The Amazing Story of Adolphus Tips

The Amazing Story of Adolphus Tips Set against the backdrop of the Second World War this story is about lifelong friendship and one adventurous cat It s apart from her father being away Lily Tregenze s life is scarcely touched

Set against the backdrop of the Second World War, this story is about lifelong friendship and one adventurous cat It s 1943, apart from her father being away, Lily Tregenze s life is scarcely touched by the war Until one day, Lily and her family, along with 3000 other villagers, are told to move out of their homes.

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The Amazing Story of Adolphus Tips

  1. Michael Morpurgo is the author of many books for children, five of which have been made into films He also writes his own screenplays and libretti for opera Born in St Albans, Hertfordshire, in 1943, he was evacuated to Cumberland during the last years of the Second World War, then returned to London, moving later to Essex After a brief and unsuccessful spell in the army, he took up teaching and started to write He left teaching after ten years in order to set up Farms for City Children with his wife They have three farms in Devon, Wales and Gloucestershire, open to inner city school children who come to stay and work with the animals In 1999 this work was publicly recognised when he and his wife were awarded an MBE for services to youth He is also a father and grandfather, so children have always played a large part in his life Every year he and his family spend time in the Scilly Isles, the setting for three of his books.

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  1. At first glance, this book seems to be yet another typical story about a girl and her cat who keeps on running away, but once you start reading it, you realise there s to it than meets the eye Set against the backdrop of World War 2, and particularly, the D Day landing practices, it gives the reader an entirely unique and different perspective on the war, as it is told through the eyes of the twelve year old Lily Tregenze, whose family was forced to leave their village to make way for the army [...]

  2. This book is not for children really It is for Adults and teenagers Most of Michael Morpurgo s books are based on the World War II I really love this book I read this book when I was 10 I was in my old school, and we had to read this book for Guided Reading At first I thought it looked extremely boring by the cover But never judge a book by its cover It is a wonderful book It nearly as wonderful as the book, Alone on a Wide Wide Sea It is about a teenage boy who has a lot of probkems It is durin [...]

  3. This is a wonderful little story A young girl is forced out of her home in order for the army to practice for the impending war with Germany During the move she loses her pet cat Tips The story involves her search for Tips the friends she makes along the way and the impact the war had on local farming communities.Its a sweet British story I finished in a few hours, if you enjoy something that portrays a light story out of a historical event then this is one for you.

  4. This is the first of Michael Morpurgo s books I have read, it s actually my daughter s book, but it has definitely made me want to read The story of lily living her life during World War II intrigued me Lily s father is a soldier gone to war and she keeps a diary about what she gets up to, she then shares her childhood story with her grandson Boowie who she is very close to I love the way the author has used lily s childhood diary, Boowie s views and letters from lily to her grandson, telling h [...]

  5. Can t resist a book by Michael Morpurgo or a book about a cat Interesting story of a little known facet of D Day during World War II.

  6. I absolutely loved this story Morpurgo is such a wonderful writer and this book is not an exception This historical fiction story focuses on the lives of people in an English farming community, with D Day and the time leading up to that as the backdrop This would be an excellent read for students from 4 7th grade, but anyone would enjoy this story Spoiler of sortsI shed lots of tears both happy and sad throughout the story.

  7. Young boy, Michael also known as Boowie , receives a letter from his Grandma outlining her childhood He was very fond of his grandparents, and sadly he had soon lost his Grandfather, leaving Grandma living on her own in Slapton Village Set in World War II, the story focuses delves deep into Grandma s Lily life, from first hand, especially homing in on her home life, her friendships and her love for her cat, Tips The war had hardly touched Slapton Village, until one day in 1943, all the villagers [...]

  8. This heart warming adventure begins with an introduction from Michael Suspense and intrigue is formed immediately as he informs us that Grandma has just done something shocking Mystery swathes the actual event and after a cliffhanger of a letter from Grandma, the real adventures start with a selection of her diary entries from 1943 Eleven year old Lily Tregenza lives on a farm in the idyllic seaside village of Slapton with her mother, Grandpa and beloved cat Tips Her father is away it is the Sec [...]

  9. The Amazing Story of Adolphus Tips by Michael Morpurgo is a story of a young girl named Lily Tregenza living in England during World War II She also has a cat names Tips who she loves and would never leave Her dad has gone to fight in the war, but the American soldiers that come to help England have plans for all the villagers, they all have to move out so they can practice their landings, etc for the war Her family lives on a farm and her grandfather was brought up, lived and works on this magn [...]

  10. An enchanting, easy to read story that s an ideal to help young readers to develop their knowledge of WWII.This is the story of Lily Tregenza who, in 1943, lives on the family farm on the coast of Devon with her mum and grandfather, as her dad s away in the army Lily has a cat called Tips, and when the family are forced to move from their home for several months while the army take over the area as a training ground Lily s beloved Tips runs away and gets left behind Lily is heartbroken but will [...]

  11. Yup, this is another one of my Michael Morpurgo reviews THIS book is about a little girl called Lily, who loves her cat, Adolphus But when the army came to fight their area, Adolphus went back and ran away, and Lily came to get him backA heart racing, sensational story with amazing descriptions, feelings and hilarious parts The book is amazing, and if any child doesn t like this book, then they must be on planet Zombie This is one of my favourite books, and it s very fun and likeable and unforge [...]

  12. This book is set in the Second World War in an English costal village It tells the tale of Lily whose father goes to fight in the war Lily s family takes in an evacuee from London and they become close friends During the story the American soldiers take over Lily s home town and she has to move in with her Uncle George During their move Lily s cat goes missing and every day she return to their farm to look for her, only to be caught by the American soldiers The book is written as lily s diary an [...]

  13. The Amazing Story Of Adolphus Tips by Michael Morpurgo is about a girl, her cat, D day training and a friendship with an American soldier It s framed with a letter received by a boy named Michael from his beloved grandmother as she heads out on her first adventure in a long time She includes her diary of the time her village was forced to relocate for D Day training as an explanation for her current actions.Most of the story then is Lily s flashback Her father is a pilot in the war and now she a [...]

  14. This is the first book I have read by Michael Morpurgo and it will not be the last He is an amazing author as he really made me believe I was living the story The book is an easy read and consists of a collection of diary entries from a young girl whose life is turned upside down when world war 2 is upon her, her family and her community The book also describes through a child s experience what it is like for her when her father goes away to war and how upsetting and confusing it is for a 10 yea [...]

  15. A charming little story, told mostly through diary excerpts, of some of the aspects of World War II and D Day that we never hear about Michael aka Boowie receives a package from his grandmother not long after his grandfather s death from MS, the contents of which will explain the reason for the scandalous thing she has just done The contents are her diary excerpts from the lead up to D Day which involve the cat she loved and their little town in Devon on the coast being co opted for a training g [...]

  16. This was another disappointing Michael Morpurgo book It had a great beginning and end, but the middle dragged on It is written from the perspective of a young girl as diary entries, and whilst it deals with the issues surrounding WW2 and the D Day Landings, it does so in a remote way you are an onlooker and not really involved The cover of the book suggests that this is all about a cat, yet as the story unfolds she is the least of the characters Moving at the end, and enjoyed by some but not all [...]

  17. This is the first proper novel book I ever read by myself I was about four and I found it on my dad s bookshelf It had the old hardback front and a cover over the top The cat on the front caught my eye which I thought was cute and had eager eyes and I decided I would read it by myself without any help It took me about a year but I read it all and loved every second of it I don t know were our copy is now, havent seen it in about 7 or so years, but I have never forgotten the name, nor the picture [...]

  18. So, I m working my way through a box set of Mihael Morpurgo and I m starting to get slightly bored of his child is friends with an animal theme so I wasn t much looking forward to this However, I really enjoyed this book Whether that s because I identified with the main character who was a girl who loves her cat I can t say for sure, but it was an enjoyable read in the context of the preparations for the D Day landings.

  19. Another good Michael Morpurgo book This book has a very happy ending and I love how Michael Morpurgo mixes real events and puts it in his story, it just makes the story even better This book is really good and I definitely recommend it to everyone especially if you like animals

  20. this is a great story even though it is about a cat DO NOT LET THAT PUT YOU OFF IT it is a book that has raised my spirits up

  21. Read for an S1 class.Diary entries from WWII make up the bulk of The Amazing Story of Adolphus Tips The then young Lily delivers them to the now young protagonist, her grandson, after she disappears to finally do some traveling She was 11 and 12 at the time of writing, so the tone is light and her mood is expressive than her word choice It works though, her adoration for her cat Tips shines through while her anxieties over being removed from her home increase The story of Slapton Sands isn t on [...]

  22. Amazing story about a young boy whose Grandma tells him her story through a diary which she kept as a little girl through the time of war, when she met a soldier called Adie The story follows the disappearance of Tips, and how Adie and his friend Harry try to help her find it Eventually Adie goes off to fight and she never sees him again Then at the end of the story she writes to tell her grandson how recently she had seen him and that he had asked her to come and visit so she did, and now they [...]

  23. After his grandfather dies, 12 year old Michael, nicknamed Boowie, receives what appears to be a very long letter from his grandmother She tells him to read all the way through it and no peeking at the end or he will ruin the surprise.Most of the pages are diary entries by his grandma, Lily Tregenza, when she was a young girl of 11, beginning on September 10, 1943 Lily lives on a farm in Slapton, South Devon with her mother and grandfather Her dad is fighting in Africa Lily also has a cat named [...]

  24. Unlike Pinnochio, this book isn t really for children It is definitely for Adults and teenagers Most of Michael Morpurgo s texts are based on World War II, which is pretty dark for children This is a story of a lifelong friendship and an adventurous cat during the Second World War in 1943 Apart from her father being taken away, the war doesn t really touch Lily Tregenze, until one day when Lily, along with her family and with 3000 other villagers are told to move out of their village I liked the [...]

  25. An enjoyable enough children s story about the Second World War on the south coast of Devon, involving the eponymous cat,Tips, our plucky heroine Lily, various family members, an evacuee from London, Barry, a Jewish refugee teacher, raucous but decent American soldiers from both white black backgrounds For me, as a historian, Morpurgo enjoys his poetic licence with some relevant facts, but generally captures admirably the mood of a difficult period in our island s history therun up preparations [...]

  26. A very interesting story about a girl who s whole town was moved in order that theirs was used to practice the landings for d day The perspective comes from the innocent eyes of a young girl who saw than she should as she tried to find her missing cat A very unique perspective about the war

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