The Butterfly Lion

The Butterfly Lion Trying to run away from boarding school in England a boy encounters an old woman who tells him the story of Bertie and his beautiful white lion

Trying to run away from boarding school in England, a boy encounters an old woman who tells him the story of Bertie and his beautiful white lion.

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The Butterfly Lion

  1. Michael Morpurgo is the author of many books for children, five of which have been made into films He also writes his own screenplays and libretti for opera Born in St Albans, Hertfordshire, in 1943, he was evacuated to Cumberland during the last years of the Second World War, then returned to London, moving later to Essex After a brief and unsuccessful spell in the army, he took up teaching and started to write He left teaching after ten years in order to set up Farms for City Children with his wife They have three farms in Devon, Wales and Gloucestershire, open to inner city school children who come to stay and work with the animals In 1999 this work was publicly recognised when he and his wife were awarded an MBE for services to youth He is also a father and grandfather, so children have always played a large part in his life Every year he and his family spend time in the Scilly Isles, the setting for three of his books.

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  1. Having read this way way back in the 1990 s when i was making sure I knew the content of the books I was buying for my then young nephews and nieces this has since become a stock present for me to buy for people of all ages I was trying to tot up the number of copies I have given, I stopped at 12.It is, perhaps, my favourite Morpurgo which covers much the same familiar territory over which he often flys It deals with loneliness and love, courage and success against all the odds and revolves arou [...]

  2. The Butterfly Lion is a heart warming yet bitter sweet story Bertie is a lonely little boy in South Africa who one day adopts an orphaned white lion cub, who then becomes his best friend.They have a wonderful companionship but things take a turn for the worst when Bertie is sent to boarding school in England and his father sells the cub to a French circus owner Their separation is heart breaking, however Bertie promises to find him again Years later and now a soldier in France during WWI, he see [...]

  3. The Butterfly Lion is a story about a boy who runs away from and meets an old lady in his way The lady proceeds to tell him about the story of her husband and his pet white lion The story explores the childhood of Bertie in Africa, his move to Britain, his friendship with Millie as well as his participation in World War Two I feel that this book is very effective in introducing the serious emotions that children may experience The hint at the depression of Bertie s mum is explored through a chil [...]

  4. One of my favourite Michael Morpurgo books It is a small book and so would be great for children who sometimes can feel intimidated by the amount of pages in a book It tells the story of a boy who runs away from school and meets an old lady who tells him the story of her husband and his pet lion cub The character of the boy mirrors that of the husband Bertie as they both run way and have to deal with loneliness Both find friendship when they most need it, Bertie in the cub and the boy in the old [...]

  5. I real page turner, no cheap tricks just quality writing, found between the pages of this book is sanctuary to absorb ones self into and feel a warm, happy glow exude from its pages Michael Morpurgo arranges his words in a way that really flow, yet he doesn t avoid appropriately complex vocabulary making it ideal for children of moderate ability from age 7 8 up to adults of 78 years and older I found it particularly popular with the boys, given it s themes of boarding school wild outback countr [...]

  6. I thought it was well writtenr a classic,I mean It flowed nicely,too and was a pleasure to read It had many great life lessons It may be difficult to remember sometimes,but there s always sun behind the clouds,and the clouds do go in the end Honestly I liked how I was surrounded by the refreshing sights,sounds and smells of nature while reading it The way classics always do to me anyway However,I did have some issues that I ve also had with some other classics I ve read It s that some points,the [...]

  7. This book is an extremely good book and touching It tells the story of a boy, who runs away from school and meets an old lady called Milly She tells him a wonderful story about a boy called Bertie, who finds a white lion cub in Africa Bertie has to go to boarding school in England and the lion cub is sold to a French circus man.Many years later, Bertie becomes a soldier and when he goes to France, he sees the white lion again He takes it to England and looks after it When , the old lady finishes [...]

  8. An enchanting tale from Michael Morpurgo, it is an easy read and is aimed at the younger reader The story is about a young boy who grows up in Africa and rescues a White lion, they grow up together and one day the bonds are broken when the boy has to go away to boarding school and the lion is sold A vow is made that the lion will never be forgotten and will be found again.Then the first world war rears its ugly head and the boy now a man has to go and fight in France, Does he remember his vow to [...]

  9. We had to make up taglines for this book at school and I would just like to share it I will never forget you You are in my heart no matter what happens Our friendship will never end I promise you that Millie and Bertie got seperated by war and Bertie and the Lion got seperated because Bertie was going to boarding school and they needed money so they sold the Lion.

  10. Following in the same vain as the hugely successful War Horse and The Dancing Bear, Michael Morpurgo s The Butterfly Lion has the theme of friendship running through its narrative But instead of a friendship between two people, much like his earlier works, The Butterfly Lion focuses largely on the friendship between a boy and an animal.The novel is the story of a young boy, Bertie, as told through the memory of an elderly woman who knew him She recounts his story to a schoolboy who has just run [...]

  11. I ve had this book on my TBR shelf for a few months now I bought it to complete the Popsugar 2017 challenge but after looking at it several times as I was browsing my bookshelf I was reluctant to read it I d briefly flicked through it after buying and noticed that a it was very thin around 125 pages and b the writing was quite large After looking through the blurb I noticed that this was a children s book And my heart sank It wasn t going to fulfil me, I thought it won t be my type of thing Well [...]

  12. I loved this book I remember reading it but I lost it half way through the book and haven t really tried getting a new one since BUT ITS STILL A GREAT BOOK

  13. The Butterfly Lion made me cry happy tears I have no words to really describe how much this book means to me All I can say is that I ll cherish it forever.

  14. I browsed all the his novels and decided to read this first.A warm and wonderful book.Bertie grows up in Africa and makes friends with an orphaned white lion.However their idyllic life doesn t not last long as Bertie is sent to school in England and the lion is sold to a French circus.Berties swears he will see his lion again.Does Bertie succeed in his quest and who is the butterfly lion A heart warming tale with an unexpected haunting twist.My favorite line , People can die of heartbreak.It is [...]

  15. This is an older book that I picked up on a whim for the title alone I happened to be in the children s section of the library that day, turned around while looking for something else, and I decided that I d read it for the title.Per the author s notes, this story is based on a book about a pride of white lions, a true story of a WWI soldier who rescued circus animals, and a meeting with Virginia McKenna The story itself is told by an old woman to a young boy who wants to run away from the horri [...]

  16. For the full review please check out read2review I adore the work of Michael Morpurgo for two reasons 1 He always puts so much heart and soul into his stories2 His work has a way of speaking to youThe Butterfly Lion follows these two points once again and I was able to loose myself in the story I was transported to the heart of Africa, the frontline of the war, France and Strawbridge in the United Kingdom.The story starts as a boy has run away from school and stumbles upon an old house where a w [...]

  17. The Butterfly Lion is a beautifully written story about a friendship between a young boy named Barney and a White Lion The story begins with a young boy who has just run away from boarding school As he tries to make his way to London he meets an old lady who tells his a story about her late husband who was in a similar situation many years ago She recalls how her husband Bertie would sneak out of school every Sunday to meet her She tells him how their love and friendship grew over the years We l [...]

  18. Author Michael MorpurgoIllustrator Christian BirminghamFirst Published 1996The great talent of Morpurgo is to blend many ideas into an interesting, engaging story He takes turns and pauses as our characters lives unfold, slipping easily into Big Concepts and snippets of history.The Butterfly Lion grew from several magical roots the memories of a small boy who tried to run away from school a long time ago a book about a pride of white lions discovered by Chris McBride a chance meeting in a lift w [...]

  19. A lovely story of friendship across many boards from old to young, man to wife, human to animal This story touches on experience across the ages helping the character relate to what is important in life The old woman catches the narrator running away from boarding school and retells a story about her dead husband Bertie and his friendship with the white prince a lion whom he befriends in Africa He has to let go of the lion when he comes to board at the same school, that the narrator attends The [...]

  20. The Butterfly Lion by Michael Morpurgo tells the story of Bertie, a lonely little boy in the South African veld who one day adopts an orphaned white lion cub who then becomes his best friend When he s due to go to boarding school in England, his father sells the cub to a French circus owner, but not before Bertie promises to find him again Years later and now a soldier in France during WWI, he succeeds in tracking him down and bringing him back to England When the lion dies, Bertie and his wife [...]

  21. This is an interesting book with various subplots that unwind as you read the story The main plot consists of a touching story about a young boy living in Africa that befriends a white lion They become separated but find one another in the end.It is also a story about following your own path in life just as Bertie shows when he leaves his childhood home He also encounters his heart long inseparable friend Millie I remember reading this in a Primary year 5 class and quite a few of the children th [...]

  22. This book is about a young boy and a little lion cub, who promises to find him once he sent away for the circus Through years and years of perseverance and determination, he did just that It deals with multiple emotions throughout, such as love, courage, success, friendship and loyalty, around an extremely devastating time of year The Great War.This book is a fantastic read for the older key stage, due to the slight complexity in language and technique such as it being told is first person but s [...]

  23. This book is about a young boy called Bertie who grew up in Africa and rescued an orphaned white lion cub from the African grassland He develops a strong bond with this cub and was sad to leave the white lion when he was sent to boarding school in England The lion was sold to a circus and after many years Bertie and the butterfly lion meet, which was the highlight of the book for me The reader is able to feel the emotions Bertie was going through at this point and you can probably relate it to y [...]

  24. My favourite part of this book was the beginning of Bertie s story because I thought that it was interesting about how Bertie s life was in Africa and how he met up with the White Lion Cub I enjoyed the bit about the First World War because in another book called War House it was also about the First World War so I understood about the First World War My favourite character in this book was Bertie because he never gave up and he also always did unexpected brave things I think he deserved the Vi [...]

  25. Even though, i have read this book three times and it is still one of my favorite books This book is about a young boy who rescues a white lion cub in Africa, the two had became great friends until the young boy had to go to boarding school in England, the two had separated and the lion has been sold to a circus Will they find each other one day or will the two just become a strong and powerful memory read the book to find out This book is a really sad and touching book, it is a very emotional b [...]

  26. A classic Morpurgo I particularly loved the set up of the book, the story within a story works very well as it enables the reader to jump within two worlds which creates multiple layers to the imagery and description which makes it powerful I also loved the emotion throughout, particularly towards the end when the story of the couple comes to and end.I would love to use this book with KS2 and develop some form of literacy or art lessons based around the book.

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