is there a great poet of our lifetimes I m not qualified to answer the question, but Anne Carson may be the great poet of my personal, reading lifetime so far, at least.This work is well rooted in classical thought and in narrative movement and scene So when Carson shapes something new, it carries in its new sprigs the massive weight of Western thought Its innovations, observations, and protests are all worthy of their history.Glass, Irony and God is a series of poems I m tempted to call them na [...]

  7. aantekeningen 1 the glass essay las het nu voor de derde keer en weer dacht ik dit is t beste dat ik ooit heb gelezen misschien niet waar, maar wel op het moment dat ik het lees dus wellicht w l waar.2 ik zal niet doen alsof ik begrijp wat anne carson allemaal zegt en ziet en denkt ik weet niet of ik dat ooit zal kunnen, of iemand anders dan carson dat ooit zal kunnen ik weet niet of dat wel de bedoeling is, van po zie, van carsons po zie dat is waarom het zo interessant is 3 uit de introductie [...]

  8. Five long poems and an essay on voice and gender comprise this early work 1995 by the gifted Anne Carson One poem, The Glass Essay, reminds me of Autobiography of Red, only a verse short story instead of a verse novel Much of the landscape is the same A woman returns to her small town northern home after a break up, visiting her mom and reading the Brontes, particularly Emily with help from Charlotte Memory, grief, loneliness, survival played out in three, sometimes four, line verses Liberty mea [...]

  9. The Glass Essay is amazing It is easily one of the best things I ve read this year, barring perhaps, War Music, Christopher Logue The rest of Glass, Irony, and God is not as impressive to me but The Glass Essay If you ve ever had your heart broken, completely and totally and shatteringly broken, read The Glass Essay If you have ever felt yourself melting into the subway seat with sadness, read The Glass Essay If you ve ever felt like maybe you could go on, whaching the poor core of the world wid [...]

  10. Loved the glass essay, enjoyed the book of Isaiah and reread the gender of sound 3 times because it is so powerful and important Did not care for the Truth about God but Carson s style and heart made this book to be one of my favorites I will buy you all a copy for Christmas.

  11. Anne Carson isn t just a god she s my god.However I prefer her on Greek and Roman texts, rather than Biblical ones, perhaps because that s where my own expertise tends My favorites, easily, from this collection are The Glass Essay and The Gender of Sound I enjoyed The Fall of Rome but not nearly as much as the former two, and felt I barely cracked the rest especially TV Men, which read as extremely opaque to me, which is not usually how I read Anne Carson.

  12. Brutal, fleshy, austere, the tang on the tongue of metal, or some unknown herb No use telling you what it is.Just chew it and rub it on.

  13. my used copy has marginalia on the title page well, it s a title page, so i suppose it s not marginalia so much as it s just writing that says, following an arrow drawn from anne carson s name, she is a very bookish poet her poetry couldn t exist w out the whole foundation of western culture which, likeah anne carson and everyone else that s kind of how literature works it builds each work of literature is not a singular monolith, a miraculous gift from the heavens i get this guy s point, anne c [...]

  14. Still processing this Don t think I ll be done with it for a good, long while In the mean time, I m working up a wish list of all her works and wondering in what order to proceed

  15. Some people watch, is all I can say A really great collection of poetry and essay, crowned with The Glass Essay a meditation on lost love, mortality, and Emily Bronte s Wuthering Heights, with Charlotte Bronte as guide I came to this book mostly interested in Carson s poem The Fall of Rome , but this is a Jamesian excercise in place a meditation of the internal feeling of foreign ness than a meditation on landscape, which I was looking for It is not less of a work, though, because it was not wh [...]

  16. My most favorite thing about this book is the Glass essay which discusses Emily Dickinson, a daughter and mother, etc I cannot properly explain my thoughts about this book but Anne Carson is seriously one of my favorite writers of all time with the way she tackles form and greek mythology and makes the reader think outside the box There s a lot of discussion about religion, the fall of Rome, as well and towards the end she has a short essay titled The Gender of Sound which discusses the way peo [...]

  17. Re read In the haze of my formative reading, this book was lost in the shuffle among all the other Carson books I hardly remember it at all, but I can see why now It s good but not memorable It seems a mixed bag Glass and God are predictably good pieces with that predictably Carsonian line of searching melancholy to it this is not a bad thing , but The Fall of Rome was good in a way I did not remember, it had a lightness and aimlessness to it, along with an easy humor.It is important to strike a [...]

  18. Literature is news that stays news, Pound said Carson understands this premise.Upon reading her God poems, James Laughlin said that this was the poet he had been waiting all his life for This from a man who published Pound, the Williamses William Carlos and Tennessee , Rexroth, Creeley, Davenport, Lorca, Empson, Paz, HD, Bei Dao, Hesse, Henry Miller, Borges, Barthwaite, Bunting, et al He might know a thing or three about poetry, huh Note I state that I am currently reading this, but I have read [...]

  19. The poetry in this collection is thought provoking and unique Carson blends themes and characters and areas of interest I find fascinating, but if the classics and the Brontes aren t really your thing, know you might need to have a bit patience here with the poetry My favorite poetry section here was TV Men The final essay of the collection, The Gender of Sound, though, was by far the highlight of the text An interesting look into the gendered politicization of sound, this final essay leaves th [...]

  20. THE GLASS ESSAY is the five star moment of this collection Of note is her ability to move fluidly or jarringly between lyric and narrative moments in this essay As always, Carson is able to sustain multiple narratives within the same poetic work the story of narrator mother, of narrator Law, of Thou thou, of Charlotte and Emily Bronte, of narrator Emily these talk back and forth as if they are all happening at once And maybe they are Anne Carson s writing seems to reveal that historical, emotion [...]

  21. I found this a compelling collection of poetry than What Men Do In the Off Hours Anne Carson always remains fresh, sharp and although her patterns of writing become exposed with each book one reads, her style is chameleonic thanks to her ability to stave off the caricature able nature that other writers find themselves in after such a prolific and well received career Highly recommend.

  22. I was, for some reason, surprised at the nature of these poems, and sometimes disappointed This is not to say the poetry is undeserving, but that the kind of work I was expecting was rare I came to the book for TV Men, and was not disappointed at all for these poems They are a marvel of anachronistic metaphorical metaphysics Lovely Useful Next most useful marvelous all the poems about Isaac.

  23. Mehhh I love Carson, I think she s a genius, and I think this is a pretty weak book The Glass Essay and The Gender of Sound are the only two essays poems worth reading, IMHO, and I m not as crazy about the former as everyone else seems to be.The Beauty of the Husband, Nox, andPlainwater remain the books of Carson s of which I am most in awe.

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