Mary Poppins in the Park

Mary Poppins in the Park By P L Travers the author featured in the major motion picture Saving Mr Banks From the moment Mary Poppins arrives at Number Seventeen Cherry Tree Lane everyday life at the Banks house is forever

By P.L Travers, the author featured in the major motion picture, Saving Mr Banks From the moment Mary Poppins arrives at Number Seventeen Cherry Tree Lane, everyday life at the Banks house is forever changed This classic series tells the story of the world s most beloved nanny, who brings enchantment and excitement with her everywhere she goes Featuring the charming oBy P.L Travers, the author featured in the major motion picture, Saving Mr Banks From the moment Mary Poppins arrives at Number Seventeen Cherry Tree Lane, everyday life at the Banks house is forever changed This classic series tells the story of the world s most beloved nanny, who brings enchantment and excitement with her everywhere she goes Featuring the charming original cover art by Mary Shepard, these new editions are sure to delight readers of all ages Only the incomparable Mary Poppins can lead the Banks children on one marvelous adventure after another Together they meet the Goosegirl and the Swineherd, argue with talking cats on a distant planet, make the acquaintance of the folks who live under dandelions, and celebrate a birthday by dancing with their own shadows And that s just for starters

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Mary Poppins in the Park

  1. Pamela Lyndon Travers was an Australian novelist, actress and journalist, popularly remembered for her series of children s novels about mystical nanny Mary Poppins.She was born to bank manager Travers Robert Goff and Margaret Agnes Her father died when she was seven, and although epileptic seizure delirium was given as the cause of death, Travers herself always believed the underlying cause was sustained, heavy drinking.Travers began to publish her poems while still a teenager and wrote for The Bulletin and Triad while also gaining a reputation as an actress She toured Australia and New Zealand with a Shakespearean touring company before leaving for England in 1924 There she dedicated herself to writing under the pen name P L Travers.In 1925 while in Ireland, Travers met the poet George William Russell who, as editor of The Irish Statesman, accepted some of her poems for publication Through Russell, Travers met William Butler Yeats and other Irish poets who fostered her interest in and knowledge of world mythology Later, the mystic Gurdjieff would have a great effect on her, as would also have on several other literary figures.The 1934 publication of Mary Poppins was Travers first literary success.Five sequels followed, as well as a collection of other novels, poetry collections and works of non fiction.The Disney musical adaptation was released in 1964 Primarily based on the first novel in what was then a sequence of four books, it also lifted elements from the sequel Mary Poppins Comes Back Although Travers was an adviser to the production she disapproved of the dilution of the harsher aspects of Mary Poppins s character, felt ambivalent about the music and disliked the use of animation to such an extent that she ruled out any further adaptations of the later Mary Poppins novels At the film s star studded premiere, she reportedly approached Disney and told him that the animated sequence had to go Disney responded by saying Pamela, the ship has sailed and walked away Travers would never again agree to another Poppins Disney adaptation, though Disney made several attempts to persuade her to change her mind.So fervent was Travers dislike of the Walt Disney adaptation and the way she felt she had been treated during the production, that well into her 90s, when she was approached by producer Cameron Mackintosh to do the stage musical, she only acquiesced upon the condition that only English born writers and specifically no Americans and no one from the film production were to be directly involved with the creative process of the stage musical This specifically excluded the Sherman Brothers from writing additional songs for the production even though they were still very prolific Original songs and other aspects from the 1964 film were allowed to be incorporated into the production however These points were stipulated in her last will and testament.Travers was made an Officer of the Order of the British Empire in 1977 She died in London in 1996.Although Travers never married, she adopted a boy when she was in her late 30s.

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  1. P.L Travers warns up front that this volume is not the fourth in the series in the sense of being the further adventures of the magical nanny Mary Poppins Rather, these are adventures that date mostly from the time of Mary Poppins Comes Back and Mary Poppins Opens the Door As Travers says, She Mary Poppins cannot forever arrive and depart Some of the characters from the previous books reappear Fred Smith, the imperious Park Keeper Admiral Boom, the Bird Woman of St Paul s Cathedral, the prissy M [...]

  2. So, it seems that these are the stories that didn t fit in the trilogy Well, I m certainly glad they found their way into print under Travers watch, instead of being found in a drawer and published posthumously because whenever that happens the stories aren t actually ready for publication These were marvelous Perhaps made even so by the fact that it s the first day of this year that I can sit outside and read and so I did, and read this book in one afternoon Lovely.

  3. I know what you re thinkingjust another children s book, can t be worth reading, so why bother about the review Wonder why she keeps reading and writing these reviews That s the trouble with children s literature We look down on itjust like we do children It s one of the last acceptable prejudices Well come on, after all they are just children, really nowey don t know very much can t understand what s important, so what they read isn t worthwhile either, is it When I first started these Mary Pop [...]

  4. I borrowed Mary Poppins in the Park from my University s library, as I found out recently that they have quite an extensive collection of children s literature This is the fourth book in the series, and as I very much enjoyed reading the first three, I was looking forward to picking it up The short stories collected here seem juvenile and less structured than the rest of Travers writing which I have encountered to date There are many talking animals and characters from books coming to life here [...]

  5. Reading these books is like living in a happy dream.It s also sort of funny, because I remember being a little bored with them the first time around Perhaps it s that I know what to expect now That I m in love with PLT because I noticed she inscribed Gloria in Excelsis Deo at the end of each book Maybe it s because I m older and tired and therefore find the slow pace and magic of these stories utterly soothing and inspiring Whatever it is, I m grateful for Mary Poppins Also, I m putting this i [...]

  6. To be fair that was the least boring book in the series so I didn t hate it that much I liked that there wasn t a sudden arrival and departure in this, the events of this book set place in between the second and the third book so that was refreshing, it did have some magical adventures and Mary Poppins was nice ish through out the book my favorite story was the last one about Halloween, I think the rest of the books will be extremely short so I will finish them fast and be done with it

  7. This book in the series is even less of a timeline, less of a glimpse at the Banks family, and of a six short story collection of unique adventures in the park with Mary Poppins These could have been inserted anywhere in the previous three books.Mary Poppins, so tart and snooty, so full of her own perfection, and so likeable at the same time I really enjoyed this one, the imaginative elements are so rich and childlike.Jane creates a small park of homes and people made of grass, twigs, and leave [...]

  8. This book was kind of different from the others, at first I was confused because the beggining didn t match the ending of the third book, but then I realized that they where all completely separate stories that where meant to take place sometime between the past three books I felt that many of them where fables than anything else, with their own little moral at the end But not all of them My favorite was the one about the shadows in the park and Mary poppin s birthday.

  9. Mary Poppins in the Park is not quite a continuation of the series, but rather stories that could have taken place during any of the three visits from the fantastical nanny in prior books Several tales in this installment were as charming and whimsical as ever, such as The Children in the Story, which confirmed that Mary Poppins was is a nanny to other children besides the Banks gasp The Faithful Friends was delightful, and also the story with the clearest plot out of the bunch And I adored the [...]

  10. Enchanting and highly entertaining of course No words to capture the magic Pamela Travis manages to wave into everyday moments of children playing in the park while Mary P watches over them, sniffs AND never explains anything

  11. My daughter and I love to read these She s getting to know all of the characters and we then recur in another of the books, she gets very excited She loves it when she figures out details before the story explains them What joyful imagination these books contain.

  12. Additional stories that actually happened during one of Mary Poppins stays with the Banks children It was fun, but I enjoyed the main books better.

  13. sigh Well, the taxing journey is over This fourth novel in the P.L Travers series is basically another volume of random, unconnected adventures of Jane and Michael Banks and their nasty, unpleasant but magical nanny, Mary Poppins Apparently, this book is not a continuation of the story, but a collection of six new stories that could be placed anywhere throughout the timelines of the first three books That basically means that Mary Poppins doesn t appear at the beginning and leave again at the en [...]

  14. I m continuing to read through the Mary Poppins series, and continuing to love them Mary Poppins in the Park has a slightly different layout and tone to it, but it s not a bad change.In the previous books, each chapter had a predictable pattern one of the Banks children would encounter a moral decision and then they would all go on a magical adventure with Mary Poppins The child would learn a moral, and Mary Poppins would deny that any magic had taken place In Mary Poppins in the Park, the moral [...]

  15. Though you d doubtlessly recognise some of the characters, adventures, sayings and iconic images if you have ever watched the 1964 film starring Julie Andrews, the books the latter, Mary Poppins In The Park, Mary Poppins In Cherry Tree Lane and Mary Poppins And The House Next Door, of which, chronicling the adventures not yet recounted from the initial three visits, were published after the film , are, as is so often the case, well, quite different though by no means un recognisably so.Marketed [...]

  16. I m going to do just one review for the entire Mary Poppins series, and copy it to all of the these as I listened to them, one right after another, and they are rather blurred together as one lovely, entertaining, and altogether delightful story.I m not sure why I d not read these before now You d think, working in a library and having read aloud to my daughter every night for years, that somehow I would have hit upon the Mary Poppins books to read and I truly, truly wish I had Because we would [...]

  17. Rather than the sticking to the previous format of Mary Poppins arriving in a random fashion, bringing with her adventures galore before leaving again without a whisper of warning, this book follows selected stories from those times I quite like that change, rather than knowing it will all end sadly when she disappears again, instead you can just revel in the joy and go with it.There felt like quite a lot of joy to be had too As the book is about Mary Poppins in the park, most of the stories tak [...]

  18. Mary Poppins In the Park is not actually about the fourth visit of Mary Poppins because there wasn t one , but rather a collection of stories that happened during her first three visits I enjoyed this one, though perhaps not as much as the first too It was just as good as Mary Poppins Opens the Door though, and some of the stories were meaningful and deep than from the previous three volumes For example, the first story Every Goose a Swan, about who people really are, rather than their illusion [...]

  19. The movie not being one i liked particularilly I was reluctant to read the series of Mary Poppins, but they were a great deal enjoyable With the nanny herself being a lot realistic than portrayed in the film The children embark on a series of adventures that often than not don t actually include the formiddable Mary Poppins The magical trips are short and sweet with a simple message or lesson in themeven some of the clich d ones, such as be careful what you wish for , not that I m sure why yo [...]

  20. So, I was amazed because this is the very first book in the series where Mary Poppins actually treats the children kindly she even hugs them So I was going to rate the story higher than the previous entries, until the story about Matilda Moe OMG ya ll, a savage Indian grabs her and claims her as his squaw slave She s begging Mary Poppins, her husband, and the children to save her from a life of slavery and implied rape she is going to be the queen to the Indian s King , and they re just like Nah [...]

  21. Travers tries to break the monotony of the previous Mary Poppins formula by eliminating Mary s arrival and departure and setting the book during her previous three visits However, it doesn t detract from the repetition, as Jane, Michael, the household and many friends they meet are basically the same.I was very disappointed in this series and am happy to be done I don t plan on going this way again In the end, while Travers would find it depressing, I much prefer Disney s film version of her nan [...]

  22. So, the final book at least of the ones I bought for the kids back in the day This one was perhaps my favorite It had nothing to do with the Disney version, and it s tone was of a woman looking back trying to remember her childhood Instead of a book, per se, this one is a compilation of stories unrelated to any ongoing plot Over and over again, it seems to speak to someone trying to remember what it was to be young This speaks to me as a mature person the memory of youth is something that I, t [...]

  23. While this was enjoyable, it did seem like a rehashing and retelling of very similar stories and events that happened in the first three books, and was not really anything completely original The book also starts by telling us that the stories in this fourth book all happened during the first three visits of Mary Poppins the first three books and that Mary Poppins basically will not be back as she can t keep coming and going forever, which is quite a sad and depressing way to start the story in [...]

  24. The stories in this volume are well written, but too long for my taste or for my use, which is to get kids into a satisfying sleep The stories in this volume have gotten longer, and because there s no arrival and departure of Poppins, there s not really a beginning or end to the book Still, I liked the story about the shadows, and I loved the story about Mr Mo Mary Poppins seems to be a little less stern with the children, and a little game with the guest stars in their adventures.

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