Warriors Box Set

Warriors Box Set The first story arc in the nationally bestselling epic warrior cat series is now available in a beautiful box set

The first story arc in the 1 nationally bestselling epic warrior cat series is now available in a beautiful box set.

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Warriors Box Set

  1. Erin Hunter is the pseudonym of five people Kate Cary, Cherith Baldry, Tui T Sutherland, Gillian Phillips, and Inbali Iserles, as well as editor Victoria Holmes Together, they write the Warriors series as well as the Seekers and Survivors series Erin Hunter is working on a new series now called Bravelands Erin Hunter is inspired by a love of cats and a fascination with the ferocity of the natural world As well as having a great respect for nature in all its forms, Erin enjoys creating rich mythical explanations for animal behavior, shaped by her interest in astronomy and standing stones.

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  1. This is the set of six books that begins a long list of Warrior books I read Into The Wild with the Children s Books group here on , enjoyed it, and gave it to my then 8 year old grandson who promptly fell in love with the series As he finished each book, he loaned it to me and I was captivated as well For me, these key to these books is that they are and are not about cats The characters in the books are cats and their behavior is that of cats in the way that they move, hunt for prey, etc These [...]

  2. I might be a college graduate but the Warriors series are my all time favorite books There is just something about them that makes me keep coming back for .

  3. Student review of Warriors Book 1 Looking for a good book to read You re in luck The greatest book of all times has chosen you Warrior Cats, the breathtakingly good series Its the greatest book about a good vs evil fight with heroes and villains battling for power Read about great characters like Fireheart, Tigerclaw, and White Storm and Frost fur Wait waithear thists killing each other, but also cats taken to the 100th level of awesomeness Awesome scenes like, Blinded by fury, he Firepaw prepar [...]

  4. This was a series that I debated on reading for the longest time There were just sonyoks It seemed like a daunting journey to embark upon That and I wasn t sure about the whole cast of feline characters I mean I m a HUGE cat lover, but I wasn t sure how reading a book from a cat s perspective was going to go I have never been happy to let go of my hangups and just give it a try Within the first pages I knew this was going to be an amazing adventure And I wasn t wrong These books have probably e [...]

  5. The Warrior Cats series is about four clans of cats Shadowclan, Thunderclan, Windclan, and Riverclan It was published by Harper Collins Though this book series is a very long one that will take up a lot of time, it s worth it Theres always a plot twist, or a sudden shocking moment One moment there s a peaceful gathering, the next there s a huge battle going on The first book of this huge series was published in 2003 Over 16 billion of them have been sold in a total, and no doubt the number is st [...]

  6. The Warrior series is a Great series to read if you are a cat lover, although I m not really a cat lover I still fell in love with this series It is fun and amazing series to read once you read the prologue you are asorbed into it The series will pull you in and will just leave you wanting of it It is an adventurous series So I recommend you to read it and explore their world in your wonderful mind.

  7. listen even if everyone read this series in their 6th grade scene phase and cringes whenever someone mentions it, they were pretty decent books.

  8. Warriors is a series about wild cats, fighting to survive in the wild I ve been reading these books since I was young so while they hold a special place in my heart, I have to say that reading it nowadays the books plot has run rather dry The series is split up into four arcs and I believe there s a fifth and final one coming later this year Keep in mind that this is a review for the first arc as a whole.Plot We ve seen it all before Good vs Evil There s no real twists or turns or mind blowing s [...]

  9. I absolutely LOVE this entire series I also love The new prophecy series, the power of three series, and the omen of the stars series The Warriors books are definitely my favorite books of all time I hope Erin Hunter writes

  10. Who would have thought that a book about cats would be so interesting The writing is mightily simple with very few descriptions, but the style in which it was written had SOMETHING that kept me hooked to every single word No, wait, that was the story.Erin Hunter who turns out to be the alias for the series TWO authors writes about the life of wild cats No, not lions, or tigers, but actual cats that live in four Clans The story is written from a single cat s point of view, talking about how they [...]

  11. There are A moments in this series notably in the first 2 books, and in the last , but never has the need to crank out filler been so apparent The cooperative entity known as Erin Hunter function machine like to create a methodical animal talking teen drama that is throughout the majority of the series nearly as annoying as teen drama is in real life I am honestly too forgiving of talking animal fantasy, but everything worthwhile in this series could be distilled down to two books, the rest bein [...]

  12. Very cute I am surprised that most of the books are really well written Few strings are left untied, and the characters thoughts and feelings are generally fairly deep and realistic The books do seem to stray a bit from the main plot it seems the authors invented new twists just so they could write whole new books and keep the series going Also, the books are written by three different people, and I can tell The third and sixth were my favorites, earning 5 stars and making me really, really exci [...]

  13. The warriors is about the main character Rusty who meets forest cats His friend Smudge had warned him about them, but the was prepared and fought one Even though he lost the battle, a Clan leader cat came out of nowhere and asked him to join her clan When he joined the clan his name got changed to view spoiler Firepaw hide spoiler His name was a symbol that he has joined the clan and he had to train hard or else the forest cats will look down on him and think of him as still a pet A warrior in t [...]

  14. I have to admit that when I first read the warriors I was obsessed Though, now that I think about it The quality of writing was aweful I can t believe that I actually thought this was the best book ever Nope I do agree that it had it s good moments, full of excitement or tragedy But besides that, I would consider it to be VERY boring I recommend this book to people ages 6 10.Though I no longer think this is the best book ever I have to say that it still takes up a part of my heart In itself, War [...]

  15. An absolutely wonderfu experience it was to read these books They are insughtful and most importantly they are repreent everything a humnhas to face, in this, perhaps, coincidental metaphor The world created it full of imagination The clans, the traitors, the way the author invents this world full of idiosyncraticies I read this book a long time ago but I remember many things that I adored them They are very inspiring and I remember dreaming about becomin a leader and eventually Firestar I remem [...]

  16. Loved these books when I was younger and they still give me fond memories whenever I look back over them Great story and characters that I both loved and hated I loved all 6 of them but I found that once the warriors books got into the second series the story dragged on and the characters that I loved from the first season were not included as much any Overall I really loved them and would highly recommend them

  17. I got the Original Series around my 15th birthday, and it quickly became one of the favourites of my mid teen years I know, some people may say that it is for younger children, but who cares what is for younger children I loved it and it was a great experience that changed me in many ways Riveting, mystical, original The only series I ve written fanfic about, or roleplayed about.Favourite book A Dangerous Path, The Darkest Hour.

  18. I loved this series I read it hoping to find a voice or direction for the cat character in my WIP book and I ended up hooked on the series, as only a Cat Lady would I came away a lot knowledgeable about children s literature and I had a fun time doing it I would recommend this to any child and would be a wonderful series for a parent, aunt, uncle or grandparent to read to a child You will love them.

  19. Although it has probably been around two or three years since I read these, the last time I opened one of these which was recently I was impressed I remember how I used to love these books The characters, the romance, and the plots of each book fascinated me I enjoyed the first two series very much, but I think that the authors should have stopped after those I got tired during the third series and stopped reading But I would be interested in reading maybe one again.

  20. This is a review of most of the series since I can t seem to find a page where everything is contained.I ll just start with this WOW.How the HELL do you write so many books, and manage to make EVERY character well rounded eventually, at least , EVERY plot line well thought out, and EVERY sentence even ones about hunting, for crying out loud interesting How is it done I would LOVE TO KNOW Five stars.

  21. Actually, I have read all of these books, but there are too many to list Some parts are well written, but the rest is just ok I really like the plot, setting, and characters, though However, I read them for the sake of it, now They are my connection to childhood , if you will They remind me of a few years ago, and that s mostly why I like them.

  22. These books are really good books for young readers of all ages It s about cats that live in the wild in their own clans The main character s name is Rusty, later named Firepaw There are six books in the first series That s right there are about 4 series on the same subject I guess you will have to read them to find out about the rest.

  23. Great cats of Starclan, this is my favorite book series I read it in 3rd grade, and currently in 8th grade I still walk around shipping cats with other cats and wanted to be a warrior It s amazing how a book series such as this one changes you perspective on life I call people twoleggers now and think of my dogs as kittypets 5 5 stars for an incredible series Goldenleaf

  24. My youngest daughter wanted me to read this series of books I thought it was a good series for children and a good way to have something in common with my daughter We both love nature and reading, so this was an interesting way to look at that as well This series has been a great conversation starter for us.

  25. Some of the best books ever Started these in 2007 I think, when I was a freshman in high school Wow, that was a while ago already I love these so much though and still to this day re read them over and over Can t wait to get all the new ones

  26. Warriors 1 6 was my favorite books I found that Tigerstar s treachery was fascinating and the way Erin hunter made the story with cats my favorite animal and adventure was amazing because those things are my Favorite things to see in books.

  27. These books are not as captivating as the others but interesting as all the book Erin Hunter writes The main character is a subject of a prophecy and I like to read how he resolves it He has dangerous enemies and he has to battle his way out.

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