Mary Poppins Comes Back

Mary Poppins Comes Back Pulled down from the clouds at the end of a kite string Mary Poppins is back In Mary s care the Banks children meet the King of the Castle and the Dirty Rascal visit the upside down world of Mr Tur

Pulled down from the clouds at the end of a kite string, Mary Poppins is back In Mary s care, the Banks children meet the King of the Castle and the Dirty Rascal, visit the upside down world of Mr Turvy and his bride, Miss Topsy, and spend a breathless afternoon above the park, dangling from a clutch of balloons.

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Mary Poppins Comes Back

  1. Pamela Lyndon Travers was an Australian novelist, actress and journalist, popularly remembered for her series of children s novels about mystical nanny Mary Poppins.She was born to bank manager Travers Robert Goff and Margaret Agnes Her father died when she was seven, and although epileptic seizure delirium was given as the cause of death, Travers herself always believed the underlying cause was sustained, heavy drinking.Travers began to publish her poems while still a teenager and wrote for The Bulletin and Triad while also gaining a reputation as an actress She toured Australia and New Zealand with a Shakespearean touring company before leaving for England in 1924 There she dedicated herself to writing under the pen name P L Travers.In 1925 while in Ireland, Travers met the poet George William Russell who, as editor of The Irish Statesman, accepted some of her poems for publication Through Russell, Travers met William Butler Yeats and other Irish poets who fostered her interest in and knowledge of world mythology Later, the mystic Gurdjieff would have a great effect on her, as would also have on several other literary figures.The 1934 publication of Mary Poppins was Travers first literary success.Five sequels followed, as well as a collection of other novels, poetry collections and works of non fiction.The Disney musical adaptation was released in 1964 Primarily based on the first novel in what was then a sequence of four books, it also lifted elements from the sequel Mary Poppins Comes Back Although Travers was an adviser to the production she disapproved of the dilution of the harsher aspects of Mary Poppins s character, felt ambivalent about the music and disliked the use of animation to such an extent that she ruled out any further adaptations of the later Mary Poppins novels At the film s star studded premiere, she reportedly approached Disney and told him that the animated sequence had to go Disney responded by saying Pamela, the ship has sailed and walked away Travers would never again agree to another Poppins Disney adaptation, though Disney made several attempts to persuade her to change her mind.So fervent was Travers dislike of the Walt Disney adaptation and the way she felt she had been treated during the production, that well into her 90s, when she was approached by producer Cameron Mackintosh to do the stage musical, she only acquiesced upon the condition that only English born writers and specifically no Americans and no one from the film production were to be directly involved with the creative process of the stage musical This specifically excluded the Sherman Brothers from writing additional songs for the production even though they were still very prolific Original songs and other aspects from the 1964 film were allowed to be incorporated into the production however These points were stipulated in her last will and testament.Travers was made an Officer of the Order of the British Empire in 1977 She died in London in 1996.Although Travers never married, she adopted a boy when she was in her late 30s.

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  1. P.L Travers famously loathed the 1964 film Mary Poppins so much so that her will stipulates that a sequel can never be filmed No wonder I and so many others never realized quite how many books there are in this series.In Mary Poppins Comes Back, the legendary nanny reappears from the sky with as much notice as she gave when she vanished at the end of the very first book none The Banks family, at sixes and sevens without her, welcome her return particularly the children Jane, Michael and the todd [...]

  2. This book has or less the same pros and cons as the first, but I was a little vexed by them this time because it was a second book s worth of them In fact, I think my first review might have been colored a little by having read this one too, since I wrote it after reading both Some of that indignation probably belongs here I wanted to believe that the sequel would be pleasant, but not so In any case, this is another random string of adventures involving Mary Poppins and the Banks household Th [...]

  3. Another dazzling, comedic and fantastic addition to the classic Mary Poppins series This is technically a children s book, but it can certainly be read by all ages, not to mention that the author s depiction of Edwardian England is just amazing.

  4. Had the collection of all the Mary Poppins stories as a child and read them many times Rereading them now is going back in time.In Mary Poppins Comes Back she does come back as unexpectedly and unapologetically as she left at the end of Mary Poppins And somehow she gets away with it, just leaving and coming back at will, to her job as the Bank s children s governess She finds it open to her when she arrives, and steps back into place as if she never left, welcomed as the only one who can restore [...]

  5. I am a bit vexed by these books Who is Mary Poppins really Where does she come from Where does she go Why is she the way she is And will we ever get these questions answered Many magical adventures again occur involving Mary Poppins and the Banks children And as in the first book, Mary Poppins never explains how any of the magical things happen to the children, never answers their questions It seems they are becoming accepting of this in this second book, and just take her and the mysteries tha [...]

  6. So I liked this one a little bit than the first one It was not as creepy as the first one, and I honestly don t know if it was because I got used to her creepiness or it was actually less creepy The writing is beautiful and delightful, but still I m not a fan of the characters I still can t understand how did the kids love Mary Poppins when she showed them no affection whatsoever.

  7. I really enjoy Travers writing It s quaint and clever and quite funny Such an interesting series so far Mary Poppins is so enigmatic but lovable I found myself thinking of the Phantom Tollbooth in this one saw some similarities in style I was also struck by how fantastical this one was I think even than the first Entertaining, witty, and an unsurprisingly lovely read.

  8. Mary Poppins is an endearing, sassy, and strict human whom I have regard very dearly However, in this reread I came across some interesting and questionable things that I hadn t noticed before The book rather interestingly suggests that The Sun is a god, and presents a Noah story where the biblical version is quite twisted These were just little issues that I spotted on this reread, and yet I couldn t stop thinking about them To be fair I have had a very theological day , researching Calvinism a [...]

  9. another crappy book from the psychopath Mary PoppinsI am really starting to believe that the juice Mary Poppins gives the children the moment she arrives is actually some kind of drug just so they can obey her and not report her to the authorities, because this person is pure evil and there is not ounce of compassion in her yes I know she is supposed to be teaching the children the truth about the world but she is just lying all the time and make them feel stupid and afraid to even share their o [...]

  10. After finishing this book I m inclined to think I like the adventures Mary Poppins brings so than the actual Mary Poppins herself Going to a constellation circus sounds absolutely amazing, but then Mary is always talking down to the children.And holy cow her vanity is so much worse in this one Jeez lady we understand, you re beautiful I feel like the only reason I liked the first so much is because I loved Julie Andrews Let s hope the same holds true after the new one with Emily Blunt.

  11. I enjoyed this than Mary Poppins Travers ups her game by going even cosmic and exploring the human need to attach underlying meaning to surface experience Mary Poppins is a strict nanny, but the children love her because she is there and free of whimsy and inattention when it comes to their care She s a pro, and the only one the Banks children have known Mary s origin story would be something to behold, I am sure I still get teary eyed every time she leaves

  12. More imaginative adventures for the Banks children However, some of them took on a Roald Dahlesque weirdness which I found bit odd for Mary Poppins Still interesting enough to keep reading.

  13. Most people are pretty familiar with the Disney version of Mary Poppins But not everyone knows that Mary Poppins is the first in a whole series of books, and that the tone of the books is quite different from the Disney version of events I highly recommend you consider checking out these slightly grittier books.Mary Poppins Comes Back is the second book in the series If you ve seen the Disney movie, you could easily pick up this book and start from here if you know nothing about Mary Poppins, I [...]

  14. Audiobook performed by Sophie ThompsonFrom the book jacket Pulled down from the clouds at the end of a kite string, Mary Poppins is here again to take the Banks children in hand, leading them from one head spinning adventure to another.My reactionsOh, My I read these books when I was about nine or ten years old My best friend and I would share the books back and forth, spending countless hours at recess and over lunch talking about Mary Poppins, the Banks children and their fantastical adventure [...]

  15. The real Mary Poppins is mean Julie Andrews made her sweet and likable, but the children had reason to be afraid of her in the books Many of the adventures in the books begin with the children following a creature or wandering off on their own to someplace amazing without Mary, and then discovering she is already at the party She always glares at the children when they try to bring up a fantastical experience they ve had with her, and acts as though it never happened She s pretty stuck up and st [...]

  16. This is the second Mary Poppins book Like the first, it presents a sterner, less sugar coated Poppins than the one most people are familiar with from the Disney movie Several chapters in this book inspired scenes in the Broadway musical, most notably the episode with Miss Andrew and her lark The similarities here go beyond the same characters and the same writing style At first I thought that Travers was simply re using her ideas an upside down tea party, instead of one floating at the ceiling, [...]

  17. Another Charlotte bedtime book We loved this book It gave both of us the feels It s like they went for your emotional jugular with most of the chapters There s a new baby in the Banks household and the sun comes and puts a twinkle in her eyes and the wind blows her hair curly The Banks children go to an emotional circus of celestial beings There s the tale of Robertson Aye, which is actually the tale of the king of the castle and the dirty rascal that helps him across the rainbow bridge, and it [...]

  18. Lovely So mythical, imaginative and down to earth I love this Mary Poppins and I love that there are now 5 children Similar tones to Peter Pan but better and less disturbing I look forward to reading the next one

  19. 2.5 starsI must say that this book made me realize what a total brat Mary Poppins is She never seems to have a nice thing to say to anyone, and her attitude is annoying I have to admit that I think Disney and Julie Andrews improved this character immensely I m not planning to read any Mary Poppins books I m completely content watching the movie over and over again

  20. The wacky adventures of Mary Poppins continue in Mary Poppins Comes Back It is pretty wacky when you have tea upside down with Mr Turvy, and you float with balloons at the park, and whenever Mary Poppins goes to an ark, she meets wooden people who decorate and talk It was very interesting, and I really liked it I enjoyed this book so much that I want to keep reading other books

  21. This one reminded me of the Miss Piggle Wiggle books It is written as experiences and not a story that follows a typical story line I really enjoyed this book and will be reading them to my youngest soon.

  22. I found Mary Poppins to be a mean old cow in Travers second tale of the magical nanny The mini stories contained in the chapters are boring, and the writing style is pompous and tiresome.

  23. Sometime has passed since Mary Poppins has been at Number Seventeen Cherry Tree Lane, and things at the Banks house are in total disarray Nothing ever goes right hasn t for ages Shaving water to hot and coffee too cold The children have been through three governesses and now that there is the addition of twins John and Barbara, Mrs Banks is at her wits end Trying for some peace, she sends them all out to the park to play While there, they are pleasantly surprised when Mary Poppins comes back bei [...]

  24. Loved it More of the same fantastical adventures that they had in the first book Looking forward to reading the 3rd book next.

  25. Baca buku ini teringat sama film nya Nanny Mcphee Ceritanya ringan, lebih ke petualangan anak anak Buku ini ternyata buku kedua dari series Mary poppins, dan aku belum baca buku ke satunya.Buku kedua ini masih bercerita tentang kehidupan suami istri Banks dengan anak anak mereka yang sulit diatur Ketika semua keadaan tidak berjalan baik di rumah itu, saat itulah Mary poppins datang kembali untuk mengurus anak anak Seisi rumah bahagia dengan kembalinya Mary Poppins, karena artinya segala sesuatu [...]

  26. As delightful as the first, Mary Poppins returns to bedlam at the Banks home where things are falling apart in her absence All is righted upon her return, and Jane and Michael continue to have strange adventures that only seem to occur in Poppins presence For instance, Jane enters the scene depicted on a porcelain bowl and is trapped there until Mary comes to rescue her Later, Jane and Michael climb up to the heavens and are spectators at a celestial circus where the stars are the show Annabelle [...]

  27. All these little adventures the Mary Poppins takes the children on are quite quaint and enchanting My favorite part was when Mrs Banks has another baby The baby comes quite suddenly, to everyone s surprise Mr Banks isn t too thrilled about it because he thinks he can barely afford the children he already has After the baby comes, he has a conversation with Mrs Banks about it It cracked me up Here it is Well he said, sitting down at the foot of the bed, This is all very awkward Very awkward indee [...]

  28. Well, I liked it better than the 1st Mary Poppins book the end somewhat redeems it I especially liked the chapter toward the end of the book in which people in the park get to choose a balloon and if it is the right one, when blown up, it has their name magically on it The two that aren t chosen correctly the Prime Minister and a Lady meet up and fall in love which I really enjoyed Aside from this, Mary continues to be cross angry with the children to the point to being psychopathic almost abusi [...]

  29. Aranyos t rt netek, rdekes figur k Mary Poppins s a gyerekek jabb kalandokba bonyol dnak Szeretem ha valaki meg rti, hogy csod k igenis vannak Vannak olyan dolgok amiket nem foghatunk fel, mivel nem kell mindenre magyar zatot keresni A dolgok n ha csak megt rt nnek, hagyni kell ket, s csod lni Az els r szhez k pest, nekem ez egy kicsik t unalmasabb volt gy vettem szre, hogy sokszor hasonl a t rt net, mint ami az el z k tetben volt, ez rt viszonylag tudtam, hogy mi fog t rt nni Mary Poppinst nem [...]

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