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Blackberry Wine Like her well received novel Chocolat Harris s latest outing unfolds around the arrival of an outsider in a tiny French town This time wine replaces chocolate as Harris s magic elixir and the

Like her well received 1999 novel, Chocolat, Harris s latest outing unfolds around the arrival of an outsider in a tiny French town This time wine replaces chocolate as Harris s magic elixir, and the newcomer to the village of Lansquenet sur Tannes is Jay Mackintosh, a 37 year old has been writer from London Fourteen years have passed since Jay s debut novel, Jackapple JLike her well received 1999 novel, Chocolat, Harris s latest outing unfolds around the arrival of an outsider in a tiny French town This time wine replaces chocolate as Harris s magic elixir, and the newcomer to the village of Lansquenet sur Tannes is Jay Mackintosh, a 37 year old has been writer from London Fourteen years have passed since Jay s debut novel, Jackapple Joe, won the Prix Goncourt Since then, he has been churning out B novels under a pseudonym he currently lives with his girlfriend, Kerry, an aggressively successful 25 year old celebrity journalist Flashbacks reveal that Jay s only recollections of happiness are the golden summers he spent as a youth with old Joseph Jackapple Joe Cox in the small English town of Kirby Monckton Joe, a colorful character who made wines from fruits and berries, inspired Joe s successful first novel But one day he disappeared When Jay stumbles across an advertisement for an 18th century chateau in wine growing country, the spell of his misery is broken After downing a bottle of Joe s 75 Special, which he has been hoarding for 24 years, Jay decides to buy the house sight unseen Leaving Kerry in London, Jay moves to Lansquenet and starts a new rural life, beginning to write under his own name again He is bewildered by his reclusive neighbor, Marise d Api, who apparently coveted his derelict house and land, and is ostracized by the townspeople Jay s quest to disc

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  1. Joanne Harris is an Anglo French author, whose books include fourteen novels, two cookbooks and many short stories Her work is extremely diverse, covering aspects of magic realism, suspense, historical fiction, mythology and fantasy She has also written a DR WHO novella for the BBC, has scripted guest episodes for the game ZOMBIES, RUN , and is currently engaged in a number of musical theatre projects as well as developing an original drama for television.In 2000, her 1999 novel CHOCOLAT was adapted to the screen, starring Juliette Binoche and Johnny Depp She is an honorary Fellow of St Catharine s College, Cambridge, and in 2013 was awarded an MBE by the Queen.Her hobbies are listed in Who s Who as mooching, lounging, strutting, strumming, priest baiting and quiet subversion She also spends too much time on Twitter plays flute and bass guitar in a band first formed when she was 16 and works from a shed in her garden at her home in Yorkshire.

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  1. This lovely story about Jay Jackapple Joe is one of my all time favourite books I could read it over over again.A story filled with nostalgia, a yearning for wonderful childhood memories, magic and trust Jay goes on a journey of faith and self discovery, learning how to trust in himself and others, believe in magic and that anything is possible as he once did as a child With a little help from Joe and his specials A wonderful heart warming tale that is a pleasure to read.

  2. My first novel by the author of Chocolat and I have to say I enjoyed it far than expected.The story of Jay Mackintosh, a 37 years old writer, famous because of an only novel written fifteen years ago Jay seems to have lost inspiration and faith in the magic of life, as if all these feelings had been spent in that successful novel.The novel moves forward and backwards in time, and the reader is able to know young Jay, when he meets Joe, an eccentric old man who leaves a deep impression in lonely [...]

  3. I loved this story, or maybe I should say, I was in love with this story, I was in love with Joe and his eccentric ways I loved the gardening, the wine making, the magic I was in love with the bond of love between old man Joe and young man Jay This is a book about the young man growing into maturity, into a man who can love a woman and a child and protect what he values Growing into a man who can accept the weaknesses and mistakes of others, accept those same things in himself, and figure out ho [...]

  4. Nothing evokes memories like scents and Joanne Harris is a master of descriptive prose that will bring memories flooding back.The senses are further brought into play with the sounds of the 70s nailed and remembered The best times of my life childhood memories were exactly depicted in this wonderful story narrated by a bottle of fleurie wine and the 6 specials which are filled with magic Lansquenet the little french village of Chocolat fame is the setting for this book too along with some charac [...]

  5. I read Harris Five Quarters of the Orange Blackberry Wine back to back, so I shalll review them together They are very similar, actually a little too much Both feature lead female protagonists that have strong, proud, independent, walled away personalities, unwilling to accept, let alone ask, others for any sort of assistance In both, they are not the lead character, but as the focus of the protagonist, they are as, if not , important In Five Quarters of the Orange, this bold female character is [...]

  6. The first time I tried to read Blackberry Wine apparently wasn t the right time to try to read this book This time, though, I read it practically all in one go with, yeah, a glass of wine Joanne Harris prose is always easy to read, really clear, and I can believe in the characters she creates at least enough to carry on to the very last page Joe, in particular, rang true with me a miner s son, a gardener, a Yorkshire lad Jay, perhaps not as much, particularly not at the beginning, but yes, enoug [...]

  7. This is a beautiful book, written by the author who later wrote Chocolat Blackberry Wine takes place in both England and the same small French town that is the setting for Chocolat.Blackberry Wine tells the story of Jay, who as a boy, meets an eccentric man named Joe, who opens Jay s world to gardening and magic and homemade wine As an adult and established author, Jay escapes his stifling life in England by buying a small cottage in Lansquenet, France, where he not only becomes a gardener, but [...]

  8. I prefer tea.I have mixed feelings about Blackberry Wine, unfortunately negative than positive For the first ten chapters I despised this book I didn t care about the characters, couldn t care about the plot and wanted nothing than to just get through the thing so I could move on to another story Even though the chapters are short, fifty seven pages is than I want to wait for a story to get interesting.Blackberry Wine describes the life of Jay, a one hit wonder in the literary arena who fell [...]

  9. I really enjoyed this I liked the setting England and France and the magical quality of the story I liked the old character, Joe and in my mind saw one of our library patrons playing his part It made me want to read of Harris s books I like the way she conveys that there is going on in our lives than meets the eye.From Publishers WeeklyLike her well received 1999 novel, Chocolat, Harris s latest outing unfolds around the arrival of an outsider in a tiny French town This time wine replaces choc [...]

  10. Of all the books written by Harris, this is my favorite by far It is a delightful tale of young Jay MacIntosh and the friendship he develops with Joe Cox over the course of 3 summers spent at a small village in England Joe s past is never made clear his tales become truth and his truths become tales The one certainty is that Joe, in his ramshackle cabin knows all there is to know about gardening, herbs and their magical healing and protective powers, and wine making Althouogh the quality of the [...]

  11. When I compare this offering from Joanne Harris to her other books, it is just a meh response I was disappointed It flipped back and forth between 1975 and 1999 too rapidly I couldn t really get into either period The ending was abrupt, like the author herself was tired of the whole thing.I did like some of the characters Joe Rosa It was nice to be in the company of Josephine and Roux again And there was lots of wine and food to be enjoyed.

  12. I read this book as a recommendation from my monthly book club As someone who might be described as enjoying a glass of wine perhaps two , I was looking forward to reading it I thoroughly enjoyed it I loved the characters, the tiny town in France, the bottles of wine that spoke I could relate to that , to Jay and to the belief that all good things can come from a little magic Because I so enjoyed the movie Chocolat I had not read the book , I went into this book thinking that it would have the s [...]

  13. This book offers everything I want in a novel magic, superstition, gardening, introspection, interesting characters, nostalgia Yet another book I had to read with pen in hand so I could underline favorite passages Similiar to Alice Hoffman, Joanne Harris is my new favorite author.

  14. What a wonderful read this is Thoroughly enjoyed both the plot and the narration of Blackberry Wine A punch of intoxicating senses which vapouriser s the encantation of the past at every page turn, from page one to the last page One can almost taste the wine bubbling and working it s magic on the reader too Super I ve had me fill now and bah gum.It tasted ta right Hope thee enjoy thy sen with dabook, twa s a bloody good read.

  15. Writer s block has building blocks and built these walls around me I don t feel lucky in hereburied in my headI m seeing red and nothing else mad all the time by waterparksI could t get these lyrics out my head the entire time whilst reading this book

  16. Meh Disappointing I found the story predictable, the characters underdeveloped, and the theme a familiar one I hear happy to finish the book and get on to a new book.

  17. N o h qualquer d vida de que gostei do que li, ou n o fosse f confesso da escrita e imagina o da autora, mas pela primeira vez, num livro de Joanne Harris, n o senti satisfa o do principio ao fim Ali s, foi precisamente a , principio e fim, que surgiram as grandes d vidas.A hist ria come a abruptamente e abruptamente acaba No espa o de poucas p ginas, damos por Jay a tomar uma decis o impulsiva que o leva a abandonar a vida que leva e a lan ar se em algo que ele pr prio n o sabe o que No final, [...]

  18. Fair warning I m on a bit of a Joanne Harris binge these days Blackberry Wine is the story of a writer, widely acclaimed for an insightful novel written fourteen years earlier and financially solvent from lesser sci fi writing, who is now stuck on so many levels The novel alternates between Jay McIntosh s memories of three summers over twenty years before and the present Adolescent, lonely, left adrift by his parents egocentricity and divorce, Jay finds solace from an eccentric, mysterious man w [...]

  19. Unlike Chocolat, these characters couldn t hold their own, which is funny since the book is set near Lansquenet and the charcters from Chocolat hover in the sidelines throughout the story Josephine and Caro and Georges Clairmont are the main people who interact with Jay, though Roux darts through various scenes as well But Roux was never as charismatic in the book as he was in the movie, so I didn t mind his non impact here.ough it just seemed like odd name dropping by the author to continually [...]

  20. This was a reading group pick and I voted for it because I liked the movie Chocolat so wanted to read some books by this author Blackberry Wine is pretty good a romance made better because she addressed creativity, community, financial greed and a few other issues.Jay Mackintosh is a blocked novelist, living in London with one of those business like, smart, pushy young women who seem to run the world these days He wrote one good novel but now can only write trash Luckily the trash brings him goo [...]

  21. Blackberry Wine followed Harris s Chocolat, but well preceeded the movie of Chocolat that brought so many readers to her books The timing of the writing of these books is relevent, because Blackberry Wine takes place in the same world as Chocolat, with a few characters making cameo appearences Then came The Lollypop Shoes or The Girl with No Shadow , a true sequel to Chocolat, and the casting and plot changes from the film are stamped all over the story But Blackberry Wine continues with the lig [...]

  22. This is the fifth Joanne Harris novel I ve read and what I love about her style of writing is the subtle magic that you re never quite sure is the character s imagination or a mystical reality Then she allows another character in on the vision, in this case the child Rosa and you just marvel at the whole thing It s symbolic of letting go and trusting our feelings.Although her theme here is about the magical properties of a special wine, her underlying message is one of goodness, understanding, a [...]

  23. Although I have had the majority of Joanne Harris s previous novels on my bookshelves for a number of years, so far I have only read Chocolat, Coastliners and Gentleman and Players Now having just finished Blackberry Wine I intend to rectify this and catch up by reading the rest as soon as possible So far she has proved to be for me a riveting storyteller, somehow making the locations and characters leap from the page Her descriptions of food and wine so good that you feel you can smell and tast [...]

  24. libro insolito e molto bello, costruito con estrema abilit In ogni sua parte traspare la competenza, oserei dire la sapienza dell autrice per quel che riguarda le erbe aromatiche, le erbe medicinali, le bacche selvatiche, le piante da frutto e tutto quel che attiene all arte dell orticultura Ma l idea portante, forse non troppo originale ma resa con irruente immediatezza, si rif al solito problema di crescere senza riuscire a staccarsi da quel che di prodigioso accaduto in passato Il protagonist [...]

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